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    Posted on July 31st, 2009 Becky 48 comments



    Angela and Randy Funk


        What’s next for Angela Funk?  The man she said she loved just three months ago, Michael Roseboro, is in jail for the rest of his life.  She has three children, two daughters with her husband Randy, and a son with Roseboro.  She told District Attorney Craig Stedman under oath that she will always love Roseboro.  She continued to meet, phone and text Roseboro after the murder of his wife, Jan. 

        Funk told Stedman she was in a loveless marriage with Randy.  But, she testified, she has had a change of heart.  Even if Mike were to be found not guilty, they would not be together.  No, she said she owed it to her family to try and make her marriage work.

        Many believe Randy was just staying on the advice of his attorney:  Wait until after the trial – and then file for divorce.  Will he file for divorce?  Who will stay in their family home in Denver Randy bought with his savings several years ago?  Who will get primary custody of the girls?

        Will Angie continue to act as if she is the victim?  Will she ever acknowledge her terrible judgment, lack of morality and her complicity in the murder of Jan Roseboro?  Will she move out of Denver?

        Angela Funk is a scheming liar without a shred of decency in her soul.  Yesterday, her plans for a wedding and a fairytale life with Michael Roseboro came to screeching halt.  It will never be.

        What lies ahead for the Funks and the children caught up in this terrible tragedy?

    Please check back later today…


    48 responses to “OR HEARTLESS? ANGELA FUNK”

    1. It’s over – leave it alone. Write your book, if you must. We can only show compassion for all the families. It does no good to drag this through the mud. Justice has been served. Our opinions matter not. All concerned individuals must move on, painful as that will be for a long time.

    2. Any therapists out there?? This man desperately NEEDS to hear from an impartial professional. Sure, we all have a pretty good idea of what advice he’ll hear. Sometimes hearing the same thing over and over from family and friends is confusing and overwhelming. Randy if by chance you’re reading this:: find a professional to speak to. From a female point of view, you will do just fine out in “single world”. It’s not as scary as the life your living now.

    3. In response to sa:

      I believe the “mud dragging” is due to the fact that many people believe that justice was not served. Mike is behind bars 🙂 but what about Angie? If our opinions “matter not”, why are you reading and posting?
      If Angie can’t be held accountable in the courts, many want her found guilty in the court of public opinion. Myself included.

    4. Denver Doubter

      Thank you for all of your hard work over the last weeks during the trial. Justice has been served.

      In regard to Angie, it seems the “other woman” is always to blame. Sure, she has been no saint, but the court of law has convicted the criminal. Everything else is an affair…it goes on every day somewhere. If she was involved, I am sure Mike will spill the beans if he can reduce his sentence. The man would do anything to get a sentence reduction at this point.

      Let the healing begin and move on to more positive things. God loves all of his children including those that have made grave mistakes. We all make mistakes…some are worse than others, but we all make them. Thank God forgives them just the same for those who ask.

    5. While Angie is guilty of the affair, you can even call her a tramp for her part in this. I do however find it hard to believe she planned/knew anything about Jan’s death. I think it would be in her best interest to pick up and move from this area, she will always be judged by the deeds she has done here. Honestly we don’t know how she feels, the public wants to see her out crying and pleading for forgiveness, but that is not going to happen, she owes us nothing, she should however make her peace with the families, but really what can she say………I’m sorry, its a little late now.

      Becky, I have been following you, this is my first post, you do a great job……..many thanks. I would love to see you do more on the unsolved murders of Lindy Biechler (1975), Christy Mirack (1992) the missing mother Mary Ann Bagenstose (1984) you know I have never even seen a picture of her, she is not listed anywhere as a missing person. Brenda Heist, Heather Nunn, The J. Luna case, then there is Carrie Marshall (1987) mother of seven boys killed inside her home. I am sure there is more I just can’t think of them. Many thanks for the great job.

    6. Correct me I’m wrong but I thought I heard Mike can can not serve anything but a life sentence. He may be able to negotiate for placement but his sentence will not be shortened.

    7. I am glad justice has now been served for Jan and her family. Continue to keep them in there prayers and Mike’s family.
      Time to rest this and go on. Angela Funk’s life is up to her and her family no one else. No one is here to judge anyone only God will do the judging.
      Let’s let this rest in peace and Jan can now rest in peace.

