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    Posted on July 21st, 2010 Becky 50 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

     ** He said Stewart and Reed, a former girlfriend of McQuilkin’s, should have called for help when McQuilkin passed out but did not. Instead, they decided to play a joke on him by writing obscenities on his back and inserting the stick into his rectum.

    District Attorney Craig Stedman being quoted by the Lancaster Newspapers on their afternoon story, “2 charged for assaulting man who later died,” (click here).
    What an unbelievable day!  The Lancaster Newspapers have just confirmed the story and it gets even more unsettling as more details come out. 

        I need to thank my readers and friends.  A commenter early this morning mentioned several recent arrests possibly related to McQuilkin’s death.  A friend read the comment and checked the District Justice dockets and instant messaged me.  I called her.  She said the name Lauren Reed and I began to physically shake.  The breaking news below went up on this site at 11:30 a.m. today.

        There will be much more on this story and law enforcement’s response tomorrow.



    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

            Troy J. Stewart (age 40) and Lauren Elizabeth Reed (age 20) were arrested yesterday by the East Cocalico Police Department for an incident on July 16.  Both were charged with Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse (IDSI) and IDSI – Persons Unconscious – Criminal Solicitation IDSI.

        Both are in Lancaster County Prison.  Bail was set by District Judge Nancy Hamill at $100,000 each.

        Lauren Reed was named as Scott McQuilkin’s most recent girlfriend on his Facebook page.

    Please check back later today…


    50 responses to “**IDSI – MCQUILKIN’S GIRLFRIEND CHARGED!”

    1. So they pretty much raped someone? Who did they do that to?

    2. Things are getting stranger by the minute! Wow!

    3. Becky where are these two from?

    4. According to their docket sheets – Stewart is from Ephrata and Reed is from Wilmington, DE.

    5. Aaron – my guess would be Scott McQuilkin. This has obviously not been verified – but it’s beginning to look very much like McQuilkin and Reed (and Stewart) were in Martin’s apartment Friday night (July 16). Police were called to the scene the next day and found his body.

    6. what is a 32 year old doing messing around with a 20 year old in the first place? this is getting more bizzare by the minute.

    7. A friend called me about the arrests – she named him first and then said Lauren Reed. I knew this had to be connected with his death. I literally began to shake and I am still shaking. Bizarre doesn’t even begin to explain this…

    8. The police are not being forthright on this one.

    9. So it could still very well be a homicide. They could have drugged him and then he died. You could only think that if they were there. Hmm!!

    10. Very good point, Aaron. Or whoever supplied the drugs…assuming drugs are involved and at this point it’s hard not to…

    11. Great work delving into this, Becky.

    12. They probably need to investigate more which is why they will not release records. They keep it under wraps, investigate it, and then release the records. It’s actually better to say it was accidental, investigate it, then say it was homicide. It all depends on the extent of the homicide as well. If no one else is in danger, they say it was an accident and investigate to see if there was more.

      It also can be a matter of embarrassment. The mother of Martin does not want people to know her daughter was involved with a sex group. It would look bad to have a man die in your daughters house. Especially if she just met the person online.

    13. Pretty scary when you realize that Troy Stewart is on the Plenty of Fish dating site, looking for a relationship.

    14. Is he active on the site? I have an account on that site, but never use it and probably forget how to get on it. I’m also too cheap to pay anything. You do it, then realize a lot of women on that site are dirty. lol so internet dating sites are not for me!

    15. Yea,,sounds like the cops are protecting someone in the Enck/Martin family.

    16. wgal just released the whole story.

    17. I’d say the whole story is pushing it – but yes, it confirms the story I have up. Wow! It’s apparently their word about the pills. Who knows who had them, handed them out (?) and who took them.

    18. Oh, and notice the names are completely missing from the WGAL story.

    19. LNP now has it up with the names.

    20. Former Resident

      Go to, I know you hate the newspaper Becky, sorry but they have a more discriptive report, these people are sick and something still does not make sense. They state that the girl was Scott’s ex-girlfriend and the 40 year old was her new boyfriend. Sure they screwed that one up.

    21. on his facebook page is does not say he was in a realationship with reed it said “open realationship” what do you think that means? i agree with ely fisher totally and aaron too.

    22. they shoved a stick up his butt?! wow, nothing like having your name in the paper for shoving a stick up your dead ex boyfriend’s butt.

    23. omg!i just read the lanconline and that is horrible what they did to him. his poor family. maybe martin is in this sex ring too. questionable people she hangs out with you never know

    24. I’m all for playing games on someone who has fallen asleep or passed out (if it’s not serious)…But never sticking stuff up their rear end and writing all over their body. They should actually get charged with something having to do with not calling for help. It’s easy to tell a person who is in serious danger from passing out.

      Wow…it’s scary to know such idiotic people exist. I’ll admit I’m pretty darn weird, and sometimes crazy, but dang I will be thinking about how stupid this one was for a while.


    26. I have no idea about the dating site – but the Troy Stewart in question has lived in Ephrata for some years. I will absolutely confirm that tomorrow. Also, the picture I have up is the Troy Stewart from Ephrata who was arrested.

    27. ok thanks becky

    28. shame on these two people—-friends let you pass out on the floor and let you lay there- then shove a broom handle up your ass as a joke—-who needs enemies….

