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    Posted on April 21st, 2011 Becky 1 comment


            But it was Oscar M. Martinez, 18, a junior at McCaskey, who apparently did the shooting, killing Spencer, 33, early Saturday morning, according to arrest warrant affidavits filed in the case.

    From today’s article, “Two accused in killing,” (click here).

        A junior in High School? 

    Please check back later today.


    One response to “AND THE RACISM BEGINS – AGAIN”

    1. Those comments are exactly why I refuse to participate in talkback. Why do people insist on ripping the heart out of an ENTIRE culture of people because of the actions of a few? How the hell is Martinez the representative for all hispanics? Pathetic! Shame on LOL for allowing those comments to remain on the board. Worse than that, people bumped up the reputation numbers for those comments. If that isn’t racism, then what is to LOL? Does the person have to say, “I love the KKK, death to -insert hated race here-” to be considered racism? I mean c’mon, those comments are completely racist comments and entirely uncalled for. Makes me sick.