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    Posted on July 31st, 2009 Becky 70 comments

        CBS 21 has Roseboro’s 911 call and the two prison phone calls between Roseboro and Funk on their site.  Click here and go to the bottom of the Roseboro trial information to hear them.


    Posted on July 31st, 2009 Becky 2 comments



        This very nice comment came in under this morning’s story:

        I am not from Denver, but am a long-time friend of Susie Van Zant and her entire family, and have always enjoyed visiting both Denver and Reinholds. I’ve watched and waited with all of you and prayed to God for justice in the form of a guilty verdict. Mercifully, it’s over now. The right thing to do for everyone involved is move on. Vengeance serves no purpose and has no positive outcome. In the end, Mike Roseboro is the only one responsible for his actions, whatever his motive(s) may have been. Life is about choices. He made his, and he will pay for those choices the rest of his life. The same can be said for Angie. Denver is a great little town, very similar to the one I live in. It’s important that all of you band together and provide a positive support for the families involved and for each other. Speak kindly, and be a good listener to those who are in need. Any negativity can only impede your progress as you and yours begin the healing process. Best wishes to you all as you continue life’s journey.

        I am going to take a break this afternoon and come back tomorrow. I just want to thank you for all the emails and the comments regarding this site and the reporting on the trial.  Thank you very much.  It was an experience I will never forget and it is what I love to do.

        I will stay with the trial through the weekend and then return to regular news and features next week.  Several comments and emails specifically addressed the many unsolved murders in Lancaster County, and I will return to those as well. 

        I also wanted to thank the commenters to this site – and there are far too many to count.  Of the hundreds of comments received – there were quite literally only a handful that could not be posted.  They have been intelligent, thought provoking and caring.  I will try to get to some of the questions I have not had time to answer tomorrow.

        And a very special thanks for the MasterCard gift card I received in today’s mail.  You know who you are!  Some of it will be used for a lunch tomorrow with a long time friend I haven’t seen in several months.  The card will make it extra special.  Thank you.      


    Posted on July 31st, 2009 Becky 48 comments



    Angela and Randy Funk


        What’s next for Angela Funk?  The man she said she loved just three months ago, Michael Roseboro, is in jail for the rest of his life.  She has three children, two daughters with her husband Randy, and a son with Roseboro.  She told District Attorney Craig Stedman under oath that she will always love Roseboro.  She continued to meet, phone and text Roseboro after the murder of his wife, Jan. 

        Funk told Stedman she was in a loveless marriage with Randy.  But, she testified, she has had a change of heart.  Even if Mike were to be found not guilty, they would not be together.  No, she said she owed it to her family to try and make her marriage work.

        Many believe Randy was just staying on the advice of his attorney:  Wait until after the trial – and then file for divorce.  Will he file for divorce?  Who will stay in their family home in Denver Randy bought with his savings several years ago?  Who will get primary custody of the girls?

        Will Angie continue to act as if she is the victim?  Will she ever acknowledge her terrible judgment, lack of morality and her complicity in the murder of Jan Roseboro?  Will she move out of Denver?

        Angela Funk is a scheming liar without a shred of decency in her soul.  Yesterday, her plans for a wedding and a fairytale life with Michael Roseboro came to screeching halt.  It will never be.

        What lies ahead for the Funks and the children caught up in this terrible tragedy?

    Please check back later today…


    Posted on July 30th, 2009 Becky 168 comments



        A jury has found Michael Alan Roseboro guilty of first degree murder for killing his wife, Jan Roseboro, on July 22, 2008!  You won’t be getting out of prison in August, Mike.  You aren’t ever getting out!  Thank goodness!


    *** The first comment in: 

    Thank you Jesus! Thank you jury! Thank you D.A. Stedman! Rest in peace now our dear sweet Jan!


    Posted on July 30th, 2009 Becky 89 comments



        When will the jury return with a verdict?  I predict by tomorrow afternoon.  The jurors have been at this for a month.  There is no way this is going through the weekend.  Mike Roseboro will learn tomorrow he will spend the rest of his life in jail.  The jurors will no doubt go home to a family bar-b-que.  The fourth floor halls of the courthouse will be silent.  Life will go on. 

        Except for Jan Roseboro.  May she rest in peace.


        This comment just in:

    OK….is this enough to convict him?

