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    “It’s one of those unfortunate situations,” Guarini said. “If we can prevent things, we will prevent things, but you cannot prevent everything.”
Prison Warden Vincent Guarini from today’s story, “Another inmate suicide at prison,” (click here).
    How many men have died on this man‘s watch? How much is this man costing the taxpayers of Lancaster County? Why wasn’t this man fired years ago?
    Guarini must go. Now!

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3 Responses to GUARINI MUST GO!

  1. huh? says:

    Until someone “important” is jailed before trial and suffers injury or death in the prison, the past years bode no threat to the warden.

    Along with counting how many people have died or been horribly injured while in his prison, you must also count the number of guards who have been injured as well.

    He has set a culture of every man and woman for themself – in both the prison population and the guards who work there.

    I knew in my heart that nothing would happen to him after the criminal creep beat up on a guard – who was told to take care of his injuries on his own time – and instead of sending this creep to the state pen for assaulting a guard, he was set free.

    And he proceeded to massacre six members of his family. If that didn’t catch the attention of those in charge of his employment then nothing will. He is set to retire soon so I understand so they are going to let him stay I am quite sure.

    The prison board just wants to get out of there after each meeting to go back to campaign fund raising and not to have any sort of ‘soft on prisoners’ campaign against them by an opponent. Guarini serves that aim very well. He doesn’t involve them and they get away clean. It’s a perfect arrangement.

  2. rednek says:

    Guarini must have some really interesting pictures on the ‘Power Brokers’ that is keeping him employed. What a sad disgrace.

  3. William H. says:

    Fat Vinnie’s comment ranks right up there with J. Dick’s “Frankly, the quality of life in Lancaster continues to improve”