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    Posted on January 31st, 2011 Becky 5 comments

    LIP News is taking this Monday off.  Goodbye January! 

    Please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on January 30th, 2011 Becky 13 comments

        IT’S THEIR JOB!

         Somedays, what I planned for this site goes out the window when I read something really, really excellent and dead-on.  This was posted on the Lancaster Online Trashback forum under today’s Sunday News article, “Manheim Twp. official is tee’d off,” (click here):

        Investigative unit? Where do I begin? Wouldn’t investigating typically be the job of a newspaper? When was this unit formed…the day the CC opened? Who cares if a couple of underpaid and overworked local officials get a perk at a facility opened by the municipality they serve? You can bet that the sum total of these “free” services would not convert $ for $ back to the township as much of that business would be spread around. Did the investigative unit figure out how many $ these “free” services generated at the 19th hole? That’s right, who cares? I think the much, much, much bigger question is for LNP…where was their investigative unit when they, as 50% equity owner of a private entity, was crafting to benefit from a public subsidy in the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars?

        I absolutely could not have said it better myself.  These newspapers are a pathetic joke – but sadly – it is not a joke to the public they are supposed to serve.  There will be more tomorrow.

        On a much lighter note – well, actually, this snow was really heavy – a friend sent in this most excellent photo of their snow-woman!  Thank you, Courtney!  (I hope the damn thing melts shortly and there are no more opportunities this winter for such a massive snow-woman! No offense to my friends who constructed this wonder!)



    Posted on January 30th, 2011 Becky 4 comments

    Website: PA Leads Nation In

     Arson Deaths


    Olga Sanchez-Reyes

    From WGAL-TV, (click here).

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 28th, 2011 Becky 2 comments



    Seeking Mullets!

        What a fun day!  REO Speedwagon (click here), a band with hits in the “late 1970’s and early 1980’s” and coming to the Convention Center, did not go over well with anyone on any forum.  A sampling from Lancaster Online’s Trashback forum:


        Why not book this at the AMT? They’re actually designed for, y’know… concerts. Then again, the level space inside the LCC would mean better access/more parking for rascals/hoverrounds, and ample walker boogie-ing. (And hey! Instead of bouncers, they’ll just need a few nurses.) Spectacular booking! Looking forward to the rest of the series, Lawrence Welk’s reanimated corpse (Zamfir will open), Cutting Crew, and a special appearance by Chicago (none of the original members will be able to attend, however).


        I hear they have a new song out – “Heard it from a friend you screwed over the taxpayer to bail out PSP.”


       REO Speedwagon.  Think I’ll save the $55 – $65 and take my spouse to Red Lobster for dinner. 35 years ago maybe but today….really????


        I hear if you have a mullet, the tickets are buy one, get one free.

        That reminds me of the former LOL Boss, Palmer, who dearly loved a good mullet!  Late 1970’s to early 1980’s?  What’s that?  Like five or six years of hits forty years ago?

    Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on January 28th, 2011 Becky 1 comment


     Article I – Responsibility.
        The primary purpose of gathering and distributing news and
    opinion is to serve the general welfare by informing the people and enabling them to make judgments on the issues of the time.
        Newspapermen and women who abuse the power of their professional role for selfish motives or unworthy purposes are faithless to that public trust. The American press was made free not just to inform or just to serve as a forum for debate but also to bring an independent scrutiny to bear on the forces of power in the society, including the conduct of official power at all levels of government.

    From the “Code of Ethics for:  American Society of Newspaper Editors,” (click here).  

        Would someone please advise the Lancaster Newspapers and reporter Bernie Harris of this?  Click here for today’s, “Largest concert to date booked at Lancaster County Convention Center.”

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 27th, 2011 Becky 2 comments


    How to get away with no questions:

    –      Hold the ceremony without any advance info.
        Hold the ceremony at a council meeting during a time when no questions are allowed to be asked.
       Invite ’safe’ reporters who won’t bother the authorities with pertinent questions

        And on and on and on. Immediately change subjects in the article to something totally unrelated so that the reader doesn’t expect an ending to Jose’s story and any questions that should have been asked.

    This comment in under “AND PROTECTING THE POLICE” below.