    8. I agree with Denver Doubter….let’s move on. Mike’s in jail, Angie is guilty of bad judement and breaking her wedding vows. Hardly anything to get riled up about in this day and age. If you keep dragging Angie through the mud, all you’re going to do is hurt her children at this point. This woman has been so humiliated and “browbeaten” by the public and news coverage from this ordeal. Don’t you think she’s been punished enough for her participation in this affair? I don’t know any of the people involved in this tragedy, but can any of us really judge them? None of us know what their lives or marriages were like. Angie might actually suffer from a mental illness such as clinical depression. Women in that situation can find themselves making all sorts of poor decisions when all they’re trying to do is be loved and appreciated by someone. In this case, someone other than her husband paid attention to her and she was ripe for the pickin. This hardly makes her the villian that so many people want to brand her as. Now I suppose I’ll be bashed and made fun of just because I can show some empathy.

    9. I totally agree here justice has been served, the real criminal is behind bars. You may want to persecute her in a court of public opinion but then no one of us really know what she is feeling cause she has not made any public statements. You persecute her then persecute all his past affairs, just think of all the mental cruelty he put Jan through while having all these affairs. I know first hand of at least 3 others. Just a terrible tragedy that it ended the way it did. I only hope in time she will be able to contact the families and give them their just apology. She does not owe it to me or you, just the families. MY Prayers to everyone.

    10. Becky,
      I am confused why you call her a scheming liar. Don’t you think that if she actually lied on the stand they would have nailed her with perjury.
      Contact Steadman and ask why he did not go after her. See what he says, after all wasn’t it up to him?

    11. AMEN Spitty. Could not have said it better than that.

    12. I think the reason why there are still questions is because at no time during this trial or any other time for that matter has there been any remorse on Angela Funk’s part. Sure she didn’t kill Jan but in some way is still responsible for what happened. I’m wondering how someone can have that amount of influence and not be able to at least own up to her part.

    13. Just Wondering

      Most everyone in the public wants to hear Angie give a formal apology. Alot of people were calling her a liar and have no basis for it other than so called family members and I could say I am and you would believe me cause I said so. Why should she if no one will believe what she has to say wether it is from her whole heart or not.

    14. Move on with your lives everyone.
      Let her deal with any guilt she might have or not have.
      Respect the families as they deal with this end of a chapter in there lives.

    15. How do we know she has no remorse. Just cause she puts on a happy face for her girls. None of know how she feels at the end of the day when she don’t have to put that face on for her girls.

      I agree we should all move on.

    16. I am not from Denver, but am a long-time friend of Susie Van Zant and her entire family, and have always enjoyed visiting both Denver and Reinholds. I’ve watched and waited with all of you and prayed to God for justice in the form of a guilty verdict. Mercifully, it’s over now. The right thing to do for everyone involved is move on. Vengeance serves no purpose and has no positive outcome. In the end, Mike Roseboro is the only one responsible for his actions, whatever his motive(s) may have been. Life is about choices. He made his, and he will pay for those choices the rest of his life. The same can be said for Angie. Denver is a great little town, very similar to the one I live in. It’s important that all of you band together and provide a positive support for the families involved and for each other. Speak kindly, and be a good listener to those who are in need. Any negativity can only impede your progress as you and yours begin the healing process. Best wishes to you all as you continue life’s journey.

    17. All sin is equal, you or me lieing or You or I murdering or having an affiar in God’s eyes it’s all the same sin is not ranked… Let it go and just move on, there are so many more important things in this world to worry about. Angie will one day have to pay when she stands before God and He judges her. Justice was served in this situation and now its just time to move on. The kides on both sides are in my prayers

    18. I just want to take a moment and ask that all of your pray for these kids. Especially that baby who didn’t ask for any of this and but will be the one who bears the brunt of his parents choices. I don’t know any of these people, I just work downtown and saw this day in and day out. That poor baby not only will have to deal with his biologic father living in a state penitentiary for killing his wife over his mother, but has brothers and sisters, who may or may not want to have anything to do with him because of the memories of why their mom is no longer living and their father is in jail and what these kids are living with everyday. I hope all families involved are showing these innocent children as much love as possible, because they will need it, along with some very good counselling.

      I am just really sad for them, glad the jury did their job, but just really sad for all 7 of the children.

    19. Charlie's Angel

      I feel bad for all the children involved in this case. Jan’s children will have the support of their family, community, etc. and while their lives will never be “back to normal”, they will at least not be “embarassed or ridiculed by association”. Angie’s girls – they will never get away from this as long as they live in this community. Girls especially have a difficult time (self esteem, self image, peer pressure, etc.) growing up, I can’t imagine making them remain in the same school system with this hanging over their heads. They certainly don’t deserve that just because of who their mother is. Randy – do what’s best for your girls. Obviously you are the only one they can count on.

    20. funk is a really bad person and someday (she obviously can’t behave herself) she’ll get jammed up and not be so luck to get out unscaved. Randy should send her packin .

