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    Posted on March 29th, 2010 Becky 25 comments



        Assistant District Attorney Randall L. Miller also moonlights as the in-house attorney for T. W. Ponessa & Associates, a huge mental health counselling service that receives most of its payments from local and county governments (click here).  Many of their clients have been in legal trouble and are required by the courts to attend counselling. 

        Randall Miller has access to all of their files and this is a conflict of interest that should have been uncovered and dealt with long ago.  It is simply unacceptable and he should not be working for the District Attorney’s Office.

        However, it gets even more scandalous and insidious with his prosecution of Joy O’Shea Woomer.  One of her children received counselling at the Lancaster branch of T.W. Ponessa following her arrest.  Their father, Ronald Woomer, drove them there and would have conversations with Miller in the lobby.  Her child would find out later that the man their father was talking to and had access to their file was none other than the man who was going to prosecute their mother.  And Woomer would testify against Joy for Miller.  Miller has been seen several times behind the counter at Ponessa going through files.

        This is simply corrupt, unacceptable and unbelievable and I will be placing multiple calls tomorrow.  And what a cozy little set-up for the owner, Tom Ponessa, a very wealthy businessman who also happens to be the co-owner of the Marion Courtroom Bar with Mike Gessey.

        Please check back tomorrow.



    1. [Editor’s note: This comment came in under the below story and I am also placing it here because the author is exactly correct.]

      Yes, it does raise my eyebrow, given that a large part of Ponessa’a clientel are also clients of the Lancaster County Judicial system.

    2. I’d like to know why LPN never uncovers stories like this.Is it just to hard for them or are they not allowed to make waves?.I wonder what Mr Patterson and his PI are doing about this.It gets more and more bizarre everyday.Poor Joy I feel so bad for her and her family.This whole case smells to high heaven.

    3. because this is nothing more than a story. its trying to make something out of nothing. yes it is sad that joy is in prison, but these stories are really making things worse. not for the court system, but for joy.

    4. It’s like saying I am a racist because I have a friend who has a friend who is in the KKK.

      The reason LNP doesn’t waste there time is because there is no proof behind anything. It just seems to look bad. It would put fear into the public when there should be little to fear at all.

    5. Nonsense. This is a DIRECT conflict of interest and absolutely unacceptable.

    6. Becky, what is your actual job? I’ve been curious. Not being rude or anything, but how can you have a full time job, and have time to investigate all of this and post it on a blog site?

    7. “It just seems to look bad. It would put fear into the public when there should be little fear at all.”

      I personally don’t know who is guilty of murder in this case. However, if all of this is fact, it is a DIRECT conflict and it SHOULD put fear into people. Then again many Lancastrians don’t pay much attention to anything ethical until it impacts them personally. They are very happy to have ‘big brother’ take care of things. Until it happens to them.

      A lawyer cannot represent both persons in a divorce case even if the divorce is amicable and that is what they want. It is considered a conflict of interest and against the rules. For an ADA to represent the city and also represent an entity such as Ponessa and deal directly with clients who then could come in front of the court is totally unethical. He has access to Ponessa files, he has access to protected conversations between clients and health care givers.

      And then he meets them in court to prosecute them?

      I am shocked that Joy’s brother who is an attorney didn’t catch on to this. A simple google search would have uncovered it. Same thing for her attorney. This would have been a real ‘pink elephant’ in the court room. It’s unfortunate it was revealed after the trial.

    8. Big Game Hunter

      Disagree – Hey, you might be on to something. Perhaps Miller was referring to himself when he used the term “pink elephant”!

    9. I have been wondering the same thing that Anonymous asked in his/her recent post. Do you plan to answer the questions? You must have some excellent sources of info in Lancaster.

    10. Clinger: Do a google search. No, wait, I’ve done it for you:

      There are other results as well.

    11. I was referring to the questions that Anonymous asked in yesterday’s post about Becky’s job.

    12. Nothing surprises me anymore in Lancaster County. Yes, Our system is very very corrupt ! Our judges are corrupt, our welfare system is corrupt, and this stuff really exists here in our hometown.Anybody who doesn’t think so is a moron ! Hell our whole goverment is corrupt too. This Miller dude is one shady character. Joy never had a chance with our corrupt system. Its all about whoever plays the game the best wins ! Its not about justice or doing the right thing.

    13. To Anonymous and clinger…. Why are you worried about how Becky works full time and can do investigating? I’d say she can Multi task real good…. actually I think that is rude to even ask her that…. Jealous or what?

    14. It doesn’t matter. I already know a lot about Becky from family members and public records. She can investigate, so can I. Multi-Task my foot!

      I’m not jealous from what I found out. If anything it makes me feel better about myself.

      Thanks Hill :).

    15. “From family members!” That is classic and a hoot and a half! Let me put this as nicely as I can, Anonymous – IP# – GET LOST! I’m tired of your nonsense!

    16. Thanks, Hill. This nut is 24.7 who threatened to “expose” me months ago! 😛 He’s on Lancaster Online now advertising a new site he created, lazylancnews attacking the Joy O’Shea Woomer site. What a loser!

    17. Yup this 19 year old as he claims to be … He a wacko Becky… He made up that other blog about you too…. Im thinkin He must really be Jealous about you and your site… Maybe a spoiled BRAT… LOL… We will get him Becky… 🙂 . He can stay on Trashback… A great place for him…

    18. Hippa Violations

    19. Not on ADA Miller, but whomever gave you the info. about the son.

    20. Nonsense!

    21. How exactly will you get me Hill? Would you like to be specific because that comment can cause some issues already :).

    22. What she means, 24.7, is that we are going to take you down to the shed in the back forty and beat your sorry butt with a stick. Now, that’s the last stupid comment of yours I will post. See my previous comment and GET LOST!

    23. I’ll get ya and haul your sorry butt into Farmville Jail house and make you clean up the Sh** in my barns since your so great at slinging Crap out to Becky…. Wimpie Wimpie poor baby… Scared of an old Hillbilly… I love It…. maybe blog about me next to get your Jollies off… 🙂 .

    24. LOL! 😛 😛

    25. Seems li’l Aaron was exposed right quick over on LNP/TB. PirateJenny is no dope, it seems …

      And he took down the entire piece about Joy from his sorry site …