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2-1/4 TO 2-1/2 INCHES!

    Stewart and Reed shoved a 10-inch drumstick up the victim’s rectum after scribbling lewd words on his body, according to court testimony.
From today’s online article, “Two file appeals of sentences for sexual assault of dying man,” (click here).
    Get your facts correct, reporter Brett Hambright. The drumstick was 10 inches long but it was only “shoved” up his rectum 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches according to the autopsy report.
    And not that it matters at all (isn‘t that the point of the “Hangover“ movies), but not all of the scribbling and drawings were lewd.
    And these two did not know that Scott McQuilkin was dying. They did not know.
    Why hasn’t Heather Martin been charged for supplying the drugs that killed McQuilkin?
    This is an outrageous sentence by President Judge Joseph Madenspacher.

Please check back tomorrow for much more.

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  1. suzieq says:

    Heather Martin did supply her home and her drugs. This story would have a very different ending if she was not involved.I believe the texts show she offered Scott drugs.We know this happened in her home.I hope the cororner releases the toxicology, and it will prove or disprove what part her drugs played in this tragedy.We know what part her home played…

  2. A Friend says:

    I am angry at the people who raped Scott. Heather Martin didn’t rape him.

  3. A Friend says:

    “only shoved 2-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches” really Becky? ONLY?
    Why don’t you look at the picture of the Irish drumstick you posted on LIP after this happened. Do you remember what it looks like?
    Do you forget that they plead guilty to 2 crimes? Not 1 but 2. They were not sentenced to 10 years for 1 crime.