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    Posted on January 26th, 2011 Becky 30 comments
       On December 6, 2010, an arsonist killed Olga Sanchez-Reyes and critically injured two of her children. A year-and-a-half before, an arsonist also targeted a property owned by Sanchez-Reyes and her husband. This post will remain at the top of this site until an arrest is made in this horrific murder and also the horrific murder below added in July of this year.
    Click here for “Lancaster police chief vows to find arsonist.”

      On May 16th of this year, 83-year-old Erma Kaylor was brutally stabbed to death in her home at 235 W. Vine Street.  No arrest has been made.

    Click here for “Chief says police will find killer of 83-year-old woman.”

    Click on the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above to see the names of the victims of the eleven unsolved murders since Keith Sadler became the Police Chief on April 23, 2008.


         This permanent box had been up for over a year when on July 29, 2012, I chanced upon Rosaura Torres-Sadler and her book detailing physical abuse by her ex-husband, the current Chief of the Lancaster Police, Keith Sadler (click here).
        The Lancaster Newspapers have not written one word about this  and most citizens in Lancaster are unaware of his past.   “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge” is available from


    Posted on March 5th, 2015 Becky 10 comments


         The People of Lancaster Facebook page gets today’s best post award!  On the Lancaster Online Facebook page, a nasty fight broke out under the actual post.  LOL!
         Yes, everyone was worried about the eagles today and had their eye on the eagle nest. There wasn’t much else to do after all, except shovel snow!  An editor at the York Daily Record gave the bird an umbrella:

         The eagle was not amused! Yes, the best tweeter by far is the Hanover_Eagles (click here). I love this bird:

         And this showed up on my Facebook feed today. We all knew this was coming, didn’t we?

         Be safe and warm and think 50 degrees next Wednesday! 


    Posted on March 5th, 2015 Becky No comments


    Crime Stoppers1

    “More crime tips aid public safety”
    The headline to today’s LNP editorial (click here).
         There is not a word in this editorial to indicate the Lancaster Newspapers’ involvement in Crime Stoppers.  The above logo is from this week’s Crime Stopper’s flyer (see below).  The Crime Stopper’s website also states, “Crime Stoppers is currently partnered with Lancaster Newspapers,” (click here).
         Like everything else in Lancaster County, the Lancaster Newspapers are heavily involved in this organization and their editorial totally fails to mention that fact.  That is unacceptable, LNP! Transparency and honesty are essential to journalism. What exactly do you do as a partner? Do you provide the funding? How much information about cases are you privy to?
         And I have quite a few things to say about stopping crime in Lancaster and I will come back to that this afternoon.
    Crime Stoppers

    Posted on March 4th, 2015 Becky 18 comments


    — “Justice report finds systematic discrimination against African-Americans in Ferguson,” CNN (click here).
    —-  What is the real purpose of the coalition cameras? They aren’t being used to protect the public and solve crimes!
    —-  Where are the updates on the two shootings on Monday afternoon (please see the story immediately below)?
    —  There are reports of an armed robbery in Lancaster last night committed by two young teenagers.
    —-  Dr. Wayne Ross has four autopsies to perform today.
     —-  “We won’t be that model of proactivity if we come under a consent decree,” Katzenmoyer [Charlotte Katzenmoyer, the city’s director of public works] said.
         From Monday’s LNP editorial, “EPA mandate approach a washout in Lancaster,” (click here).
         No sh*t, Charlotte!
    —-  Joe Hainthaler – LNP’s Deputy Editorial Page Editor, it doesn’t look like that Pulitzer Prize is going to be dropping in your lap anytime soon!
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on March 3rd, 2015 Becky 11 comments



         “Since this is still a very active investigation, we are not going to release any further information at this time,” Umstead [police spokesperson Lt. Tom Umstead] said
          …“Shooting incidents in general are not common events in Lancaster city,” Umstead said.

         From the most recent update to this morning’s shooting incident (click here).
         I am so shocked by the developments in this morning’s story – a second incident in which a woman was shot at multiple times while driving in her car and the addition of more shooters and guns to the shooting that was originally reported. This is unbelievable  – both incidents within 15 minutes of each other in broad daylight on a Monday afternoon!
         And the police have provided no information so the public can protect themselves or even recognize any of the dangerous individuals involved. Demand detailed information on these men and the two cars that were involved and demand it now! The mayor and members of city council must demand the release of information for the public’s safety.
         And arrogant, lying Umstead needs to be fired immediately!



