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     There are eight photographs of Danielle Woods that accompany the article and everyone of them has her making the same blueberry muffins! Wow! Could they have put her behind a news desk instead of measuring milk?



(Click here)
     Yes, representation is very important. When has LNP had a black, male reporter? 
Please check back later today.


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     The Manheim Township Police Department wins the pun and alliteration award again this week (click here)! Someone will recognize this man or his car! Who suddenly has a clean carpet? Turn him in!
     There’s a reason I’m talking about cameras and there will be much more to come this week!



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     Were you aware that the video of the police shooting death of Ricardo Munez is on the Lancaster Police YouTube channel? 


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     Does Mayor Sorace’s husband, Christian Recknagel, have good luck or does he have influence (click here for the LNP article shown above}?
     First he was a vice-president at Benchmark Construction when they got the huge Lancaster Square construction contract (LNP never once mentioned that huge conflict of interest) and now he’s at TAIT/Rock Lititz!
     Does it seem extremely odd to anyone else that Rock Lititz is building a Covid-19 injection site? It’s not quite like building a stage for Taylor Swift!



The headline to today’s LNP editorial in the print edition and Susanne Cassidy, LNP opinion editor.
     How dare this woman carry on about the Pennsylvania State Police when her newspaper has completely ignored the Lancaster City Police (click here for the editorial online titled “Pennsylvania State Police should face questions, review during budget hearings”).
     City council held an executive session on Tuesday at 6:00 pm before their public meeting beginning a half-hour later to discuss granting an officer’s disability coverage. Assuming this is the first many of the council members were informed of this by city administrator Patrick Hopkins, they then added it to the agenda for the night and voted to give officer Brittany Porreca disability coverage within an hour of their secret discussion.
     And LNP has not said a word about it. If this were the Manheim Township School Board, LNP would be demanding that Patrick Hopkins and council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El resign.
     Police work is dangerous. How was this young officer injured? What can be done to prevent this in the future? A young public servant is disabled and the public has no information about it.
     And Cassidy goes on and on about the PA State Police and ignores the racist hiring by the Lancaster Police for years and the numerous lawsuits for excessive force and civil rights violations against the department. And LNP doesn’t say a word about all of the unsolved murders in the city.
     The whole point of this editorial seems to be that LNP is a “partner” in SpotlightPA when that media organization doesn’t list LNP as a partner. And they should not. Send a tip to SpotlightPA and have them investigate the millions wasted by the city on MAW Communications. Tell them about the book “Pressed” and that it did not end with the convention center/Marriott Hotel. No, LNP came back again for millions in public money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel “expansion.” And Mayor Danene Sorace was their biggest backer and that is why they treat her and her administration with kid gloves. Tell SpotlightPA that LNP breaks every code of journalism ethics in this country. Tell them that LNP has missed opportunity after opportunity to hold the Lancaster Police accountable.
Click here to send SpotlightPA a tip and check back later today.


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—  Please read the comment that just came in under this post. Thank you “baffled.” Unbelievable! —
*    Both of the below cases against the same officers have settled. I will put in a Right-to-Know request to see if the city paid and how much. And what is the status of Officers Timothy Sinnott and Jacob Bingham? 


       Dwain Stewart London, Jr., acting as his own attorney, filed a federal lawsuit on Monday against Lancaster Detective Jessica Higgins, former District Judge Janice Jimenez, Lancaster Newspaper Company (LNP), former First Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen and Mayor Danene Sorace.
       Click here for the LNP article, “Leader in Lancaster City Hall arson to serve 3+ years in prison,” and check back later today.