        You nailed it.  This is just so despicable and scary.  I asked someone who attended the meeting if Police Chief Sadler was there or any of the detectives “working” the arson murder of Olga Sanchez-Reyes and the answer was “no.” 

        Can you imagine?  The Police Chief just couldn’t make time to credit this deserving young man, Jonathan Santiago, who saved several children’s lives after he lauded him in his press conference the day after the children’s mother was murdered. 

        None of the detectives “working” the case could attend either?  Gee, they must be “working” the case so hard they couldn’t make time to honor this brave young man.

        Remember the “We will work tirelessly” and “We will not rest until we catch this killer” sentences from the Chief at the same press conference?

        Damn they must be tired and this must be one smart killer!  Is there any other possible explanation for the fact that there have been zero updates on this investigation and most certainly the killer has not been arrested?

       And Artie See added this comment:

       How many Lancaster Newspapers reporters are NOT “safe”???

        Good point!  They have to be “safe” or they would be long gone.  I understand they have families and children and bills to pay, like everyone else, but just how low are these “reporters” willing to go to bring home a paycheck?  Lower than it’s possible to imagine.

    Tomorrow – Is LNP “The Firm?”  


    Posted on January 27th, 2011 Becky 3 comments


         Authorities are being hampered in their attempts to close the case by the building’s unsafe condition. Also, the only person known to have been inside when the fire broke out remains in a coma.

    Today’s front page story by Tom Murse, “Cause of Zap fire is still unknown,” (click here).

        Well, isn’t that convenient?  Murse can’t do one single follow-up on the arson murder of Olga Sanchez-Reyes, but he can write this story saying it will be over a month until we hear what Zap owner Steve Murray has to say.

        Steve Johnson, who lives close to the store, reported hearing a propane tank explode right before the fire.  A simple google search indicates it is extremely difficult to get a propane tank to explode.

        The district attorney’s office is routinely called in to help investigate fires that appear suspicious. Despite broadcast reports indicating the fire did not appear to be suspicious, authorities have not reached that conclusion, Stedman said.

        “This could be an accidental fire or a terrible crime,” said Stedman, who is the county’s top law-enforcement officer. “We simply do not have enough information.”

    From the same article.

        Well, isn’t that special too?  Why then, Mr. Stedman, when I gave you information regarding the arson fire that killed Olga Sanchez-Reyes, did you turn right around and give it to the Lancaster Detectives?  What about your own Lancaster County Detectives?

        There’s a killer arsonist on the loose, Mr. Stedman.  What are you doing to protect the people of Lancaster as the top law-enforcement officer?  What are you doing?

        What do you have to give up to be a reporter for the Lancaster Newspapers?  Your decency, honesty, integrity and everything you learned in journalism school about your civic obligation to the citizens of this country – and more.  Are you proud of yourself, Tom Murse?

    Please check back later today…


    Posted on January 26th, 2011 Becky 30 comments
       On December 6, 2010, an arsonist killed Olga Sanchez-Reyes and critically injured two of her children. A year-and-a-half before, an arsonist also targeted a property owned by Sanchez-Reyes and her husband. This post will remain at the top of this site until an arrest is made in this horrific murder and also the horrific murder below added in July of this year.
    Click here for “Lancaster police chief vows to find arsonist.”

      On May 16th of this year, 83-year-old Erma Kaylor was brutally stabbed to death in her home at 235 W. Vine Street.  No arrest has been made.

    Click here for “Chief says police will find killer of 83-year-old woman.”

    Click on the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above to see the names of the victims of the eleven unsolved murders since Keith Sadler became the Police Chief on April 23, 2008.


         This permanent box had been up for over a year when on July 29, 2012, I chanced upon Rosaura Torres-Sadler and her book detailing physical abuse by her ex-husband, the current Chief of the Lancaster Police, Keith Sadler (click here).
        The Lancaster Newspapers have not written one word about this  and most citizens in Lancaster are unaware of his past.   “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge” is available from


    Posted on January 26th, 2011 Becky 2 comments


         Lancaster city officials on Tuesday night held up a North Plum Street man “as an example to the rest of us.”

        Jonathan Santiago, 22, was publicly commended at Tuesday’s City Council meeting for his willingness to risk his life for his neighbors last month.

