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   Lancaster County and former inmates of Lancaster County Prison have reached a $2.5 million agreement to settle a federal class-action lawsuit over blanket strip searches.

From this morning’s paper, “Strip-search suit settled,” (click here).

    Unbelievable! What will it take to get Prison Warden Vincent Guarini removed from office?  I mean what will it take?  This story, of course, comes on the heels of Friday’s story, “Prison denies allegations of abuse,” (click here).  How much money will this man cost Lancaster County?

    This is a man who stood on his lawn and watched while, across the street, his F&M security police manhandled and improperly incarcerated reporter Ron Harper, who had done nothing more than ask for an interview and later walk on the right-of-way in front of Fry’s home.

    We have no doubt that that Fry would be worth even more than a million dollars in private industry. We also are of the opinion that the sooner he moves on, the more civil and better off the community and F&M will be. on Franklin & Marshall President John A. Fry (click here).

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Of course, I would add that Fry supports incest and sexual abuse!  Who else would want this man?

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