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    Nearly 600 Fans!!! I talked to Joy today. She was so grateful for all of your support and love. She sends her thanks. Keep spreading the word. We want to have 1000 fans by the end of next week. I would ask all Nurses to share our cause with their colleagues.

From (click here and click on the Facebook link.)

    Actually, she had 622 fans the last time I checked this morning but it literally is growing by the minute.

    I called the Court Reporter’s office in Lancaster last week and they told me Judge David Ashworth has requested a transcript of Joy O’Shea Woomer’s trial.  The woman who answered the phone also stated copies are $.90 a page and she estimated the total cost at about $1,500.  That’s right – and you can not pick and choose portions/pages.  If anyone gets a copy, please let me know and we can share and copy it much cheaper.  My local Staples wants $.08 per page!


    This email in:

    You should check out the TB thread in the “Off-Beat” section where the TB’ers are planning their next get-together.  Mac is going to Vegas for 5 days.  The same woman who is on medical assistance and has no job.
    Pardon me if I’m a bit peeved, since I can’t afford a trip to Vegas, have to work for a living and pay for my medical care.  And I surely can’t afford to go out gambling and drinking every week to boot.  I wonder if she’s made the connection that her major dental woes may be the result of all

her boozing.

    What a hoot!  Yes, BigMac is planning the grand Trashback gala to be held this coming weekend!  Ain’t life grand!  I’ll be taking cup cheese!


    Speaking about the Trashback forum, this was posted by “Chance” a/k/a Deb Fitzkee under an article about the Roseboro Funeral Home being sold:

    Purg did you and hyprocisy get tired of just posting on another website. Like the I’ve heard touch. Guys in jail where he belongs. End of story.
    Following from Purg in a PM
    Hey buckaroo,,you have too much time on your hands.

    What is wrong with this woman that she is so worried about my site?  I think another Trashbacker had a good response and posted this:

    Chance, WTF does this post have to do with the Roseboro case? Keep your silly little childish forum games to yourself and PM.  Maybe you should break away from the PC every now and then.

    Oh, and Deb, it is not the “end of the story.”  In case you haven’t heard, Roseboro filed an appeal and Judge James Cullen is coming to his time deadline in ruling on that appeal.  Oh, and once again, 48 Hours is doing a segment and M. William Phelps is writing a book, “Love Her To Death” on the crime.


    On an icy morning last week, Sensenig’s home on Valley View Road in East Earl Township was quiet; no one appeared to be home. At the southern edge of the property, large dogs sat in wire cages. Plans by Sensenig’s son to expand a kennel on the property drew protests in 2005 and 2006.
Associate Sunday News Editor Gil Smart in his front page story today, “MISPLACED FAITH?” (click here).
     Did you even knock on his door, Gil, to see if he was home?  What a joke of a story.  It is unreadable!  This is the Associate Editor of the Sunday News and he can’t write!  How is that possible?

    This big “investigative story” has six pictures and illustrations along with it and a sidebar story by Smart.  And yet it says almost nothing.  If Sensenig is the Bernie Madoff of the Wenger Mennonites, then say so!  Jesus, this is bad!


    And speaking of investigative stories, two commenters to this site have crossed the line on the Lancaster Lynching story and their comments will no longer be posted.  When you get several people this upset and angry, you know you have hit the truth.

    There will be much more tomorrow on the background of the Lancaster Lynching story.

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64 Responses to DON’T THREATEN ME!

  1. Moon Dust says:

    Thanks for the link, now I remember reading that. My bad.

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Carol Weaver, dressed in a black suit, said Woomer was a substitute nurse whom she had met only once before.”

  3. Moon Dust says:

    (She oriented with this case prior to that night)
    Where did you get this information??? I did not read that anywhere in the papers??

    • Becky says:

      I would have to check my notes but she testified she did go to the house for about an hour on some day shortly before that night to learn some about him and his routine. I will check my notes and get back on this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Moon Dust – She oriented with this case prior to that night. This was the first night she worked alone at the home. I have read both, the nurse came in and then mom came downstairs to give report and also read several reports that stated she came down to let the nurse in. The father worked 6 days a week while the mother did most of the care for the boy. He said “of course” when they asked to continue CPR. His job was to take care of the other children while the mom went in the ambulance with the child.