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     Please see the excellent comments under this post by “baffled” and “Bill.” Thank you very much. 
     Apparently LNP executive editor Tom Murse thinks this whole thing will quietly go away and be swept under the rug. It’s not going away, Murse, and your failure to report on this incredible waste of taxpayer’s money is beyond shocking. You’re a journalism fraud, Murse! There will be more in the next few days.
     As a strange aside to the whole disability application, there was the below post by the Lancaster City Police Department involving officer Brittany Porreca. Shaki Staten is the former McCaskey sports star who recently sued the Lancaster Police Department and was awarded $40,000 because he was arrested and incarcerated for 10 months for no reason!
*** If you want to listen to council’s brief discussion and approval of [former] Lancaster Police Officer Brittany Porreca’s  disability pension application click here and go to 22:44 into the video when the discussion begins. I will put in several Right-to-Know requests regarding this including requesting a copy of her separation agreement with the City of Lancaster.
**   I forgot city councilwoman Amanda Bakay worked for a bank. The below is from her LinkedIn Account (click here). It’s not clear what exactly she did for the bank, but she sure should have known that MAW Communications did not qualify for a $1.5 million dollar loan from her bank or any bank. That’s why they had to come to the city! And this woman is backing Patrick Hopkins? Vote her out!
*     Amanda Bakay may be the biggest disappointment in the new council members. If I recall correctly, when she was interviewed by LNP she said she was a money person and would follow every dollar. Oh, she didn’t do that with MAW. 
     And I should have done this before, but a quick search finds her husband on Twitter! Oh, my!


     The opening sentences from the March 9th, 2017 article on this site titled “SPECIAL REPORT FROM LIP NEWS: MAW IS TAKING LANCASTER TO THE BANK” are above (click here for the original).
       It turns out MAW lied and they had never “rolled out” anywhere before! And yet, the city’s business administrator, Patrick Hopkins, did no research on MAW and said it wasn’t risky to loan them $1.5 million dollars! How is that possible?
       There needs to be a full investigation and all of the council members need to be voted out and replaced! There will be much more later today.
     Also, what happened to Lancaster City police officer Brittany Porreca (click here)? Following an executive session, council voted last night to give her disability coverage effective this coming March 1st. What happened to this young woman?
Please check back later today.


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     Once again, city council meets tonight beginning at 6:30 pm. The virtual meeting should be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here). The agenda for tonight’s meeting is on this post below the “Breaking News.”
***   Also, expect Beyer to request and schedule a psychological evaluation as soon as possible.
**    Expect Robert Beyer to file a motion immediately that Claire Miller be tried as a juvenile.



*      When you are charged with a heinous crime and you have money – who do you call? Goldberg & Beyer, of course.
      According to Claire Miller’s docket, she is the 14-year-old charged with killing her 19-year-old sister yesterday – she is being represented by Robert David Beyer (his picture is above and see below).



      The above excellent comment came into this site yesterday. The answer: Hopkins (pictured left) always supported the convention center/hotel and was instrumental in giving LNP millions of dollars in public money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel and later for their Marriott Hotel “expansion.” That bought him being untouchable. The same applies to Mayor Sorace. LNP breaks every code of journalism ethics in this country every day.
      One note: The city council meeting is tonight beginning at 6:30 pm. The agenda is below. The virtual meeting will be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here) and click here for instructions on how to make public comments during these meetings.
Please check back later today.



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**   Former LNP columnist and wonderful person, Carol Evans Petersen, posted the below on LNP’s Facebook page under one of the stories about the horrific murder. Good for you! Some of the comments are shocking and totally out-of-line! 
*  It is believed that the below is Claire Miller, 14, who is charged with killing her sister, Helen Miller, 19.
     It is believed that this is Helen Marie Miller, 19, who was killed by her sister, Claire Elaina Miller, 14, on February 22nd. Click here for the horrific story on WGAL
*   The LNP article is now online and the headline is to the left (click here). “Breakup” and “part ways.” What a bunch of absolute nonsense and disgusting journalism. MAW took Lancaster to the bank!


A front page headline in today’s LNP print edition.
     This story is not yet online. Put it online, LNP! The world is digital today except Lancaster doesn’t have that promised high-speed, low-cost internet because MAW Communications took Lancaster to the bank – literally and figuratively!
     And in their opening paragraph pictured at left, LNP again refers to this as a “breakup.” Don’t get your tissues handy – get your checkbooks handy to pay MAW millions to go away – and check back later today.


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 Sometimes you find the most interesting items by chance! Oh, my! I happened upon the below today. The author, Jeff Hawkes, recently retired after 42 years at LNP. How did he survive that? There will be more later this week.



     A front page headline from today’s LNP print edition (click here for the article online).
     A “jab site?” They are “hiring volunteers?” What a mess on so many levels!


