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    Posted on July 20th, 2009 Becky 11 comments

        “Jan would never have done that to her kids,” Frank Tobias ironically testified in the Michael Roseboro trial this morning in response to a question from DA Stedman as to whether Jan ever had an affair.  Tobias, a close friend of the family alsio said, “I don’t find that possible.  I can’t believe she had the time.  She was a stay at home mom with four kids and lots of activities.”
         Like many of the witnesses, Tobias broke down after he left the stand and joined the spectators sitting on “Jan’s bench.”
        Michael Roseboro studiously avoided looking at the spectator benches as he was brought into the courtroom this morning and again after the morning break. 
        Another witness who testified – and my spelling of her name is most likely very wrong – was Lorrie Souder an assistant manager at the Fulton Bank in Reinholds.  She testified that Jan Roseboro was in the bank on the day of her murder about noon.  She testified Jan was wearing absolutely no jewelry and Stedman produced 57 photographs that were take by bank survelience cameras and they were (argh!) hand passed from juror to juror in this high tech courtroom!
        A series of neighbors and friends testified to mundane questions from Stedman.  A nurse from the Regional Gastroenterology Associates in Lancaster testified that Mike Roseboro kept an appointment on the day of the murder, leaving the medical center about 1:30 pm.
        The phone calls between Michael Roseboro and Angie Funk are coming this afternoon. 



    1. high tech courtroom???? I wonder when Bill Gates wil be showing up to show them how to use the equipment…..

    2. I believe that spelling should be Laurie Sauder

    3. The photos (of Jan not wearing any jewelry on the day she was murdered) should go a long way in convincing the jurors of Roseboro’s guilt. In his press conference shortly after Roseboro’s arrest, Sodomsky (Roseboro’s defense attorney) not only claimed $40,000 worth of jewelry was missing after the body was returned from the morgue. In response to a reporter’s question, “So she was wearing them around the side of the pool?” Sodomsky answered, “That’s correct; and anyone who knows Jan knows that she wore them ALL THE TIME”.

      A video of the 8/6/08 press conference is available on YouTube: (the Q & A about jewelry is from 5:35 to 8:10 on the video).

      Jan’s sister Susan, who lived nearby and was Jan’s close friend as well as her sister, has already contradicted this statement, but the photos offer proof positive that the “stolen jewelry” claim was only a weak and belated attempt to escape punishment by planting a seed of reasonable doubt.

    4. As I sit and read these e-mails, trying not to throw up in my mouth lol, I have only a few thoughts.
      Angie- one word, Karma.
      Mike- same word. Have you found your match yet? I do believe you are both neck in neck for self-admiration.(Although, Angie may be pulling ahead.)
      However, what I am really thinking about is how the anniversary of Jan’s untimely death is peeking around the corner.
      I, personally, did not know this woman. I am, however, friends with someone who had graduated with her. He has said, that she was a wonderful person. How sad that someone “good” should be taken from this earth.
      Let us not forget the innocent ones, that were left behind from this tragedy. And the one who is trying to hold the pieces of their young lives together. (Jan’s sister) While trying to deal with her own anguish.
      Let us push aside, for a moment if not longer, the acts of the self-centered ones.
      And put first, in our thoughts and prayers, these poor children who have lost more than we can imagine.
      I, for the next few days, will not concern myself with, Angie “the atrocious omnivore” and Mike “the man of mendacity”.
      My thoughts will be with the children and Jan’s family. Hoping that they can find serenity in their hearts and lives.

    5. Has anyone seen the NEW photos of Jan that have been published? The caption on the photo I saw said photo supplied by the roseboro famliy. The photo I’m specifically talking baout is the one where Mike has been cropped out of the photo. In the uncropped version, MIke is wearing some kind of pirate shirt with laced collar. Anyway, in that photo she is wearing diamond studs, I wonder if (while sodomsky is grasping at yet more straws) he will bring out that photo as evidence that she wore earrings. I cannot help to think that if she were wearing earrings that a robber would have ripped them off her ears to escape quickly……I can only assume they would also have a screwed on ear post of some sort. Cannot imagine that would have been a quick thing to do. Something is just not right with this robber story and Sodomsky actually believes in this theory???? I also believe everyone is going to win the lottery next week.

    6. This is beyond all boundaries of bizarre. These two should rot in hell together. This is so unbelievable and yet this trollop still is playing puppet master with her stupid husband. He must be the most stupidest man in the world. I can’t believe he is still with her and lets his children go through this nightmare. I think they are all a bunch of idiots. I don’t feel sorry for any of them , only the families that have been eternally ripped apart through all of this. I if I had children, would never let them live in the same town much less the same house with this woman. Hello, your wife loves a murderer and excuse me, but is that really okay with you ? I am more than outraged by this.This is the kind of thing you see on the soaps. I’m just saying…

    7. Becky- in the letter about Jan’s affair didn’t Mike say to wait five years to divorce until the kids are out of school? Stella is 7, five years would put her in what 8th grade-he is totally grasping for info! What an idiot-

    8. Mr. Funk is in agony right now, sharing his predicament with a few close friends. I would not want to walk in his shoes throughout this ordeal and will not berate him. He cares for the children. Child custody laws in PA always heavily favor the mother. Figure it out.

    9. Hercule, Do you think Sodomsky is kicking himself, for not keeping his mouth shut on 8/6/08?

    10. Michael is a petifile. He offered me a ride and I said yes more than 6 months ago. I gave him my cell phone number and I believe my house number as well the first day I met him. We kept in contact. I’m only 16 years old and I am in placement in Gettysburg. I am from York, PA. He would come to pick me up and take me to a motel near the Galleria Mall in York. We went there several times. He payed me good money for me to be sexual with him. A couple weeks ago, staff had on the news and I saw a photo of him. I heard something about murder, but not where he was from. A couple weeks later my mom looked him up for me since I can’t have computer access at my facility, he was from Lanscaster and that’s where he told me he was from. I had his number and I called it a while ago and it was disconnected. Also he didn’t say his name was Michael, he told me his name was Leo and that’s what I labeled him as in my phone contacts. It’s unbelievable and sad. I pray for family and friends. I should of said something to police about satuary rape and maybe none of this would of happened. I feel so guilty.

    11. So Kayla,are you telling us that you have Michael Roseboro’s cell phone number saved in your contacts? And that your were a victim of statutory rape? Please let Becky know. Any thing you say will be held in strict confidence. The only thing is that Roseboro has been in jail for over a year. It’s not that we don’t believe you, but you have to give us more details.