        Santiago, who lives in the first block of North Plum Street, was awakened by the screams of children and the sound of glass breaking at 5:30 a.m. on Dec. 6. He looked outside to see a house across the street burning and children on the roof screaming for help.

        Without hesitation, Santiago went to their aid. He got residents of a home across from his to help him climb from their attic window. He then went across the roofs of four row houses to reach the children and lead them to safety.

    From today’s article, “Lancaster city lauds man who risked life,” (click here).

        This young man should be honored, but there is not one word about Olga Sanchez-Reyes, the children’s mother, who died in this fire.  There is not one word about this being an arson fire set to kill this family.  Not one word.  There is not one word that the police have failed to arrest the murderer.  Not one word.

        This is the most disgraceful newspaper I have ever read.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 25th, 2011 Becky 4 comments


         First:  Happy Birthday to David Porter of Tornado Alley!  Thank you for everything you do for the kids! (And it’s a forum going downhill fast when no one offers their BD wishes – hint, hint

        Second:  Congratulations to Randolph Carney (known as Artie See on most Lancaster forums) for being endorsed by the Democratic Committee to run for the SDOL Board.  I have “known” and corresponded with Randy for numerous years and there is no one better.  I see on Facebook that Charlie Crystal, currently a great Board Member, is already putting Randy to work!  Way to go Randy and Charlie!

        Third:  Darnell White, who was arrested and tasered in Lancaster (see “DON’T COME BACK!” below, needs a Public Defender or a private defense attorney quickly!  If what he tells me is true, this was his first brush with the law and this young man deserves a chance.  If anyone can help, please contact this site.  There will be more coming on my talk with him.

        Fourth:  There will be another installment of  “Forum Wars” shortly, but this was posted on the Lancaster Online Trashback forum under an article concerning the condition and recovery of Steve Murray, owner of Zap & Co.  It may not have been the best place to post it, and other posters attacked relentlessly, but there is a great deal of truth here:

        The content of this article reaffirms why I dropped my subscription to the Lancaster Intel/New Era, a few years ago. There is absolutely nothing regarding the actual fire, its origin, what and whom it exactly affected, nothing. it reads like yet another piece of “come downtown…you’ll like it” kind of crap that the paper has been spewing dating back to the time of cramming the convention center down every reader’s throat. How many times in one article does the author have to mention how vibrant, viable, dynamic, attractive and contemporary Lancaster city is? Jeesh! You don’t like what we print? Don’t like our articles? Don’t buy our paper! I DON’T!

    Please check back tomorrow.

  • *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    Posted on January 24th, 2011 Becky 3 comments


    LIP News has learned the following:

    Endorsed candidates for City Council by the Lancaster City Democratic Committee:
    Barbara Wilson
    James Reichenbach
    John Graupera
    Endorsed candidates for School Board of the School District of Lancaster by both the Lancaster City and Lancaster Township Democratic Committees:
    Stacey Martin (incumbent)
    Linda Owens (incumbent)
    Candice Roper
    Jennifer Desmarais
    Randolph Carney


    Posted on January 24th, 2011 Becky 3 comments


         I pulled the docket of Darnell White, the young man who was tasered in this morning’s post (see immediately below), and was amazed to read that he lived within six blocks of where I live!  So I dropped my card off at his residence over lunch and have been on the phone with him this afternoon.  Updates will come tomorrow.


    Posted on January 24th, 2011 Becky 1 comment


         “Man flees police, can’t flee stun gun – Officers track down Philadelphia resident.”

        Today’s headline on Page B-1 (click here).

        Well, isn’t that a clever headline?  What is the tone running through this entire article/incident: racism.

        And whatever happened to the investigation into the taser death of a 61-year-old veteran who called the Mount Joy Police for help and died at their hands?  We haven’t heard a word.  It’s been well over two months.  There’s been no follow-up by LNP.  Nothing official has been released.

        At, the discussion has gone to 15 pages and people want answers (click here).  Where are the answers DA Stedman and LNP?  Where are they?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 23rd, 2011 Becky No comments

    SNOW = COLD!   

        Snow equals cold, which means more people will need heating oil, which makes oil an attractive investment.
    From today’s front page Sunday News article, “Heating oil speculation leaves many in the cold,” (click here).