    -lustful affair – admitted
    -liar – admitted
    -planned to leave his wife – read the emails
    -met with A several times after wife is murdered (I guess to console his sorrow)
    -Sent the kids to bed @ 9:15 when they normally have no bed time in summer
    -put dogs in crates @9:15 when normally do not do that until last person goes to bed
    -went to bed in his wet swimming trunks as it was proven he was in the pool when his son was home
    -fresh scrathces on his face that he said came from his daughter who bites her nails
    -skin and blood DNA under wife’s nails that DNA experts said would not come from a back scrathing unless she drew blood…which in that case he would have had scrathes on his back
    -not possible that a killer came in turned the lights off, killed her, cleaned it up, turned the lights back on
    -past physical abuse of wife
    -obsessive texts, emails, phone with A
    -911 call which he said he was performing CPR but was not
    -backing away and not helping with CPR or care of his wife
    -not even riding in the ambulance with his wife to hospital
    -lack of water on the pool deck where she was laying when he pulled her out?
    -4 minute time line from waking up, peeing, finding her in pool, pulling her from pool, performing CPR, 911 call…do not think so?

    I am sure that I missed lots also as I was not there at the trial!

    Now the defense;

    He did not do it!
    Someone else did it and stole her jewlery that she was not wearing that night!  Maybe they got it from the bedroom that the 3 kids and Mike were sleeping in?


    Posted on July 29th, 2009 Becky 119 comments



        E-mails revealed during the trial showed that Funk and Roseboro communicated about rubbing each other with oil, and wedding dresses that were short enough to allow Funk to show off her legs. About this, Sodomsky said simply that men think about sex all the time. At one point, as an aside to the jury, he said, I’m talking to the men — you know what happens.

        “It’s a disgrace… but this thing with Angela Funk was nothing but sex,” Sodomsky argued.

    Allan Sodomsy, Michael Roseboro’s defense attorney, quoted by WGAL-TV in his closing statement to the jury (click here).

        Do you think this was a smart move by Sodomsky?  There are eight women and four men on the jury.  Will this be “enough” for one of those men to have reasonable doubt?

    *** Update:  WGAL-TV is now reporting DA Craig Stedman said this in his closing:  

        “This is not a typical guy.  This is not about sex.  It is twisted.  He’s a liar.  He’s a cheater and we proved he is a murderer.” 



    Posted on July 29th, 2009 Becky 39 comments


                                      roseboro17                                 angieandrandy1


        It would be impossible for Michael Roseboro’s son to dispassionately determine whether his father could have killed his mother. Just over a year ago, Sam was the oldest child in a prominent, affluent family, with a father who was well known and respected in their community, and a beautiful mother who took wonderful care of Sam and his three healthy, happy siblings. All at once his mother was taken away from him forever, his father was arrested and imprisoned, and the sordid details of his father’s affair became a public scandal. Everything in his life has been thrown into upheaval.
        And now Sam faces the prospect of his father being convicted of his mother’s murder and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison. Almost anyone in that situation would feel just as Sam does, and would cling to the belief that his father could not have done this to his mother, to his family, to him.
        In cases in which one family member kills another, it is not uncommon for the survivors to rally around the murderer, asking that he receive little or no punishment. They see the killing as a family tragedy rather than a crime. This happens even when the murder was witnessed, or the killer confesses (which is something I believe Michael Roseboro will never do).

    Posted on the Lancaster Online Talkback forum under the article, “’He couldn’t kill my mother,’ Roseboro son testifies.”

        Today, District Attorney Craig Stedman has to pull all of the pieces of this brutal murder together and present the jury with a compelling argument that Michael Roseboro, on July 22, 2008, beat, strangled and drowned his wife and the mother of his four children, Jan Roseboro.


    Posted on July 28th, 2009 Becky 58 comments





        When the verdict comes down in the Michael Roseboro trial, there will be many unanswered questions.  But the biggest – and the one that will loom for years – is the role his mistress, Angie Funk, played in all of this.

        Was it strictly a “mental” role – or was she physically involved or there?

        As noted on this site previously, Angie Funk testified she drove to the Roseboro’s home the morning after the murder because Mike wasn’t returning her calls and texts.

        While under the same questioning, Angie told District Attorney Craig Stedman that she had no idea how far it was from her home to the Roseboro home.

        Two friends drove it and timed it for me today.  The quickest way – Ridge Road to Creek Road – is 2.5 miles.  One friend clocked that as a 3-1/2 minute ride, the other friend clocked it at 3 minutes.  The long way  both said was exactly 3.4 miles.  One clocked that as a 5-1/2 minute drive, the other at 5 minutes.

        Did Angie drive to his house the night of the murder when Roseboro was not answering her calls?  Did she know something special was going on – was she expecting Roseboro to split from Jan that night? 

        The first picture is from Creek Road about a block from the Roseboro home which is further up on the left.