    500 St. Joseph

         Keith, this is Dick!  There were shots fired in the 500 block of St. Joseph Street yesterday.  Have you caught the perps?
         Dick who?
         Mayor Dick, you fool!
         I haven’t heard about that one, Dick! I’m reading my cookbooks. Bar-b-que season is almost here.
         Listen up, Sadly. It’s being reported that there were two men with guns. At least one shell casing was found. It happened in broad daylight!
         So, what’s new about that, Dick?
         Well, this shooting made the paper and these damn people want answers. I’m looking at a map of the cameras, Keith. They are all over that area!
         That’s nice, Dick.
         Do you have their descriptions? Do you have video from the cameras? Give me something here, Keith. You know I’m spending tens of thousands of dollars fighting those NRA bullies! I’m trying to sound tough on crime! We need to get these thugs with guns off the street. Their guns are probably illegal!
         You broke the state law, Dick! What did you expect? 
         Don’t be a smartass!  I want answers! Why do we have all these cameras?
         I don’t honestly know. Let me call Todd, Dick. Hold on, I’ll get us a three-way. He he. I just made a joke. Have you read my ex’s book, Dick?  There’s something about a three-way in it! He he.

         Just get Umstead on the line, Keith, and do it now! Damn NRA bullies trying to intimidate J. Richard Gray! God knows, I don’t want to look any worse than I already do.
         This is Todd Umstead.
         Todd, it’s Keith. Dick is also on the line. What’s happening with that shooting on St. Joseph Street yesterday?
         Keith who? Dick who?
    To be continued…
    Click here for “Shots fired on Lancaster block” and please check back later today.


    Posted on March 2nd, 2015 Becky 6 comments


             Speaking of the police(!), I’m not sure what the point of this is – although it sounds interesting and for anyone 18 or older who wants to enter into police work or related fields, it would certainly be helpful and look good on your resume. They extended the application deadline to March 8th.  Maybe an LNP reporter or two should take the course? If anyone does take it and wants to keep us informed, that would be great. For a link to the application PDF, please go to the press release on the police website here. 

    Deadline for Citizens Police Academy applications extended to Sunday, March 8th, 2015

    2 March 2015 by Timothy Frey
    We have extended the application deadline to Sunday, March 8th, 2015. You can download a copy of the application.

         The Lancaster City Citizens’ Police Academy (CPA) offers citizens the opportunity to learn about the internal operations of the Lancaster City Police Department. The Citizens’ Police Academy speakers, (mostly Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice experts in their fields), provide lectures, demonstrations, tours, and hands-on activities for Academy participants.  
         The overall objective of the Academy is to provide citizens with sound and accurate information about the Lancaster City Police and the criminal justice process so citizens are able to make informed decisions regarding
    issues/matters involving the police department and/or police activity. 
          Participants will be able to share their experiences and learned information with family, friends, co-workers, and their community to further improve and strengthen community-police relations. The Academy is open to anyone 18 years of age or older; however, priority is given to Lancaster City residents.
    Each week, a different discipline or area of the Lancaster City Police is presented such as:  Patrol, Criminal Investigations, Lancaster Countywide Communications (police dispatch), SERT, K9, Mounted Patrol, and Firearms Range Operations.
    Cost:                ALL CLASSES ARE FREE!
    Capacity:          The class is limited to 20 seats.
    Dates:              The Citizens’ Police Academy is a ten-week program held every Wednesday. Class sessions will be held from 6:30-9 pm. We are now accepting applications for Spring 2015.
    Spring Session: March 18th through May 20th, 2015
    Location:          Lancaster City Police Department, 39 W. Chestnut St., Lancaster, PA  17603 (some sessions are held at other locations such as Long’s Park and Lancaster Countywide Communications)
    Send completed Applications to:
    Lancaster City Police Department
    Citizens Police Academy
    39 W. Chestnut St.
    Lancaster, PA  17603
          Applications must be received by close of business, February 27th, 2015.
         The application can be printed from the below link, or you can request an application be emailed to you by clicking on our contact tab of this web site. In the comments section state Citizens Police Academy Application.
         Questions regarding the Academy can be answered by LT Tim Frey or SGT Bill Hickey at 717-735-3301 or email or

    * To all of Tom Knapp’s “friends” on his LNP Facebook page – and Joseph Hainthaler – he doesn’t have to call the police! They read this site!