  5. Moon Dust says:

    Anonymous – Everyone has their own opinion and everyone has a right to have their own opinion. What you believe is your belief. What I believe is my beliefs. I am not trying to change anyone elses mind. I never said that you or any other parent of a disabled parent will in your words ” that one day you would go crazy and do something drastic to your son/daughter. In fact, that is WHY you may kill your child because you love them so much. Right? Isn’t that what commenter’s on here are saying?” BUT the sad thing is it DOES happen. They have as much evidence against Joy (stating that she didn’t want to be there) as they do against Mrs. Weaver (stating it was causing stress on the marriage) I never said the Weavers did not take care of their son, however it does not seem that the father had much reaction over the boys death. I would like to know how much of a bond Mr. Weaver had with his son??? he worked all the time to support the family. So I am not pointing the finger at the mom. I am curious about the father. No one sees what goes on behind closed doors. Anyone can put on a act in public and around family and friends that they are wonderful caring people.
    As far as who knows who….I know who Joy is, and we were never friends but the opposite. And with that said,I will still say that I believe she is innocent and that there was not enough evidence to convict her of this crime…and not enough to even pin point it to the parents or anyone else. The trial was all he said/ she said with out solid evidence. And also if I had a nurse coming into my house for the first time, I would not tell the nurse to let themself in while I am upstairs. This whole case is just fishy. Also let me add, I have a close relative that has
    mild cerebral palsy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I did because Moon Dust mentioned it when she commented on an article – never heard of it before then…so, MAYBE YOU ARE THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND!

  7. Anonymous says:

    dear ANONYMOUS……..

    DUHHHHHHHHHHH, Jans last name was roseboro…it will be and has been the ROSEBORO HOME, regardless of what happened there..lets not forget they did have a good relationship off and on over the years.

    You cannot suddenly remove Mike from the history of that family or house……

  8. Anonymous says:

    I could negate facts about all those stories you have posted, but nothing will change your mind and honestly, I don’t care at this point. I believe in the mother’s innocence and will until there there is evidence to prove she did anything but love her son. I do not know the mom, but with the information I have obtained -would find it hard to believe she was the one who committed a crime. It is very easy to blame the mom/dad in these situations. And, I am SURE the cops looked into that scenario first. Why would they give the parents a lie detector test – to prove to the public they didn’t do it? Way back in 2003 before they brought charges to anyone? That doesn’t make sense to me.

    “Mom of a disabled child” – No one believes what I say, either. Just because you “know” Becky, doesn’t mean (according to the commenter’s on this site – not my thoughts – and I am not saying you would kill your child – I’m just saying that this is what the commenter’s are saying about the Weaver mom, including you – and I also have a disabled child so – I don’t “walk in your shoes” but I walk in the shoes of a family with a child with “multiple disabilities” as they say) that one day you would go crazy and do something drastic to your son/daughter. In fact, that is WHY you may kill your child because you love them so much. Right? Isn’t that what commenter’s on here are saying? Either the mom loved her son so much and just decided one day – after 11 years of seeing him in pain – she was going to kill him. Or, she just couldn’t cope with all the issues and killed him – then pinned it on the nurse.

    I agree that parents, doctors, caregivers intentionally or unintentionally kill their children, patients, etc. When you read all of those links, you see issues with each case. There were issues/evidence with each case or the parents, doctors, caregivers have come forward because of guilt or whatever the reason.

    There are so many people that come into contact with the family of a disabled child and not one person has come forward to say that the mother had issues or the mother was stressed or the mother killed her son – don’t you think the Defense attorney would have been able to find that information out? Not one teacher, therapist, doctor came forward about the mom? Yet, everyone is so obsessed about the mother doing the killing and setting this nurse up. I’ve seen several people on here comment about the nurse and her manipulative ways. But only those who theorize that the mom set her up have anything bad to say about the mom.

    Then, you look at the nurse and the evidence. Prior knowledge of this nurse and actions she has made makes me believe that the jury finding her guilty (maybe not of third degree) but finding her guilty, nonetheless, was an accurate finding. Obviously the majority of people on this site are friends with her and do not feel the same. I understand going to bat for a friend, colleague, etc but stepping back and looking at all the FACTS and not theories makes me believe in the mother’s innocence.

    I will end with that and bid you all adieu. I’m sure you will be happy. I just feel that all of the bashing on this site is a little juvenile, to say the least. I don’t know any of these “commenters” or the Trashback GALA you speak of, Becky. It seems that all this “trash talking” would hurt your reputable character – if you have one. (And, I say this because I just happened to come upon this site and do not know anything about you or your “LIPNEWS” past, no offense.)

