What is being done about these incidents beyond the police and mayor blaming lots of guns on the street?? Why are we the most watched city, yet the cameras NEVER lead to an arrest? Why was only one eyewitness to the E Ross St shooting interviewed, when multiple neighbors who witnessed the shooting from different angles and perspectives were readily available and willing to be interviewed?? How about a real police presence being established throughout ALL neighborhoods in the city??
      And how does the mayor and police chief know drugs weren’t involved? We couldn’t get anyone to investigate the drug dealers across the street for over three years, after multiple complaints and phone calls from numerous neighbors-only reason that dealer left is because his girlfriend kicked him out.
      These are the reasons people move out of the city-god forbid a homeless man urinates where a tourist might find him but sure you can open fire feet away from homes!?!?!   
A comment posted on Lancaster Online under the February 17, 2014 article, “Flurry of shootings despite the weather,” (click here).
      No one at the Lancaster Newspapers  has answered these excellent questions. Months have passed and the shootings just continue and no one is arrested time and time again.  And the Lancaster Newspapers never question the police.  The “reporters” at LNP move from one shooting to the next, never following-up or questioning why no arrests are made. 
     Why aren’t these shooters being removed from the streets?  Why aren’t the Lancaster Newspapers demanding answers and accountability from the police?  Why are they protecting the police and not the public?
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