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* I was going to rant and rave this afternoon – but then I was dumbstruck by one of the dumbest and longest headlines I have seen in recent memory – courtesy of WGAL-TV: “Church Won’t Be Fined For Not Demolishing Church After City Denies Demolition Permit,” (click here).
    The headline tells it all and apparently they are at a total deadlock!  How will they break it?   Wow, I need a drink after that!  Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow!


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11 Responses to * PERFECTLY SAFE?

  1. FWIW says:

    Did you see that Lancaster City PD arrested someone for the shooting of the 7 year old?

  2. William H. says:

    PUL-EEEEESE! I haven’t bought that litter box liner for at least a decade. I get it free from work. Rather than throw out old LNP’s at the end of the week, I take them and line the bottom of our cat’s litter box.

  3. William H says:

    LNP soaks up cat urine better than ant other litter box liner we’ve used.

    • Becky says:

      OMG! You’re ten years behind the times, William H.! You still get the paper version? Horrors! Please explain or any further comments from you will have to be evaluated knowing this unsettling “fact.” 🙁 🙁 🙁


  4. Becky says:

    Ooops! I lost the story below this afternoon’s update! I hate this word processing “program.” The story will be reposted tomorrow!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Do you consider it a “Headline” story. I agree it is a story, just not of the magnitude it was made out to be in the LNP.

    • Becky says:

      I guess I would consider it a “headline” story with all the other stories about the endless renovations – or lack there of on the interior – not to mention those hideous, grotesque bars/glass shades/waiting areas or whatever the heck they are outside the station now in two areas! They should run a picture of those on the front page and whoever designed them should be permanently banned from ever stepping foot in Lancaster County again!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The LNP is a joke. I never buy it yet I have occasions to read it. A day or two ago I was in the waiting room of my doctor and picked up the paper. The headline, in large font, read “Rail Commuters Locked Out.” As I read the article I came to find this was nothing more than a mistake. Someone made a mistake and forgot to line up someone to open the station in the morning. While I can see this being a small blurb somewhere in the local section, I do not understand how this was “headline” news. Big deal, someone made a mistake. It was not like there was a strike, or other work stoppage, someone simply made a mistake. I should have called the LNP with a news tip while I was waiting at the doctor’s office. The headline would read “Patients at local doctor’s office made to wait due to over scheduling”. A photo of of me reading the paper could accompany the article. Seriously, why do people still buy this paper.

    • Becky says:

      I have to disagree – I think 100 commuters being locked out of the train station – “mistake” or not – is a story. I do find it interesting that the paper thinks it’s just fine that they knocked down a door or whatever. Had this been a different situation, the police would have been called and LNP might have gone ballistic!

  7. William H. says:

    I, well, go to the secured parking garage, get in my mini van, make um sure the doors are, well, locked. Then, well, drive back to my, well, lily white neighborhood far far away from Lancaster. Why, some of my best friends are people my newspaper won’t hire.