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     Frances, the very nice woman who answers the phone at the Pennsylvania Game Commission, informed me that Executive Director Carl Roe was “on leave today.”  Maybe he was really fired?  Apparently, we aren’t that lucky.  She said he’s expected in on Tuesday.

    Michael Smith, the Deputy Director of Communications for Governor Rendell, also had the day off today.  I was told that he frequently works with the Game Commission and he is expected in on Tuesday as well.

    The Spokesman for the PGC, Jerry Feaser, did not return my call again today.

    I will be calling all of them on Tuesday.  This is simply unbelievable.  The PGC works for us.  We pay them.  There is a huge public outcry over a tiny bird – and rightfully so.  The Lancaster County D.A. has called on them to make this situation right and return the finch.  The Lancaster Newspapers advised the public to “keep up the pressure” on the PGC. 

    The Pennsylvania Game Commission needs to step up now and do the right thing or all of these idiots should be fired.  Why would taxpayers want to pay idiots who have no common sense or decency?  We don’t.

    Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow.  You know, when I get to “A STORM’S A COMING – 10!” – I’m going to start getting a little angry!  😉

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Today, 05:08 PM
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    I’m grateful that DS, his fiance and baby2be are all moved into their new home! They’ve worked long and hard for this and it’s just sweet
    I remember how much fun it was, just starting out, having your own house, fixing it up to make it yours, getting the nursery ready, oh my These are their ‘good old days’
    They just don’t know it yet

    So who’s going to help the nut with that massive garden now? On ther other hand she’ll have peace and quiet to write all of her chapters and get the toilets sparkly,and spend all day on 2 websites posting a book of short lies. Oh yes don’t forget about the pds of home cooking for herself

  2. Jodi Wolff says:

    Thanks Sherry,

    I’ve known for many yrs about the amish and mennonites.Everything you’ve said is the truth!.My Husband worked for an amish Co.years ago and we used to go to big picnics at there farms.I saw first hand how the older amish treated there animals better then the younger generation amish.It truly breaks my heart to see animals suffer the way they do!.I’ve seen things I’m not comfortable talking about.As long as we treat the amish like there some kind of godly people,for the tourist sake things will never change!.Thanks again for your comment.

  3. Sherry says:

    I was glad to see the letter regarding the Amish horses. For years,I lived deep in dutch country, and saw close up, on a daily basis, the poor treatment of buggy horses and farm work horses. Most are underweight and in sad condition. They’d trot them into town, tie them without cooling them down or give them a drink of water and then run them back home. Behind those “quaint”, picturesque farms lies much suffering. Do all Amish mistreat their animals, no, but many, many do. Most Amish and Mennonite consider the animals merely ‘property’, like a tractor. Do you know that they rarely even give the horses names? I know this for a fact. It is very easy to perceive the Amish as having a profound connection to the land, treading lightly ecologically and economically. And with such devout religious beliefs, it is even easier to infer that the Amish are collectively and diametrically opposed to cruelty or violence of any kind toward humans or animals. Sadly, this is the myth I had believed that was quickly dispelled

  4. Jodi Wolff says:

    Thanks very much Becky! for looking out for Denesy while she was in Phila.She’s back home now.I really appreciated what you did.Thanks again.

  5. mitzi717 says:

    Where are you, Becky? Missed you the last couple days.

    • Becky says:

      Sorry. I’ve been having a good time! Sigh – I should have said I was on vacation! Will be back very briefly tomorrow and then full force on Tuesday. Thanks for asking and hope you have a great holiday!

  6. Jodi Wolff says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Jodi –

    The last LTE was mistakely attributed to Paula. It was written by Chandra Mast. Paula had the one right above regarding illegal immigration.

  8. Jodi Wolff says:

    In Case you missed theses
    Letters to the editor – May 30, 2010Sunday News

    Caution: Geese crossing
    On Oregon Pike at North Pointe, there is a nice pond in front of the PNC Bank. This is an area where, unfortunately, Canadian geese nest and regularly parade their young across a very busy road.

    [On a recent] weekend, an adult had been killed and laid on the grass alongside the road. It laid there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday the goose was in the right lane of southbound Oregon Pike. It appeared that the grass had been cut and the workers, rather than disposing of the body, just chucked it out of their way.

    It upsets me a great deal to see this lack of respect for a once living creature.

    There should be signs warning motorists to slow down in that area and to watch for geese. Can nothing be done to prevent the geese from coming back to nest there ? I wish people would take a little responsibility.

    -Claudia Elliott, Lancaster

    I drive on this road every single day.During the time when the geese have there babies I must stop for atleast 3-5 mins.People are so curel.The honk there horns for me to move because there in a hurry.I agree with Claudia Elliott.

    And then this.Finally someone else notices….

    Horse abuse is Plain
    Buggy horses have the hardest job of all equines, hands down. If I had a penny for every lame horse I saw on the road in Lancaster County, I’d be a millionaire several times over. Overworked, open sores, skinny, muddy, mangled manes — that’s what I see every day.

    There is nothing positive to be said for horses who are strapped with blinders and being made to trot while oversized trailer rigs barrel past. I’m sure it must be terrifying for the poor animals, and those in the passing cars rarely slow down.

    A news article a few weeks back mentioned an accident involving a car and a buggy at night. It contained reports of the human injuries, the busted buggy but no mention of that poor horse. The horse is probably at New Holland right now, waiting for his trip to the slaughterhouse.

    I would invite the reader who thinks horses owned by Amish are treated well to spend a Monday morning at the slaughter auction. It is a long string of broken horses, worked into ground and dumped for zoo meat. Why give these horses vet care, good food or open meadows when it’s cheaper to dump them and buy a new one to run into the ground?

    As an equestrian property specialist, I toured 134 Lancaster county farms in 2009. It is, more often than not, the Amish farms, where the conditions are the worst.

    Why do we put this behavior on a pedestal? Everyone is up in arms over the puppy mills, but what about the horse mills?
    Paula Luciano, Lancaster

    Why can’t people have hearts for animals?. A finch ,a dog in a puppy mill,and every animal the amish and menonite own?.What do the PGA do all day??.

  9. Luli says:

    If legal proceedings are what the blockheads at PA Game Commission would prefer. So be it. As soon as this holiday weekend is over, the shit hits the fan.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Re: If You Wrote a Book–What Would Be the Title?
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    Tonight it would be:

    Which Way Did They Go??? Which Way Did They Go???
    I don’t like chaos even when it’s profitable chaos LOLOL

    Damn for writing chapters a day thats the best she can do? LMAO
    More like:I ‘ll teach you how to fill imaginary coolers and how to go nowhere fast.