        The second picture is about two blocks from their home on Creek Road.  This is where Angie could have parked.  To the left on the picture is an “official” parking spot that many use to park for fishing.  No one would have seen her car there.  Angie would have had a very quick walk to the Roseboro house without anyone seeing her. 

        Thank you very much to the friends for timing this and the photographs.  There will be more photographs to follow.


    Posted on July 28th, 2009 Becky 42 comments



        An affair in 2003.  A physical altercation with his wife in 2004.  Michael Roseboro is a gem of a guy.  The fears and horrors Jan Roseboro must have kept hidden for years.

        When they played his 911 tape in the courtroom, he wasn’t crying for Jan.  He was crying because that call had forever changed his life.

        I think Mike Roseboro truly believes he will be acquitted.  I want to be in the courtroom – I want to see his face – when he is found guilty.


    *** Note:  Dr. Neil Hoffman has a bit of a checkered past.  Click here.


    Posted on July 27th, 2009 Becky 33 comments



        I don’t know what the heck I was thinking until now…. I knew Jan Roseboro was murdered but I guess I didn’t process the horrific means by which this murder took place. Oh that poor woman!

    Posted on the Lancaster Online forum under today brief lunch update article, “Pathologist: Jan Roseboro beaten, strangled, drowned.”

        WGAL actually had a better update and that is here.

        I’m glad I wasn’t in the trial today.  I don’t have a strong stomach for these things. 

        Yes, you sit through nine days of a trial and of course you know it’s about a woman’s murder.  But some how you drift away from the horror of it and then it comes back to slap you in the face.

        It is, of course, everyone’s worst nightmare.  Who could do this to someone and why?  Could your husband of 19 years do it to you?

        I have already received an email question about where Mike might have learned what Dr. Wayne Ross, according to WGAL, called a “carotid choke hold” that he says was used on Jan Roseboro.  According to Wikipedia this is the definition (click here and make sure you page down – there is more below the first break):

       A blood choke or carotid restraint, also known as the sleeper hold, specifically refers to a chokehold that compresses one or both carotid arteries and/or the jugular veins without compressing the airway, hence causing cerebral ischemia and a temporary hypoxic condition in the brain.[3] Regardless of who the opponent is, a well applied blood choke leads to unconsciousness in 3-5 seconds, while a poorly applied choke can take upwards of thirty seconds to render the opponent unconscious.

        If anyone knows how or if Mike might have learned this choke hold, please send me an email or a comment to this site.

       There are very interesting comments coming in, particularly under “ANGIE, ANGIE, ANGIE!” so I will leave it at that for today and try and answer some questions and also learn things from the extremely knowledgeable people leaving comments.  Thank you and please keep them coming.


    Posted on July 27th, 2009 Becky 57 comments


    Angie, Angie, when will those clouds all disappear?
    Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here?
    With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
    You can’t say we’re satisfied
    But Angie, Angie, you can’t say we never tried
    Angie, you’re beautiful, but ain’t it time we said good-bye?
    Angie, I still love you, remember all those nights we cried?
    All the dreams we held so close seemed to all go up in smoke
    Let me whisper in your ear:
    Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here?

    Oh, Angie, don’t you weep, all your kisses still taste sweet
    I hate that sadness in your eyes
    But Angie, Angie, ain’t it time we said good-bye?
    With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
    You can’t say we’re satisfied
    But Angie, I still love you, baby
    Ev’rywhere I look I see your eyes
    There ain’t a woman that comes close to you
    Come on Baby, dry your eyes
    But Angie, Angie, ain’t it good to be alive?
    Angie, Angie, they can’t say we never tried


    Posted on July 26th, 2009 Becky 5 comments




        Allan Sodomsky, Mike Roseboro’s defense lawyer gained some helpful testimony and nullified other testimony from prosecution witness September Malamon on Wednesday.

      Salamon, who had previously told Stedman she could hear cars coming and going from the Roseboro’s gravel driveway even while in the house, testified to Sodomsky that she did not hear any cars coming and going that night.  That is a problem because Sam’s friend, Mike Texter, drove in as did two other friends who arrived in one car and then left as did Sam and Mike, in one car.  Why didn’t she hear them?

     Salamon testified she keeps her clock set 10 minutes ahead.  It became very difficult to tell if the time she was quoting in her testimony was based on “real” time or her clock time.

      Salamon testified again that when she looked out at 9:00 there was no one in the pool area.  That’s a problem, since according to Mike’s account, and I assume the children when they testify, the whole family was around or in the pool most of the evening.

     Under cross examination, Salamon said she can only see one tiki light because there is a big pine tree in her backyard.  And then she testified she had only seen the tiki lights lit one time before – about a week before Jan’s death.

