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    Posted on January 26th, 2011 Becky 30 comments
       On December 6, 2010, an arsonist killed Olga Sanchez-Reyes and critically injured two of her children. A year-and-a-half before, an arsonist also targeted a property owned by Sanchez-Reyes and her husband. This post will remain at the top of this site until an arrest is made in this horrific murder and also the horrific murder below added in July of this year.
    Click here for “Lancaster police chief vows to find arsonist.”

      On May 16th of this year, 83-year-old Erma Kaylor was brutally stabbed to death in her home at 235 W. Vine Street.  No arrest has been made.

    Click here for “Chief says police will find killer of 83-year-old woman.”

    Click on the “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab above to see the names of the victims of the eleven unsolved murders since Keith Sadler became the Police Chief on April 23, 2008.


         This permanent box had been up for over a year when on July 29, 2012, I chanced upon Rosaura Torres-Sadler and her book detailing physical abuse by her ex-husband, the current Chief of the Lancaster Police, Keith Sadler (click here).
        The Lancaster Newspapers have not written one word about this  and most citizens in Lancaster are unaware of his past.   “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge” is available from


    Posted on April 17th, 2014 Becky No comments



    Angie & Randy

    Angie & Randy Funk from their mutual Facebook page.

    angela-funk  Angie & Randy2

    Angela Funk from her Linkedin profile and Angie & Randy Funk at Christmas from their mutual Facebook page.


    Michael Roseboro in prison.

         It’s Spring Break! LIP will not be publishing after today and will return to daily publishing on April 24th.   
         LIP News has learned there is a national investigative television show  in development on the Roseboro murder.  They are currently in Denver and have lined up interviews with several people directly involved in the case for the next several days. The producer said it will take four to eight months to air. If you are out and about in Lancaster County in the next few days, you just might see their film crew. It will be interesting to see how this show will differ from the 48 Hours program “Lady in The Pool
        Wow!  Five years later!  And yes, Angie and Randy still live together in Denver with their three (actually Michael Roseboro is the father of one) children.

         Have a safe and happy holiday and see you on April 24!

    Posted on April 17th, 2014 Becky 6 comments

     * According to Cardwell’s docket, the charges were waived to court at this morning’s preliminary hearing and his Formal Arraignment in Common Pleas Court is scheduled for May 9th at 9:00 am.  I faxed a request for comment to his attorney, Steven Breit, at about 1:00 pm today and will post his response if one is received.  I will continue to follow this case after Spring break.
    There is a huge surprise coming this afternoon!


    Javon Caldwell

         Javon Caldwell’s preliminary hearing is scheduled for this morning at 9:30 am in front of District Judge B. Denise Commins according to his court docket.  Caldwell is charged with terroristic threats, simple assault and careless driving resulting from an incident on March 8th of this year.  He is being represented by none other than “Amish Mafia” attorney Steven Breit!  From March 13th on this site, “WHO WAS THE VICTIM?” (click here):

    Man pulls gun during road-rage incident in East Lampeter Twp.(click here) 

         LNP reporter Jennifer Todd uses the word “victim” five times in the article that accompanies the above headline which has been a lead story on Lancaster Online for hours.
    Who was really the victim here?  Did Javon Caldwell have the right to protect himself and his infant?  And what is the other man’s name – or did his parents really name him “victim?”  And why this huge, scary headline when it was a toy gun?


    Posted on April 16th, 2014 Becky 1 comment


    Not Smart

         Here’s a list of the top five Lancaster County donors to each campaign from January 2013 through March 31:

