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  • UNDER FIRE – 2

    Posted on April 13th, 2010 Becky 5 comments



        Well, well, well.  Stir the pot and you might catch a rat.  In case you missed it, this comment in today regarding this morning’s post:

        The house was arson.  Why?  Because the man that owns the house AKA Reinhart is getting a divorce from his wife. He recently closed his dealership in Stevens and sold it to Wanner FORD. He just closed his other dealership in another location. Also there were propane bottles (flammable grill sized ones) placed around the house. Why would there be filled propane cans in several parts of the house?  Also I run for the fire service, and hear things.  I hope this helps, and I hope this creep does not get away. You and I Becky know each other very well and I have never given you bad information so there’s your bone. What you do with it is up to you AND the HillyBilly! PS Keep drinking that WINE baby!

        Thank you very much!  I spoke to Denver Fire Chief, Matt Martzall, by phone today and he directed me to the Schoeneck Fire Company and their chief, Jeff Hackman, saying they were leading the investigation.  Martzall did advise me that since they are all-volunteer, I probably would not be able to reach them until early evening.  Sure enough, I got their voicemail and will try again tonight.

        The huge question here is why would this man burn down the house and in such an obvious fashion?  If it’s arson, he’s not getting a cent in insurance money and he’ll be in jail – and out a home valued at $2.4 million dollars!  And imagine the cost and the danger involved with 14 fire companies fighting this huge fire!  I certainly hope they catch the creep – or creeps – who did this!

        Hill and her friends were dead on the money to question this one!  Thanks Hill, and thanks again to the commenter. There will be more tomorrow.  Also click here for the Lancaster Newspaper’s coverage of the fire (it is the first one – located in West Cocalico Township).


    5 responses to “UNDER FIRE – 2”

    1. Yup Becky tonight’s Tuesday that’s meeting nights at the firehall… Also Jesse is the only one that has ever called me Hillybilly.. It’s Hillbilly Jesse… lol… 🙂 .

    2. Hill, was anyone living there do you know?

    3. I don’t think so From what I heard they were in Flordia… Never ever saw anyone around the place… They had some horses there But they have been gone for awhile too…. The only activities there were the deer coming out to feed in their yard in the evening… That’s why we always would drive by there while on out adventures to Middlecreek Wildlife project… I know the principal said it was a vacation home…. up here…

    4. This house was right behind my niece’s house and they never saw anybody there.My daughter’s principal told me it was their vacation home. No one was living there. This story is intriguing also but who knows what will come of it. It was a beautiful home.

    5. To all concerned, This was their primary home and they also lost their possessions including family memorabilia and items that can never be replaced. Its amazing how ignorant people can post items that are not close to factual. Propane tanks littered all over get a life. I bet you have a grill like 75% of hardworking americans do on their back porch and i am sure they did as well. Oh yeah the “flammable grill size ones there sherlock” The majority of the house also was powered on gas. I am sure a lifetime of hardwork and sweat went into that house. you post as if you are intelligent yet post off of opinion and rumor obviously. Oh and maybe you didnt see people there because they are hardworking individuals and arent driving around or at home spying on other peoples lives because they dont have one.
      Never give bad info! Wanner purchased the ford store close to two years ago not recently that is also fact.