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    Posted on March 14th, 2010 Becky 4 comments


    Artie, is that you?


        With Fry heading to Philadelphia (assuming the offer isn’t withdrawn when they learn more about the man), the ‘reign of terror’ will likely end on the Franklin & Marshall College campus.   We expect more will be said about Fry’s antics from campus sources as time goes by and fear recedes.

    From (click here).

        What a hoot!  Maybe Drexel University doesn’t care about the Constitution!  The Lancaster Newspapers obviously don’t! 

        Ron Harper, Jr. has a letter to NewsLanc, “John Fry violated my constitutional rights,” (click here).  I also received this letter from Ron yesterday, but he seems to have forgotten that LIP News has also been there every moment supporting him!  What’s up with that, Ron?


    4 responses to “OFFER WITHDRAWN?”

    1. Becky sits by her computer waiting for an apology from Ron…

      Actually, he did apologize yesterday – but I don’t think it was enough! 😛

    2. This cartoon is what Marv Adams wants the public to BELIEVE that I am.

      Anyone who dares ask serious questions in Lancaster about Marv Adams’ pet issues is either called a “naysayer” like me, a “gadfly” like Ron Harper, or viciously attacked like the former County Commissioners.

      The truth is, I look forward to the day when Franklin & Marshall College once again starts behaving like a responsible member of its community, just like it usually did before the tenure of its current president began.

    3. Speaking of funny, I read harpers letter. PTSD.
      That’s great stuff.

    4. Zippy, you and Ron really need to meet over coffee and pie (cherry crumb is his favorite)! 😛