    21. Curious & Maggiebeth your comments are where they should be. Prayers are needed for everyone involved but especially the children who are so innocent and vulnerable.
      Vengence and hurtful comments are not appropiate and will get no where. As the song says “Let It Be, Let It Be”.

    22. I agree with MB and others….move on people, let the healing process begin for both families.
      Incidentally, let’s not get carried away with crucifying this woman – she had an affair. The only difference between her and millions of others is she got caught and the guy she was caught with was a murderer.

    23. anonymous also

      I could be wrong (someone will correct me if I am) Wasn’t it Angie that quickly went to the police after the murder and spilled the beans about her affair with Mike? (I am sure she wanted to save herself at this point). If she had not done so, perhaps Mike isn’t convicted and is free today. I am not justifying her, but let’s try to keep this awful thing in perspective, and move on without causing additional pain for all the children involved.

    24. cableinstaller

      AF is just as much to blame here as Mike is. Her actions had a direct result on the devastation caused to several families. The children that were all affected by this,,its just heartbreaking. Now she has to raise a baby by herself with the baby’s dad in prison for life. Poor kid,,having to answer all his life to this. As if this terrible tragedy were not enough, why in the world did A&M have to bring a new baby into this mess. ? MIke can support it,,the bums on the street make more money than him now. A is on her own with this baby. The Roseboro’s do not owe her a dime.

    25. I agree, the Roseboro’s owe her nothing. I don’t think one person alive actually buys the condom malfunction story either. However the baby is innocent as is the rest of the children. That’s why walnut street is a little too cozy for everyone and it’s up to A to do the right thing, show a little respect for the Roseboro’s and her own children and MOVE for God’s sake. But she won’t because she truly thinks everyone will ”get over this”. We all know that’s not going to happen just as we all know how selfish she is. She will rub that poor baby in their faces for the rest of her life. She has no respect for anyone. She loves herself more than anybody. If she truly wants to make her loveless marriage {GASP} work, she would move on where they can have a fresh start and a new life and leave this behind them. But this marriage is doomed. Time will show that. I believe all of us would have moved by now if only for the sake of the children. They are dreaming if they think people are going to forget this for a long long time.

    26. She won’t move. Sick as it is, I think that Angela relishes this attention!

    27. Time will tell, read the last post of the last headliner – and we all need to give them all space, including this blog. That “loveless marriage” was from Angie’s point of view and ten-to-one she has the void in her life that’s meant only for God to fill. People try with all kinds of things to make themselves happy – all in vain. Randy is not here to make Angie happy – that is for God to do. There’s a misconception out there that if the spouse aint happy, then it’s the other spouse’s fault. Not so! Ever meet someone who’s happy even in the midst of the darkest times? That’s someone who knows God and understands how to be truly happy. Angie really needs everyone’s prayers, not stone throwing. I keep saying – time will tell. Becky did a good job keeping us up to date on the trial and I’m sure if she finds out there’s more to this story, she will definately tell you all. It’s a shame Mike couldn’t come clean – the truth can set you free, even behind bars!

    28. cableinstaller

      Yes,,,,she ought to move,Denver doesn’t want her around anymore. The father of her child is in prison for life. Maybe she can find a house near whatever prison they send whats his name to. Just wait till the baby gets older and starts asking about his dad.

    29. Totally agree.
      Prayers are all that is needed for everyone.
      Other than that. It’s all she wrote.
      The End.

    30. Angie didn’t go to the police they found her in OC New jersey.Angie has done this before w/ her fist husband,then tried to say he hit her,she’s a snake and will NEVER!!! change.She knew she couldn’t have mikes money if he was going to stay in jail,and her lack of memory speaks volumes about her.Randy might believe her lies,and of course he didn’t stay in the courtroom to support his trampy wife,so he only knows what was printed.Poor guy,and to raise his girls like her is just plain wrong in my book,.Any man would want the best for his childresn if he really was a man.And she says she owes it to her family to work things out,well why didn’t she owe it to her family to keep her pants on?.

    31. cableinstaller

      Congrats to DA Stedman and East Cocalico PD. East Cocalico is an inexperienced department, they mostly only deal with yelling at the local teenagers. But they rose to the challenge here and came through for us all.

    32. I heard Mike has been put on the loony block at prison .His attorney is quoted saying Mike did not handle the verdict very well.

