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                                           Victim Noemi I. Lausell

    The Lancaster Police are totally out of control. Now they are beating up women! What these two police officers did is unconstitutional and unconscionable. Their duty is to protect and serve. Click here for, “City police use taser to subdue woman in early Sunday incident.”
There will be much more tomorrow.

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  1. Humpty Dumpty says:

    William H., you sir have every right to be offended by the “Hitler” reference. Seems to me the ones who preach tolerance in this country (i.e. Liberals) are the most intolerant and abrasive when called to account for their actions.

    Regarding the “victim” in the police incident, she should remember if you can’t run with the big dogs don’t get off the porch. She had no business running her mouth about an incident she wasn’t involded with. Sounds like she was itching for a fight and it was brought to her.

    I have family members in law enforcement and believe me, they show more restraint and control in one day than most of us do in a lifetime.

  2. anonymous2 says:

    It is, William, it is. But anyone who plays the Nazi card just shows their way too limited brain resources and just helps me dismiss anything they have to say.

  3. Kicked my arse says:

    William, I had no intention of making a comment that would be viewed as anti-semetic…you obviously don’t know me. What I was attemting to say is that in this country we have freedom unparalled in any other place in the world and that we appear to be on the slippery slope toward facism, and apparently with your encouragement.

    The government has used the fear so many people now have, since the events of 9/11, to begin whittling away at our freedoms. I don’t condone someone swearing at the police…but it is our right. I also don’t condone some 28 year, fit police officer repeatedly tasering a small woman.

    I apologize if my comment was misunderstood and certainly have no problem with Becky removing it if it really is so terribly offensive to you.

  4. William H. says:

    I did. An anti-semetic remark being used as the last resort for a POV is still offensive.

  5. William H. says:

    I’d never heard of “Godwin’s Law”. An updated version of “….oh yeah?….NICE HAIR!”

    • Becky says:

      Then you have no business being on the internet, William H. Listen, could we have some calm here – I’m doing major research on Lady Gaga and her Lancaster Mennonite boyfriend. Please! Holy cow!

      P.S. Google it, William H.

  6. anonymous2 says:

    William: I figured Kicked was just attempting to set a new land/speed record to Godwin’s Law.

  7. William H. says:

    Becky. Don’t take a rabbit trail. The queen of political correctness and promoter of diversity, ok’d a post with an anti-smetic slur. And I’m pretty sure “This is America, William, but I guess you’d prefer Heil Hitler.” can be taken as anti-smetic.

  8. William H. says:

    That’ll be news to my parents, and it was anti-semtic

  9. cindy says:

    Well Kicked…you might be correct on that point. We, as citizens, might have the “right” to shout obscenities at police officers BUT that doesn’t mean it always wise or in our best interest to do so. YES, the officers were leaving, YES they should have kept going BUT since neither you nor I were there we don’t know exactly what was being shouted at them. Was she threatening them with her words and possibly her actions?!?! A person screaming and yelling profanity, mixed with a couple of loose lipped threats, who is flailing their arms, acting like a crazy person COULD be perceived as threatening. I still stick by my remarks…If it ain’t your business, stay out of it and keep your mouth shut!!!!

  10. William H. says:

    I’m not the one who wrote nor allowed that anti-semitic post. Why did you allow it?

  11. William H. says:

    Being Jewish, I take extreme offense at your suggestion that I’d “prefer Hiel Hitler”. And shame on you too Becky for allowing such an anti-semetic posting.

  12. Kicked my arse says:

    William: the cops were walking away and ready to get in their car. They could have kept going. They were experiencing non-threatening verbal abuse. This is America, William, but I guess you’d prefer Heil Hitler.

  13. William H says:

    I looked up the legal status of swearing at a cop. What I found was; it’s not illegal, but if it’s perceived as a threat, or to incite trouble, the officer is well within his right to make an arrest. Read the whole story. I commend the officers for their restraint.

  14. Kicked my arse says:

    Cindy, If the officers were leaving, why didn’t they just keep gooing. We, as citizens, have every right to use profanity when addressing a cop. These knuckleheads, though, like to escalate situations when they should be trying to defuse them.

    I can’t imagine how embarassing it must be to have to see your thug buddies and tell them that a little woman kicked your arse.

  15. William H. says:

    Nah. She doesn’t look like she has much of a ‘tude.

  16. William H says:

    Hey Cindy. Maybe she thought she was on Jerry Springer?

  17. cindy says:

    If the officers were leaving why did she have to open her big mouth and start yelling obscenities at them??? Why couldn’t she just allow the officers to leave and mind her own business??? She was not part of the incident under investigation but she CHOSE to open her mouth and become her own “incident”!!!! People think they somehow have the “right” to do whatever they want to whoever they want to do it to and NOT have any consequences, I guess she found out that is not true. Using of the taser may not have been necessary but there is noone to blame here except HER!!! Open mouth, cuss police, look like a fool, go to jail!!!! Se gets no sympathy from me…SHE made her choice and she pays the price. Lesson to be learned…DO NOT get involved in business that is not yours and KEEP YOUR BIG MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!! (especially if you have been drinking)

  18. Kicked my arse says:

    There are loads of Penn Manor grads on the city police force. What’s up with that, anyway? So how did this young man get his ass kicked by a woman? Maybe the city should try to get some boys on the force who can go toe to toe with a small woman. They were going to send Hatfield, but then they remembered that he got his butt kicked by a 17 year old high school student. Some department we have!!!

  19. huh? says:

    My son told me that girl fights were the best entertainment he had in high school.

  20. William H says:

    Sounds like the only person out of control was Noemi. Her, plus the others who surrounded the officers.