    Tom Corbett

    1. S. Dale High, Lancaster, $43,500

    2. Beverly R. Steinman, Lancaster, $17,000

    From today’s LNP story, “Search the data: Here’s everyone from Lancaster County who’s given money to a governor candidate,” (click here).
         Unbelievable!  The partners in the convention center/hotel disaster and the racist owner of the Lancaster Newspapers.  Does it get any more disgusting than this?
         Actually, it does!  It’s been a cold day and I’m in a really bad mood after reading something else this morning (that will come in a minute).  Following tomorrow afternoon’s post (with a major surprise), this site is going on holiday break for a week.  I don’t know the exact date I’ll be back because I haven’t had time to study a calendar, but it will be a full seven days of cleaning, house repair and general catching up!
         Now, it was this post on “investigative reporter” Gil Smart’s “Smart Remarks” Facebook page, that exactly 406 people “like,” that really set me off:
       Just got off the phone with an elderly reader from Chester County who every now and then calls to rant at me. No discussion involved; I am wrong and she is right and she is going to go on for the next 20 minutes as to why, and I am going to sit and listen to it because I am wrong and newspaper writers aparently have an obligation to be ranted at, and she’s going to set me straight.
         She failed.
         Oh, isn’t Smart smart and clever?  Someone suggested Smart just hang up!  His response:
           Nah, I don’t hang up on people, that would reflect poorly on the newspaper. I let them roll – it can actually get kind of funny. I’ve always thought I should record some of these phone calls and post the audio online.
         Before I come to his absurd “reflect poorly on the newspaper” comment, I have this to say:
    1.  If I were your employer you would be fired for wasting 20 minutes!  Politely say, “I am working on a big story and must go!” and then hang up.  Oh, that’s right, in Smart’s case he’s not working on a damn thing except self-promotion.
    2.  Not only do you waste 20 minutes on the call, you then waste many more minutes posting it and answering questions (including some from LNP colleagues who are also goofing off and probably make up the majority of your 406 “likes”) on a Facebook page that only 406 people in a county of over 500,000 people “like”.  I bet a lot of people’s cats have more “likes” than that and they haven’t been on Facebook for years!
    3.  Recently, on social media, you have taken deserved flak for working for a blatantly racist employer while spouting your “liberal” nonsense.  At some point you have to own up to it and accept it!  You were asked repeatedly years ago on the old “Talkback” forum why there was a lack of diversity at LNP and you never answered.  I can document it!  So, you have decided to stay in your cushy job where you do virtually nothing for a racist and unethical employer who is breaking the law – then you need to own it and stop being a total hypocrite and fraud.
    4.  Why don’t you actually investigate something?  You could investigate why the police department discriminates in their hiring.  You could investigate why every county and city office discriminates in their hiring.  You could investigate the all white juries and why Lancaster County has a unconstitutional jury selection process.  Those are crucially important, aren’t they?  Oh, that’s right – the reason they are that way is because of your racist employer!  They want and keep things that way!
    5.  There are 16 unsolved murders in Lancaster City in the last eight years.  You could investigate the police handling of those and why well paid, highly trained public servants can’t solve them.  Oh, that’s right – most of the victims are minorities or not of social or economic importance for LNP to care.  The same with the unsolved shootings, stabbings and robberies.  So the newspaper is just letting people be killed, shot and stabbed.  Who cares?  Let the (minority) readers be killed and maimed!  We like it like that.
    6.  You could investigate the racial bias in bail amounts and sentencing by Judges.  There are several current cases that are prime examples.  Oh wait, LNP likes it like that.
    7.  There are the still unsolved deaths of Darryl Morton and Judy Cora in Manheim Township that you could investigate.  Oh, that’s right – they were minoriities.  LNP doesn’t care and doesn’t do those stories.
         Well, I’m getting angry so I’ll finish the list tomorrow.  Hey, Gil, there’s a hooker named Abby on the line for you!  You called her for a follow-up story?  Just remember, there are no prostitutes working for LNP or at their Marriott Hotel – or are there?

    Posted on April 16th, 2014 Becky 4 comments


               Nicole Carl           Nicole Carl2

          Are these pictures of the same woman?  For two days, Lancaster Online had the poorly headlined story, “Office manager embezzles over $40,000 from car shop, police allege,” on their homepage (click here).  For twenty-four hours, they featured the picture on the left.  Suddenly, they switched to the picture on the right with no explanation. 
         Are they both Nicole Carl?  Is one from social media and one her police booking photo?  Why doesn’t the reporter on the story and the editors explain and tell the public why the photo switch?  This is terrible reporting!
         And why do they even bother to arrest white women in Lancaster County for stealing money from “white collar” jobs?  They all get probation!
         And what happened to the story about House Member Mike Sturla’s office assistant charged with trying to steal from her insurance company?  That story disappeared quickly, didn’t it?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 15th, 2014 Becky 5 comments


          Aha.  Will LCP learn anything from this?? Will Lancaster  coalition/Steinmans allow video to be released in the future??  So many  questions.
    This email just in about the LNP story, “UPDATE: More than 20 people call police to identify theft suspect,” (click here). 
         Exactly!  LNP sounds surprised!  That’s what the cameras are for!  That’s what they can and should do!   Why is this a hard concept for the Lancaster Police and the Lancaster Newspapers?  Why?

    * *** BREAKING NEWS *** The New Era “Editorial Page Editor,” James F. Burchik, lives in Mount Gretna, Lebanon County!!!


    Lebanon Levi & Breit Lebanon Levi and Lancaster Attorney Steven Breit

         Their leader, 34-year-old Levi King Stoltzfus — aka Lebanon Levi — had a  number of run-ins with the justice system before the cable TV show began in  2012.
    And get this, he’s not even from Lancaster County. He’s from across the  border in Lebanon County.

    From today’s New Era editorial slamming the “Amish Mafia” TV show and titled, “Enough of ‘Amish Mafia’ absurdity,” (not currently online).
         What an unbelievably stupid editorial!  And get this editorial writer, it’s just a TV show!
         With all the moral indignation they can muster, the editorial states:
         And they’re dragging Lancaster County through the mud, as well.
         The racist, unethical Lancaster Newspapers have been dragging legitimate journalism through the mud for years!  And why don’t you mention local attorney Steven Breit, the legal consultant for the show and attorney for many of the cast members?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 14th, 2014 Becky 2 comments


          It has been that kind of a day!  The video is courtesy of my British friend, galty, under the “ASSAULT IS A CRIME!” post below on this site!  I really would like to hear the story about the three nuns in a railway compartment! 
         Back to “serious” news tomorrow – and apparently LNP owner, Beverly (Peggy) Steinman’s, purse strings don’t reach to the Commonwealth Court – click here for “Commonwealth Court rebuffs LNP effort to learn hotel-tax payments.”  This company is unbelievably corrupt!  I’d like to see what Monty Python could do with Peggy, Gil Smart and LNP!


