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    Posted on February 3rd, 2011 Becky 7 comments



        The locals I spoke to early in the process informed me that there was a much larger story here, that I shouldn’t be fooled by the narrowness of some of the media’s coverage.

    From “ACKNOWLEGEMENTS” on page 457 of M. William Phelps book due out March 1, 2011, “LOVE HER TO DEATH,” (click here).

        As noted in the comments section of this site, the book is now available for pre-order at and you can read part of Chapter 1.

       Phelps wrote to me asking who should get credit for the photo of Angela Funk that appears above.  It is the first photograph, and the only photograph, of Angela Funk that was published in the media for months.  It was published on this site and thousands came to view her picture. 

        Who actually took the picture?  Who should get credit?  I don’t know to this day.  But I obviously know where it came from and the irony and hypocrisy in its origin is simply stunning!

    Please check back later today.


    7 responses to ““SHE WAS FIGHTING FOR HER LIFE.””

    1. Wasn’t this the pic of the slut cut for LNP mom section?.

    2. Anonymous – you are good but I think the “slut cut” came later! 😉 😛

    3. I heard she’s changing the Roseboro baby last name to Funk.How special is that!.

    4. I LOVE your site but I simply HATE when you start something and then leave me hanging till “later”!!!!!!!!!! LOL…you simply MUST stop doing that…I am way too impatient to wait till later!!!!!!!! LOL Seriously, I enjoy your site, keep up the good work!!!!

    5. Oh, no! What did I leave you hanging on, Cindy? I am hanging my head! 🙁

    6. The picture…the picture…where did it come from???? What is the irony???? What is the hypocrisy???? Really…leaving a nosey person such as myself hanging like this could cause one to need nerve pills!!!!!!!! LOL

    7. my guess is that the picture came from some Christian-related article or website – that would be hypocrisy/irony all rolled up in an enigma.

      Maybe a caption like CHRISTIAN Mom who teaches Sunday School and provides a role model for young moms – you know like do as I say and not as I do?