        Gil, come on in!  We haven’t had a chat in a long time!

        Yeah, like I miss that!

         What did you say, Gil?

         Great to see you, Marv!  What did you want to talk about?

        What will you be writing about this week, Gil?

        The price of heating oil!  Damn, my bills are huge!  I bought this new house and all and it’s costing me a hell of a lot to heat it. 

        You do a heating oil story every year, Gil!  Will there be anything new in this one?

        No, I just want to bitch.  I didn’t think the price would go up this much!  I should have locked it in when I had the chance.  Damn!

        Is there anything people can do to help save money, Gil?  Will you be covering that?

        Not a damn thing they can do, Marv.  Not a damn thing I can do.  We’ll blame this on those damn speculators and snow, Marv!  Did you know snow equals cold, Marv?

        I’m not in kindergarten, Gil! Will you be listing agencies where people can get help with their oil bills?

        Only in passing.  I make too much for assistance.  I don’t think it’s fair, Marv!  I have three young children!

        What does this have to do with Lancaster and our readers then, Gil?

        Nothing.  I just want to bitch.  And since when do we care what our readers want?  We only care what Peggy Steinman wants!  She can afford all the oil she needs!

        Well, very good, Gil!  Speaking of money, we have to combine two sections!  We’re giving it a new name, “Alive.”  Isn’t that great?

        Alive?  That’s about the dorkiest thing I’ve ever heard. 

        It’s hip and fresh, Gil!

        Who says that, Marv?

        Peggy Steinman.  She’s barely alive so she really liked it!

        But Marv, our readers have to be alive if they read it, don’t they?  It really doesn’t make sense to me!

        Don’t let Peggy hear you say that.  Women!  You know I’ve been married to three of them and I still don’t have a clue what drives them.

        Who knew, Marv?

        Is that sarcasm, Gil?  Listen, what else are we going to put on our front page today?  Any ideas?  Your story sure is not going to sell any papers.  We need to sell papers.

        Let me think on it, Marv.

        Okay, when the smoke clears get back to me.

        That gives Gil  a smart idea!  Put fire on the front page! That should warn, I mean, warm people up!  The conversation will continue…


    Posted on January 23rd, 2011 Becky 2 comments


         But don’t think that Alive is simply a combination of the two sections, a downsizing of the newspaper, or moving the furniture around for a new look.

    From today’s column by Sunday News Editor Marv Adams, New section comes ‘Alive’.”

        Okee dokee, Marv.  I wouldn’t think that for a moment!  LOL!

        Marv and Gil have a talk later today…


    Posted on January 22nd, 2011 Becky 12 comments


         30% of his body is covered with third degree burns, including his right arm, hand, and shoulder, his left hand and shoulder, his back, his chest, neck, and face. He also has significant smoke inhalation, and a large gash on his head that they had to staple shut. His right arm is the most severe, and he went into surgery at 2:30 a.m. until 4 a.m. so that they could relieve the skin of the fluid build up in his right arm. Later on, between around 5:30 and 6 a.m. they finally let us see him. My mom and I got all suited up with plastic gowns and gloves so no infections could reach him. We went into his room which is being heavily monitored. Only his eyes, mouth, and his left arm was the only part that was not bandaged that I could see. His prognosis is good, but he is currently in a sedated coma and probably will be for the next month. This is a controlled coma to an extent, and it means he can hear who is there and what people are saying, but he just can’t really comprehend what anyone is saying, and he looks as though he’s sleeping. I just told him over and over again that I loved him more than anything, and that he’ll be okay.
    Part of a medical update by Steve Murray’s daughter Katherine posted on (click here to read the entire posting.  It is also posted here on Facebook with the opportunity to post your wishes to Steve and his family.)

        This is heartbreaking.  And, yes, the Mayor should have at least commented on this tragedy.  Where is Mayor Gray and what caused this fire?  Will we ever know?


    Posted on January 22nd, 2011 Becky 1 comment


        A demolition crew took down most of the building Friday morning, then stopped short of the blackened facade after getting a request from Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman to preserve the remaining section of the building.

        Stedman said investigators want to wait to see if any witnesses come forward with information that might cause the investigators to search the building’s remains.

        “It’s a precautionary measure,” he said. “We are not looking for anything specific.”