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     Wow! I certainly don’t agree with much of what Commissioner Josh Parsons says in his Facebook post below, but I too am sick and tired of LNP opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy. For years she wrote about domestic violence but never mentioned the fact that then police chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife wrote a book stating he beat her. There is absolutely no possible excuse for that.
     Why did she do it? Because LNP “protected” then Mayor Rick Gray, who hired Sadler, because he supported the convention center/hotel project and gave LNP millions of public dollars for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel.
     She did the same thing with Mayor Sorace who gave LNP millions more public dollars for their Marriott Hotel “expansion.” In fact, I still love the below photo and the original of the article is here.
     And the same goes foe LNP executive editor Tom Murse and there will be more on that to come.
*     The below SpotlightPA article is online here. Please note that the members of SpotlightPA are listed at the beginning of the online article and they are at the end of the article in the print edition shown in this morning’s post.


From today’s LNP print edition, “PSP won’t face budget hearings,” (not currently online).
      So, is LNP executive editor Tom Murse and LNP really a partner in SpotlightPA as his Twitter account states (see below)?  And the Caucus is no longer publishing. So what gives, Murse?
Please check back later today.


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Sigh! Shoveling snow this afternoon. 



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 The below is a portion of the son’s docket. The son is Daniel King Beiler. His father, Daniel Glick Beiler, is shown as paying $75,000 cash bail to get his son out of prison. And the docket states that happened on January 22nd. What took so long for this to be made public?
          OMG! This is just awful (click here). Both of these men are out of prison. A bail bondsman paid the father’s $200,000 bail and according to the son’s docket, his father paid $75,000 cash to get his son out of jail. Who is protecting the children from these men? Why are they free?


     The loan terms will allow the city to take over the fiber network outright should MAW default, Hopkins said. It could then hire another firm to manage it.
     Lancaster also would have liens on MAW’s other assets and LanCity Connect revenues and potentially could recover other MAW revenues in the event the company folded while still owing the city money.
From the above LNP article (click here).
     What happened to those liens and revenues, Patrick Hopkins? MAW defaulted on the loan and you want to pay them another $2.7 million to go away? There was “no risk,” Patrick?




Left to right: LNP executive editor Tom Murse, Lancaster City business administrator Patrick Hopkins and city council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El.
     During last Tuesday’s city council meeting, president Ismail Smith-Wade-El asked the council members, “Anyone else want to give Patrick a hard time?”
      Ah, Patrick Hopkins threw away over $5 million dollars of the public’s money with nothing to show for it! Give him a “hard time?” He should resign or be fired and LNP should be demanding it the way they demanded that then Manheim Township School Board President William  Murry resign! And Murry was a volunteer and Hopkins makes a very hefty salary.
      Why aren’t you demanding his resignation, LNP executive editor Tom Murse? What’s the difference?
Please check back later today.


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—  Preparing for Thursday’s storm! Just kidding! Taking a break this afternoon.  —


     That’s just stupid (click here). Lay off the booze, LNP employees!
Please check back later today for some serious news!


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     Beginning at 30:00 into the video of Tuesday’s city council meeting the below discussion takes place about a pole attachment fee the city will have to pay PP&L if they “settle” with MAW (click here);
Councilwoman Faith Craig:  Patrick – the pole connection fee – is that a one-time fee or is it re-occurring?
Patrick Hopkins: It’s an annual fee.
Craig: OK. Thank you.
Hopkins: But again, that’s been – we’ve had traffic signals – old fiber – not MAW installed fiber- but old fiber in other attachments up – that’s been an ongoing issue for years and years and years. It’s a standard in the industry.
President Ismail Smith-Wade-El: Is that pole attachment fee standardized, Patrick?
Hopkins: There are, um, the pole attachment issues are under the purview of the Public Utility Commission in Pennsylvania. In some states it’s the FCC, in some states it’s the Public Utility Commission. In our case, it’s the PUC.
Smith-Wade-El: I’m sorry and, ah, how much is it?
Hopkins:  That I don’t know off the top of my head. I mean it’s not – I’m not going to try to throw out a number because I’ll be wrong. Whatever number I give you it will be wrong but we can definitely get you that information.
Smith-Wade-El:  Okay. That is much appreciated.
Hopkins:  Sure.
     This is unbelievable and tomorrow I will transcribe the conversation leading up to this because it needs to be documented and on the permanent record. These council members are like children. The city spent over $5 million dollars and has nothing to show for it! And Patrick Hopkins told council three years ago that “it was not risky.” And now he wants to give MAW $2.7 million dollars to go away and he doesn’t even  know the pole attachment fee!



