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    Posted on September 8th, 2009 Becky 2 comments



        In March of this year, I wrote the below regarding the new Sunday News reporter, Amanda Balionis (click here).  Well, (gasp!) Amanda is gone!  Yes, she has not had an article or video for several weeks and she is no longer named as a staff reporter on their newsroom directory.  So who did the religious Marv and the great liberal Gil hire? 

        Please check back later today for the answer.  Also below is the contest I ran on September 3 of last year –  “FIND A MINORITY AT LNP!”  Since I ran that the day before Obama came to Lancaster and today he is giving a speech to school students across the country, I thought it was fitting to re-run it a year later.  I’ll also remind you of the winning answer to the contest this afternoon.

        Quite seriously, how much longer are Lancastrians going to put up with this blatant discrimination?




    Amanda Balionis


       “My favorite part was jumping in with your clothes on,” said 9-year-old Emily Mackey. “It was fun because I’ve never been allowed to jump in with clothes on before.”

    “Test the waters,” by Amanda Balionis, today’s Sunday News (click here).

        My high school graduating class had one black student. My entire college had 12 black students in 1968.

    Marv Adams, editor of the Sunday News in his column today, “Children shall lead us,” (click here).

         And after you graduated from college, Marv, you worked for the Lancaster Newspapers where you walked into an office five days a week for 37 years that employs no minorities on their editorial staff. You still don’t, bossman Marv. You blatantly discriminate.

         So what did Marv do? He hired Amanda Balionis as a reporter in October of 2008. I guess her writing skills were just too great to overlook, huh, Marv?

        Well, Amanda has her resume up on the web to be a sportscaster and she even includes a TV demo tape – calm down men, the link is here.

        Amanda also shows her interview talents in this Lancaster Online video (click here). Can you ask “What is your favorite Eagles’ cheer?”

        I guess Marv and associate editor Gil Smart were so impressed with her multiple talents that they just had to hire this seasoned reporter!



    Win A Subscription to the Post!



        This email in from the Obama campaign this afternoon:

    Please join Barack Obama at a campaign event in Lancaster, PA, where he will talk about his vision for bringing America together and creating the kind of change we can believe in.

    Barack Obama in Lancaster, PA
    Buchanan Park

    Race Avenue
    and W. Frederick Street
    Lancaster, PA

    Thursday, September 4th

    Gates Open: 3:00 p.m.
    Program Begins: 5:00 p.m.


        Could the timing be any better for the “Find A Minority At The Lancaster Newspapers” contest?  Absolutely not!  We will find out how well the Lancaster Newspapers have followed and obeyed the 1964 Federal Civil Rights Act.  We will find out, 44 years later, to what extent they have integrated their newsrooms, followed the law, followed human decency and the need for their employees to reflect the community they report on.  Wow!

        Official Rules:

        As I recently told someone, this is not rocket science folks!  This requires common sense, an eye for detail, an excellent memory and the willingness to dig deep and use every resource within your power to try and unearth a minority working in the editorial departments of the Lancaster Newspapers.

        So here goes:

        1.  The Lancaster Newspapers handily post a list of their editorial employees!  Wow.

        2.  This is simple – go to each paper and find the minorities:

             The Sunday News list is here. 

             The New Era is list is here.

             The Intelligencer Journal list is here.

        3.  When you have crossed off all the known white employees and have a few straggling names, you may use any means possible to determine if one of them is a minority.  You are free to call or email them and ask.  You may stake out the front of 8 West King Street to watch them enter the building.  You may call their editors and ask.  You can call anyone who might know them and ask.  Be creative!  Have fun.

        4.  If you believe you have found a person(s) of color, or a person of Hispanic or Asian background – email me their name(s) –

        5.  The first three people to send me an email with an accurate minority will receive, compliments of LIPNews, a free one year subscription to the Lancaster Post!  Really!  And it’s that darn simple. 

           Please note below the proper definition of a minority:

          ~ Black – must be 50% black in origin.  For example:  Obama would qualify.  The same goes for Hispanic and Asian.

        Okay, folks.  The race is on!  Get those pencils out and send me an email just as soon as you can.  If you are one of the first three winners, you will receive a one year, paid, subscription to the Post!   I’m so excited!  Does it get any better than this?  Of course, the winning emails will be published here (authors names withheld if they prefer).


    2 responses to “RACISM AT LNP!”

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong-Didn’t the LNP lay off all the newer and rookie writers awhile back? If I’m thinking correctly, they retained writers on seniority only so wouldn’t that mean that this writer would have automatically been laid off since she was one of the new hires?

    2. The lay-offs did not affect the Sunday News staff.