    From today’s article, “Zap & Co. owner’s condition after fire is talk of the town,” (click here).

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 21st, 2011 Becky 10 comments


         Just got home. Fire is still fully involved from Queen through to Christian St…. the Zap & Co property. The whole block’s been evacuated as a precaution, probably because “something” inside the Zap building went “BANG!” in a very hmm-that-sounded-like-an-explosion kinda way.
        I ran into Glenn Usdin and was able to get a close look at the action in the back on Christian…. BIG fire. I came home because I used up the camera battery, and it’s mighty cold out there.
        I’ll post some photos ‘soon as the camera catches its breath.

    Posted by Citydweller on the forum late last evening.

        Please click here to see his amazing and terrifying pictures.  As many posters have noted on many forums, prayers and all the best wishes in the world go out to the owner, Steve Murray, who was injured in the fire.

    Please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on January 20th, 2011 Becky 1 comment

    *  This was posted on this site on January 5th of this year:

        “They [Lancaster Detectives] are focusing in on a suspect or suspects,” Lancaster Mayor J. Richard Gray said by phone yesterday afternoon of the December 6th arson murder of Olga Sanchez-Reyes. “They are trying to build a case.”

        How’s that case building, Mayor Gray? 

        I am taking the afternoon off to make phone calls.  Please check back tomorrow.


         Suarez said Colon-Torres was last seen on Sept. 25, 2009. It’s believed she went to pick up dinner for her children at rendez-vous on West King Street, but never returned.

    CBS-21,”Cold Case: Body found in river 1 year ago,” by Jenni Joyce on December 20, 2010 (click here).

        How many killers are on the streets of Lancaster today?

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 19th, 2011 Becky 7 comments



    16 N. Plum Street

        Today’s promised story will come tomorrow.  These two comments in today shortly after one another making excellent points:

        You know, I am still very disappointed that the gentleman who walked across three house roofs to save the girls still hasn’t been properly recognized for his heroic actions.

        I’ve seen selfless actions like these receive national coverage and honored by more than just a mention in a joke of a press conference. What that guy did was nothing short of amazing and brave.

        They promised at the conference that he would be properly honored by the city. Just another shameful example of neglect on the city’s part.  Even if the mayor is ‘too busy’ to do this, he certainly should take the time to give some positive PR out about Lancaster. Or would it not be prudent to let the tourists know that there are more than just the Amish in Lancaster?


        Hmmm. After I read what I just wrote, it dawned on me – if they did the right thing and honored him for his bravery that would mean a press conference and then that would mean uncomfortable questions about the arson and I’m sure that someone would ask about the connection to the previous arson. Looks like covering their butts is more important than keeping a promise they made. It just makes them look like a bunch of chickensh*ts.

         And this email in:

        Thought you would find this interesting.


    12 N PLUM ST






    16 N PLUM ST





        The two houses on either side of 14 N. Plum Street, where Olga Sanchez-Reyes died in the December 6th arson fire, have not been declared safe to inhabit yet by the City of Lancaster and they remain vacant.  The picture of the front door of 16 N. Plum Street above was taken this morning and the pink neon sign hanging down reads, “NOTICE – UNSAFE.”

        I will try to find out more about these two burglaries. 

        Thank you very much to the emailer who also took the picture!


    Posted on January 19th, 2011 Becky No comments


    1. Journalism’s first obligation is to the truth

         Democracy depends on citizens having reliable, accurate facts put in a meaningful context.

    The first of the “Principles of Journalism,” (click here).

        That seems pretty basic, doesn’t it?  Tell it to LNP reporter Janet Kelley.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 18th, 2011 Becky 2 comments



           One of the officers named in this article, Todd Dickinson, is being highlighted in an article in today’s Intell (Oct. 3, 2006) for his accomplishments in VOLLEYBALL. A fund-raising effort is underway to pay for his (and another officers’) airfare to a police volleyball tournament in Australia.
        What is wrong with this picture???????
        If Todd Dickinson is actually under investigation, is it appropriate for him to be representing Lancaster City in an international event?

    Artie See posting on the Lancaster Online Trashback forum on October 3, 2006.

        On September 26, 2006, WGAL-TV posted a video online showing two Lancaster Police Officers severely harassing a man in Lancaster (click here).