     Lancaster City business administrator Patrick Hopkins and a comment posted on city council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El ‘s Facebook page about the proposed “settlement” with MAW Communications.
    Actually, the city wants to pay MAW $2.7 million dollars to go away. How in the world did the city get here?
Please check back later today.


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     Happy Valentine’s Day on this cold and icy day! Brrr…
      An update on the spelling of City Council President Ismail Smith-Wade-El: LNP has gone with two hyphens – but look – they missed a hyphen in their second spelling below (click here for the article)! Folks, two hyphens ain’t easy! 


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     The front page scary headline in today’s print LNP (click here).
    Shame on you LNP executive editor Tom Murse! Shame on you. The man is 83-years-old and it’s the police who messed up (see below). Why don’t you worry about the 42 killers walking the streets from all the unsolved murders in the county? Why don’t you question why the police can’t solve the brutal murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor? Why haven’t you demanded her killer’s DNA be sent to Parabon? Do your damn job and hold these police accountable!
The original of the below is here.


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—  Watching Trump impeachment proceedings again! —


From the LNP story, “Lancaster County prosecutor won’t appeal drug task force records ruling: there’s ‘significant public interest,'” (click here). “Adams” is District Attorney Heather Adams and “Stedman” is former District Attorney and now judge Craig Stedman.

     How many times do we have to ask, “Who stole the money?” Did someone steal $150,000 or did Adams make it up or did she make a mistake? Someone needs to start talking!
Please check back later today.


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—  Doing some research and watching the Trump impeachment proceedings this afternoon.  —



     Galty, a wonderful long time reader of this site from England sent in a link to this story about Christy Mirack’s murder (click here). Though interesting, there really is nothing new there but I decided to check Raymond Rowe’s docket because the last I checked months ago he had hired an appeals defense attorney from Philadelphia.
     Oh, there is action! Please see the screenshot below of the end of his docket and check back later today.


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**   The transcript of the conversation regarding wildlife killing contests from last night’s city council meeting is below. Let me be extremely clear: the video that was shown last week at their committee meeting involved coyotes. There was not a mention of foxes. It was a bloody video full of dead coyotes from New York state. Suddenly, counselor Janet Diaz is only referring to foxes and I have no idea where that is coming from.
    Also, when Diaz talks about killing reptiles, she laughs for several seconds and the rest of the council members look uncomfortable. You can watch the video of last night’s meeting here.
Council President Smith-Wade-El: So council resolution #5 as discussed at the previous committee was opposing wildlife killing contests. Mr. Harris would you read the title for us – I’m all out of order tonight.
Clerk Bernard Harris: Yes, Mr. President. “The resolution of the Council of the City of Lancaster opposing the indiscriminate killing of wildlife in the form of wildlife killing contests.”
Pause – Smith-Wade-El: Oh, alright. I’m sorry I’m used to those being slightly longer. I’ll hear a motion to approve.
Counselor Janet Diaz: So move.
Smith-Wade-El: We have a motion.
Counselor Amanda Bakay: Second.
Smith-Wade-El: Okay, we have a motion and a second. Counselor Diaz.
Counselor Janet Diaz: Well, it looks like I don’t have anybody on line unless – I’m not sure. But in regards to this particular ordinance it seems that we have a lot of wildlife killing and we did have a video that was very graphic of how many foxes and different types of wildlife that has been killed like a contest – which obviously I’m very passionate about keeping our wildlife and you know the fact that this is their land. They can live on it and it’s, um, it’s not right to kill any living thing other than maybe a reptile but [she laughs for several seconds] so this is one thing the Humane of Pennsylvania is really fighting for. I think there are two other states that have a practice of doing that. But if we eliminate all these wonderful species that we enjoy whether it’s a bird or whether it’s a small fox, we’re not going to have anything to enjoy so this is why we’re working on passing this resolution and hopefully in the future we can fight it and lobby in Harrisburg as well which sometimes I do. I’ll go out there and lobby for that.
Smith-Wade-El: Thank you counselor Diaz. Are there any other council comments on the resolution? Are there comments from the public on the resolution? Okay, hearing none, Mr. Harris would you please…
Harris questions all the council members and there are six “ayes” (Pete Soto was absent).
Smith-Wade-El: Alright. Thank you Counselor Diaz for bringing that forward.
 *    And not a single council person asked how much Courtney Schultz of Saul Ewing will charge an hour in her role as “special counsel for PUC matters,” (she is pictured left and click here for her attorney page). Let’s make sure someone asks at the next meeting! Can you imagine?
      And Patrick Hopkins said he and in-house counsel Barry Handwerger interviewed one other firm but didn’t think they had enough knowledge! He never named the firm. Unbelievable!



