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    Posted on January 30th, 2011 Becky 4 comments

    Website: PA Leads Nation In

     Arson Deaths


    Olga Sanchez-Reyes

    From WGAL-TV, (click here).

    Please check back later today.


    4 responses to “WHO KILLED OLGA SANCHEZ-REYES?”

    1. Notice that officer Swietzer of the city police took credit, by putting his name on the press release, for the arrest of the people driving the car that dumped the shooting victim in the city yesterday. BUT the fact is an alert E. Lampeter officer actually solved this crime. If he hadn’t, Swietzer and his goofs would be sitting around wondering what to do, I suppose.

    2. Not surprising because PA is a highly populated area?….I’m not sure the last time he checked, but Florida is a highly populated state, NYC is a highly populated area…

    3. Aaron, I agree. I thought that was just plain stupid!

    4. And here’s what I’m starting to think…The reason they go unsolved is because someone in the fire company is setting these fires. When there is no suspects with a motive, that’s when you start to question…Is someone within the fire companies themselves setting the fires. The fire depts. may know who does it and are covering it up, or they are being tricked because the person setting the fire knows what they look for. So it would be easy to make it really hard for investigators.