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Word thief – Tom Murse 

    The only reporter for the Lancaster Newspapers I thought had some integrity, some decency, proved me wrong with yesterday’s edition of the Sunday News. Please see the comments under “GUNS N’ ROSES OR…” below. Plagiarize much, Murse?
    This comment in from Kent Kroehler under “THIRD PRISON DEATH THIS YEAR” below:
    Actually, I said that the Prison Board should resign if we had a third suicide “by jumping.” I did not say or mean a third suicide by other means.
    This email in: 
    As you so eloquently state this morning, Scroot Martin is an idiot. I don’t mean to belittle or trivialize the memory of the woman who has been forgotten, abandoned, and disrespected by the Lancaster City Police in their total failing to solve her murder, but I suggest that just below the reference to her case on your site, the words “Scott Martin is an idiot” should appear at ALL times. If we are not careful, that fool will be anointed by the morons that run this County, and pull his strings, to represent us in Harrisburg, or even worse Washington. 
    This comment posted on the TalkPa.net forum as a poster exits: 
    I never understood the drama queen exit. If you don’t like it here, leave. No announcement, just fade out. Tuck tail and run.
Just remember, they always come back! 
Please check back this afternoon.

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