  9. mom of a disabled child says:


    Anonymous January 25th, 2010 at 08:11

    And, I still don’t believe “mom of a disabled child” is actually a mother of a disabled child. If she is, and her son/daughter dies, we know who to point the finger to. Well think whatever you want to Im not a lair and Becky can tell ya that Im a mom of a disabled child so if my child would die she knows me…. That’s not very nice to say either unless you walked in my shoes….. I had a brother younger than me too that had disabilities so yes I have lived with it all my life but I learned how to cope with it and I have a great life with my Child….. But there are some out there that can’t cope…. that’s all IM saying,,,,

  10. Anonymous says:

    That was never a Roseboro home ! It was Jan’s and her family.

  11. Anonymous says:

    someone better warn the Stradling family about Angie……. she is still in the same house in denver,

    just a HOP–SKIP—and a HUMP

    from the roseboro funeral home…..

  12. just a friend says:

    Mr Bigg, I have not heard anything about the roseboro home (murder site) going up for sale. I am close to the family, and they will be residing there for an undetermined amount of time. Two things, who would buy it? and also, keeping the kids at that resident is helping them cope with their losses according to the counselors of the children. The children can only handle so much loss, a mother, a father, AND their childhood home. Lets give them support in this period of time, which means “stop spreading rumors”

    Lets focus on the issue of Mike’s appeal, that is still ALIVE and very REAL…….if the judge decides to hold another trial, this will by far change the face of the judicial system. I hope Cullen decides to dismiss the appeal and put it to rest once and for good.

  13. superdoxie says:

    Hi Becky, Just curious if you know the make-up of the jurors in the Joy Woomer case. Names,ages, occupations, etc. I asked this question before but thought you may have missed my request. I would think this would be able to be made public. Will be awaiting your reply. Thanks

  14. Anonymous says:

    **citing not siting, sorry!

    And, I still don’t believe “mom of a disabled child” is actually a mother of a disabled child. If she is, and her son/daughter dies, we know who to point the finger to.

  15. Anonymous says:

    If we are siting stories about other “similar” cases….here are two for you, Moon Dust.

    Please Note (in the second story):

    “She loves what she does and that’s taking care of people,” Bonnie Whitt said.

    Her uncle, Jimmy Robinson, of Mount Sterling, described Maria Whitt as a divorced “hardworking single mother” of a 14-year-old daughter and a 2-year-old girl and said she had a good reputation among co-workers.

    “This has been real upsetting to the family,” Robinson said.

  16. Mr Bigg says:

    Have I heard the Roseboro house where the murder occurred will be going up for sale ?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Moon Dust – This is the story to say that some parents DO kill their disabled children?? For a year, there were no doctor’s appointments. She was on Meth for two months before she killed the child. Yes, crazy psychotic people DO kill their children! This case just HAPPENS to be a disabled child. Find a story where the mom took care of the child, took the child to all doctor appointments, where no one saw any evidence that anything was wrong. And then, please post it. Thanks. Does not seem like the greatest parent, period!

    Although it was Brandy Foreman who was ultimately responsible for Daelynn’s death, the case also exposed shortcomings in Sacramento County’s Child Protective Services program. CPS acted on several complaints against Foreman over the years and one of its workers visited her home less than two months before Daelynn died. But in the end, it failed to protect her.

  18. Concerned says:

    Got go put the kids to bed. Be back soon, if I can [sighing, pouting]

  19. I have your crayon says:

    Yup your right on Becky did an outstanding job on the roseboro case and the woomer case.. Ok I do think Chance, A1 and Big Mac go over the edge a bit… the chucle of my day I call it… good ole internet humor… cures the soul… hey Im off night Becky and Concerned,,,, 🙂 .

  20. Hill says:

    Big Mac is getting paranoid about us Becky Clones attending the gala… next one is PM only…her post… PS-for future events know that there will only be PM’s sent out. There will be no thread or future public announcements of our gatherings….. Hey Mac eat some more pain pills and drink a bottle… will settle the nerves….. We’re only bring CUP CHEESE<<<<

    • Becky says:

      PS-for future events know that there will only be PM’s sent out. There will be no thread or future public announcements of our gatherings.