     When Salamon called the police on July 29 regarding the pool incident (see below) she also told them she had more information – she had heard a scream in the night.  At first she said she thought it had come from the TV – she always watches/listens to MSMBC’s Don Abrams between 9:00 and 10:00 pm.  She said she was talking to her sister several days later and told her about the scream.  Her sister said there usually aren’t screams on the Don Abram’s show and she should tell the police.  She told the police the scream sounded like it came from the pool area.  Sodomsky had previously asked and she said their central air and, of course, the TV was on when she claims she heard the scream.  She said the scream was between 9:20 and 10:00 pm.  But she would continue to say she wasn’t sure if it was the TV or not.  It was not credible testimony.

        Sodomsky got much more out of this witness than the prosecution did.


    Posted on July 26th, 2009 Becky 4 comments



        September Malamon took the witness stand on Wednesday following Jill Showalter.  She testified she’s married to Michael, has been a machine operator for Pepperidge Farm for 22 years and has two children and one grandchild who is 3-years-old.

        She testified they have 3 Siberian Huskies and they live at 10 Creek Road in Reinholds – across the street from the Roseboro home.

        Was she home on the evening of July 22, 2008, Stedman asked?  “Yes,” she said, “all day.”  Stedman asked her her work schedule.  She said she starts everyday at 10:40 pm and leaves her home every day at 10:15 pm five nights a week.

        Stedman asked if she went to work as usual on July 22.  Malamon said “Yes.” 

        Stedman asked if she was familiar with the gravel driveway of the Roseboro’s.  “Yes.”  “Can you hear when cars are pulling in there?” Stedman asked.  “Yes.”  “From inside the house?” Stedman asked.  “Yes.”

        Stedman asked her about her routine for work.  He asked if she had any other animals besides the three dogs.  Malamon said yes, five cats.  She said she feeds them and cleans their kitty pans before she leaves for work.  And on this night she had separated Isabelle from the other cats and had her in the upstairs exercise room.

        Stedman asked her about the room.  She testified it faces the Roseboro home and from the window she can see their back yard.

        She testified that at 9:00 she was feeding Isabelle and she looked out the window.  She said it was not fully dark out and she didn’t see anything or anyone in their backyard.

        She said she went back at 10:00 pm to put the food back up and clean the kitty pans.  She testified her lights were off in the room – she was in a sports bra and shorts she wears under her clothes for work and didn’t want anyone to see her.

        Stedman asked if she saw the tiki lights on or the dusk to dawn light. 

        “There were no lights on,“ Salamon testified.  “There were no lights whatsoever.”

        She testified she came back to the window at 10:10 while cleaning the kitty pans and testified, “It was still dark.  It was pitch black.  I couldn’t see anyone.”

        She testified she left at 10:15 pm and on her way to the garage she testified “There were no lights on.  It was all dark.”

        Salamon went on to testify that on July 29 she placed a call to the police regarding an incident that happened on Saturday, Jan’s Memorial Service Day.

        Her husband woke her up and told her someone was in the Roseboro pool.  She got her binoculars and saw someone floating in the deep end and two people by the side of the pool.

        She took her camera and walked to the edge of her property line and screamed, “Jan died in that pool for God’s sake!  Jan died in that pool for God’s sake!”  She took two pictures so the flash would get their attention she testified.  She called the police on Monday to make sure she wasn’t in trouble for yelling at them.

        Stedman ended his questions by showing the jury a picture of her house and the window she looked through with a view of the Roseboro yard and pool.

    It was time for Sodomsky to cross…     


    Posted on July 26th, 2009 Becky 9 comments



        I recently stumbled across your website on the Roseboro Trial. I have been in police work for 21 years in Pennsylvania


        Keep up the good work.

    This email in this morning with a West Chester University of PA address.

        Thank you.  The live coverage of the trial has to stop but I have so many notes from the days I attended, live coverage will continue in a way.

        I think author William Phelps better get to work on his book or I will beat him to the punch!  😉

        What an incredible time I had in Lancaster.  I have three people to whom I will be forever grateful – and they know who they are.  I can never thank them enough.

        As the “outsider” – the only web based news reporter in the courtroom, I was never certain I would make it into the trial.  For days I stood at the courthouse to be the first in when they opened the doors at 7:30 am.  I immediately went to the fourth floor and put my name on the press list.  I made it in every day.

        6,796 visitors came to this site one day last week.  I averaged over 6,000 visitors daily.  Thank you.