      Becky will you please make a memorial page for the deceased, I think your readers could give him some dignity in his death—–

    29. Becky it is the troy stweart from ephrata. He was a neighbor of mine all through my youth and teen years. Never in a million years would I have thought this. But it is the correct one.

    30. I am stunned, absolutely stunned. These two should not ever see freedom nor the light of day if indeed they did what has been suggested. Thanks again Becky for top notch news.

    31. I am actually laughing pretty hard now…not because of Scott’s death.

      I am just imagining what will happen when Mr. Troy is in prison. Just imagine what will happen when word gets around that he stuck a drum stick up a man’s butt. A big burly man will come along, and will probably do the same thing to Troy…just not with a drum stick. 🙂 His punishment is a’ comin’.

    32. Jimmy Olsen,Cub Reporter

      This could have been the headlines, had Law Enforcement not squelched the public’s right to know :

    33. Ummm…Cub…that may be pushing it by quite a bit.

    34. Interesting Facebook

      On Ms. Lauren Reed’s facebook page, it reads she is attending Penn State (class of 2011) for criminal justice. So much for that now!

    35. From what I understand, they where not only drinking, there was drugs involved.
      That is why Scott was passed out.
      Herion – cocaine was mentioned.
      BTW, Troy owns a home on Lake Street in Ephrata.

    36. Interesting Facebook

      Troy is also what looks like a “tattoo artist”

      I wonder why they called Scott “tweeter” according to his facebook page.


    38. Yes, they are! Guess LNP got re-interested in this story! 😉

    39. And yet another heinous event in Lancaster County – Alisa Ashley Loump, age 23, poured a pot of boiling water on her mother. If you see her facebook pictures, she is disturbed. WTH is happening in this area? Sticks up bums, boiling water. I doubt I will ever understand the drive of these people. I don’t think they deserve air.

    40. Lol look at the looks on their faces. Probably don’t remember a thing about what happened, then find out they did that and are so pissed at themselves. Lauren has teary eyes and everything. Tisk Tisk Tisk

    41. curious…… This girl was really disturbed Alisa Ashley Loump WOW it says it all on her facebook wall… She was in need of Mental Help… Way out there,,, so sad !!!! 🙁 .

    42. Ewwwwww! What the hell is wrong with people! As a society, the perfect method of turning it upside down is to stream drugs and filth into it. I really truly plead to people; Don’t partake in these activities. I have seen it time and time again w/acquaintances throughout life and it’s a one way street to the dark side. Don’t dabble in it. You’ll turn yourself into a piece of sh** and you will lose everything you have ever stood for. The goodness in you will be out the window. What a sweetheart of a girlfriend to do that to her boyfriend. I’m laughing my ass off right now…yea right, I’m totally sickened by it!!! I don’t even know what else to say…I am so astonished.

    43. 1 Has anyone looked at Troy’s facebook account he is friends with mainly all young kids in high school or college. Why would a 40 year old be friends with 100’s of teenagers? Drug dealer??
      2. Lauren Reed was his friend on facebook this afternoon and now this evening she is off. Who took it off? I thought both of them are supposed to be in jail. Who and why would someone take her off?
      3. Scott’s name on facebook is Tweety not tweeter
      I hope these two get what is coming to them

    44. Anonymous,
      Good point on Troy’s friends. Maybe he too would provide alcohol for the underage. I suppose they both made bail. Does anyone know if they are convicted – is this a lifetime of sexual predator registry? Guess Lauren can kiss her criminal justice career down the tube.

    45. To the lady who lives in the apartment :
      I would think a change of bedsheets are in order here.

    46. Chem Trail Air

      check this out … Troy Stewart describes himself …

    47. Chem Trail Air

      or in case you can’t link to that site …

      Troy Stewart
      * male
      * Ephrata, PA, United States
      Well, I’m a pretty easy going guy. I love music and tattooing. I love to have fun and joke around. I don’t really like people that take life too serious. There are times to be serious and time to joke. I am an open person and will listen to peoples opinions. I can’t stand when someone thinks their opinion is the only one. I go out of my way to help those close to me. I am forgiving and easy to talk with. MySpace

      Related Searches:
      * divorced
      * high school
      * White / Caucasian
      * in a relationship
      * Aries
      * straight
      * From Ephrata
      * Ephrata Shs
      * Man of all Trades

    48. whispers: I couldn’t agree with you more. We have the mexican drug cartel violence and murderous activities spilling over on to US soil and it is getting worse.

      It’s not the people who pick the lettuce and the grapes who are a menace to our society. We have only ourselves to blame that this lawlessness of the drug lords and the more and more extreme extent they are ramping up the violence.

      If all the anti-immigration Americans would stop and think about what is the biggest problem, it is our own citizens who go on and on as to how drugs don’t hurt anyone. If our countrymen and women would stop using the sh*t coming over the border, there would be no reason for the violence if the demand dried up.

      I applaud any legal US citizen who is ready, willing and able to pick lettuce, grapes, tomatoes in the blistering hot sun of the Imperial Valley. These are the jobs that seem to be the scapegoat focus. When instead it should be centered on educating Americans that their demand only increases the cartels’ violence.

    49. Knows when to joke, and when to be serious….hmmm

    50. Occupation: I would tell you but then I would have to kill you
      Income: $250,000 and Higher

      Read more:

      Ediitor’s Note: The above link goes to Stewart’s My Space page and I believe it to be safe. It will take you away from this site.