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    Posted on January 4th, 2011 Becky 8 comments


         Lancaster Mayor J. Richard Gray returned my phone call this afternoon and I came home to a letter from David Cedeno (and apparently a certified letter from him is waiting at the Post Office for my signature)!  I’m off to pick it up!  Wow!  I will fill you in as soon as I get the chance!  (If it’s a package – I’m not opening it!)


    8 responses to “THINGS ARE BREAKING ALL OVER!”

    1. Re: LIPNEWS – David Cedeno / Catalina Cedeno

      Dear Becky,

      I am requesting that you remove any and all information regarding David Cedeno from your posts on LIPNEWS in relation to the fires that happened Dec. 6, 2010 and July 21, 2009. I am also requesting that personal information be removed i.e. where I live, work and the type of vehicle I drive. I am fully aware that PFA, affidavit and court dockets are available for public view and removing them from your post is not what we are asking. The PFA’s have been withdrawn. I am highly suggesting that you remove any and all slanderous remarks about me and any connection in pertaining to the above mentioned fires.

      I hereby am insisting that you cease and desist referring to me in anyway connected with the above mentioned fires and stop immediately referencing me in connection in anyway with the above mentioned fires.
      I hereby am insisting that you remove all remarks about my daughter, Catalina and cease and desist in using or referencing to her in any matter.

      Thank you,

      David Cedeno

    2. He’s probably being like the Godfather and sent you a bulletproof vest wrapped around a fish.

    3. Wrapped around a fish, Aaron? I don’t eat fish!!! What’s up with that? 😛 😛

    4. Stedman Walking

      becky…..are you still out there. You didn’t open the wrong package, did you?!?!?!

    5. Still here. Same letter just certified. Not even a lawyer. Damn! Waited at the Post Office in line for half-an-hour and no lawyer??? See the comment above. I haven’t double checked it totally but I think David sent it here as a comment. Wow! This is getting weird!

    6. Hey, I insist on a lot of things and they don’t happen! 🙁 😛 😛 I will respond tomorrow, Mr. Cedeno.

    7. Highly suggesting you remove any and all slanderous remarks…..

      That one seems pretty threatening. What will happen when you don’t take the suggestion? lol

    8. I have my team of 10 lawyers advising me, Aaron! 😉

      On another topic, could you and your girlfriend stop flirting on Facebook? Geez, how much can I take? 😛 😛