      BigMac’s own words! What a hoot! They are becoming a secret society of fire ants! Oh, that is classic!

  21. Concerned says:

    I have your crayola marker: I heard about it from TB a month or so ago, during the Roseboro trial. Someone mentioned visiting this site for info on the trial. Best coverage I saw about the trial. Thanks by the way, Becky. Stopped reading this site until the Woomer trial came up and then it was off to the races with reading. Found it more interesting than any other news edition about it. I have also seen talk about Becky on a thread called TB Outing in the Opinion Section of LOL. I never really put two and two together because it didn’t mention Lipnews by name that I remember. But it didn’t take long to know what was going on. They’re ants I tell, freakin fire ants. No matter how much you stomp them, they come back. There are a few that are pretty funny on there though. A1 is freakin hilarious. Hope she’s not the enemy [ducking, covering head]

  22. Hill says:

    I do agree with that post about trashbackers…. 100%

  23. I have your crayon says:

    Well he really said it best on that post…. 🙂 .

  24. Hill says:

    IM going to sic Wild thing on you or just maybe Angela Funk…. Google her name Mister so concerned,,,

  25. Concerned says:

    I compare TB to a mound of ants, you poke it with a stick enough times they all come out all pissed off ready to eat you alive. Then you run. When they get all settled back in their routine of eating bugs and making a dirt mound… you poke [jab motion, jab motion] at them some more…. and repeat every couple of weeks. They get all fired up.

    After each poking session the ants go see their therapist for an upgrade to their existing prescription of psychotheropeutic medications.

  26. I have your crayon says:

    Concerned How the heck did you find lipnews then?

  27. Concerned says:

    A COUGAR!!! In Lancaster!!! Are you for real! The only cougars I thought were lancaster were out of style in the early 1990s (Ford Cougar). Where would they hide? A barn? I suppose there is enough woods for them, but I would have never thought.

  28. Becky says:

    Ball of fire describes Wild Thing too! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. I have your crayon says:

    OK BECKY, IM thinkin I like Concerned,Maybe just maybe and I know he has a point about trashback Ive been a member since 2008 and I never saw fit to go there and post Im a reader… and I must say they r just as bad Bashing people It’s a little gang of trolls on there.

  30. Concerned says:

    Angie/Roseboro no more booty: What’s with the turkey hill? Is that the local hang out to pick up a date? Or is that where Angie is working? Do tell.

  31. Concerned says:

    Who’s Wild Thing… Is that like Master Blaster from Mad Max Beyond Thunder Dome.

  32. Concerned says:

    Hill: No, I’m Tampa Florida (male,42) who was sent to Philadelphia by my company, then they promoted me to marketing manager…. In FREAKIN LANCASTER!!!!!! It took me forever to figure out what to do here. (no offense lancastrians), but where I’m from cow tipping isn’t a sport. And a TRACTOR PULL AT THE BUCK!!! DID I STEP OFF THE TIME MACHINE!! (Again, sorry lancastrians, love the shoofly pie… really I do). AND THE SMELL!!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL!!!!! (Last time, sorry lancastrians, to you it’s home, no insults intended). I live in Strasburg. The small town where the only guy I swear can speak english correctly is the immigrant from Italy (Pizza City)… great pizza though.

    • Becky says:

      Oh, boy! Angie goes to tractor pulls at the Buck! I see trouble coming. You’re just about her age and a marketing manager? She’ll be on you like fleas on fumunda cheese! Oh, and shoofly pie is awful. Just awful.

  33. Angie/Roseboro no more nookie says:

    Just was thinking about Mike guess Pa. doesn’t allow conjugal visits… Poor Angie will have to find another rich one to get her jollies from Im sure she ain’t gettin any from Randy… Or Mikey…. PA prison do not allow conjugal visits. doesn’t matter where you are held, it is no conjugal visits. Girls in Denver/ Ephrata keep your men away from the turkey hill in Denver…

  34. Concerned says:

    I am very bad, but don’t tell anyone, shhhh.. I actually f*ck with the tbers, well only some of them. A hundred posts and I haven’t been kicked off yet. That’s a hundred posts in two years…. 🙂 I don’t know, something about TB… maybe its the warm reception I got for saying how much I loathed Rick Gray… Maybe its the “Lancaster city crime rate aint shit compared to other cities so quit your bitchin” attitude…. or maybe it was because I spoke out against one of the popular people on there, they jumped on me like flees on a dog for that one…. Or maybe, just maybe its because Lancaster Newpapers is really freakin boring and I don’t like posting because there is nothing worthwhile to post about. I like Daily Local (West Chester) and Sometimes I’ll treat myself to the occassional Newsweek. Oh well, to the back of the bus I go.