           It’s another one of those mornings – should I write about serious news or Tom Knapp?  Knapp, you need to stop making fools of your Facebook “friends!” And Joe Hainthaler, LNP’s Deputy Editorial Page Editor, I thought/hoped you had more sense than this!  Where does LNP find these people?
         Yes, there was some excitement here yesterday. Please see the comments under the story immediately below and check back later.
    —- she latched on to you because she cant write for LNP … that is her quagmire… she hates LNP for not hiring her illiterate ass.. but wants to be somewhat on top of things so her page and shit….
         You’re a class act, Jill! How did you know? Damn, I’ve submitted my resume 27 times without so much as a phone call back!
    —-  …I had someone sort of being weird with me so I blocked her on FB so she couldn’t see my posts anymore.
         You failed, Diane, because I still see all of your posts!  LOL!  I know the Facebook settings are hard to figure out and I’ve all but given up myself! I’m not surprised you’ve had people acting weird with all of your constant comments on LOL, but it is the age of the internet and it’s not me. No offense, I haven’t cared enough to even check you out!
    —- Trying to understand the ‘why’ behind what mentally ill people do will drive you to instability as well.
         I’d definitely be reporting this to the police.
         Another Jill!  Jill Kring Carter, I could care less what you think!
    —- if you really can determine that its a real person, I would contact the police and  them contact her and tell her to stop. that’s the first step.
         Glenn, you truly seem concerned for your friend and Tom is making a fool of you. I really do exist – see the “CONTACT” tab above!  I sat next to Tom in a Lancaster County courtroom within the last year! You do realize that Tom spends his entire day writing about other people, don’t you? 
    —- As a therapist I’ve worked with people being stalked. So scary and intrusive. Absolutely call the police. They seem to be the most difficult people to deal with as they are persistent and obsessive. I’m so sorry this is happening to you. It’s unsettling.
         Nancy, you should know your facts before you post. Knapp is being the biggest crybaby I’ve ever seen. Oh, and you want to know about being stalked?  Click here for Cheryl and Steve Markle or just click on the their tab above! I know a little something about truly being stalked!

    Posted on March 1st, 2015 Becky 26 comments



          Diamantoni did not release the men’s names on Saturday, saying he is still not sure all family members have been notified.
    From the LNP story by Ryan Robinson, “Gas oven was on in Lancaster Twp. home where 2 men were found dead,” (click here).
         This is terrible reporting!  What is wrong with Robinson and LNP?  And then Maria Coole, a former reporter for the Sunday News, chimes in with an incredibly stupid comment below the story asking what people want.  People want to know who died and how, Maria!  How basic is that?
         The two men’s names are on page B-3 of today’s obituaries:
    Please check back later today. 

    Posted on February 28th, 2015 Becky 2 comments


    Green roof

          This excellent comment just in from Gray #1: 
          Why should MY great mayor have to explain himself? You people may pay his salary but LNP keeps him in office. It doesn’t bother me that about a month after he was bragging about the EPA lauding HIS efforts to reduce rain water runoff, they suddenly want more control. Some people may take him for a liar. I see him as a man who knows how great he is and just has to have everybody else realize the same. People like Frank always said rain gardens and porous pavements were a joke and apparently the EPA agrees. However, I’m in the corner of Mayor Gray. I don’t like things that are practical and make sense. I like things that are pretty, unconventional and makes me feel warm and snuggly inside. Lets ignore issues that affect the majority of residents in the city like crime and taxes. We need sort of free Wi-Fi service in the city. Now excuse me as I step over a dying child to save a tree.
         Someone sure as hell needs to explain this EPA thing!  The green roof on top of City Hall didn’t do the trick?  And it’s not “sort of free Wi-Fi.”  Someone should specifically name the exact city owned locations where it will be free!  In the meantime, the Mayor has no idea how much the city will charge for residents to “subscribe” to it and have it in their homes.  Wow!  There’s some forward  and progressive planning for you – NOT! Do you see another EPA disaster coming down the pike? takes a shot with “Rick Gray’s EPA chickens are coming home to roost,” (click here).
         Click here for “GROW YOUR GARDEN?” and please check back tomorrow.