    Posted on April 13th, 2014 Becky 8 comments


     *     Every single day there is so much to cover and so little time.  This comment came in under “BREAKING NEWS – NOT SHACKED UP!” below on this site and since it’s been pushed down fairly far, you might not have noticed it – and it’s important.  This man was from York and it’s also a story I have wanted to address.   If you follow the link to the YDR story, it really is scary!  What the heck is going on?  Why doesn’t Smart investigate this?
          Hmmmm… is this something new? Running Lancaster Newspapers stories on the York Daily Record and then steering online viewers to the Lancasteronline website for more info?
         Shouldn’t the YDR be investigating this fiasco of kid glove treatment of this doctor instead of just re-spewing the LNP’s nothing of an article?
         Will the newspapers “marry” as well?
         Click here for, “Lancaster doctor pleads guilty in death of man found in car in North York.”


         Does Gil Smart write a story once a year about the untaxed properties in Lancaster County?  This may surprise you – but yes, he does!  He really does!  And they get more ridiculous and pathetic as each year passes!
         Click here (if you feel you have to) for today’s big Sunday News front-page story, “$3.8 billion in property untaxed in Lancaster County” and please check back later today.   

    Posted on April 12th, 2014 Becky 4 comments


          Who beat Christopher Paul Guido?  What reporters, editors and newspapers in this country run a booking photo like this without asking who assaulted him?  It seems fairly obvious in this case that it was the police and that is a crime. 
         Guido is not charged with resisting arrest – a common cover for police brutality – and he’s not charged with assault either.  So the police are not alleging that he put up a fight or resisted when arrested. And there’s not a mention of how he got all the bruises, scrapes and the fat lip in the police press release (click here). So how did his face get this way?  And why isn’t anyone at the Lancaster Newspapers asking?  Why isn’t Mayor Gray asking?  Why isn’t the Chief of Police asking?  Do the Mayor and the Chief condone police brutality?
        Would it be okay if the police had done this to Peter Sturla, the son of House of Representatives Member Mike Sturla, when he was arrested twice?   Oh, that’s right -  the Lancaster Newspapers didn’t even report those two arrests. 
    There will be much more tomorrow.


    Posted on April 11th, 2014 Becky 4 comments
    * (click here):
    Usage note     
         The term NIGGER is now probably the most offensive word in English. Its degree of offensiveness has increased markedly in recent years, although it has been used in a derogatory manner since at least the Revolutionary War. The senses labeled Extremely Disparaging and Offensive represent meanings that are deeply insulting and are used when the speaker deliberately wishes to cause great offense. It is so profoundly offensive that a euphemism has developed for those occasions when the word itself must be discussed, as in court or in a newspaper editorial: “the n-word.”     
         Despite this, the sense referring to a “black person” is sometimes used among African Americans in a neutral or familiar way. The sense referring to other victims of prejudice, especially when used descriptively, as to denounce that prejudice, is not normally considered disparaging—as in “The Irish are the niggers of Europe” from Roddy Doyle’s The Commitments —but the other uses are considered contemptuous and hostile.

    1. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive.

         a. a black person.
         b. a member of any dark-skinned people.
    2. Slang: Extremely Disparaging and Offensive. a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc.
    3. a victim of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks; a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.

    Origin: 1640–50;  < French nègre  < Spanish negro  black


    The headline on a Letter to the Editor in today’s paper by Rev. Edward M. Bailey of the Bethel AME Church and signed by 78 members of the church (click here).
          Unbelievable!  So the new President of the Lancaster Newspapers, John Kirkpatrick III, thinks the “N-word” can be used in a good way;  even in an “affectionate” way.  Why am I not surprised?  Absolutely disgusted – but not surprised.
    If LNP had a minority editor or reporter, Kirkpatrick could ask them what they think about the “N-word.”  But of course, LNP doesn’t have a single minority on their editorial staff.  As the Rev. Bailey suggests:  why doesn’t Kirkpatrick ask President Obama what he thinks of the word?  Or maybe Kirkpatrick could stay local and ask Ron Martin of WGAL what he thinks of the word?
    Absolutely unbelievable!  Run this racist newspaper company out of town!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 10th, 2014 Becky 1 comment


          Charles Sumner “Chuck” Stone Jr., an outspoken former Philadelphia newspaper columnist so trusted that more than 70 criminal suspects surrendered to him first rather than to police, died Sunday in an assisted-living facility in North Carolina. He was 89.
         …In 1977, suspects began calling on Mr. Stone to help them surrender to police, believing his presence offered a measure of protection from law enforcement officers who had a reputation for heavy-handedness against African Americans.
         “People would turn themselves in to Chuck so they wouldn’t get tuned up by the police,” said novelist Pete Dexter, a former Daily News columnist who shared an office with Mr. Stone. “He was a singularly good human being.” (click here).
          The death of Chuck Stone and memories of my time at the Philadelphia Tribute have occupied my thoughts for the last few days.  I spent a long time last night and this morning looking for a piece I wrote many years ago about one of the most life changing nights I spent there, but couldn’t find it.  So, I’ll briefly rehash it.
          I was alone in the office and answering the phone.  All the reporters and Associate Editor, Jim Davis, were at dinner.  The only other person in the office was the Editor, Jim Cassell, in his office in the back of the room. 
         I took a call from an angry and scared man who said he had just witnessed the police beating up a Black man and we needed to send a reporter now.  He said he would wait there until someone came to tell his story.  He said a lot of people had seen it happen.  It happened less than two blocks from the office.
         I went to tell Jim Cassell.  He put on his coat and was about to leave.  “Be careful,” I said.  “Why do you say that?” he asked.  “There will be police everywhere.”  “I know,” I said, “That’s why I said be careful.”  “You’re learning a lot here, aren’t you?” he said and he left.
         The moment he walked down the stairs, the phone began to ring and it didn’t stop for three hours.  Jim and the reporters came back and the office began to work as one.  We put out a brilliant, moving edition of the Philadelphia Tribune that caught the mayor’s, and the police’s, attention. 
         Millie, the receptionist, was finally told to stop putting calls through unless they seemed vitally important.  The last call she put through was from a white doctor at the local hospital.  We didn’t know the purpose of his call. 
         “I’ll take it,” Jim Cassell said, “and if he gives me any shit, I’m going to let him have it,” the normally mild-mannered man said with an anger I had never seen.
         He came out of his office several minutes later.  “He said he worked on the man tonight.  The police beat him very  badly.  He says he sees way to much of this.  He said we have to do a story and help put a stop to this.  He said it’s not right that the police do this.   He said I can use his name and position at the hospital.”
         It was that kind of night.  That was over thirty years ago.  I’ll have a lot to say later today.