  35. Hill says:

    Concerned are you a male amish man from southern lancaster county? Wild Thing ( my cougar has a thing for the Amish down that way and packin fumunda cheese yet),,,, Wild Thing Will get ya…. JK… He’s a nice cougar Wonder if he’s allowed to the Trashback Gala… HEY BIG MAC PETS ALLOWED??/ 🙂 .

  36. Hill says:

    LMAO Becky… OMG that’s way funny… I googed it…gosh what a hoot !!!!

  37. Concerned says:

    [shy look down] gosh, well I try.

    If you do go, bring a rubber suit so it doesn’t ruin your nice dress.

  38. Concerned says:

    All I picture is a gathering of Tbers and Lipnewsers throwing fumunda cheese back and forth…. like a food fight…. but with pubic hair in it… xcuse me I’m gonna go barf now! Cup cheese!?!? blaaaakkk 🙂

    • Becky says:

      Ouch, that mental picture is really too much! I have never eaten cup cheese but I think it’s close to snot from what everyone says. I intend to attend the outing with dignity and class. I have never heard of fumunda cheese. I am going to google it right now. But, trust me, there will be no cheese throwing going on – unless the Trashbackers start it. 😉 🙂

  39. Concerned says:

    What’s cup cheese, by the way? Is that like fumunda cheese? 🙂 fumunda Shenk that is.

    [gag!] [gasp!] I’m never eating a greek salad again!

  40. Concerned says:

    On the “Don’t threaten me”: Good for you Becky.

  41. Moon Dust says:

    You’re welcome mom of a disabled child.
    Becky do you know when 48 hours will be airing the segment on Roseboro? I missed the last one. I wish I could get it on demand.

    • Becky says:

      That is the question of the hour and has been for months! CBS will not discuss upcoming segments and we just have to wait for it to come on their site. Several people here have signed up for their email alerts and will let us know when it (finally) is due to air!

  42. mom of a disabled child says:

    Moondust … Im totally with ya there I have seen and heard so many stories with real families of disabled children and yes it does happen… Thanks for that article 🙂 .

  43. Moon Dust says:

    take note…….

    “Foreman did an acceptable job taking care of Daelynn through the first 11 years of her life.”

  44. Moon Dust says:

    Searching the internet I came across this artcle and read it with Joy’s case in mind. Here is proof that some parents do kill their disabled children.
    (25 years to life for Orangevale mom whose disabled daughter died of neglect

    “Maybe it was the money – Foreman had been the trustee of a $175,000 account set up for her daughter; she’d already tapped $22,000 of it to buy a car, and she stood to inherit the rest if her girl died, according to the prosecutor.
    Or, as her lawyer said, maybe it was that Brandy Foreman “just wore out” taking care of her 12-year-old daughter Daelynn, a girl born with cerebral palsy and seizure disorder who had an abnormally small brain, never walked or talked and who wore diapers every single day of her life.”
    “The degree of neglect and indifference by the defendant to her child is hard to understand,” Koller said, especially given that by most accounts, Foreman did an acceptable job taking care of Daelynn through the first 11 years of her life.”
    To read the whole article here is the link…

  45. I have your crayon says:

    Im with who ever sent ya the Big Mac update here’s some more that the Mac posted on trashback …. I want to thank you for yet another addiction in Mafia Wars. I can’t stop playing!!! I am at level 310 already in just over 60 days!!! My friends and people here at Talkback think that I disappeared off of the face of the Earth or that I am very ill. I am not very ill at the moment… I guess all her pain just went away on Mafia Wars while slugging down a bottle of booze… that’s why her antibiotics aren’t working….. I want to thank you for allowing me to pop vicodin 750’s like they were tic tacs … HEHE…. And how the Hell does a person have to get 4 yes 4 root canals… It’s called 6 month check ups paid by us taxpayers,,, Now your really making us pay cause you were too Damd lazy to get dental check-ups… Yes BIG MAC Your a big time loser…. as I hope that for you while your in Vegas on the Taxpayers money… LOSER. 🙁 . I will be back later… What a HOOT!!!!

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