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    Posted on April 23rd, 2011 Becky 8 comments

                             “LancasterOnline fees coming”

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    Wow! Will you pay?

    Have a great Holiday and please check back on Monday.


    8 responses to “* BREAKING NEWS * NEWS SHOULD BE FREE?”

    1. Once again, I apologize for the look of this site. It is being worked on.

      I just noticed the first comment on the LOL Trashback forum under this article is:

      I hate to burst your bubble Lancaster Newspapers, but your news coverage is poor and most of the time the articles are written by 6 graders. Bye, bye. The sooner this newspaper goes under, the sooner a better one can come in.


    2. FEES ……….MONTHLY fees? are they kidding? I will pay no one for this piece of shit newspaper reporting. How desperate have they become. Sorry, but screw you LNP……

    3. Dream dream dream

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they are purposely working to sell the newspaper.

    4. Dream,

      I agree. It would not surprise me at all if they are trying to sell it – especially since there are few Steinmans left. But who would buy it? They would have to start fresh – which would be a good thing! Can you imagine the Mayor, Police Chief, DA, Prison Warden, etc., actually being asked hard questions? They might have heart attacks. LOL!

      I love the news – but LNP is NOT the news. Keep your fingers crossed for what may come down the road.

    5. barryinwinnipeg

      So what’s the impact going to be for Since most of their website consists of comments (and very few of them) on Lancaster Newspaper stories, are they going to be able to continue? Frankly, I enjoy reading the commentary more than the stories!

    6. I don’t think Lancaster Newspapers is going anywhere, it is far too important to the movers and shakers of Lancaster. Like Comcast, they’re just trying to squeeze every penny of revenue out of their business model that they can.

      Most of their equipment and infrastructure dates back to the 1980s, and although their Flexo printing process costs much more to operate than the offset presses used by most newspapers, they were wise enough to purchase brand-name equipment that is likely to be supported well into the future. This means that most of their fixed costs are rather low compared to many other media businesses.

      Don’t forget that LNP has other sources of revenue to fall back on: Lancaster County Weeklies (Ephrata Review/Lititz Record-Express/Lancaster Farming) (which DOES use offset printing), Intelligencer Printing (which has cut its costs and is holding its own), Delmarva Broadcasting (radio stations), Steinman Coal (which includes oil and gas), the Pressroom Restaurant, and of course their 50% interest in the Penn Square Partners. Since Lancaster Newspapers is so important to the movers and shakers of Lancaster, it is likely that LNP would be kept alive with subsidies from other Steinman Enterprises. We might see the Saturday paper eliminated, along with other cost-cutting moves, but I’m sure they’re not going away in our lifetimes.

    7. Musings about my post above:

      – I wonder how much revenue support LNP gets from its half-ownership of the Penn Square Partners? Even though nearly two-thirds of the project’s construction and a large portion of its operating costs are paid for by taxpayers, PSP guards its figures as if their release would jeopardize national security.

      – Steinman Coal controls coal mines, as well as oil and gas leases. I wonder if they are involved in Marcellus Shale fracking???????


      “Go back to Route 83, turn right and go towards Clinchco. At 4.4 miles notice the bottom across the McClure River on your right. Here was located the coal mining town of Steinman, built by the Steinman Coal Corporation and later operated by the Ruth-Elkhorn Coal Corporation. There was a company store, school, boarding houses, tipple fed by bucket line from the mine, and several homes. As you can see, no sign of the old camp remains.”