    Posted on April 9th, 2014 Becky 6 comments


          The demographics of this country will overtake the Republicans.
    Mary Weaver in this morning’s panel on immigration talking to Joe Pitts’ Chief of Staff, Tom Tillett (click here). 
          That’s the way to tell him, Mary!  And why was Barbara Hough Roda, the Executive Editor of the racist and law-breaking Lancaster Newspapers, the moderator of this program?  And her boss, Beverly (Peggy) Steinman, the owner of LNP, has been one of Joe Pitts’ biggest financial backers for years.  It is unconscionable!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 8th, 2014 Becky 2 comments

    ** This has turned into a crazy week.  LIP News will be back tomorrow.  Thank you for your patience.

    * The police press release on the arrest is here.


          Great job Lancaster City police for removing this perp from our streets.  I can’t understand why a 16 year old man/child’s mug shot is plastered on the front page of the paper and tv when G Scott Davis, an adult, whom actually killed someone was withheld for so long.  The double standard is sickening.
         This comment in this morning about LNP’s story, “Police arrest teen in shooting of 16-year-old in Lancaster city,” (click here).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 6th, 2014 Becky No comments

    * “Chuck Stone, 89, a legendary former Daily News columnist,” (click here).


    The Skirt Ride-Up Problem

    (Continued from the Front Page) 

       I made the appointment.  What did he want me to ask?  New to Philadelphia and everything that was going on, I had no idea what I was supposed to talk to Chuck Stone about.

       ““You said you’’re a reporter, think of something,”” Jim said. 

        “”Can you give me a little help or hint?”” I asked. 

        Finally he said, “”There’’s talk he might go into politics.  Ask him about that.””

        Well, I came back with a story.  Jim leaned both his arms on my desk, glared at me and said, “ “If you’’re setting me up to be a fool I will find out where you live and I will personally come and strangle you.  Show me your notes.  He didn’t say that!””

        ““Yes, he did,”” I said. 

        Jim did a nice layout, boxed it and put it on page three with the catchy headline, “”Chuck Wants to Stone Gray.””  Chuck Stone responded to it several days later in the Daily News with great kindness and humor.  

        Thus, would begin Jim’’s quest to find out “how I got the story.”

        It was about a week later that I was sitting at Jim’’s desk and we were talking about Chuck Stone. 

        ““He said he worked as a reporter with somebody here, somebody named Jim,”” I said.  ““I forget the last name.  He said he should call him so they can go out to dinner.”” 

         ““What did you say, young lady?”” Jim Cassell came out of his office in the back. 

         “”Are you that Jim?”” I asked.  ““I’’m sorry.  I never knew your last name or I would have told you before.”” 

        ““Are you sure he said I should call him?” ” he asked.

        “”Yes,”” I said, “”He said it twice.  He’’s all alone in that big white building.  I’’m sure he must get lonely.  I’’m sure he meant it.””

         Jim came back into the office the next week after having dinner with Chuck Stone.  He was in an excellent mood.  “”He’’s a wonderful man,”” he said.  ““We agreed to have dinner again.  Yes, indeed, a fine man.””

        He stopped by my desk on the way back to his office and said in a low voice, ““Chuck said your skirt was quite short.””

        ““Oh!”” I said, ““It was not.  That skirt was below my knee.””

        He hesitated slightly and then began to walk away.

        ““Did he say anything else?”” I asked.

        ““No,”” Jim said, “He just said that your skirt was short.””

        I went on the defensive.  ““It most certainly was not,”” I said.  “”That’’s the first time I wore that skirt.  I didn’’t know it had a ride-up problem.””

       ” “Excuse me, young lady?”” Jim asked.

        ““Well,”” I said.  “the skirt had a ride-up problem.  It’’s not my fault.  How was I supposed to know?  It was the first time I ever wore it!””

        “”A ride-up problem?”” Jim asked.

        Jim Davis entered the conversation, “I am not familiar with this ride-up problem,”” he said.   “”Could you please explain it?””

        “”Some skirts ride-up,”” I said,  ““You never know.  You try them on in the store but you don’’t know if they ride-up or not until you wear them and sit down.  Some skirts ride-up when you sit down.  That skirt had a bad ride-up problem.””

        “”I see,”” Jim Davis said.  ““I will ask my wife about this ride-up problem,”” and he wrote it down on his ever present list of things to do, things to look up and questions to ask.

        Jim Cassell gave me a disbelieving look, “”I am not familiar with this skirt-ride up problem either,”” he said.