    Posted on February 27th, 2015 Becky 20 comments


         “Gun-rights attorney wants names of donors to Lancaster’s NRA legal defense fund,” is the headline to today’s LNP story by Dan Nephin (click here). 
         Good luck with that!  I put in a Right-to-Know request just for the exact amount donated and was denied.  I am appealing because that is just absurd and Mayor Gray should shut his big mouth and be ashamed of himself and the city!
         On February 24th, the City filed a 32 page response to the NRA suit.  It is full of citations and legal speak and legal decisions.  It had to cost the city solicitor’s law firm a minimum of $7,000 to prepare.  And as you can see in their opening paragraph below and reiterated numerous times through out the response, one of their arguments is the ordinance has never been used!
         Does it get any crazier or more stupid than this?  What a total waste of money! Have a happy and safe Friday and please check back tomorrow.


    *    Keith, this is Dick!  Someone just called City Hall to let us know a gun was stolen from their home yesterday.  Have you caught the burglar?
         Dick who?
         Mayor Dick, you fool!
        We don’t solve burglaries. They happen everyday! We’re too busy with shootings.
         Well, it is a Glock and we have the serial number!  Your guys can start spreading out into the streets looking for it! 
         To be continued…



          Mayor Rick Gray says city officials are confident that subscription prices are “going to be a lot lower than what you’re paying now for home Internet service.”
    Also from this morning’s editorial (click here).
         Why can’t Mayor Gray tell people what it is going to cost? When will they decide? How will they decide? How will people be billed?
           So, this isn’t just going to benefit visitors to the city. And it’s not just going to benefit City Hall, which now is plagued by slow Internet service that frustrates employees trying to complete tasks as simple as downloading maps. 
         That’s ridiculous!  Why wasn’t the speed fixed years ago? You can’t run a city that way!
         Why do the Lancaster Newspapers continue to unquestioningly support a Mayor and his administration that are failing miserably? How many companies bid on this job? And is this really all about the “visitors?”
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 26th, 2015 Becky 18 comments
         The good newspaper is fair, accurate, honest, responsible, independent and decent. Truth is its guiding principle.
         It avoids practices that would conflict with the ability to report and present news in a fair, accurate and unbiased manner.
         The newspaper and its staff should be free of obligations to news sources and newsmakers. Even the appearance of obligation or conflict of interest should be avoided.
    From the Ethics Statement of the Associated Press Media Editors (click here).
         The basic journalistic principle of independence is in every media code of ethics in this country and has not changed one iota with the move to digital news. The same principles apply.
         Please also see the comments under this post. So why is Joseph coming to Lancaster and working for LNP and breaking basic journalism ethics, when with his resume, he could get any number of jobs in much larger markets? 


    lison josephJoseph

    From LNP Sports Editor Chris Otto’s Twitter feed yesterday.Joseph2

    From Lison Joseph’s Linkedin profile (click here). 
         Okay, someone please tell me what is going on?  And there is one absolutely crucial question in all of this.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on February 25th, 2015 Becky 3 comments

    Marley JamesReisinger’s Yorkie


    andreaAndrea Gillhoolley
    Community Engagement Team Leader/ Reporter for the Lebanon Daily News

         I am the Community Engagement Team Leader for the Lebanon Daily News. What does that mean? Well, I consider it a hybrid between journalism and marketing. You could say I market the work of journalists through social media as well as keeping readers engaged with the media organization. 

    My skills include:
    Strong understanding of how to utilize social media to market a brand (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, RebelMouse, Geofeedia, Google +  Digital storytelling with Soundcite, StorymapJS, TimelineJS/Meograph, SmugMug (photo slide shows)

    From her Linkedin account (click here).

         Actually, she is now the “Social Media Manager” for LNP and the Lebanon Daily News is looking for a new “Community Engagement Manager.”
         These are new positions in most media outlets with their new emphasis on Facebook pages and Twitter.  Should Gillhoolley have stopped the scary, threatening and bullying feeding frenzy of comments on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page aimed at Carie Reisinger yesterday over her alleged treatment of her dog (please see the story immediately below)?  What is acceptable and what is not? What if Reisinger repeatedly called the Lancaster Newspapers yesterday (she says she did) to tell them it was all an accident, should the Lancaster Newspapers have taken some action?
         Click here for WGAL’s “Social media bullying could mean criminal charges in Pa.,” and please check back later today.