    33. To abbylynns daughter,and nameless,nice try,we know your not my daughter and your a liar also,What’s the matter truth hurt,your ip addy is from denver,so until you can say your my dughter,shut up,and quit telling lies so angie looks good.Sure ther is a story about angie and my daughters wedding but you made yourself look like an a** by trying to comment about something you haven’t a clue about.The tramp is done walikng the streets w/ her head held high,and trying to get your comment of lies on here is as good of chance angie will marry mike.Nice try more liars to add to the bunch!!!,lets pray,she can do her own dirty work…….lmao

    34. and as far as speaking about my kids/grandkids and driving,gosh,couldn’t you make up something better,what lies you have told.I notice,you can’t even say your real name,……..liars hang to gether.Another comment that won’t be put on here but nice try,losers

    35. Let me add good forgives liars too,but you ppl take the cake and eat it too,Thanks for the heads up,you know who you are and know me well enough,and the way i feel about good ole angie/tramp/slut homewrecker,down right liar,or “I can’t remember”………

    36. sorry I ment to say god,but he’s been so busy lately with all angies lies I put 1 to many os in god,This is a joke and guess who got played,angie once again,nice try tramp of denver.

    37. Angie, you tramp of the town I hope your day comes fast and furious,to meet your maker.Ok becky I’m done now.

    38. nothing like good ole tramps friends or herself trying to start shit.After this dies down some I’ll tell my story about angie and my daughters wedding,and have my daughter tell it also,till then it’s just another past lie of angies that hasn’t been told YET!~

    39. Thank you Becky for an OUTSTANDING job !!!!

      Thank you to DA Stedman….you have helped restore my faith in the judicial system. Your professionalism is outstanding as well

      Thank you to the jury for your time away from your normal lives to deliver the verdict that was so desperately needed.

      I really feel sorry for Randy. He is a much stronger man than I would be in his situation. Randy, what goes around comes around, I hope you can find peace and happiness after all the heartbreak you must have been through this past year. God bless you.

      To Jan’s sister and family….God bless each and everyone of you….my heart aches for your loss. Suzie, although I don’t know you personally, I would like to offer any help I could possibly offer you……..just come to this site and ask ! If you would need money, I would be more than happy to donate to a fund for the children. God Bless You !! You are a phenomenal woman.

      Jan’s children, may God bless you and give you comfort, peace, and happiness. I know your mom is watching over you all the time. Cherish the memories you have of her.

    40. Wanna play the game……..jump right in just be sure you know all the facts and put your true name,or it’s never getting put on this site.One tramp can spoil the whole bunch,……giggles……lets us pray she moves out of PA,Now I know “I can’t remember” what I was going to say next.

    41. On CBS21 News website they have audio of the 911 call and two calls from the jail with Angela Funk. Here is the 911 call link

    42. Wow….abbylynn! Okay, we now know you have it in for Angie but what was all that above? Please Becky, if you’re going to not post whatever someone is saying about abbylynn, please don’t post her responses either, it makes her look bad. Whatever is going on shouldn’t be posted – I don’t care who it is. That just looks crazy!

    43. Okay, last comment here regarding this. I know abbylynn. I stayed with her while I covered the trial. She has strong feelings about Angie and has for years. She has good reason and what happens with Angie directly effects her family. I have received several nasty comments from someone taking shots at her and I let her know. The one that started this came in as a comment from “abbylynn’s daughter” and said this:

      Now tell them all why you weren’t at my wedding, mom. You’re so great a parent yourself and all.

      Abby is a friend of mine. This is not her daughter. Enough said. We will move on now.

    44. Thanks becky for clearing this mess up,sorry it had to be your site they chose.But when ppl lie and make things up to make angie look good I got upset.Just seems they always have to pick on my family to make themselves look good,Thanks and this is DONE!for now,promise

    45. okay – as long as abbylynn is fine. I just was sitting here going what is going on?! Thanks for clearing that one up Becky!

    46. walnutstreetaddress

      What a ho she is,,,I jsut listened to the tapes,,,that girl is pure trash,,, a great mom is dead because of her actions and she is giggling away talking to her murderous boyfriend. She is a filthy disgusting pig.

    47. gosh i’ve know for yrs but she had so many ppl fooled,family included.TRAMP!~I hope she enjoys the attention she gets now around town,sure it’s not what she execpted.

    48. Please remember there are children and they need you all to be calm and supportive – all of them, not just the Roseboro’s. Somehow you have to seperate what you feel about Angie and the rest of the people involved. This will make a huge difference in the long run! Please just try. Angie will reap what she has given out, God will have justice – it may not be in your time frame but it will happen. Please find it in yourself to forgive and let it go, the forgiveness releases you from holding onto all that anger. It’s not good for anyone to hate that much and the person you hate really has the control over you! I pray for everyone involved, this is just so devastating! Eventually the whole truth will come out and we will all know – just as abbylynn seems to have known.