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    Well, the commenters say I do not need to apologize to DA Craig Stedman and after some thought, I think they are correct.  I wrote the piece, “UNACCEPTABLE” that is reprinted below, before we knew about the Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse charges that were filed against Troy Stewart and Lauren Reed, who partied with Scott Mcquilkin on the night of his death.  Maybe the DA was correct in keeping those details hush until after the autopsy and the arrests. 

    But keeping a community scared and in the dark was not acceptable.  Release enough information so people feel safe in their homes, for crying out loud! 

    And while the IDSI may be the cause for his sealing the search warrant, I still believe that Heather Martin and her mother were protected by law enforcement – and the Lancaster Newspapers – who barely named Martin and certainly did not publish her connection to the most powerful person in West Cocalico Township. 

    LIP News will stay on this story.


 This comment in early this afternoon:

      Heather Martin is Norma Enck’s daughter who runs West Cocalico Twp.  Hmm is that why it was so low on details?

    Yes, Heather Martin, who leases the apartment at 200 Creamery Road where Scott McQuilkin’s body was found early Saturday afternoon, is the daughter of Norma Enck, the Manager, Secretary and Treasurer of West Cocalico Township.

    It would appear this is why Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman sealed the search documents, was very slow in releasing names and made absurd statements like this one to the Lancaster Newspapers with no further explanation:

    “Based upon the information we have at this time, Scott McQuilkin was familiar to Heather Martin, although they may not have ever met,” Stedman said.

    The East Cocalico Police who investigated the death also released no information.

    A 32-year-old man was found dead on Saturday afternoon and the word “homicide” was repeatedly used and yet the DA and the police still have not released any details, including the name of Martin’s friend who apparently came with McQuilkin to the apartment, left him there and returned to find him dead.  It is also assumed she is the one who called the police.

    The only basic pieces in this puzzle were provided by Jenni Joyce of CBS-21 (see this morning’s story immediately below).

    This is simply unacceptable.  Neighbors were concerned and scared and no information was released.  Stedman needs to provide valid reasons for sealing public documents and allowing the public to speculate and live in fear for four days. 

     He also needs to release all of the details, including the friend’s name, as soon as possible.  I don’t care who Heather Martin’s mother is and those immediately affected and those scared and touched by this death don’t either.  They want answers.  They deserve answers.  They deserved answers days ago.

    The response by law enforcement on this case is unacceptable on all levels. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please keep up with this story. You keep posting “more later today” and then nothing. Don’t let this get swept under the rug!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Are you going to keep reporting on this case? Please say that you will!!!

  3. mythreesons says:

    This case has had a “fishy” smell since it happened. There has to be a lot more that happened than what they are releasing. A botched detective and DA investigation…hmmm! A township official’s daughter’s house involved…hmmm! Keep on this one Becky!!! For the memory of the deceased, Scott, his grieving family (who must be asking the same questions we are), and for all who were friends to Scott.

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  5. Susan says:

    Please keep after this case! There has got to be more going on!