        What did the Lancaster Newspapers do?  They ignored it for days until public pressure forced the Sunday News to finally run an article on October 1 titled, “Video catches 2 rude cops.” 

        The following Tuesday, two days later, the Intell ran a story, complete with a picture including Officer Todd Dickinson, with the cute title, “Pair of city cops hoping for a court date.”  The court date, of course, was hopefully representing the Lancaster Police in Australia on a volleyball court.  The article said they were trying to raise money to attend.

        Artie See picked up on it and expressed his astonishment and disbelief with his post above.

        WGAL had a video up of this man’s behavior which cost him his policeman’s badge, six days later the Sunday News finally acknowledged the disturbing video and two days after that the Intell wrote a story about this man as if the tape did not exist and nothing had happened.  And the police had certainly not put a stop to this man representing them in Australia.

         How is that possible?  What is wrong with this picture?  Everything.  Every possible thing.  The Lancaster Newspapers, the media whose civic obligation is to monitor the police and protect the public, do it over and over and over again.

        It is beyond shameful.  There is no possible explanation for this except corruption.

        There will be more tomorrow.


    [Editor’s Note:   The above post by Artie See and more regarding this is archived on this page on this site.]


    Posted on January 17th, 2011 Becky 1 comment



        Did Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler and former Captain Pete Anders know about the previous arson fire when they held their press conference on December 7, 2010 (click here), the day after the gruesome arson death of Olga Sanchez-Reyes?

        Did they lie to the public?  If so, they withheld vital information.

        If Sadler knew, he should be fired.  If Sadler did not know of the previous fire, he should be fired. 

        It is too late for Anders, although if he knew and lied to the public, he should be officially investigated.  If he indeed did not know, it speaks volumes to the incompetence and corruption in the Lancaster City Police department.

        Anders says close to the end of the press conference, “There is no threat to the general public.”

        There were two arsons in which eight lives were endangered, with two of those children who were critically injured, and the ninth the death of Olga Sanchez-Reyes, a 30-year-old mother of three.  And there is no danger to the public?

        Anders and Sadler lied.  It is unacceptable and criminal behavior.

        Tomorrow I will be making numerous phone calls.  I will outline them here.

        Also, today’s promised story on corruption at the Lancaster Newspapers will run tomorrow.  As a warm-up – does anyone remember this from WGAL-TV:  “Videotaped Confrontation Leads to Officer’s Firing,” (click here)?  What did LNP do when WGAL first aired the tape?  It is absolutely unbelievable!


    Posted on January 16th, 2011 Becky 4 comments


         I posted in a comment this morning that I was so astonished and disgusted by LNP’s lack of reporting on the Lancaster Police that I actually googled the purpose and definition of the news media in our society.

         I found this under “PRINCIPALS OF JOURNALISM” (click here):

     5.  It must serve as an independent monitor of power

         Journalism has an unusual capacity to serve as watchdog over those whose power and position most affect citizens. The Founders recognized this to be a rampart against despotism when they ensured an independent press; courts have affirmed it; citizens rely on it. As journalists, we have an obligation to protect this watchdog freedom by not demeaning it in frivolous use or exploiting it for commercial gain.

        Their “Statement of Purpose” says this:

        The central purpose of journalism is to provide citizens with accurate and reliable information they need to function in a free society.

       I had to tell New Era editor Ernie Schreiber in person that he was withholding vital news from the Lancaster public that they had a need to know.  That he was abdicating the very heart of his job description. 

        He said something to the effect of, “We don’t publish speculation.”

        I was stunned.  “It was in your paper,” I said.  “Your reporter wrote the story.  It is a fact that there was a previous arson fire involving the exact same individuals.”

        There are days when I am at a loss for words.  When there is no explanation for the Lancaster Newspapers’ abdication of every civic duty required of them.  Required and relied on by the people of this country to maintain a free and civil society.

        Read the nine Principles in the “Project for Excellence in Journalism” linked to above.  How many do the editors and reporters at the Lancaster Newspapers follow?  I couldn’t find one. 

        Is it simply incompetence and complacency or is it corruption?  It can only be corruption and I will explain that tomorrow.


    Posted on January 16th, 2011 Becky 18 comments



    Please check back later today…