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    Why even give a crap about his guy. He is just another yuppie. You know the ones that have a college education and think their crap doesn’t stink.

Posted on the forum under today’s article, “John Fry ‘found’ himself at F&M” (click here).

    What a hoot!  Who writes these headlines? I found myself with a website.  Who knew?

    And Fry is not your average yuppie.  I have three distinct reasons for having no respect whatsoever for Fry:

1.  His response to my family tragedy.  It is unconscionable that a private (expensive) liberal arts college continues to give an annual award named after an incest perpetrator.  Absolutely unconscionable!

2.  When his term was up on the Lancaster County Convention Center Board, Fry claimed he didn’t realize it and whined like a little boy.  It’s true.

3.  What Fry and his F&M security forces did to journalist Ron Harper, Jr.  Do you realize that in the ultimate irony, Fry banned Harper from F&M grounds while the ACLU was holding their annual, public meeting on F&M property? 

    The best of luck to Harper and his lawsuit.  This arrogant, spoiled man needs to learn an important lesson – well, several actually.  And Fry, your crap does stink to high heaven!


    Hey Becky… wow we really had a huge fire here this morning… About 2 miles away from my house… A Huge Brick million dollar house went up in smoke about 9:30 am… was about 27 fire trucks went past our house…. They even called out farmville…opps farmersville… fire companies… Went past tonight about 7 and it’s demolished …I think the owners live in Florida.. was a vacation house from what I’m hearing… I could hear the explosions from it here too….  Thank God no one got hurt that’s the main thing but it was sure exciting …

A comment into this site on April 9 about the fire that burned the Reinhart’s $2.4 million dollar home to the ground.

    Within one day of this post, friends found out the house was in foreclosure and the deep suspicion rose that it was arson (click here for “UNDER FIRE – 2!”).  Over two months later, the Lancaster Newspapers finally do a story about a man who is more than likely going to spend the rest of his life in jail (click here).


    This email in about yesterday’s post:

    Have you forgotten that Craig Stedman is the guy who railroaded Joy O’Shea?  What’s to like?

    I have not forgotten.  In fact, after I published that I might actually like/respect a Lancaster County official, I immediately drove myself to the hospital to have my head examined.

    Compared to his predecessor, Donald Totaro – now a judge, I have to say that Stedman is almost a breath of fresh air.  Stedman is willing to speak to the press.  He’s willing to express an opinion.  Totaro was a constant “no comment.” 

    His prosecution of Michael Roseboro was low key, damning and brilliant.  I obviously don’t commend him for decisions made about Joy O’Shea Woomer.  However, he did stand up to Dr. William Carter. 

    I know my saying that will anger many people.  Dr. Carter got a wrist slap for an admitted federal drug violation and death of his son and Woomer (who maintains that she is innocent and the prosecution never came close to proving she was in possession of morphine) was sentenced for years.  She has an appeal pending. 

Click here for

Click here for today’s Sunday News opinion piece, “Doctor deserves apologies for abysmal treatment.”  Sorry, Dr. Price, I disagree.

P.S.  The results of the examination of my head will come tomorrow.  😉 

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12 Responses to FRY, REINHART & STEDMAN

  1. Victoria says:

    Huh. So Markle uses a woman’s name? Guess he cross-dresses? No surprise there.

    And don’t be sorry, Becky. I understand. But what I said, for future reference, was true.

    Lol. Amanda.

    More like a man duuuuh.

  2. Stedman watcher says:

    Stedman a standup guy? You need to get out. That he would prosecute someone for the ‘victory’ of it? Gives me the creeps.

    That he speaks out about the bird? It’s pure publicity that costs him NOTHING. He loves the cameras way too much. He loves to hear himself talk… way too much.

  3. amanda says:

    no, what do you mean? harper is victoria, right?

    • Becky says:

      Okay, Crow, get lost. I thought that first IP number looked a little strange. Playing games again, Markle? No, Harper is definitely not Victoria. Now, get lost!

  4. amanda says:

    so much for no more m—– posts

    • Becky says:

      LOL! That dirty bird has been around spreading poop! You should see the comment I did stop (sorry, Victorial!). Do you know that the dirty bird has accused just about everyone in Lancaster of being “Victoria?” LOL 😛

  5. Victoria says:

    And Ron doesn’t have to borrow ‘friends’ from his wife’s list, like Markle does, and ride her coat tails to look like he has a social life.

    Very cool.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Give Mr. Steadman his due. Mr. Steadman did not “railroad” anyone. He did what his is paid to do, that is to aggressively prosecute a case on behalf of the Commonwealth, much like O’Shea’s attorney was paid to aggressively defend her. Just because you did not like the outcome does not mean he “railroaded” her. A jury of her peers heard the evidence and found her guilty. On the other hand, Mr. Steadman is not paid to get involved in the issue with the PGC, he did so because he saw an injustice and got involved. That, in my opinion, shows he is a stand up type of guy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    LMAO!…make sure it’s not poisoned.beachnut should be serving fruit loops.

  8. Becky says:

    Folks, I’m so excited I can’t contain it! Tomorrow, I begin a new feature, “HAVE COFFEE WITH BEACH NUT!” I mean sit down with her and have coffee and a piece of strawberry pie! Wow! Does it get better than this?

  9. Wow says:

    I read the letter to the editor from Dr. Price. Yet another Lancaster doctor who says that doctors aren’t aware that re-dispensing medicine that has gone unused and returned to them is illegal or unethical.

    Lancaster docs need to be brought up to speed. And quickly. Because a lot of ‘lowly’ people with no medical degrees are well aware of this. It seems that it all boils down to that same excuse. Well, ignorance is no defense. I have nothing against Dr. Carter personally. I wouldn’t know him if I saw him. But this continued claim of not knowing what is appropriate and legal, and that claim being said by doctors, is starting to ring hollow. And it makes them look pretty ignorant to boot.

  10. Becky says:

    Just a note – Ron Harper’s Facebook page is a hoot! He has 786 friends! LOL! Might as well be a newspaper/website – hey, I think it is!

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