    Posted on February 24th, 2015 Becky 10 comments


     carie      Carie Reisinger called me this afternoon and said she did not abuse her dog.  She is in today’s Police Log for animal cruelty (click here). She said her dog got out by accident and she was not aware he was loose when she briefly ran to the store
           Lancaster Online ran her log entry as a “tease” on their Facebook page this morning and the comments are just incredible and brutal under the post (click here). 


    Posted on February 23rd, 2015 Becky 18 comments
    UPDATED – 2-24-15  
         I put this under the comments but thought I’d move it to the front page as I take Rednek’s advice and ignore Smart’s drivel – for the most part – moving on:
         I have to go back to Smart for a minute and test your memories:
         This man spends all day writing long, unreadable, nonsensical pieces for a Facebook page with 434 “likes” which means about 24 people actually read it. The one constant commenter on there is Bob Straub. Does anyone know who Bob Straub is/related to?
    [Hint: It is one of my “favorite,” most outrageous stories of all time!]



              Smart has taken an absolutely unacceptable low road.  As noted here last week, LNP has hired Dorine Bethea as their “Breaking News Editor,” (click here).  On her Twitter page, her last two entries before being hired by LNP involve the website “Mashable” and her Tweet on November 13th is a quote by their chief marketing officer, “Relevance is the new Authenticity.”
         Feeling jealous and out-of-touch and without a clue, Smart must have googled the expression and found a bizarre article on the “Ottawa Citizen” titled, “Potter: Authenticity, anti-vaxxers, and the rise of neoprimitivism,” (click here).
         You went way, way too far this time, Smart.  You don’t even have a clue what authenticity or relevance means!  This is outrageous!
         Their two Twitter pages are captured below and the above is an illustration from the article Smart links to on Twitter and also on his “Smart Remarks” Facebook page.



    Posted on February 21st, 2015 Becky 6 comments


         I spent more time last night thinking about David Brinton and what a fool and a liar he is than I care to reveal (see the story immediately below).  The fix must be in – Peggy Steinman, owner of LNP, must have opened her pocketbook big time for the York County Republican Party.
         This morning, I found his Facebook page and I would really like to know how these fools end up in positions of power in the government?  I could post pictures all day long…

    Brinton1   Brinton2

    Brinton5      Brinton3


    Posted on February 20th, 2015 Becky 7 comments



    David Brinton from his Linkedin profile.     
         I spoke with David Brinton, who Chairs the Harrisburg Department of Community & Economic Development which oversees the CRIZ program on the state level, by phone this morning.  There are two points from that conversation I will make today; one, Briton told me the Marriott Expansion program was included in Lancaster’s CRIZ application. It was not. This is what was in the CRIZ application – and Brinton may have confused them but they are two entirely different things (click here): CRIZ2
          Two, Brinton also told me he didn’t have a problem with the conflicts on the Lancaster CRIZ Board and the PSP (LNP and High Industries) – specifically the two we discussed were Thomas Baldrige being married to LNP investigative reporter Susan Baldrige and Daniel Bentancourt being married to the LNP editor of  La Voz Hispana, Enelly Bentancourt. This is from the CRIZ application itself under the Bylaws of the CRIZ Authority: 
        This is obviously a blatant conflict as recognized by the Board members themselves!
         There are a lot of other problems with the application and CRIZ requirements and they will come in the next several days. This is an unplanned, unauthorized, unethical money grab by two multi-million dollar companies and it is unacceptable and it does not meet the CRIZ requirements.  Period.
    Have a great Friday and please check back tomorrow. 

    Posted on February 20th, 2015 Becky 6 comments


    From the “Realest People of Lancaster” Facebook page.

    Click here for “Monica Miller homicide: Inside the ‘ambush’ ” and please check back later today.


    Posted on February 19th, 2015 Becky 11 comments


    ***   Randy Patterson, the  Director of Economic Development & Neighborhood Revitalization for the City of Lancaster, told me yesterday by phone that Deana Zoksy, the compliance contact for the CRIZ, is being paid by the City of Lancaster. He said at some point the city expects be reimbursed by the state program but that those dollars had not yet begun to flow.  Asked if Zosky has been paid for work, Patterson said “Yes.”
         I will file a new Right-to-Know request with the City of Lancaster, and using your suggestions under “GAMES, GAMES, GAMES!” (click here), I will request specific documents.

