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    Would someone please ask Mr. Smart to address the issue of why there are no minorities on the editorial staffs of the Lancaster Newspapers? Talk about inequality!
    A comment I sent in to the Lancaster Interchurch Peace Witness (LIPW) website where Associate Sunday News Editor Gil Smart is giving a talk tonight, “Past Peak Prosperity: Sustaining Community in an Era of Growing Inequality,” (click here).
    My comment is “Awaiting Moderation. ”Talk about total hypocrisy! There will be more on this coming.
    Speaking of “prosperity,” FWIW sent a long and reasoned response to “Cindy” who asked several questions under “UPDATE – OCCUPY LANCASTER!” below on this site. Please take time to read his comment.    

    Thanks, FWIW! Your invite to the LIP bash is back on – bell bottoms or not! There will be more this afternoon.
    “It was a mild night. A lot of folks were out, and they should have a reasonable expectation to sit in front of their house without being shot,” he said.
    Police Chief Keith Sadler quoted from his press conference in today’s article, “Police vow to bring person who shot 7-year-old girl ‘to justice,’” (click here). This is one of the stupidest and most insulting statements I have ever heard or read. This man should be fired immediately.
Please check back later today.

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2 Responses to ONLY IF YOU’RE WHITE?

  1. Rednek says:

    Hi Becky….why would anyone invite ‘Not So’ Smart to publicly speak on ANY subject?

    I’d rather listen to paint dry.

  2. William H. says:

    “Scoop” Smart