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    You know, back in my early years, if I pointed a gun at a cop or even displayed a gun at a cop, I’d be lucky to be alive – I’m betting I’d be “sleeping with the fishes.” If a man pointed a gun at me, this is mild compared to what he’d look like (if I were still young, at the present time I’d be dead or at the doctor’s office looking for strong meds for my back). Looks to me that an ass whipping is just the beginning of his worries. I think he’ll get significant jail time.
    C’mon Becky, think back to the days of old. A butt kicking by cops was not unusual. Why should some dirt bag think it’s okay to behave the way he did? Would you have this guy over for dinner?
    Personally, I look at this photo and just laugh.
This comment in under “CLEARLY BEATEN! – 3” below.
I would like to think there’s some sarcasm involved here but I’m not so sure. There will be much more on this later.
    PS…My son died drug free May 22nd, 2010…WELL OVER A YEAR AGO at that prison.. I just now find out that the da and coroner are not cooperating with the prison? Again, I repeat…something real fishy is going on in this county…what if I did not show up at the prison board meeting…none of this would have been followed thru…so sad…when is the next election?????
The second half of a comment sent into this site on the story immediately below.
    Fishy isn’t the half of it. I will follow this story. At Thursday’s Prison Board Meeting, every member of that Board had to sit there and watch and listen to Linda Moskal cry in the front row for three hours. She held herself together astonishingly well.
    My friend Jodi and I stopped by the offices of the “Fly” Thursday afternoon. Thanks to the young man who answered numerous questions. The “Fly” was recently purchased by the Lancaster Newspapers and there will be more on that coming…
    Finally, the following ad for the Sunday News was spotted atop a Yellow Cab on Thursday:
Relevant. Compelling. Fun to Read.
    Really, Marv? We‘ll find out tomorrow. At $1.75 a pop it should be at least one of those things! It‘s never been relevant, compelling or fun to read before…
Please check back tomorrow.

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  1. suzieq55 says:

    Good one~~

  2. Rednek says:

    Does Marv read his e-mails, or does daughter Abigail do that for him???

  3. Rednek says:

    Relevant. Compelling, Fun to Read.

    Marvelous Marv outdoes even himself today with his “column”…taken from three e-mails from others. Relevant? Talking about the ‘good ole days’ again!! Compelling? Hardly, reminiscing at family reunions is one thing…wasting newspaper space is another. Fun to Read? Yeah right!!! :>)

    What does Marv do all week???????????