    So why has LNP kept the public completely in the dark about Police Chief Keith Sadler and the allegations of years of abuse by his ex-wife in a book?  I have a number of theories/answers and they will come tomorrow.  And, of course, they are all self-serving and some involve the convention center/Marriott Hotel. 

    ** If any of you think my post from yesterday morning (click here) regarding LNP, domestic violence and Police Chief Keith Sadler was harsh, there have been two horrific domestic violence murders in the news in the last two days.  It is inexcusable for LNP and the other local media to continue to protect Sadler!

    * He’s in custody – click here!


         Randall Shreiner was last known to be driving a blue 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport with PA registration JRJ2780.
         Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts should “exercise caution” and contact Ephrata police at 738-9200 or 733-8611, authorities said Wednesday night.
         Click here for, “‘Person of interest’ sought in killing of Ephrata woman,” and please check back later today.


    Posted on February 18th, 2015 Becky 4 comments


         The PSP (LNP and High Industries) have not submitted their application for CRIZ monies for their Marriott Hotel expansion. That is what Randy Patterson, Lancaster City’s Director of Economic Development & Neighborhood Revitalization, told me over the phone this morning.  That means it will not be discussed at the February 24th meeting of the CRIZ authority – if there even is one.
         Patterson said that he was not sure their was enough on the agenda to hold the February meeting at all but he will meet with the Chair tomorrow to find out. I will call him on Friday to absolutely confirm – but he said the PSP application would have to go before a committee before being discussed at a monthly authority meeting.  So this coming Tuesday is off the radar and allows me time to work on my plan of action (and also cover other thing besides the CRIZ)!
         Patterson also provided information regarding payments to Deana Zosky, the CRIZ “compliance contact” who has been the subject of several articles here and a Right-to-Know request to the city that was denied. That will come tomorrow.
         Yesterday, I noted that the Lancaster Newspapers have hired an African-American woman for their editorial staff and have changed the format of their employee listing – eliminating the photographs. As I suspected, I believe this has everything to do with obtaining CRIZ money. From the Pennsylvania Department of General Services – Contract Compliance – there is this (click here):
         The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is committed to nondiscrimination, both in its own employment practices and in the practices of the companies with which it does business. Agencies under the Governor’s jurisdiction are required to develop contract compliance programs to monitor the employment practices of contractors and grantees doing business with the Commonwealth.
          That absolutely eliminates the Lancaster Newspapers and PSP. Twenty percent of their staff, at the very minimum, should be minority to reflect the community they serve. There will be no CRIZ money for LNP – one woman of color does not come close to twenty percent or make up for 50 years of blatant discrimination!
         There is so much going on – domestic violence from this morning’s post, a murder in Ephrata, the NRA lawsuit and much more. I will get to some of those and Zosky tomorrow.
         Don’t even bother to apply PSP – you are not getting any more of the public’s money!   

    Posted on February 18th, 2015 Becky No comments

    * Important information regarding the Penn Square Partners and the CRIZ program is coming later today.





    Today’s LNP editorial (click here).

    Domestic Violence1     From September 10, 2014 on this site (click here): 
         …Rosaura Torres suffered in silence for years.
          The Northeast Philadelphia woman, 54, was married to a Philadelphia police officer who eventually ascended into the top ranks of the department. He beat, kicked and choked her for 16 years until one especially brutal beating left her with a detached retina that left her partially blind.
          Throughout, she begged him to stop and threatened to report him.
          “He made it very clear that no one would listen to me because of his position in the community,” Torres said. “He said: ‘No one’s going to listen to you. They’ll all say you’re crazy.’ And he was right.”
          She wrote a letter to city and police officials in 2001 to protest his promotion, citing his history of domestic abuse. He was promoted anyway.
          The couple divorced in 2004.
          The Daily News is not naming her ex-husband, who has since retired in Philadelphia and now works outside the city, because he was never criminally charged.

    From today’s with the above photo and article titled, “Domestic Terrors,” (click here).
          I’ll name her ex-husband: It is Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler. Does it get any more outrageous or disgusting than this? 