     Patrick Hopkins stated at last night’s city council meeting that they will have to pay PP&L a fee after the “settlement” for each time a pole was used for fiber and obviously that is MAW installed fiber. When asked by a councilperson the nature of the fee he stated it is annual. Council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El finally asked how much the fee is and Hopkins stated he did not know. 
     Unbelievably this is true and there will be a word for word transcription of the discussion later today.

     City councilwoman Janet Diaz is worried about wildlife killing contests but she doesn’t like reptiles and apparently killing them is just okay with her. And not one city council member had the courage and common sense to say this is ridiculous and stop wasting our time (Pete Soto was absent from the meeting). There will also be a transcription of this – and she changed coyotes to foxes apparently to make it slightly more believable.
     And a new LNP correspondent, Donna, called into the meeting to ask why recognizing Black History Month had been removed from the night’s agenda. And council president Smith-Wade-El stated he has written draft after draft and apparently is still working on it and that’s why. Please! Just write the damn thing (hint: pot and alcohol are not helpful to the writing process). Oh, and there will be more on the spelling of his name to come.
Please check back later today.


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    City council has a virtual meeting tonight beginning at 6:30 pm. The meeting should be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here) and the agenda is here.
     You could not access this site for about two hours this afternoon. It involved a security certificate which my webhost has to fix/renew and they have. Thank you for your patience.


     City council meets tonight. The agenda and much more will come later today.
     The city has been sued over the death of Ricardo Muñoz (click here). Because of the suit we finally know the name of the officer – Karson Arnold. Why did it take a lawsuit to learn his identity? How many other police involved deaths have occurred in Lancaster and we don’t know the officer’s name?
    Is LNP executive editor Tom Murse really a “partner” in SpotlightPA as his Twitter account states? Does SpotlightPA know he is a partner?
Please check back later today.


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     Oh please, Jack Brubaker, you know the answer to this – it is Lancaster Newspapers (click here). Don’t pretend to be slow – it is your employer – the Steinmans who have been extremely conservative and racist for years and years and that was reflected daily in the newspapers they own/owned! And as reported on this site, Beverly (Peggy) Steinman unethically donated large amounts of money to Republican candidates in the county and the state for years.


     Not only did LNP have an agreement with Mayor Sorace and her administration that they would only get good press as thanks for her leading the council to give LNP millions more in CRIZ money for their Marriott Hotel “expansion,” MAW president Frank Wiczkowski  bought good press from the local monopoly media – LNP!
     Of course, MAW didn’t need more “community engagement!” Everyone wants high-speed, low cost internet! Wiczkowski is a thief but he’s not a fool! He bought the local press coverage!
     The original of the below is here:

*** – ** – * “EXPENSIVE BREAK-UP!”

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CORRECTION – On his Facebook information page (immediately below) he is linking to his deceased mother’s Facebook page which she set up with her name spelled with one hyphen.
***   So he has two hyphens in his Facebook name (Smith-Wade-El) and I was going to use that. And most times his deceased mother’s name is also spelled with two hyphens. But then I go to his “About Info” on his Facebook page and he spells his mother’s name with one hyphen (see below). Okay, now I am thoroughly confused!
**   Notice the spelling of his name in the below LNP photo caption. Now since he writes columns for LNP, you would think someone there would know how he would like his name spelled!
*    The below is a screenshot taken this morning of the official city council member’s page on the city’s website (click here). Notice the number of hyphens in his name. If he wants two hyphens why hasn’t he had this corrected? This is the official city page!


      The below is from city council president Ismail Smith-Wade-El’s Facebook page regarding the $2.7 million dollar “settlement” with MAW.
      Oh, Ismail, Lancaster is not left with a “high-value public asset.” You’ve been listening to Patrick Hopkins again and he’s a liar! Did you believe him when he said it’s “future-proof?” I will explain all of this to you tomorrow but today I want to discuss the spelling of your name. This may sound frivolous, but I like to spell names correctly!