        I turned to Gwen.  “”Gwen,”” I asked, ““do some skirts have ride-up problems?””

        “”Oh yes,”” Gwen said very seriously.   ““You try them on in the store but you never sit down.  Some skirts have a bad ride-up problem and you don’’t know until the first time you wear it.””  She nodded her head vigorously.

        Both Jims were looking back and forth from one to the other of us.

        “”Well, Jim,”” Jim Cassell said, ““You let me know after you ask your wife,”” and he was about to walk away.

        “”Did he say anything about my shirt?”” I asked.

        ““No,”” Jim Cassell said.  ““Did your shirt have a problem too?””

        ““It shrank!”” I exclaimed.  ““It was the first time I washed and dried it and when I put it on it had shrunk.  Is it shrunk or shrank?”” I asked.  “”I always get those two confused.””

         Jim gave me a doleful look, ““I believe it’’s shrunk.””

        “”Thank you,”” I said. ““The shirt shrunk.””

        ““How much did the shirt shrink?”” he asked.

        ““Quite a bit,”” I said. ” “It was tight.””

        ““How tight was it?”” Jim asked.

        ““It was quite tight,”” I said.

        ““Have you ever worn that shirt here?”” he asked.

        “”Oh, no,”” I said.  ““I washed it again and it shrunk even more.  I’’d be arrested if I wore that shirt.””

        ““I see,”” Jim said as he gave me another doleful look and was about to walk away.

       ““I’’ve never had a shirt shrink at a better time,”” I said smiling.

        He looked at me.  ““So you’’re saying your skirt had a ride-up problem and your shirt shrunk?”” he asked.

       “”Exactly!”” I said.

        He was thinking fast.  He stopped in front of Gwen’’s desk.  ““Gwen,”” he said, ““do you remember when you interviewed that politician?  You looked very nice that day.  As I recall your skirt was quite short.””

        Gwen was awkwardly looking down at her hands. ““Well, um, yes,”” she said.  

        ““Did you get a good story, Gwen?”” I asked. 

        She turned and gave me a broad smile, ““Yes,”” she said, ““I got quite a good story.””

        “”Men are so easy!” I said and we both howled.

        Jim looked back and forth as if this thought had never entered his mind before.  He shook his head and walked back into his office.

         Three minutes later we heard a roar of laughter.  ““The shirt shrank,”” he said and he roared again. 

        Both Jim’s reported the following night that they had checked with their wives who confirmed that skirts, can indeed, have a ride-up problem. 

    Out of the utmost respect for Chuck Stone, I need to say that I didn’’t really get the story that way – well, yes and no, but not the way you think.  But then, that’’s another story.



    Posted on April 6th, 2014 Becky 8 comments

    04.04.14 Shooting 407 Howard Ave.

                         6 April 2014 by Det. Lt. Jarrad P. Berkihiser

         On Saturday, April 4th approximately 9:19PM Officers were dispatched to the report of a shooting at the Crispus Attucks Center, 407 Howard Ave.  Upon arrival officers located the shooting victim, a 16 year old male from Lancaster City suffering from a single gunshot wound to the leg.  The victim was transported to Lancaster General Hospital for treatment of a non-life threatening wound.  Based on the preliminary investigation it appears that the victim was shot inside the center during a private party.  
         While officers were investigating the shooting numerous fights were reported in the general area of Howard Ave. which required officers to request assistance from Manheim Township police to assist with crowd control.  No arrests have been made and the shooting remains under investigation.  
         Anyone that has information about this shooting are encouraged to call the Lancaster City Police or the Lancaster City/County Crime Stoppers.  
    A press release on the Lancaster Police website (click here).  
          Obviously Saturday’s date was the 5th, not the 4th, but what the heck is going on? 
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 5th, 2014 Becky 5 comments


               john-kirkpatrick1       rickspin       Sara Glines

          John A Kirpatrick III, President of the Lancaster Newspapers, and Sara Lee Glines, Publisher of the York Newspapers, were married on Feburary 1st of this year by Mayor J. Richard Gray at 120 N. Duke Street (City Hall).  Previously knowing that they had puchased a lovely five bedroom, 3006 square feet, stone home for $344,200 on Wheatland Avenue in Lancaster, I was planning on running a shocking “shacked up” headline.  Today, I check the marriage records and they bought the home one day before being married by the Mayor!
         I’m sure LNP owner Peggy Steinman is pleased and plus she has gained control of the York papers and there is no better way to kiss the Mayor’s butt than to have him perform the ceremony!  Ain’t Lancaster great!  Their lovely new home is below!
    [Editor's note:  Carol Power will not like the tax assessment amount on this home!]