    Posted on February 17th, 2015 Becky 6 comments


    Dorine Bethea     LNP has changed their contact information – the list of their editorial employees (click here).  The format has changed and the pictures are gone and with the exception of the top guns who are listed first, the names are now in alphabetical order. I think there’s a reason for all of this and that will come later.
         But it came up in the comments in the story immediately below that LNP has hired a Black woman within the last several weeks. It is simply incredible that I am typing a sentence like that in 2015 but that is the reality of the situation.
          See the name in the middle from their new contact information – Dorine Bethea.  She will mostly be behind the scenes – and I believe this very impressive Linkedin resume has to be hers although her social media pages (Facebook and Twitter) have not been updated to reflect her new employment. So, is “change” really coming to LNP fifty years after the Civil Rights Act?  Hmmm… 

    Dorine Bethea1


    Posted on February 16th, 2015 Becky 16 comments

    * Click here for “MAYOR GRAY HAS AN ‘OOPS!'”  This is terrible and deceptive reporting by Nephin. I think it’s absolutely purposeful and demanded by LNP higher-ups to protect Gray and thereby their precious Marriott Hotel.  This is unbelievable!



          Today’s article by LNP reporter Dan Nephin on the NRA lawsuit against the city (click here). The last we heard from Nephin was the city’s insurance company, Travelers, was going to cover the costs. Normally, that would mean that Traverlers would handle the suit and make all responses. 

         What Nephin doesn’t tell you in this article is that it was the law firm of Zimmerman, Pfannebecker, Nuffort & Albert, LLP who filed the motion for a stay with Judge Joseph Madenspacher on Friday.  Robert L. Pfannebecker of the firm is the City’s Solicitor (click here).
        I tried to reach Pfannebecker by phone today but their offices are closed due to the holiday. Who is going to pay them for all of this work – the city or Travelers?
         On February 10th, I put in the following Right-to-Know request with the City of Lancaster:
         How much has been raised by the Common Sense Lancaster Legal Defense Fund to defend Lancaster City against the lawsuit filed by the NRA. What law firm is being used by the City of Lancaster to defend the lawsuit and how much has that law firm been paid to today’s date?
         On Friday, I received this response from Patrick Hopkins, the Business Administrator for the City:
          I am unable to process your request because there were no documents requested.  As permitted by Chapter 7, Section 705 of the Right to Know Law; Creation of record, “When responding to a request for access, an agency shall not be required to create a record which does not currently exist or to compile, maintain, format or organize a record in a manner in which the agency does not currently compile, maintain, format or organize the record.” Please be advised that this correspondence will serve to close this record with our office as permitted by law.
         I will appeal and also refax my request this week simply asking how much has been raised.  This is an outrage.  Below is a letter that was part of the City’s motion. These documents are available on the Lancaster County Prothonotary’s civil records search under “National Rifle Association.”



    Posted on February 15th, 2015 Becky 2 comments


    Steve Markle (300x238)                    Steve & Cheryl                  cheryl Markle3
        … Keep up with your yellow bellied and feeble comments. That’s your style. Inadequate and ineffective.
          Part of an insulting comment in from Steve Markle last evening about 8:00 pm. He now has almost 1,000 comments into this site over the last two years all saying the exact same thing! Trying to insult and threaten me is obviously the only joy he gets out of life and is his replacement for love, sex and companionship. How sick is that? And his “opinions” mean less to me than the opinion of the flea on my neighbor’s dog.
         So, Steve, you were thinking about me on Valentine’s night instead of your wife, Cheryl?  Funny, that’s what she’s been secretly telling people about you for years – inadequate and ineffective!  They make pills for part of your problem. For the rest of your problems, you need a psychiatrist and a jail cell.  

         Click here for “CHERYL & STEVE MARKLE” and on a serious note, I recently faxed in four Right-to-Know requests to the City of Lancaster and I have received answers in the mail to each.  One “answer” was posted here yesterday and the other three will come later today and tomorrow. 


