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    This morning’s Intell/New Era has just one local story written by an employee on this morning’s front page.  Actually, she’s not even an employee because the byline for Katy Hopkins says “Correspondent.”  It’s a story about a boy who needs an intestine transplant.  No, I didn’t read it – it is a rainy, windy, gloomy Monday morning and I’m not sure I could stomach it.  I might read it later.  How does this paper plan to stay in business?

   For entertainment, we need to turn to the Trashback forum and the grand gala outing thread which is an endless font of fun and absurdity!  BigMac, their heroic leader, who is a homeschooling welfare mom, poker player and major boozer, pill-popping Pagan loving lesbian who is getting four root canals on our dime and then going to Vegas for five days, posted this:

    I don’t care who the heck crashes our outing. I hang with everyone. I hear they are back onto “BigMac” again on the other website-It cracks me up. They have no freaking idea about me or my life. Don’t let those old fogies bother you buddy-they’re all bark-honestly!

    Old fogies?  Now that hurts!  And “ceejay” has found yet another troll in “joshywashy”:

    It really is a shame that you are not the least bit “funny”.
    And you just use the schtick as a cover for being abusive.
    And for the record, I think you are actually LYING about being Irish. The Irish are who they are — what you see is what you get. They don’t play games with passive/aggressive crap.
    And if my grandmother, Bridget O’Connor Galloway, was living, she’d wash your mouth out with Lifebuoy soap.
    Troll …

    Do these people have lives?  Lying about being Irish on an anonymous internet forum?  Gasp!  What is the world coming to?  Why Lifebuoy soap?  Is there something special about it?

    This comment in to this site last night where we were having some fun with the Trashbackers:

    I compare TB to a mound of ants, you poke it with a stick enough times they all come out all pissed off ready to eat you alive. Then you run. When they get all settled back in their routine of eating bugs and making a dirt mound… you poke [jab motion, jab motion] at them some more…. and repeat every couple of weeks. They get all fired up.

    After each poking session the ants go see their therapist for an upgrade to their existing prescription of psychotherapeutic medications.

    What a hoot and how true!  And BigMac said this:

    PS-for future events know that there will only be PM’s sent out. There will be no thread or future public announcements of our gatherings.

    Sigh.  I guess this will be my one and only grand Trashback gala – unless someone on the inside of this secret society decides to spill the beans!  Hey, do you think Gil Smart is going this Saturday?  Maybe he’ll write a story.  Wow!  Would that be neat or what?

Please check back later today…

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  1. annonymous says:

    Last post for now but friend 13-it’s obvious you have a personal beef with Chris AKA Bigmaclender. You do realize that Artie does know her outside of the talkback gatherings and has been around her when she has drank? I think you are really exaggerating here buddy. I was asked to stop defending her but I feel bad as I can’t stand lies. You are at all these games she is at-right? So, you aren’t drinking-is that what you are saying? Or is it just because she is bold and arrogant at the poker table-one of the best attributes to have to be a successful poker player-read the pro magazines-ha ha

  2. friend13 says:


    Just go ahead and believe the rosy picture painted on TrashBack and at your get-togethers. If you want reality, go to any free poker game in Lancaster and ask about BigMac (by her real name of course) and you’ll hear endless stories from anyone who has attended about her real character.

    If I was willing to stick my neck out and defend someone, I would want to know the truth first. I don’t understand why you Senior Grand Pooba Members over there don’t seem to care? Ignorance is Bliss??

  3. Concerned says:

    I just went a looked at this joshywashy’s (maybe he needs a bath?) posts and I see that he is a little on the abrasive side, but not so abrasive that he needed to get banned! Yep, that’s right, he got banned. I’ve seen far worst posts. Looks like the ants ate him alive and got him banned. What does one have to do to get banned anyways ? Wait. Wait., I know: Disagree with the ants.

    Let’s be realistic here. With all the posts that depict partial nudity, curse words and racial comments, you mean to tell me that claiming to be Irish gets you banned?! Lancaster online is not a forum for freedom of speech, it’s internet communism. Speak out against the government and you’re publicly humiliated and shot (banned).

    • Becky says:

      I did see a joshywashy post that crossed certain sexually explicit lines but I didn’t pay much attention to his/her posts! But people cross lines on that forum everyday and are still there. Who knows?

  4. Artie See says:

    I’m a regular on TalkBack, in fact I currently have the highest number of posts there. Any puting down of TalkBack is the same as putting me down.

    And yes, I do regularly attend TalkBack get-togethers.

    • Becky says:


      I would rethink this. Putting down Talkback is most certainly not putting you down. And people in the public eye might want to be careful with those they associate with. Welfare, poker playing boozing moms are not top on the list. Sorry, but her antics have been noted by many and many would like an explanation.

  5. friend13 says:

    Easy when your parent cares about themselves and not the child…

    I’m just enjoying playing poker at the many places where BigMac is banned. The list grows and grows so when I have the time, I have several places to choose from, lucky me! I have yet to play a game where someone mentions how nice it is that she isn’t there anymore and I promise I don’t bring it up! But I’m happy to join in the group smile when it does 😀

  6. Jamie says:

    If you are a home schooler, how can you take a vacation this time of year ?

  7. Hill says:

    Becky put on that party dress oh my my oh hell yes… Off to the RED Carpet Gala this weekend.. Maybe the Big Mac will pay the tab… welfare checks will be in this weekend…. 🙂 .

  8. Hill says:

    OH MY MY OH HELL YES… LMAO… The trashbackers are all fired up starting to taunt each other, this from…. A1 to Ceejay . Why is that anyone who doesn’t toe the “party” line is immediately labeled a troll and dissed for having an opinion that differs from the clan? It happens on a daily basis. You give the same advise to ignore the trolls repeatedly, but don’t practice what you preach. You don’t ignore – you attack. There’s a lot more kissing up going on than you realize.HEHE…. looks like they have a TROLL PATROL going on there and Ceejay is the mastermind…. The thread is locked for the Grand Gala…. Big Mac spills her beans on there then she deserves to be trashed.. Worthless Welfare poker playing DRUNKIN Lesbian.. Will the homeschooled Kid get to go on the field trip to Vegas too? 🙁 .

  9. ChemTrailAir says:

    BigMac heading to Vegas while in horrific pain? I guess the Vicodin and alcohol will dampen the severe pain durng the air decompression for the flight. How can you sit at home, not work, collect welfare AND take vacations? Isn’t life one giant vacation when you’re on welfare?? This morning when I dragged myself out of bed and faced the deluge, I was asking myself the same question. Did I miss a trick along the way? How does the government pay you to stay in bed on mornings like this??

    Maybe the girlfriend has family money — BigMac has always been like a divining rod when it comes to money. It may be once- or twice-removed, but she can smell family money at 500 paces.

    How’s this for a screenplay … Action involves finding an emotionally vulnerable person (recent divorce? recent bad breakup?) with money SOMEWHERE in the family (trust funds preferred), swoop in and tell them everything they want to hear – she is the perfect partner, convince them she is a protector, defender, and soul mate. Once hooked, the abuse begins and she takes over their life, making every decision for them and alienating those close to them (but not alienating the source of the cash). Drain money resources. Discard. New search.

  10. Barb says:

    I think it was good that LNP put the Forte family story on the front page. Hopefully it will bring awareness to this terrible disease and people will donate both money and time to them.

    This transplant costs hundreds of thousands of dollars of which insurance only pays a portion.

    I have a young friend with severe Crohn’s disease who faces the possiblity of having an intestional transplant. And if that can’t be done the alternative will be a stem cell transplant.

    So in this case, I hate to say it but I agree with LNP!