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    Posted on November 14th, 2009 Becky No comments



        On March 25 of 2005, I celebrated the six-month anniversary of this site with this (click here for “THANK YOU”):

        I’ll say one more thing on a heavy note and then I have a birthday to celebrate.  As a reporter, I have had the hairs on the back of my neck raised several times.  During the “Lancaster Lynching” story, which is coming soon, and while reading some articles on the Cortney Fry murder.  On the Talkback Board, the names Lindy Biechler, Christy Mirack and Mary Ann Bagenstose would keep coming up.  I didn’t pay much attention.  I hadn’t lived in Lancaster and knew nothing about their cases.  But then, with the whole grand jury thing, I thought maybe they would be part of the “investigation” (doubtful, seeing as their have been two prior grand juries in this county since their murders) so I very briefly pulled some information.  And I saw something there that raised the hairs on the back of my neck as they have never been raised before.  What is going on in this town?




        I was brutally murdered on December 5, 1975 between 6-7 pm in my Spring Manor apartment located in Manor Township, Lancaster County.

        Leading up to my murder, I told my friends that I thought I was being watched.  My murderer attempted to sexually assault me and then he stabbed me repeatedly in the neck, chest and back leaving me on my living room floor.  I know who my murderer is and he knew who I was.  This was not a random act.

            I am asking for people who knew me and anyone who might have information about my murder to come forward and fight for me and my family to help solve this murder. – Lindy Biechler:  “Do you know who murdered us?” (click here and put your cursor over her photograph).





    Lindy Biechler’s killer should be nervous today.


    Said Geesey: “We’re about two steps behind them.”


    Walter had some advice for the killer.  “Don’t buy any green bananas,” he said.


    Detective Geesey said investigators think they know the motive for the murder, which he declined to disclose. Fitzgerald said that’s a key to solving the case.


    “We have other things to look at that we hadn’t thought about or delved into that deeply,” Geesey said. “There are people we want to take a look at and people we want to concentrate more on.”


        These are all quotes from Cindy Stauffer’s New Era article of June 16, 2006 regarding the unsolved, brutal murder of Lindy Biechler, “Probers to killer: We’re getting closer,” (click here).

        Okay, Detective Joseph P. Geesey, you’ve had over three years to arrest this man – actually – over thirty years!  What happened to the “two steps behind them?”  Is this man smarter than you, Detective Geesey?  Did he freeze his green bananas? 

    Please check back later today…

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