       Wheatland3 Wheatland4


    Posted on April 4th, 2014 Becky 7 comments


         A shot was fired at 8:00 am this morning in the 200 block of South Queen Street just below the Save-A-Lot food store.  And even though the Lancaster Newspapers have a police scanner and are less than three blocks from the incident, apparently they can’t cover anything unless the police issue a press release confirming it.  So there is not a word about it and it may or may not show up in a police log a couple of days from now.
         This obviously, is not how a news organization is supposed to operate.  Their first and absolute loyalty is to the public and keeping them informed.
         And it’s also First Friday, so here’s another item they have not informed the public about.  A lawsuit was filed on March 14, 2014 in the U.S. Eastern District Court against the Lancaster City Bureau of Police, et al., from an incident that happened on the First Friday in November of 2013 (click here and you must have a Pacer account to read the documents).  The plaintiff in the case is Trina Howze – and you may recognize her name because three days before, her same attorney, Matthew Weisberg, filed a suit against the Milton Hershey School for an alleged strip search of her daughter that was covered by LNP (click here).
         For some reason, LNP has not covered her lawsuit against the Lancaster City Policy so counts #8 through #21 are below.  She is suing for an amount in excess of $75,000 for excessive force and Monell (improper training) claims.
         Have a great, careful and safe first Friday! 
    Trina Howze V. Lancaster City Bureau of Police, et al.  
      IV.    Statement of Claims
    8.  On or about November 1, 2013, Plaintiff was attending a “First Friday” event in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania.  The First Friday event is held on the first Friday of each month, when the downtown businesses open their doors after normal working hours and serve food and beverages; there are artistic displays and street performances.
    9.  Plaintiff was attending the event with her friend, [name redacted] (non-party).
    10.  After midnight in the morning of November 2, 2013, Plaintiff and her friend were going home and were standing on the corner of Chestnut Street and Queen Street.
    11.  There was a large group of African Americans standing on that corner and the Lancaster City Police began to argue with the group of African Americans.
    12.  Plaintiff was not arguing with the police, causing a disturbance nor doing anything other than waiting for the light to change so she could cross the street and return to her vehicle.
    13.  After several minutes of arguing with people standing near to Plaintiff, Defendant Police Officer John Doe No. 1 deployed a can of mace and sprayed Plaintiff in the face with the can of mace.
    14.  Plaintiff began crying and asking Defendant Police Officer No. 1 why he was maceing her.  Defendant Police Officer No. 1 told her “shut up and move.”
    15.  Due to the amount of people surrounding Plaintiff during the disturbance, it was impossible for Plaintiff to move.  She advised Defendant Police Officer John Doe No. 1 of this fact; he maced her in the face again.  At this time, Plaintiff was also hit in the mouth by another person who was writhing due to the mace.
    16.  In an effort to get away from the maceing, Plaintiff jumped off the curb down to the street and heard something pop in her back.
    17.  Internal Affairs officers from Lancaster City Bureau of Police have apologized to Plaintiff and advised her that she was “in the wrong place at the wrong time,” and further advised her that the officer who maced her was “pumped up from a previous incident” and upset.
    18.  As a direct result of the aforesaid, Plaintiff suffered sustained, serious, severe and long-term (potentially permanent) injuries, including, but not limited to a chipped incisor, lumbar strain and strain, extreme and continuing pain, together with various other injuries the exact extent of which are unknown at this time, including shock to Plaintiff’s nerves and nervous system with emotional distress.
    19.  The maceing of Plaintiff under the circumstances present at the time was an excessive use of force.
    20.  The conduct of the Defendants was part of a custom, policy and/or practice and these customs, policies or practices caused the violations of Plaintiff’s rights.  Specifically, Defendants Mace and otherwise use of excessive force without probable cause or reasonable suspicion, as a result of failure to train, supervise or otherwise.
    21.  Plaintiff has suffered and continues to suffer sever physical and psychological stress as a result.

    Posted on April 4th, 2014 Becky 6 comments

    ***BREAKING NEWS ***

          A shot was fired this morning in the 200 block of South Queen Street just before 8:00 am.  Police alerted LGH that someone might seek medical treatment for a gunshot wound.  It apparently involved a fight and police are on the scene just below the Save-A-Lot.

    Shooting April 4
    Picture courtesy of “Must See Pics an Vids” Facebook page.

    Check back as the story develops.

  • ** UPDATED – * UPDATED 4-3-14 – EQUAL JUSTICE? – 4

    Posted on April 2nd, 2014 Becky 9 comments


     **    I don’t know, Lauren Gardill.  How does a couple end up naming their son Devin?  You and your husband both receive paychecks from the public; your husband, James Gardill, as a West Hempfield police officer and you as an employee of the Hempfield School District.  I find the racist posts on your Facebook page (including the video linked to below and embedded on your page so you can view it there) extremely, extremely disturbing and offensive.  Enough so that both you and your husband’s jobs should be challenged.   

    * UPDATED – 4-3-14 – Should an employee of a public school district and the wife of a policeman post this video on her Facebook page?  (Warning: extremely racist and disturbing!)


    “Devin’s Double Door Kick,” posted on Luke Karpathios’ YouTube channel (profanity warning and you can follow the link in the video to it on YouTube).  The pictures of Devin Gardill below are from his “MySpace” page.