        On Wednesday and Thursday I voluntarily gave up my seat in the press row so Angie Funk’s nasty attorney, Amy Rothermel, could sit there.  I actually had a better seat – with a clear view of the entire courtroom.  Did Angie know I was there?  You better believe she did! 

        Coming this afternoon – the testimony of September Malamon – and how crucial is it to the prosecution that the lights were out?   


    Posted on July 26th, 2009 Becky 11 comments



        The Sunday News today reaches its lowest level ever with “In court of public opinion…” where they quote Suze Weik, also known as Susan Weik, who is a sick, demented cyberstalker who has been reported to two police departments for her threats of physical violence.   She’ll be in a real courtroom any day now!

        Way to go, Marv! 

    Please check back later today…


    Posted on July 25th, 2009 Becky 38 comments



    Angela Funk (on the far right) playing volleyball for her church in better times.


        I posted under a comment on this site that Angela Funk was literally kicked out of her church.  I have this on excellent authority.  The below comment came in under ‘DEVOID OF DECENCY” below on this site.  I have no idea if this person is “in the know” or not.  But I have been hearing this from day one about Angie Funk:

        I am indeed “in the know.” And out of respect for my deep friendship with many people involved with this situation, I will respectfully decline to comment on how things went down with the church. However, I will bring to light something I said a year ago when all this stuff broke loose. It was my observation that Angie was only sorry she got caught, not for what she did. There is a huge difference between being sorry and repentant. Being sorry is an emotional response. Being repentant is a cognitive and volitional one. The word repentance literally means “to turn away from, change direction.” As much as I care and pray for Angie, I’ve yet to hear of, or see such behavior from her.


    Posted on July 25th, 2009 Becky 16 comments



        Jill Showalter took the stand in the Michael Roseboro trial this past Wednesday after the morning break and following Angela Funk’s testimony.

        Her credentials are impeccable – she is a Senior Educator with the North Museum in Lancaster.  Her parents live at 139 W. Main Street in Reinholds, four houses up from the Roseboro home at 107 W. Main Street.

        She testified that on the night of Jan’s murder, July 22, she visited her parents, arriving at about 10:10 pm and leaving at 10:30 pm to go home.

        She drove down Main Street and made a right onto Creek Road.  She testified the Roseboro home seemed “unusually dark” but saw a light on in the basement.

        Stedman asked if she could see the Roseboro pool from the road.  She testified, “No.  I can see the fence and the tiki lights.  I didn’t see any lit tiki lights.”

        “Were there any other lights on in the rear yard area?” Stedman asked.

        “I can’t be certain,” she testified.  “I am sure I did not see the tiki lights.”

        Allan Sodomsky, Roseboro’s defense attorney, crossed.  He asked her how often she visited her parents and drove by the Roseboro home.  She testified “a couple of times a week.”

        Sodomsky asked, “Is it correct that prior to July 22, 2008, you had never seen the tiki lights lit?”

        Showalter confirmed she never had.  In fact, she testified that on September 26, 2008 – which is when I believe she gave a statement to the police – she still had never seen the tiki lights lit in the Roseboro pool area.


    September Malamon’s testimony is coming…


    Posted on July 25th, 2009 Becky 17 comments


    Mike Roseboro and Angela Funk

    May 29 through July 22, 2008

    (The times they met in person are not included)

    * These are known emails – police believe there were many more they did not recover


