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    Posted on October 28th, 2010 Becky 2 comments


        With time running out and twenty minutes to compose a letter, today I appealed the District Attorney’s denial of my Right To Know request concerning the autopsy report on Lydia Colon-Torres.  It was sent by the United States Postal Service’s “Priority Mail” with a “Delivery Confirmation Request.” 


     Rebecca Holzinger

    209 E. Duval Street

    Phila., PA  19144


    Phone: (215)  350-5849



    October 28, 2010


    Terry Mutchler

    Executive Director

    Office of Open Records

    400 North Street, 4th Floor

    Harrisburg, PA  17120


    Re:  Appeal of Right To Know Request


    Dear Mr. Mutchler:


        Please see the attached information regarding the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office’s denial of my Right To Know request.  My original request and their denial are also enclosed.

        I am not an attorney, and do not feel that I should need to be one to file a Right To Know request.  The District Attorney’s denial is filled with legal references that are Greek to a layperson.

        The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that autopsy records are public information.  The autopsy on Lydia Colon-Torres was performed over a year ago.  The District Attorney’s response states that it is an open criminal investigation, which has never been reported in the press, and not one piece of information surrounding her death has been released.  The public has the right to know the cause and manner of her death as apparently a killer is on the loose and the public needs basic information to take adequate actions to protect themselves. 

         There are a great number of unsolved murders in Lancaster County.  The public has the right to the basic information as to the manner and cause of her death.  How could this “compromise” their investigation?


    I look forward to your response.




    Rebecca Holzinger


    2 responses to “APPEAL NUMBER ONE”

    1. Becky – not sure it’s a good idea to post your personal home address online. Just sayin’ 😉

    2. Kate, it’s been on all my sites under “CONTACT” for six years! LOL! I think it’s a little late to stop posting it. Thanks, though.