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    It was one Millersville University student doing a term paper. Yes, that is the truth behind Jack Brubaker’s referring to a “Millersville University study” and referring to the University repeatedly in his story (see “A MADE-UP STUDY!” 1 and 2 below).
    We assume, trust and hope that all newspapers and their owners, editors and reporters seek truth and justice and are ethical.
    They aren‘t, though, and it’s a difficult and terrible lesson to accept.
    The Steinman family has owned the Lancaster Newspapers for years. Prior to the FCC forcing them to sell WGAL-TV and the WLAN radio station, they had an absolute monopoly on all the news distributed to the public in Lancaster County.
    And the Steinman family are racists – plain and simple. And when I say racist – I mean old time segregationists to the core. And that has been reflected in their newspapers for over 75 years and directly reflected in Lancaster County being one of the most racist and segregated counties in this country.

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  1. barryinwinnipeg says:

    TCM recently ran the film classic, “The Last Hurrah,” about an old time political boss in running one last time as mayor of a large Eastern City (supposedly Boston). Mayor Skeffington was universally regarded as a corrupt politician, but in the film (and the novel on which it was based) he referred to the owner of the ‘reform’ newspaper seeking his defeat this way: “He used to belong to the KKK until he discovered he was expected to buy his own sheet.” I thought of all that this week as a member of Congress (African-American) was expelled from the floor for wearing a hoodie in solidarity with the young man shot in Florida. There are hoods, and there are hoodies, and there are all kinds of racist attitudes among the high and the low and the in-between in this land. I applaud your reporting about this, Becky. A term paper indeed!

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