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    Posted on June 7th, 2010 Becky 2 comments



        Ron Harper put on a 50 minute show today.  Chris Hart-Nibbrig, who was involved in the incident with F&M and Harper, covers it for NewsLanc and I am deferring to their coverage today (click here).  Jodi Wolff, who covered this for LIP News, was not familiar with Harper and his past activities (he talked about a wide range of “incidents” going back as far as 2002) and found the whole “press conference” extremely confusing.

        Harper’s presentation was on a small laptop she had trouble seeing.  He discussed previous arrests but not the very recent incident where he was charged with harassment. 

        Please note that Hart-Nibbring says in his story that it was “(covered by several media, including WGAL-TV, but not Lancaster Newspapers).”  LIP News stands by our “BREAKING NEWS” this afternoon that Ernie Schreiber, the Online Editor for the Lancaster Newspapers, did indeed attend.  Jodi spoke with him, that’s how he introduced himself to her and I emailed her a picture I have on file of Ernie and she confirmed it was him.

        Please check back tomorrow for more on Harper, the Crow, Dave Pidgeon and more…


    2 responses to “HARPER SPEAKS – A LOT!”

    1. poor little ron, poor little ron, persecuted by the “powers that be” beaten down by the man. poor little ron. The freak show rolls into your town soon.

    2. Lol sounds like Marke’s trying his hand at childrens writing again.