    5-29 – 2 calls                        7-1    57 calls

    6-1   no calls                                  12 emails

    6-2    5 calls                                     35 texts

               1 email                        7-2    48 calls

    6-3    8 calls                                    42 texts

                2 emails                     7-3    30 calls

    6-4   16 calls                                   13 emails

    6-5   12 calls                                    33 texts

                 9 emails                    7-4    48 calls

    6-6    15 calls                                  17 texts

    6-7    14 calls                      7-5   28 calls

    6-8    14 calls                                  24 texts

    6-9    18 calls                      7-6    28 calls

    6-10 –  8 calls                                   30 texts

    6-11 –  21 calls                     7-7    23 calls

    6-12 –  23 calls                                 15 emails

    6-13 – 17 calls                                  33 texts

    6-14 – 36 calls                      7-8    33 calls

    6-15 – 22 calls                                    9 emai                              

    6-16 – 18 calls                                  36 texts

                   8 emails                  7-9    49 calls

    6-17 –  23 calls                                 23 texts

                 22 emails                 7-10 – 31 calls

                 5 texts                                    7 emails

    6-18 –  30 calls                                 26 texts

                 2 texts                      7-11 –  37 calls

    6-19 –  52 calls                                 33 texts

                 2 texts                      7-12 –  21 calls

    6-20 –   9 calls                                  14 texts

               36 texts                      7-13 –  19 calls

    6-21 -10 calls                                    24 texts

               26 texts                      7-14 –  36 calls

    6-22 –   9 calls                                  13 emails

               15 texts                                  36 texts

    6-23 – 18 calls                     7-15 –  28 calls

                  5 emails                                 7 emails

                 9 texts                                  23 texts

    6-24 – 34 calls                      7-16 –  40 calls

                16 emails                                26 texts

                1 text                         7-17 –  42 calls

    6-25 –  39 calls                                  27 emails

                   6 texts                                    6 texts

    6-26 –  30 calls                     7-18 –  41 calls

                 7 emails                                 72 texts

    6-27 –  22 calls                     7-19 –  48 calls

                 40 texts                                 53 texts

    6-28 – 43 calls                      7-20 –  16 calls

                 42 texts                                  18 texts

    6-29 –  22 calls                     7-21 –  35 calls

                 22 texts                                    4 emails

    6-30 –  32 calls                                   30 texts

                 11 emails                  7-22 –   26 calls

                   8 texts                                     9 emails

                                                                   17 texts


    Posted on July 24th, 2009 Becky 33 comments



        I will come to September Malamon’s testimony tomorrow.  Today, I wanted to share the contacts between Michael Roseboro and Angela Funk on the day of Jan Roseboro’s murder.  Every time I look at these pages in my notes, I am simply stunned.  I really don’t even know how it is possible.

        The prosecution stated that on the 22nd of July, Mike and Angela shared 26 phone calls, 9 emails and 17 text messages.  They begin at 5:36 am and end at 10:14 pm.  The prosecution also detailed the contacts minute by minute.  This is the list – please note that on some I am not sure if it’s an email, phone call or text, so I will just indicate the contact.

    Please also note the contact stops between 1:40 pm and 5:05 pm – that’s because Mike and Angela were in a Mt. Joy apartment having sex during that time.


    5:36 am – Mike calls Angie

    5:39 am – Mike calls Angie

    5:48 am – Mike calls Angie

    5:50 am – Mike calls Angie

    6:28 am – Mike calls Angie

    7:26 am – Mike calls Angie

    7:42 am – Angie contacts Mike

    7:49 am – Mike emails Angie

    7:50 am – Angie emails Mike

    8;01 am – contact

    8:09 am – Angie contacts Mike

    8:20 am  – Angie contacts Mike

    8:26 am – Mike contacts Angie

    8:32 am – Angie contacts Mike

    8:36 am – contact

    8:43 am – Angie contacts Mike

    9:09 am – Angie texts Mike

    9:17 am – Angie emails Mike

    10:08 am – Angie texts Mike

    10:11 am – Mike texts Angie

    10:17 am – Angie texts Mike

    10:22 am – Mike texts Angie

    10:26 am – Angie texts Mike

    11:01 am. – Angie calls Mike

    11:02 am – Mike texts Angie

    11:03 am – Mike texts Angie

    11:05 am – Angie texts Mike

    11:05 am – Mike texts Angie

    11:49 am – Angie texts Mike

    12:19 pm – Angie calls Mike

    12:26 pm – Mike calls Angie

    12:33 pm – Angie calls Mike

    12:34 pm – Mike calls Angie

    12:34 pm – Angie calls Mike

    1:00 pm – Angie contacts Mike

    1:24 pm – Angie calls Mike

    1:35 pm – Mike calls Angie

    1:40 pm – Angie calls Mike

    4:59 pm – Angie calls Mike

    5:05 pm – Angie calls Mike

    5:45 pm – Mike calls Angie

    5:56 pm – Angie texts Mike

    5:57 pm – Mike texts Angie

    5:58 pm – Angie texts Mike

    6:01 pm – Angie texts Mike

    6:17 pm – Angie texts Mike

    7:19 pm – Mike calls Angie

    8:42 pm – Mike calls Angie (this call lasts 17 minutes)

    9:37 pm – Angie calls Mike (it goes to his voicemail)

    9:43 pm – Angie calls Mike (it goes to his voicemail)

    9:48 pm – Angie calls Mike (it goes to his voicemail)

    10:14 pm – Angie texts Mike


    11:02 pm – MIKE CALLS 911 – JAN ROSEBORO IS DEAD

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        Was one of the neighbor’s who reported the backyard lights turned off discredited?

    The first post under Janet Kelley’s article, “Dark Roseboro home had variety of outdoor lights,” (click here).

