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     I bet Charlie would be more than happy to come to my office and watch what his little bastards are up to already. Funny thing though……it’s a whole new group of animals this school year.  We have all of last years on video and the little criminals we spotted this year (it’s only been a week…..LMAO) aren’t the same as last year.  Imagine that right!  I guess when I said in the past that most if not all of them are animals…….I wasn’t that far off huh? I look forward to helping them on their path to prison at an early age.

Posted by a moderator on a thread on the forum directed to School District of Lancaster School Board Member, Charlie Crystle (click here and this is on page 2).

    And to everyone else–FDR and I will take this offline. I believe him when he says 1) he will meet with me and 2) he doesn’t want me on his property or respect me, and I’m fine with that.
    What I’d like to see is people–all of us–step up and help the kids in some way. Volunteer for the community bikes program, volunteer for the schools, smile at the kids when you correct them, report any crap you experience to the school principal and copy me or another board member on it.
    We volunteer because we want to improve the school system for the kids and the community, and we’ll take any help we can get.

A response from Charlie much further along in the same thread.

    Classy response, Charlie, and I admire you for remaining classy through the entire thread!  Thank you for all you do to help the students.  Are the moderator’s comments crossing a line that is not acceptable?

    The forum wars today were not between the forums but within the forums. was hopping today, partly because of the above thread.  The Real Housewives of were being snarky and biting at one another and LNP’s Trashback forum was a total bore. 

    Hey, and since when did this site become a recipe exchange?  LOL!  Hog Maw?  And galty, did you get verified on Trashback yet?

    Forum wars will continue tomorrow.

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18 Responses to INTERNAL STRIFE!

  1. panative says:

    i can imagine your frustration FDR. I once heard Rush Limbaugh refer to this generation as lost. Now, I am NOT a Rush Limbaugh fan, but I do recognize to a certain extent he is right. How can these kids be anything but when Mom doesn’t know who Dad is, or won’t identify him so he has to pay support. When Mom’s got a drug or alcohol problem and doesn’t go to work. When the house is dirty and Mom doesn’t cook and lets the kids out on the street until all hours of the night. When the only chore the kid has is to stay away from Mom so she can hang out with her latest boyfriend. Is it any surprise these kids are “lost”? There certainly are good kids out there and I meet them everyday, but more often then not they are the county kids. Upper middle-class kids who’s parents have a strong work ethic. Many of these kids are white, but not all. Interestingly, I see alot more middle-class mixed race kids these days.
    I used to believe that much poverty and low-life behavior came from racism. Racism that prevented minorities from having jobs, education, housing ect. I’m sure that still happens ( and Rush Limbaugh’s thinly veiled racism still makes me mad) But, then I look at the family’s from India, Italy, even Pakistan and I realise that they are successful. Why? because they don’t drink to excess, they value education, they have a great work ethic, and they expect thier children to behave and get good grades. It really is an easy formula for success! It just takes effort.

  2. FDR says:

    We’ve called the police over a dozen times in the past few years. Many times no one ever showed up to take a report or if they did it was three hours or more later and we are gone for the day. I nor any of my employees are going to sit around waiting hours not knowing if anyone is going to show up wasting our evening. When you call in you get “an officer will respond”. They might as well say “an officer will be there some time this decade” so you know not to bother waiting around. The couple times we did “hold” them they come in about five minutes. Sorry but I’m not thirteen anymore and can’t catch them very often. I’d need rockets on my feet to catch up to those fast little buggers! The last time I was able to get a hold of one the officers took him home and a half hour later he was back with his “mother figure” who proceeded to beat on our door cursing and swearing and threatening me for “hemming up her kid”. Gotta love it! Seeing I have the sector mobile phone on speed dial in my cell an officer was back in a couple minutes and they both ended up in the back of the cruiser with one of them being charged with disorderly conduct. Too bad they can’t charge the “kid” with anything.

    In yesterdays case there was nothing they would do anyway. We’ve been through that before and the response is “he didn’t actually do anything since you stopped him”. Which brings me back to my comment about many hours wasted protecting our property. Most days I spend in the street from 2:45 until 3:15 or so just hanging out. At least when you do that you usually only have to listen to the foul language coming from their mouths since they don’t have the stones in most cases to destroy things in front of you. The day your not there though……look out!

