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     Now comes word from the Poynter Institute’s Bill Mitchell that Journalim Online’s system has been released into the wild; its first adopter is LancasterOnline, which serves a swath of south-central Pennsylvania.

    What will be metered? Obituaries!  Insert newspaper-audience-dying-off jokes here.

David Brauer, “I see dead people…” (click here).

     Well, it looks like LNP is going boldly where no newspaper has gone before in an attempt to bring money into their coffers.  But by the next day, the author has learned this (click here):

    After my skeptical post yesterday about Journalism Online’s new Press + paywall at the Lancaster (Pa.) Online site, a source let me know how easy it was to beat the meter.

    Make sure to check out Online Editor Ernie Schreiber’s quotes!  What a hoot!  Good luck with that, Ernie!  What a loser!


    Well, the cosmos came together yesterday with two very odd circumstances that still have me shaking my head:

1.  Someone in my neighborhood is learning to play the drums!  Yes, I listened – as did the entire block – to them practice for over an hour yesterday evening before…

2.  My Facebook college buddy Bob sent me this chat:

    Every time I go to your little LIP page I thank goodness I’m down here in quiet Florida…. What a bunch of wackos you got up there…!!!!

    To which I responded:

    lol! Reinholds is a cross roads town of a couple hundred people!  Lord have mercy!

    And he said:

    Apparently they don’t like each other much…. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s “Breaking News”!

    And then the lights and the internet went out – seriously – for over an hour!

    Things that make you go hmmm…

Please check back later today.

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One Response to LIGHTS OUT?

  1. grand slam says:

    Lancaster Newspapers will more than likely end the payment for obits……that is once they discover how much it costs for them to have someone monitor the payments etc……they will have to pay someone to manage the freaking project………but then again, LNP will probably start charging to read the weather reports…….I’m just saying……..