        Yes!  I don’t know what trial Kelley is attending, but the jury heard what I heard, and the prosecution hasn’t come close to proving the house was “dark” on the night of the murder.  This is awful reporting and an awful headline.

        Thank goodness there are other news sources covering this trial.  Kelley should have taken the retirement package offered by LNP when the morning and afternoon papers combined.

    Coming this afternoon – the testimony of September Malamon…


    Posted on July 23rd, 2009 Becky 8 comments



        Why are you done with the Roseboro case?  I enjoy being able to come on your site since I can’t watch the news?   You are a good reporter.  Thank you.

    This email just in among too many to count!

        It’s a simple answer:  I took two weeks of vacation time to cover the trial.  It is up.  I don’t have any more time I can use and I have a mortgage and bills to pay! 

        No, I was not asked to leave the trial!  LOL!  I was on my best behavior and, hey, the DA reads my site!  (But I can’t tell you how I know that yet!)

        Thank you for the emails and the comments and keep them coming.  Give me some time to go through them and answer.

        The above “artist’s sketch” came in as an email from an old buddy who said I can’t say who he is.  So, I won’t say who he is.  He calls this “Stedman railing against Funk!”  Ummm…have you seen Stedman’s hair, or lack thereof, lately?  But I do enjoy it greatly and thank you for sending it!

        There will be much more on the Roseboro trial on this site…


    Posted on July 23rd, 2009 Becky 78 comments

        Kathryn Cross, a Forensic Biologist and DNA specialist for National Medical Services took the stand after lunch in the Roseboro trial.  Her testimony was stronger than the previous DNA specialist with the State Police Crime lab. 
        She too found a mix of Jan Roseboro’s and Mike Roseboro’s DNA under swabs from under Jan’s fingernails.  She indicated a statistical percentage of over 99.99% among caucasin males that the DNA was Mike Roseboro’s.  She went into detail on how the DNA might have gotten under Jan’s nails and said it had to involve more than casual contact.  She indicated it would have been a forceful contact that would have left a scratch that drew blood or at least left a mark on Roseboro.
        DA Stedman showed her two photographs of Roseboro’s face with scratches on it taken after the murder.  She said they were consistent with the kind of marks she felt would have been required for Jan to get his DNA under her nails and have it survive being in the water.
        The photographs of Mike’s face were not shown to the jury.  The DA indicated that will be done with the next witness to testify today after the afternoon break. 
        I will not be in the courtroom this afternoon.  In fact, today was my last day of live coverage from Lancaster.
        Please check back later this evening.


    Posted on July 23rd, 2009 Becky 8 comments

         In the only interesting testimony this morning, it appears Michael Roseboro began to disguise his affair with Angela Funk within hours after Jan’s murder.
        Pastor Dennis Trout testified that he went to the Roseboro home shortly after Jan’s body was discovered.  He testified he had an early morning conversation with Roseboro.  Roseboro told him about the renewal of their wedding vows he had been planning for Jan and told Trout, “He had made arrangements with a woman down the street regarding the ceremony.”
        “Did he tell you her name?” Stedman asked.  “No,” Trout testified. 
        Under cross examination by Sodomsky, Trout said that when he arrived at the house, he “embraced Mike.  We hugged  He seemed to weep on my shoulder,” Trout testified.  
        Stedman crossed and asked Trout,  “You are saying Mike Roseboro showed emotion on two occasions – one, at the house when a lot of people were around, and two, at her funeral, also when a lot of people were around?”
        He came back to Funk.  “He never mentioned who Angela Funk was?” Stedman asked Trout.  “No,” Trout said.
        “So the defendant was lying to you?” Stedman asked.  “That’s correct,” Trout testified.
        “He lied to you about the affair?” Stedman asked.  Trout agreed.  He told Trout that a few hours after Trout’s meeting with Roseboro, Mike would call Angela Funk and tell her he ‘needs to be in her arms.’
        “You don’t know Mike Roseboro at all?” Stedman asked.  “Not in those circumstances,”  Trout responded.
         Testimony bogged down for the rest of the morning as East Cocalico Detective Larry Martin returned to the stand.  Stedman asked him repeated questions about the outside lighting at the Roseboro home and all the controls and switches that controlled the lights.  This involved numerous display boards and 21 photographs handed individually from juror to juror.
        Yes, it would be extremely difficult for anyone unfamiliar with all the switches and their various locations to turn off the lights.  The problem is – the prosecution hasn’t yet proven they were turned off.
        Under Sodomsky’s cross examination, he got into a lengthy question and answer session with Martin about when the scene was declared a “crime scene” and “secured.”  Stedman recrossed and said it was a “little thing called the Constitution” that prevented them from sealing off the Roseboro home earlier. 
        It got into technical questions regarding the Constitution, probable cause, search warrants and “crime scenes.”  Judge Cullen interrupted several times and explained to the jury what is necessary under the Constitution to seize and search property. 
         It reached a point of absurdity with Sodomsky pushing Martin for no apparent reason other than to make it appear that the East Cocalico Police blew the investigation.  This took up at least an hour of time and was still being discussed as court broke for lunch.  In fact, after the jury had been taken out but everyone else remained, Judge Cullen called Sodomsky and Stedman to the bench for a five minute consultation.  
        You could hear Sodomsky continuing to say “crime scene” and Stedman repeating that the term “crime scene” means nothing unless you had a Judge’s order to seize the property and conduct a search.   Judge Cullen needs to call a halt to this now and keep this trial moving.  


