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     I’ve done a lot of reflecting this week – mostly out of shock over the Lancaster Newspaper’s total “failure” to cover the arson murder of Olga Sanchez-Reyes or hold the police accountable.  There is going to be much more on that this weekend. 

    Last night I uncovered a placard I wore in Penn Square about the same time as the article that is republished below was first posted on this site (click here).  The large cardboard sheet has the paper editions of the Lancaster Lynching and Incest editions of LIP pasted to it and in between I wrote two names in large print:  Cortney Fry and Heather Marie Nunn.

    And for some reason it made me go back and reread this post from March of 2005. 

    I wish we still had Ron Harper out there.  Ron, we need you!



          Harper has made a difference,” Patricia Poist,

Sunday News, March 27, 2005


    “Of course, if an editor ever told me I would have to go undercover, I would have to find another line of work.  I am just not that good.  Or bad, depending on how you look at it.”

    Patricia, find another line of work.  What the hell do you think journalism is?  You better read some quality newspapers and watch some legitimate news magazine shows. 

    I grew up with Woodward and Bernstein. They are my heroes and they are journalists who rightly forced a sitting president to resign.  I believe that is what journalism is all about.

    How dare you go on a ridiculous, high horse and say this: 

    “It’s an age that has spawned all manner of self-appointed journalists.  Many of these people aren’t obligated to follow the same code of ethics as newspaper and television reporters.” 

    Excuse me, Patricia, but I think you’re drinking the same “coffee” as “Clyde.”  Your editor has been having “discussions” with an imaginary friend for sixteen years and he recently broke every journalist ethic in the book in his support of his employer’s hotel/convention center deal.  Don’t talk to me about “ethics,” and going “undercover” is absolutely legitimate.

    Yes, Ron Harper has it correct:

    “He says he has a passion for good government and that it is important that public figures responsible for taxpayer’s money and quality of life have their feet held to the fire.”     


    If the Lancaster Newspapers did that to the slightest degree, we wouldn’t have the outright corruption that exists today on so many levels in Lancaster.  I’m not taking a thing away from Ron, but the Lancaster Newspapers make it easy for other journalists because they don’t do their job and they haven’t for years.

    “Indeed, we as journalists have a lot to think about, and maybe some of us (yours truly included) probably need to be a little tougher in ferreting out information and enforcing Sunshine laws.”

      That’s the biggest understatement I have ever read. I would do that, Patricia, or I’d find another line of work.


Congratulations to Ron Harper and 5thEstate.com for five years of public service to Lancaster. 

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  1. zippy says:

    Will LIP be investigating the outcome of the charges filed against harper?

    • Becky says:

      You obviously haven’t had that cup of coffee with Harper yet, have you zippy? LOL! You mean the fairly recent (6 months or so ago) harrassment charge? I’ll see if I can find out how it was resolved. Heard all kinds of wild gossip on that one. One even said Mayor Dick got involved! I do know that it happened at the office of his new (then anyway) lawyer. Ron was upset he was not there for a planned meeting but when his scretary explained that they had called and emailed Harper saying they had to change the meeting time – Harper got a “little” upset.

  2. mitzi says:

    I always enjoyed reading articles by Ron Harper.

    What is your opinion of the woman that slapped the fire police, etc. and her name wasn’t published? Must have been a big wig or a wife to a big wig, in my opinion.

    Thanks for letting me get this off my mind!