    Devin Devin1

    devin2 devin3

    devin4  Devin & Luke

    Luke Karpathios     The photos on the right immediately above are the photos of Devin Gardill and Luke Karpathios being used by the Lancaster Newspapers today to accompany the story, “Attorney General takes over violent home invasion case that involved W. Hempfield cop’s son,” (click here).
         Both of the photos are from their “MySpace” pages as, once again, showing favoritism, the police did not release mugshots.  If LNP is going to take the photos from social media, they should state that and the photo of Luke Karpathios (right) must be from when he is fourteen years old.  He has grown and matured dramatically as demonstrated by the photo at left which is from his “Vine” account which he has now taken down but you can still see it here.  And if LNP is going to go to social media accounts, why don’t they also run other photos and videos such as the ones above as well?
         It took Stedman quite a while to make this announcement and he should have done the same with House Member Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law, G. Scott Davis.  In fact, I checked Karpathios’ docket yesterday (which is the same as Gardill because they are co-defendants according to Pam in Herman’s office) and it stated his preliminary hearing was now scheduled for April 10th at 1:30 pm in front of District Judge Robert Herman.  I previously asked if Herman would recuse himself because Gardill’s father, a West Hempfield policeman, charges individuals in front of Herman all the time and there is a direct conflict of interest. 
         That can clearly be seen in the absurd, actually sickening bail amount he set of $50,000 unsecured.  LNP reporter Brett Hambright says $50,000 in the article linked to above but he doesn’t include the “unsecured” part which means they didn’t pay a penny and only have to pay the $50,000 if they fail to show up.  This amount should be raised immediately.  They are each charged with six first degree felonies, three second degree felonies, one third degree felony and numerious misdemeanor charges.  This is simply an outrage!
         Click here for “EQUAL JUSTICE? – 3″ which outlines their charges in detail and also the bail amount set for another 18-year-old with one third degree felony.
         There will be more tomorrow.

    Posted on April 1st, 2014 Becky 10 comments


         Last night per scanner -  call dispatched at 11:17, shot fired, man down 600 block N Plum.  Body gone when police arrived, 1 ran North 1 ran South.  Guy running in alley carrying shotgun.  Blood at scene.  Per LGH guy walked in ER with bloody hand, he says he passed out and woke up with bloody hand.  Police follow blood trail to N Lime St.
         This email in this morning and also a phone call from another person who listened to the scanner last night and heard the exact same thing.
         This is shocking!  A shotgun!  Why isn’t the public being informed of these very serious incidents?  Do the Lancaster Police ever make arrests?  Is anyone, anyone at all surprised that Lancaster is #13 on a list of the most dangerous small cities in the country?  What are Mayor Gray and Police Chief Sadler doing about this besides saying it’s not true? 
        This is an outrage and I will come back to all of this tomorrow.


    Posted on March 31st, 2014 Becky 7 comments


    Jason Bissell

          These emails in today:
    —- Last night, about 8:40 pm Huber’s West End Market, 501 W. Lemon  St. was robbed by a lone white male, about 6′, green hoodie type jacket with  hood covering face, light jeans, had a knife kitchen or filet type.  Last I  heard they were checking Brendees private camera vid.  
    —- No word on WGAL noon news about this.  Nothing  on LNP.  It was a white guy in the F&M area, they won’t report  it.
         The robbery was confirmed by another trusted person who was listening to the scanner as well last night. 
         Today, the above mugshot was included in a police press release about two arrests they made over the weekend (click here).  There is no explanation for how he got the two black eyes.  That is unacceptable.  If anyone was in the bar and witnessed this incident and arrest, please contact this site and your name will be kept strictly confidential.
         Everyday there is simply so much going on and I feel I have let down the readers and especially the person who helped me make the direct connection between House Member Bryan Cutler and G. Scott Davis, his brother-in-law who was sentenced to probation in a late Friday pre-arranged deal for the Christmas Eve shooting death of his two-month-old daughter.  When I post the now uncontested facts, it looks easy.  It wasn’t.  It took hours of work and checking marriage and divorce records and obituaries and Facebook pages and LinkedIn pages and much more to be absolutely certain of their relationship. 
         I said I would request the State Attorney General and the F.B.I. investigate District Attorney Craig Stedman’s handling of this case which involves his political ally and friend.  I still intend to do that – it is certainly not too late.  Putting it all together so that someone will actually pay attention involves a great amount of work but it will get done because it is so extremely important.
          And it is simply unbelievable that the Lancaster Newspapers never told the public about the Cutler-Davis connection.  It is their obligation as a news organization to inform the public and hold public officials accountable.   The word “despicable” doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel about this family owned business whose only apparent objective is to keep themselves and their cronies and supporters in absolute control of everything that happens in Lancaster.  They degrade all journalists every day.
         And speaking of that – I will come back to Lancaster being named the 13th most dangerous small city in the country – something else the Lancaster Newspapers failed to inform the public about.  They have been turning their back on the incompetence and corruption in the county police forces for years.  They have an obligation to protect their readers and they simply ignore it. 
         There are sixteen unsolved murders under Mayor Gray in the last eight years, mostly minorities and the remaining not of economic or social importance enough for them to care.  And that, of course, ties in with the blatant racism at the Lancaster Newspapers that has kept all areas of the county like a scene out of the 1960′s and they never even mention the unsolved murders and all the killers on the loose.
         And a friend keeps reminding me, and I keep stating, that the police have evidence they are withholding from the public that would lead to arrests in shootings and at least one murder.  They are obstructing the arrest of these individuals and putting everyone in danger.  They have Spencer Houston’s killer on Houston’s own private security camera; they have state of the art video from the Image Clothing store when they were robbed and two employees were shot, and they have video from The Belvedere when they were robbed by two men.
         The police are withholding this evidence from the public that could lead to the arrest of these men and protect the public from their being the next victim.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is criminal conduct by the Lancaster City Police force.

    Posted on March 31st, 2014 Becky 7 comments

    Vera Bradley1

     * Joe!  Representative Joe Pitts.  This is Beverly (Peggy) Steinman, owner of the Lancaster Newspapers!  Would you like some money?  I have lots!  Let me open my Vera Bradley handbag and give you some.  I give under the name “Showcase of Fashions,” don’t you know?  We sell lovely Vera Bradley bags and that’s about all, Joe.  But go here and see if there’s something your wife might like!  We’ll call it a tax “write off!!”  I’ve made millions off the people of Lancaster County, don’t you know?

