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    Posted on October 11th, 2010 Becky No comments


        Republicans, Democrats and tea partiers running in this year’s midterm elections are calling for greater transparency.

        As journalists, we’re all for it.

        …If money talks, we ought to know who is doing the talking.

    This morning’s Intell editorial, “As clear as mud.”

        Oh, please!  I was thinking this morning about the convention center, about former Commissoner Molly Henderson, about Donald Totaro and his two investigative grand juries and Coroner Diamantoni and the deaths of Scott McQuilkin and Lydia Colon-Torres.  The coroner completed his autopsy on Colon-Torres on October 5 over one year ago.  Who killed her and why haven’t the Lancaster Newspapers written a word about her for months and months?  It’s as clear as mud?

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