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    Yes, it’s been a gun and buggies week! Lancaster County Judges behaved very badly. The prison warden should be in prison. Commissioner Scott Martin is an idiot. The Lancaster Police (surprise!) have made no arrests in multiple unsolved murders from this year alone. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent doing, well, nothing at the Lancaster Train Station. And the list just goes on and on.
    I’ll try to wrap all of this up on Sunday.  We all know the Sunday News will be doing the ultimate guns and buggies story this week – the five year anniversary of the Nickel Mines shooting.  No offense intended – but this site will offer an alternative – the week in review.
    Posting tomorrow will be sporadic at best.
    Have a great Friday!

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  1. whispers says:


  2. whispers says:

    As far as the LNP goes…Stop making SICK MEN WHO CREATE HORRIFIC NEWS an ANNIVERSARY. You shoudn’t pay any attention to it. It’s sick within itself. Let’s GLORIFY the actions of a MAN—-MALE. SICKO!!!!!!!! Hide it under the covers…

  3. whispers says:

    I’m gonna say this, and I’m sure it’s going to tick a lot of people off. But people in Lancaster are BUTT UGLY and they are DUMB. I mean, it’s Sad. I try to find a forum where I can relate to someone of my kind, but all I find here are fricken idiots. BAD GENETICS! That Robert’s dude was NUTS. But it isn’t anything uncommon for a MAN to exhibit force and violence on FEMALES. It’s as if it’s a MAN’S calling. MEN ARE VIOLENT. Sorry dudes, but once you turn 20, you’re an A**Hole in the making!!!!! And you DUMB Women who stand by them. SHAME!

  4. Rednek says:

    LNP should do off-shore drilling…they constantly reach new depths!!!!

  5. huh? says:

    Murse should be ashamed of himself. Presenting what he has written as more than just a re-hash of the earlier story. “Dish towel” versus “tea towel.”

    Right there you know that he’s clueless. Most women refer to these as tea towels. And other segments lifted directly from the other articles … all the way down to the ‘angel in black.’

    Except for the fact that Mrs. Roberts did not speak ONE WORD to the LNP’s Tom Murse. But as I pointed out, that fact is well hidden in his article. It gets really sad when it is so easy to predict how the LNP would cover this and in my very first response to this thread. Ugh.

  6. Rednek says:

    I hope you’re not suggesting that LNP reporters (and editors) are lazy!!! They certainly wouldn’t deliberately plagerize another newspaper would they???? It is a BIG sack at LNP.

    • Becky says:

      Actually, I’m referring to a USA today article. From that article –

      On the day of the shooting, Terri crawled into a fetal position, feeling as if her insides were ripped apart. Chuck, a retired policeman, cried into a tea towel, unable to lift his head. He wore skin off his face wiping away tears.

      Family and friends poured into the Roberts’ home in Strasburg, Pa., a small town about six miles from Nickel Mines. No one knew what to say.

      “What do you say, ‘At least it’s not as bad as so-and-so’? There was nothing that anyone could imagine that would have been worse than that day,” she said.

      Later that evening, an Amish neighbor named Henry, whom Terri calls her “angel in black,” arrived at their house.

      Chuck had begun a second career as an “Amish taxi,” driving families to destinations farther away than horses and buggies could carry them. After the shooting, Chuck feared he could never face the Amish again.

      “Roberts, we love you,” Henry insisted, and continued to comfort Chuck for nearly an hour.

      Finally, Chuck looked up. “Thank you, Henry,” he said.

      “I just looked at that and said, ‘Oh Lord, my husband will heal through this. I was just so thankful for Henry that day,” Terri said.

      From LNP:

      When the world learned what his son had done the morning of Oct. 2, 2006, Chuck Roberts wept. He didn’t raise his head the rest of that day, and he wiped the tears off his face with a dish towel.

      The retired Manor Township police sergeant worked as a taxi driver for the Amish. How could he look them in the eye?

      “He said numerous times that day, ‘I will never face any of these people again,’ ” Roberts recalled.

      And then the first visitor arrived at the Roberts home, south of Strasburg.

      It was Henry, an Amish neighbor.

      Henry put his hand on Chuck’s shoulder and consoled him for more than half an hour.

      “Finally,” Roberts said, “I saw Chuck look up into Henry’s eyes and say, ‘Thank you, Henry.’ ”

      “And in that moment, seeing that, I knew some day my husband will heal. Someday my husband will heal from this,” she said.

      “I call Henry my angel in black.”

  7. huh? says:

    Geez, that didn’t take long to be right.

    From today’s LNP

    “Roberts, who did not respond to interview requests but speaks publicly about the aftermath of her son’s actions, describes the response from the Amish community as a lifeline for herself and her husband, Chuck.”

    OK, read the article. Reads much like the Huffington Post article and if you don’t notice the above “Roberts who did not respond to interview requests” you’d think that Tom Murse interviewed her for the article.

    On the other hand, she did speak with the Huffington Post reporter. What a sad sack of shit for a newspaper. They should be ashamed.

  8. William H. says:

    LNP=Least News Possible. However, it’s not a total loss. It does have coupons, and as far as litter box liner, it soak’s up cat urine like no other paper I’ve used.

  9. huh? says:

    Regarding the Nickel Mines’ school tragedy: it must piss the LNP off that Huffington Post got one of the best stories of the aftermath and salvation for the Roberts’ family today on their site. It is heartwarming and the fact that Mrs. Roberts (the murderer’s mother) has flown under the LNP’s radar in her own quest for redemption and continuing to help the most severely injured surviving Amish girl must have pissed the LNP off to no end.

    So, be prepared for some ‘investigative’ reporter type to rehash what Huffington Post has already written. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mrs. Roberts is reported as ‘not available for comment.’

    And they have no one to blame but themselves. That piece of trash ‘pamphlet’ they hawked for sale after the tragedy… I never read anywhere that the proceeds would go to any of the families.