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    This email in:


     I have been reading and commenting here and there on your site. My question is what is your relationship with the Woomers and why not write for the Weavers. Your site is on the justice for joy site and is mentioned on her son’s site.

     I just don’t understand why you write about Woomer’s side and not Weavers. I’m sure there are stories from their side and I’m sure they feel some sort of pain as well.

     Also, where did you get your information about the detective? I read the news article and really am not convinced he did anything. If you had an interview with someone, who was it (no need to name, just how you found this person).

    I am going to answer the question about the detective – specifically Lancaster County Detective Joseph Geesey – today and the other questions tomorrow.

    I moved to Philadelphia in the very early ‘80’s after being the editor of the paper edition of the Lancaster Independent Press.  I was freelancing as a reporter for the Philadelphia Tribune, America’s oldest Black newspaper and a twice weekly.

    In May of 1981, I went to a newsstand to buy the latest edition and saw a headline, “Man critical after Lancaster lynching try.”

    I thought it had to be a mistake of some kind – there could not be a lynching in my Lancaster!  I didn’t own a car so I took a train the same day.  I went straight to the crime scenes and realized immediately that at least one of the three men who committed this horrendous crime had to be familiar with the area and thus had to live or work nearby. 

   To make a very long story short, I became very suspicious of one man who worked very close to the crime scenes.  The vehicle used to abduct Robert Henderson was also parked right in the lot.

    On May 21, I took a train to Lancaster.  I walked to the Coe Camera Shop and purchased a Polaroid Instamatic camera.  I walked to Hazel Street and the crime scene.  I said to a neighbor I had spoken to several times before, “I’m going in there to take a picture.  If I’m not out in five minutes, please call the police.”

    I walked into Brookshire Printing and saw the man I wanted sitting around a table with two other men.  I raised the camera and took a picture of all three.  The one who recognized me is on the right and he put his head down.  The other two had no idea who I was and almost smiled for me.

    The next day the Lancaster Newspapers ran police sketches of the three assailants.  I had taken a picture of all three of them, sitting around a table at Brookshire Printing, less than half a block from where the two assaults occurred.

    The police never “solved” this attempted murder or one five months later committed by the same men.  There will be much more this weekend.

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30 Responses to A STORY I KEPT IN A BOX…

  1. cinnamon says:

    The similarities of those pictures and the police sketch are astonishing ! I see your point Becky and I see you riled up a few people here too .

  2. Concerned says:

    [long yawn]… boring news day across the nation. The only thing interesting is Haiti news.

  3. 24.7 says:

    yea, i agree with the paranoid part…not sure about schizophrenia. possilby suffering from dellusions and paranoia. I do realize she does seem to fling mud, but then probably thinks important people care and they are after her, so she feels the need to report and thinks justice will be served (even though there is no justice to be served).

    It is kind of awkward that this LIP used to be somewhat of a big thing, with many reporters and what not. I do believe it went belly up. now becky claims to own it, but i dont see reports by other people, its always becky. So I wonder if she “owns it”. Possibly just uses the name and pretends to own it? And why live in philly, there must be something she is running from as well.

  4. Sherlock says:

    I’m not a police officer. I just see that she is making very strong remarks against the Lancaster County Police Department with no evidence at all.

    And you sound like a paranoid schizoid that thinks the man is out to get you. Believe me, they have a lot more to do than try to set up a random black man with a drug charge. A good portion of LCPD is black too, so the idea that they would even get away with something like that is ridiculous. Youre making mountains of molehills.

  5. I have your crayon says:

    24.7 your nothing but a punk that must have no friends or a life or else why would you be sitting on lipnews and facebook…. crawl back under that boulder a** Hole punk….

  6. 24.7 says:

    Why are you commenting then? Just SAY NO TOO! You don’t have to read my comments. what happened to your poor little self that a police officer blammed you for something? I’d like to hear this crime you commited. did you get caught going 10 mph over the speed limit and he didnt let you go for it?

  7. Anonymous says:

    You must be the little guy who likes to comment on them then ! It sounds like you just don’t like Becky so why comment ? Just SAY NO !

  8. 24.7 says:

    Someones been watching too many gansta movies…Maybe I should pretend to be a reporter and create my own blog site and prove that this site is nothing but a joke. Wonder what kind of conspiracy theory I can come up with.

    Just in: Nurse seen on camera stealing drugs….I could spin a good story to make people look bad too. but I’m not a little guy at my job who feels the need to write blogs to feel accomplished.

  9. Anonymous says:

    There are good cops and bad cops, yup just like people. Bad cops are pigs and they do “set people up’. I have experienced this first hand many years ago. Some will do ANYTHING to cover their butts or get a bust. I hate most cops but I lost faith in our system a long time ago.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe Becky concocted this story. I believe her, as do many others. To each their own. Are you a cop ? Why are you being so defending ? You sound like someone ruffled your feathers. Becky is a good reporter, better than ANT others we got around here last time I checked. Sherlock, are you a pig ?