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     The meeting took place on Monday but LNP executive editor, Tom Murse, decided to wait until Saturday, the least read day of the week, to run the above story (click here). And get your tissues ready because there’s a “breakup.” There is also a flat out lie in the story about how much the city has spent and paid MAW so far and no mention that MAW took the city to the bank for millions of dollars! LIP News published the fact that the city had the wrong partner almost four years ago!
     This is a disgusting spin on a seven year waste of millions of dollars and the public needs to know the truth. Murse needs to resign!


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      LNP Executive Editor Tom Murse states on his Twitter account that he is a “partner in @SpotlightPA.” He may be somewhat involved but from everything I have read, “partner” is far too strong a word.
     Please email them (tips@spotlightpa.org) or call them at 717-418-9684 and let them know that MAW, LanCity Connect and LNP need to be investigated. I will have more news organizations on Monday and proof of the fact that MAW paid money to LNP. Please tell them that the city wants to “settle” with MAW and pay them an additional $2.7 million dollars and LNP has failed to report on any of this.
*    This email just in. Thank you!


2-5-2021 UPDATE


From today’s LNP editorial, “Fair, increased funding for Pennsylvania schools is 2021 budget’s biggest priority [editorial],” (click here).
     Well, isn’t that special? That is coming from the owners of the for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Hotel that has also received millions and millions of public dollars. Let’s see how much LNP has paid the city in lieu of taxes to contribute to our “biggest priority” as they promised to do. Have they summoned the courage? I’ll put in a Right-to-Know request with the city.
Please check back later today.


—  Check back tomorrow to find out how to send tips to news organizations to investigate LanCity Connect, MAW and LNP and how the City of Lancaster spent millions of dollars for absolutely nothing. 
     LNP has not even reported on the 2.7 million dollar settlement the Mayor and Patrick Hopkins want to pay MAW to go away. It was discussed at length at Monday’s city council committee meeting and it turns out it was the subject of an executive session of council the week before. What agreement does LNP have with Mayor Sorace and MAW? Remember, MAW paid LNP money! The corruption involved in this debacle is simply astounding!
**   Wade-El’s explanation on Facebook mentioned in Stuhldreher’s comment below is here. (I will come to hyphens and the multiple ways Wade-El spells his name later. For now I am using “Wade-El.”)
*     Well, look at this! Later in the evening former LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher took it upon himself to explain how Wade-El got the vaccine! Stuhldreher never told the public the truth about MAW and LanCity Connect. That will come later today.


      Mayor Sorace had city council president Ismail Smith Wade-El on her “Live at 5” yesterday to discuss Black History Month (click here). Early in their conversation, Wade-El stated he had gotten his second shot of the Covid-19 vaccine in the last several days.
     As you can see in the screenshot below, an 81-year-old woman wrote in to say she cannot get the vaccine. How did Wade-El get the vaccine and has every city council member gotten it? Has Mayor Sorace?


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—  Doing some research this afternoon. —


The in-print headline on LNP’s editorial this morning.
        LNP writing about “accountability” is a joke. The below excellent comment came in last night. Where is LNP, opinion editor Suzanne Cassidy? When are you going to tell the public the truth about MAW?


This is absolutely unbelievable. Why the hell the city is paying money to a company that they should be suing for their bungling of this whole fiasco. Instead they are GIVIBG them money to go away. Why? Because if the city took them to court, MAW would reveal all the corrupt and insider wheeling and dealing?

There are SO MANY credible fiber optic companies with certified track records they could have chosen.

Instead they go with a “company” that in the old politically incorrect days would have been reduced to a Polish joke.

Lancaster is lost.
-150,000 missing
-Millions and millions spent on NOTHING
-Cases like Erma Kaylor’s that could have been solved perhaps with that money
-CRIZ money dumped into the convention center instead of local businesses who ended up having to pay professionals to fill out the mandatory paperwork all the while knowing they wouldn’t get a dime
-A multi-million dollar “retirement community” high-rise to be built in the city that will cast permanent shadows on residential neighborhood homes.
-Banal retread airport art in Lancaster Square
-No public information on just what they plan to do with the soon to be former public library building
-Outright, on the record collusion with the LNP
-Rogue cops costing tens of thousands in suits brought by citizens – guaranteeing that the city’s insurance premiums will only go up.