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    While we wait for the courthouse to open today and obtain the full Post Sentence Motion filed yesterday by defense attorney Chris Patterson in the Joy O’Shea Woomer trial, I thought I would post this amazing clipping from the original Lancaster Independent Press sent to my Facebook page several days ago by Carl Cooper!  Thank you, Carl!  Hey, Jeff and Israel!

    This is from November 1978.  I was inside that room pretending I was a member of the “mainstream” media covering Duke for LIP.  I will never forget that night.  And it was inside that room that I would meet a Klan member who would ultimately lead me to the suspects I photographed in the Lancaster Lynching story.

    Carl, Jeff and Israel know all about the story.  They helped me to investigate all those years ago while I stayed with Carl and Jeff’s mom, Ruth Cooper.  I miss you, Ruth.

    Please note that I am not very active, to say the least, on Facebook.  Direct emails reach me much faster.  Thanks again, Carl, and there will be much more on the Lancaster Lynching story involving  Detective Joseph P. Geesey coming.  

   Please check back later today for the Post Sentence Motion and more on ADA Randall Miller.

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