  11. Sherlock says:

    Oh, you can fail by trying. This whole police story Becky has cooked up is proof of that.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The only way you fail is if you don’t try !! Posting on the web is wayyyyyyyy better than the local newspapers !There was another nurse today who wrote a letter to the editor, a very good letter at that. Awe Sherlock go smoke your pipe !

  13. Sherlock says:

    I doubt you’re going to uncover the deep running conspiracy of the racist masterminds that are really running LCPD in the course of a weekend, but you’re welcome to try.

  14. 24.7 says:

    What will happen if you are wrong with these allegations? I read on justice for joy that they are getting people to write letters to the judge…what is going to happen when he sees your site on hers, then he finds you are saying this stuff….also, the comments left by supporters.

    He will have to assume that a lot of people sending the letters comment on this site. So what if he goes…well these are all nice stories, but how am i supposed to take these seriously when there is a site that’s slamming my law enforcement with such harsh words, and one of my detectives being attacked just because he did his job?

    I’m not bein a smart alec, i just wanted to point out that fact, could you be making a mistake with that allegation? If this detective is such a problem, why not go to the DA’s office or even our country’s supreme court to ask what to do? Posting this stuff on a website just seems like you are trying to get people to support joy with anger from such an allegation that can’t be proved.

  15. Sherlock says:

    I can tell you why nobody believes it. Because you have absolutely no proof.

    Also, if the man was related to a drug crime, and he already had a criminal record, of course he would deny it.

    And it makes sense for the police to not look for a .44 revolver. There are literally tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands of that caliber firearm in the united states. It is a very popular handgun. If the gun had not been fired, there would be no way to be able to link anyone’s gun to the crime.

    Im sorry to tell you, but this is another one of those conspiracy theories that just have no substantial evidence.

  16. Sherlock says:

    Youre siting your own article as your proof? Im sorry, but that is just not good enough for me. An independent news source is far from reputable enough to base an allegation against an entire police force on it.

    From an outside perspective, you could have easily fabricated any of the reports that you did not site in your writings.

    I remain unconvinced.

  17. Sherlock says:

    What is your proof of them being hitmen? How did you come across your evidence? And if you are correct, why has your theory not taken notice?

  18. Sherlock says:

    Whats the point then? I wont feel fooled if you come out with a piece of evidence that you specifically withheld to prove someone wrong. So if youre trying to trick me like that, shame on you.

    • Becky says:

      Ah Sherlock. The point is Detective Geesey hired the three men to kill Henderson and most of the detectives were in on it. After that, the three men literally had a license to kill and who knows how many crimes they committed? I have some other possible ones… and the Lancaster Police never took or ran ran their fingerprints!

  19. Sherlock says:

    Oh ok. I was trying to read quickly. Either way, theres very little weight for “he says” and “she says” arguments in the courtroom. I think the waves of character witnesses breaking against the stolid levies of science in the Woomer trial makes that quite clear.

    Descriptions and fingerprints can only go so far without direct links to suspects.

  20. Sherlock says:

    Well that clears things up a bit. I thought i was reading different reports on the same time.

    On the site it said the car was found in Richmond though.

  21. Sherlock says:

    I read the story and the article, and looked at the pictures.

    First, there is still no hard evidence directly linking the men to the crime. There were fingerprints found on the bottles and on the car. However, the prints first have to match up with some in the police database, and also have to match the men in the pictures. Since police cant just forcibly take prints from someone without reason, you cant count that as evidence proving their guilt.

    Because of that, the car cannot be linked to them if it was stolen, even if there are records of that car going from Lancaster to Virginia. Also, I may have misread this portion, but it sounds like the men drove to Virginia and abandoned the vehicle.

    When did you take the picture in relation to the crime? If you found them in Lancaster, How did they get back sober from the capital of another state without any records?

    • Becky says:

      Sorry – I’m being confusing. There were two crimes. One the attempted lynching of Robert Henderson in May of 1981. The van the men used in this crime to aduct him off the street was parked in the lot. I took the picture 21 days after the crime. The artist sketches were printed the next day in the paper. The police only did the sketches after tremendous pressure coming from Philadelphia from various sources. The Lancaster Police had basically put out the story that Henderson was lying and most of his story was false. I believe the policeman who drew the sketches purposely did a bad job — but not “bad” enough!

      The second attempted murder happened in September of 1981 when the same three men walked up Conestoga Street, drunk and pounding on cars and cursing people and went into the Prince Street garage to get a car. They abducted 81-year-old Daniel Rhoads and his car, stabbed him, punched him and eventually threw him out of the car over a slight cliff. They stole his car and it was a different car from the Henderson assault. They went to Goochland, Virginia. Google it! They had no trouble getting home.

  22. Sherlock says:

    So, this proves that someone that lived and worked in the area of the press was present with two others that lived and worked there also?

    I dont see any vehicle registrations, parking receipt copies, fingerprint matchings, or any actual evidence linking any of these men to the vehicle.

    These are some strong allegations based on very little evidence, but you said you would continue later, so i will give you the benefit of the doubt for now.

    As of yet, however, i am unconvinced.

    • Becky says:

      Have you gone to LancasterLynching.com (under construction) and paged down and looked at the two sets of police artist sketches from the two attempted murders? After you do that come back and let me know what you think…