    Posted on February 14th, 2015 Becky 19 comments


    Deana Zorsky
    Deana Zosky
    RTK # 1:  How much has Deana Zosky, the Lancaster CRIZ Authority’s compliance contact, been paid by the City of Lancaster since she assumed the position as the city’s CRIZ compliance contact to today’s date?
         I faxed the above Right-to-Know request into the City of Lancaster on February 10th.  Yesterday, I received an answer in the mail from Patrick Hopkins, the Business Administrator, as follows:
        I am unable to process your request because there were no documents requested.  As permitted by Chapter 7, Section 705 of the Right to Know Law; Creation of record, “When responding to a request for access, an agency shall not be required to create a record which does not currently exist or to compile, maintain, format or organize a record in a manner in which the agency does not currently compile, maintain, format or organize the record.” Please be advised that this correspondence will serve to close this record with our office as permitted by law.
         This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read and it is also scary on multiple levels.  This is one of the most basic facts the public has a right to know – the amount of their money paid to an employee or contracted individual.  I will appeal – and also fax in a new request to the city specifically asking for the accounting record/spread sheet/document of all payments made to Deana Zosky by the city.
         Games, games, games!  Is there a reason behind this childish and unacceptable attempt to deny the public information they absolutely have a right to know?
         Click here for “ZOSKY A FRAUD?” on this site and click here for her two page website – thumbnails of the two pages are pictured below.
    [Editor’s note: Tomorrow I will come back to the Marriott Hotel expansion plan and the attempt by the PSP Partners (LNP and High Industries), two multi-million dollar companies, to get even more public money for their white elephant through the CRIZ program.  Also, the permanent box outlining all the unsolved murders in Lancaster under Mayor Gray and the sordid past of Police Chief Keith Sadler will return to the top of this website.] 




    Posted on February 13th, 2015 Becky 14 comments


         Yes, but it’s the fact shes never been in trouble before that’s why she got the classes & community service. But yes being a hot white female with a good lawyer helps.
         The above was posted by Nathan Rosenberry on girlfriend Julia Slaymaker’s Facebook page today and does he ever know how Lancaster County works (see below and more comments have come in under her post since I captured her page about 3:00 pm today)!
         Slaymaker’s preliminary hearing was this morning at 9:00 am in front of District Judge David P. Miller. According to her docket, both charges – a M2 for Recklessly Endangering Another Person and a M for Possession of a Controlled Substance (heroin) – were “withdrawn.”
         Rosenberry himself has been in lots of trouble with the law before and was arrested with Slaymaker and you won’t believe what happened to his charges.  It obviously helps to be a white male dating a wife female named Slaymaker in Lancaster County.
         Remember this story, “Police: 2 dump unconscious man suffering heroin overdose by Manheim Twp. road,” (click here).
         This is unbelievable!  This is outrageous!
    [Editor’s note: Slaymaker’s docket indicates she was represented by Attorney Cody J. Miller; however, I called his office this afternoon and was told he did not represent her at this morning’s preliminary hearing.] 

    Posted on February 13th, 2015 Becky 2 comments


         This is the scene on Manor Street after a police officer fired several shots at Kenneth White while he was sitting in his car following a high speed police chase  Wednesday morning.  The sharp noises you hear are an officer breaking out a window with his night stick.  It is unknown exactly how much time passed between the officer firing the shots, one which hit White, and the start of this video.


    Posted on February 12th, 2015 Becky 14 comments


    police shooting

          There is a 3 minute 31 second video of yesterday’s police shooting on the internet. LNP moved this story off their homepage this morning.  There has been no follow-up by LNP to this story – the name of the man who was shot and his condition or the name of the officer who shot him.  This is shocking!  There were multiple shots fired and numerous police officers on the scene. The Lancaster Police are totally out of control!

         This was posted as a comment below the video on one of the Facebook pages that shared it:
         They think they spend all this money on fancy Hotels & Bars & Night Clubs its going to turn things around for the city but none of that is going to help the people or areas of the city that need the attention. 


         There was a high speed police chase through Lancaster yesterday before noon and an officer shot the driver of the car they were chasing.  But LNP chose to put the story on page A-3 in today’s print edition.  Nothing to see here folks – move along. 
         And Police Chief Keith Sadler actually showed up at the scene. A friend’s immediate reaction to Sadler’s being there – “Uh oh, that means they have a whole lot to cover-up!”
         Click here to read, “Police shoot, wound ‘highly intoxicated’ man after vehicle chase in Lancaster City; man is 37-year-old city resident,” and please check back later today. 

    Police shoot driver