  3. FDR says:

    Thanks for noticing that I haven’t gone where I’m accused of going as far as ethnic or racially motivated statements go. I’m quite far from a racist and many people know that. While my approach may be over the top in some peoples eyes it is simply the truth and nothing more. For ten years I’ve worked in the city and watched it get worse all the time. These “kids” as many would prefer me to call them have cost myself and the neighbors as well as everyone else in the city thousands of dollars and unknown hours of our time to defend our properties and selves from their destruction not to mention the verbal assaults and outright disregard of understanding what speaking in a civil manner is. It is quite obvious that these “kids” don’t even know what the word civil or respectable is or means. It isn’t black kids, hispanic kids, or white kids…’s all of them! A good example of that is just yesterday actually. One of my employees came around the corner walking to the office and caught a “kid”(white) in full draw with a rock the size of a baseball about to toss it at the neighbors vehicle. He stopped him from doing it and he sped off on his bicycle as fast as he could go likely to return today or tomorrow to do the damage now that it is even more of a challenge. I use quotes here in order to refrain from calling these “kids” what they truly are in respect that this is your site Becky.

    Charlie happens to catch the brunt of my displeasure simply because he is one of the few that openly voices his support of these so called “children”. He is a level headed man and can take the heat I dish out and I would expect nothing less from him. He is entitled to his opinion as am I. As he stated he and I have discussed getting together and we shall do that in the near future.

    At backtalker….
    Call me hateful and nutty that’s fine. In response I’ll say that children don’t act like this so WHAT WOULD YOU CALL THEM?

    • Becky says:

      FDR – I’m curious – why didn’t you call the police on the kid? If you want to stop this you have to show them they will be held accountable for their actions. You could have held the kid (gently!) until the police came or if that was/is not an option – you had an excellent description of him and his bike to give to the police!

  4. Concerned says:

    I read that thread and I have to say, FDR may be a bit too blunt, but he is right. Charlie is either naive or blind. I’ve been through that area several times on my way to Burle, many times it’s before or after school. Those kids curse worse than a sailor, they obstruct traffic, I’ve seen a fight or two and one of them threw a soda bottle across the street that nearly struck my car. It’s typical of any city school, not just Lancaster. Not much you’re gonna do about it unless you get people out there to correct the students. I guess my question would be: who’s responsibility would that be? I don’t think it’s fair to blame Charlie and friends for what the kids do off property, that should be the job of the kids’ parents and possibly the police. But, Charlie’s responses make it seem as if everything is a-okay around school property. I’m not sure how he’s missing what everyone else sees, but I seem to recall quite a few after school acts of violence within a short distance of that school last year.

  5. Pete says:

    What in good gracious are you talking about, Kate?

  6. William H. says:

    It was Quackback’s wack-o’s, not well reasoned, civil discourse that brought hits onto the site.

  7. Kate says:

    for the first time I’ve been cussed out for moderating on LT. Racism is not tolerated, PERIOD!!

  8. Artie See says:

    Actually, the controversy on LancTalk seems to be increasing participation in the forum. There is nothing else quite like a good argument to get people interested.

  9. backtalker says:

    I must apologize for my comments earlier this week sugguesting that TalkBack will eclipse LancTalk by the beginning of the year.

    With nutty, hatelful comments like the above by a “moderator” of LancTalk, I now predict that TalkBack will blow LancTalk out of the water by Thanksgiving.

    I wonder what the “owners” think of their moderator!

    • Becky says:

      Holy crap! What info does the Trashback forum want for you to sign up? This is getting scary…

    • Becky says:

      And backtalker, I have to disagree. I don’t like one bit what the moderator posted – not one bit – but so far he has not crossed racial or ethnic lines that I have read. It may be “implied” in his posts but I don’t know and certainly can’t be sure.

  10. galty says:

    Still not verified.

  11. William H. says:

    Anyone figure out how to beat the LNP security system yet?

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