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     This email in:
    My name is [deleted] and I am a freshman at Penn State University and a resident of Lancaster County. I am writing a paper about a racial event that has taken place from the area I grew up in for a Civil Rights Class that I’m taking. As I was researching my topic, I came across your articles on “Lancaster Lynching” and was intrigued by them. I have a few questions however. My first is, how long were you in Lancaster before taking the picture of the suspects that attempted to kill Robert Henderson? Second, how did you find out about the attempted murder? Also, I have been having some difficulty finding who Henderson sued for violating his civil rights. Finally, was Daniel Rhoads African American? Thank you for any help you can provide to me. I hope to be in contact with you again soon.
    To answer one of your questions, Robert Henderson sued Lancaster Detectives Joseph Geesey and Walter Goeke.

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