    Posted on July 23rd, 2009 Becky 16 comments

    District Attorney Craig Stedman lost a major piece of his murder plan in the trial of Michael Roseboro yesterday. Two witnesses who testified about the lights being out in the Roseboro’s back yard and pool area were not creditble and defense attorney Allan Sodomsky nullified their testimony.

    Do not believe today’s New Era story, niether Jill Showalter nor neighbor September Malamon remained credible after Sodomsky’s cross examination. In fact, Malamon’s “scream in the night” testimony was laughable at best.

    *And the New Era left out a possibly very signifcant fact regarding Garry Frees, who testified that Roseboro had an “oozing” wound.  Frees testified he is the boyfriend of Suzie Van Zant, Jan Roseboro’s sister.  Sodomsky asked, “It was oozing?”  “Yes,” Frees said.  He stated Roseboro was “dabbing” at it with his finger.  “Did he have a tissue or hanky?” Sodomsky asked.  “No,” Frees said.  “So it just stayed [the blood] on his finger?” Sodomsky asked.  “I guess so,” Frees testified, “unless he wiped his finger.” 

    Please check back today over lunch for more details and today’s testimony in the trial of Michael Roseboro for the murder of his wife, Jan.


    Posted on July 22nd, 2009 Becky 66 comments

        Lancaster District Attorney Craig Stedman referenced the “condom malfunction” that resulted in a baby for Angie Funk and Mike Roseboro several times this morning in his murder triaL.
        Stedman got some shots in, and if nothing else, finally exposed Angela Funk’s – and Mike Roseboro’s – total lack of any moral compass and behavior void of any thought of the consequences on their families and friends.
        Funk is oblivious to insults and common sense and continues to exhibit absolutely mindless behavior and responses.
         “I will always love him,”  She said again today of Roseboro.  “He’s the father of my son,” she continued.
        “Is that the only reason?” Stedman asked.
        “I can’t just turn my feelings off,” Angie whined almost a year after the affair and Jan’s murder.
        “You care for him very deeply?” Stedman asked.
        “Yes,” Angie said.
        And so it went, as Stedman tried his hardest to find a shred of a moral core or honesty in this woman.
        In one pointed exchange, Stedman said, “Jan Roseboro was barely dead and you’re kissing the defendant.  You’re making out with him.” 
        It made about as deep an impression on Angie as the condom malfunction.
        He tried again.  “In the summer of 2008 you had a husband and two kids and you say you didn’t want to hurt them?” he asked.  “You knew this would hurt them.  People are hurt on both sides.  Everyone gets hurt.  You knew this.”
        “Affairs are quite selfish aren’t they?” Stedman asked.  “Yes,” Angie answered.  “You have children,” Stedman said.  “You knew they would be hurt.”  “Yes,” was all Angie said.
        Stedman came to the condom malfunction.  He said both Angie and Mike knew there was a chance that meant Angie had gotten pregnant.
        “I didn’t give it a thought,” Angie testified.
        Stedman asked, “You didn’t give it one single thought the whole time?  This could be world shattering?  Your husband had a vascetomy right?” he asked.  
        “Yes,” said Angie.
        “So if you got pregnant you’d have a lot of explaining to do,” Stedman said.
        “Yes,” Angie said.     
        Angie did discuss her “change of heart” again today regarding her husband Randy and their family. “I owe it to my family to try and make my marriage work out,” she sniffled.
         At one point Stedman asked Funk whether it was “fair to say you are fed up with this whole situation.”
        She said “Yes,” and sniffled again.
        Then she sat there with a blank look on her face failing to see or own up to her role in this tragedy and the endless lives it negatively impacts.
        Angie Funk believes she did nothing wrong.  Sitting and listening to this souless creature for the last two days has been one of the most disturbing experiences I’ve had in many years.