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* I may have been wrong.  Full details tomorrow.   


    I was just in the Lancaster County Courthouse to obtain the Post Sentence Motions filed on behalf of Lauren Reed and Troy Stewart.  I was told in the Clerk of Courts Office that they were sent to Judge Joseph Madenspachers chambers on Friday.  I went to the third floor and asked a Sheriff to contact the Judge.  He came back and told me that Judge Madenspacher’s secretary told him all paperwork had to be obtained from the Clerk of Courts. 
    I am not amused.  These are public documents and need to be available to the public.
    Stay tuned…

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3 Responses to *UPDATED – *** BREAKING NEWS ***

  1. FWIW says:

    This county? It’s not like in just this county, it’s everywhere. You’d think you’d be able to get your hands on a police report in the same way that you can get other public records, but you can’t. You have to get a subpoena for them.

  2. suzieq says:

    Oh Becky…welcome to my world. Something is just not right in this county…everything is a runaround…private, or not for public viewing. I have been dealing with this for going on two years, I am not amused either.I am also curious, if you got any info from Steadmans office or East Cocalico police…I think I already know that answer…good luck my dear, and I am going to stay tuned..