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    Posted on February 17th, 2012 Becky 4 comments

        I wish a photo would have accompanied the story clearly showing the two needles, 39 bags of coke and pills. I still find it hard to believe that quantity can be concealed in someone’s hand.
    Posted on the Lancaster Online Trashback forum under today’s, “Warden addresses inmate’s drug smuggling,” (click here). 
        You have to understand that Warden Guarini is a liar – plain and simple.  This story has had several headlines on the internet since it went up yesterday afternoon.  The front page, bold headline in this morning’s print edition is “Warden schools prison board.”  What a bunch of baloney.  The Warden couldn’t school a five-year-old.
        And good for Commission Lehman who is finally calling this liar out. From the story:
        But Lancaster County Commissioner and prison board member Craig Lehman was not impressed by Guarini’s demonstration.
        “I gotta be honest,” Lehman said, “when you showed the size, it makes me feel that it was even more unacceptable that it was allowed to slide by.”
        Lehman said the prison’s communication to the board about the incident also was unacceptable.
        Overall, he said, “The fact that it was allowed to go by and not caught was unacceptable.”
        Totally unacceptable! The Warden is costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. Run this liar out of town – or better yet – put him behind bars.

    There will be more on the death of Scott McQuilkin later this afternoon.


    4 responses to “LIAR, LIAR!”

    1. Fat Vinnie has got to go. As for prison guards? They are the bottom of the barrel. Typically deemed physically or mentally unfit to be a police officer, they become a prison guard and tell people they’re “a cop” when asked what they do for a living. Prison guards are the dumbest people in the world. Who else would volunteer to go to prison for life?

    2. The really laughable thing about this is that in both LNP articles on this story they combine Gaurini and ‘intelligence’ in the same sentence!!!!!!

    3. Prison guard relative

      William H, your post is offensive and ignorant. I have three relatives who work for the prison system but not in Lancaster. They are all very intelligent, matter of fact one was a Navy Seal.

    4. William H. – The quality of the guards is directly related to the quality of the warden. Good guards work for good wardens.