    Ethically challenged: Pa. Legislature must end gift charade

    The title to today’s Intell editorial, (click here). 

         This is the most outrageous, hypocritical, pot calling the kettle black headline I have yet to see in the Lancaster Newspapers.  They have zero eithics!  Absolutely zero! Tell it to your boss, Beverly Steinman, Earle D. Cornelius!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 29th, 2014 Becky 13 comments

    WOOF!  WOOF!

    Barbara      LNP ???  They MUST have another animal story on deck.
          This comment came in yesterday regarding the Lancaster Newspapers and their failure to cover Lancaster being named one of the 13 most dangerous small cities in the country.  And, of course, the day would also bring the plea and sentencing of G. Scott Davis, House Member Bryan Cutler’s brother-in-law, for the Christmas Eve shooting death of his two-month-old daughter.    
         But what was on LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda’s mind yesterday?  Dogs!  Yup!  Barbara made one tweet yesterday and this is it (click here):
         Get a look at agile canines at the Kennel Club show
    – with a link to a group of pictures of sad looking dogs going through an “agility competition” in Harrisburg on Lancaster Online (click here).
         This is so pathetic it’s almost funny.  Is it possible for this paper to go any more to the dogs than Roda has taken it?
         Please check back later today when we’ll check to see if LNP reporter Bernie Harris or Mayor Rick Gray has a brain and much, much more!


    Posted on March 28th, 2014 Becky 22 comments
    * Davis was sentenced to 6 years of probation.

    LNP (click here).
    This has to be the most corrupt county in Pennsylvania!
    Report: Wilmington Most Dangerous Small City In Country

    And bucolic Lancaster, Pennsylvania, isn’t far behind.

          Looking beyond the top 10, Lancaster, Pennsylvania isn’t very safe, either. While best known for Dutch Wonderland and shoo-fly pie,  Lancaster is the 13th most dangerous small city in the country as per the Movoto report.
    Click here for the article in Philly Magazine. 

         Are you surprised?  After all, this is the city where Keith Sadler, the Chief of Police, told the citizens his best advice was to “try not to be a victim” following eleven shooting incidents in a month earlier this year!  There will be much more later today.

         Please also remember that this is the day, according to his docket and the court calendar, that Geoffrey Scott Davis is scheduled to plead guilty to shooting and killing his two-month-old daughter on Christmas Eve.  He has been treated with kid gloves and District Attorney Craig Stedman has obstructed justice and given him preferential treatment in this case because he is the brother-in-law of his political ally and friend, House member Bryan Cutler. 

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 27th, 2014 Becky 8 comments

    ** This afternoon’s update is under the comments on this post and directed at Steven D. Markle of Leola.

     *    This comment in this morning under the J&K story:

    LIP News, please get your facts straight or take down this article…

     Q: Why did J&K Supermarket close?
    A: J&K Supermarket’s lease term ended, so the business has moved to the Coatesville area.

     Q: Is that the owner of J&K Supermarket, the person pictured and interviewed?
    A: No, he is NOT the owner, he served as their full time cashier.

     J&K Supermarket’s owners chose to save a few dollars, and as a result did not secure the business and premises properly.

     Radius Bike Shop coming soon!
    545 New Holland Ave | Lancaster, PA

         Nice little ad for your new bike shop!  You, in fact, are wrong on these items and I will address all your points later!



         According to his docket and the court calendar, G. Scott Davis is due to plead guilty tomorrow to involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, and endangering the welfare of a child in the Christmas Eve shooting death of his two-month-old daughter.  It is scheduled for 3:00 pm in Courtroom number 8 before Judge Dennis Reinaker. 
         For those having trouble finding his docket, you can use his OTN (offense tracking number) of T-4168496 or his docket number which is CP-36-CR-0000384-2014.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 26th, 2014 Becky 13 comments

    * Doing some research this afternoon – back tomorrow.


          Under Bob’s [Robert Krasne, publisher and chairman of the board of Lancaster Newspapers]  direction, the LNP’s strategic restructuring has gained traction. “We have a strong balance sheet and very bright prospects. The most notable change is our focus on local news and information and connecting with the community. Our mission is to be the source of information for every resident of Lancaster County. We don’t have bureaus in Washington or Benghazi. We want to cover Lancaster County like a blanket.”   
    Business to Business on Robert Krasne in December of 2013 (click here and you may have to register to read the entire article.  The above is the last paragraph). 
         I’ve been thinking about this a lot.  What he really means is the only source of information.  I love the “blanket” line.  “We will tell them what we want them to know and that is all they will know!  We will control this town and run things the way we want to run them as we have been doing for years.  We will keep the white, privileged and elite in power no matter what!  And we’ll make millions as we do it!”
         These newspapers don’t even qualify to be a legitimate news source.  They violate every single rule of the PEW Principles of Journalism (click here).  Every single one!
         All of this, of course, is why the Lancaster Independent Press was founded over 40 years ago.  I wonder if Beverly Steinman, the owner of LNP, has made another donation to U.S. Representative Joe Pitts’ campaign recently.  She’s a one person bankroll of that dinosaur.  Unbelievable!
    Please check back later today.