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    Posted on March 28th, 2017 Becky No comments


    (Click here)

         The mayoral candidates meet again tonight – but so does city council! And on their agenda tonight is a final vote on loaning and giving MAW Communications $3 million more dollars for the internet project LancCity Connect (click here). Danene Sorace is sponsoring these two bills so will she miss tonight’s vote to be at the forum? That is not acceptable considering the amount of money and risk at stake here.
         Tony Dastra, the Independent candidate, will miss tonight’s forum so he can livestream the city council meeting. He told me you can view it on this Facebook page.
         As mentioned in the comments yesterday, Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll who is on trial for perjury and other charges, was working overtime for a special Friday night unit of the police when he arrested Steve Widdowson. There will be more on that later.
         And David Greiner testified yesterday about the Lancaster Safety Coalition and the cameras. He stated they are a “non-profit, privately funded” organization. Not true – at least half of their funding comes from the city and county.
         Corll’s attorney, Heidi Eakin, referred to the cameras as “miracle cameras” yesterday in court and there will also be much more on the cameras coming.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 27th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         Megan Madaffari, of the State Attorney General’s office who is prosecuting Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll, told the jury in her opening statement:
        This is a case about faith – faith in the criminal justice system. Ray Corll’s job is to protect the public. On March 8th and July 1st of 2014 he failed to do his job – he broke the law.
         She said Steve Widdowson and Tammy Jones were two young professionals out for a night as friends. On March 8th they were walking from Annie Bailey’s to buy a slice of pizza from the House of Pizza. She said video will show they were not staggering or in danger of walking into the street. She said Corll committed perjury on July 1st when he lied about that under oath at Widdowson’s preliminary hearing. 
         Heidi Eakin, Corll’s attorney, presented a far different picture. She said they were “bar-hopping” on a Friday night. She said they had five drinks apiece, some shots and visited three bars. She questioned whether they were really two young professionals out on a night of responsible drinking.
         And this whole case may come down to whether Widdowson used the “F” word with the police or not – as in questioning the police with, “What the f*ck are you looking at?” Tammy Jones told Eakin from the stand that she never heard Widdowson use the “F” word that night.
         Eakin pushed Jones hard and got a rise out of her, but she maintained her story on the stand and said yes, she was upset that night because she didn’t know why Corll punched Widdowson or why they were being arrested because they were not staggering from one side of the sidewalk to the other and not in danger of walking off the curb into traffic. “We didn’t do anything,” she said she told Widdowson when he told her the police were following them. 


    LANCASTER, PA – A jury and two alternates were chosen this morning in courtroom #8 before President Judge Dennis Reinaker in the trial of Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll. They were sworn in just before the courtroom broke for lunch. The trial will resume at 1:30 pm today.


    Posted on March 27th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


    The headline to a Letter to the Editor in today’s LNP print edition (not currently online).

         Yes, it certainly is! And LNP continues to be the leader for the racism in the county. Oh, they’ve tried to hide it. They have long time reporter Jeff Hawkes acting like an expert and writing about segregation in Lancaster in the 1960’s. What he doesn’t tell you is LNP and the Steinmans led that charge.
         They held a forum on diversity, when, of course, LNP is not diverse at all and never has been. It’s a good cover – kind of like their recent forum on the news and truth and transparency. They have gone from being openly racist to pretending somehow they are in the forefront for equality. But their newsroom and their reporting totally fails to reflect the community they are supposed to “serve” and the idea that they are on the forefront borders on sad absurdity and is a flat-out lie.
        Why hasn’t the “community” called them out for this? Why hasn’t the public demanded diversity from their newsroom? Why does the “community” continue to purchase and advertise with this racist company?
         Why would this company receive any state funds when they do not meet Pennsylvania’s diversity requirements?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 26th, 2017 Becky 9 comments

    **  Part 1 & 2 of further witness’ statement are below.


    *    The witness who observed the whole traffic stop:


         This morning, at 12:05 am, the Lancaster City Police stopped a car with four older white occupants in the 100 block of N. Water Street. The driver was clearly under the influence.
         The police gave a field sobriety test to a woman passenger in the back seat. She passed. The driver then got out and handed her the keys and he got in the back seat and she drove away as the police watched.
         The whole incident was observed by both the camera operator and the man standing next to the pole in the video.
         The video is below. Watch the top left. A screenshot of the man sitting in the back seat after handing over the keys is below the video.


    (Click here)

         There’s a lot LNP doesn’t tell you in this story. They don’t link to the October 12, 2015 article by then LNP reporter Gil Smart that says this (click here):
          • In the Lancaster city settlement cases reviewed by LNP, a total of about 30 specific officers were named as defendants when the lawsuits were filed. Most were named in only one case or, at most, two cases. Ray Corll, currently a sergeant, was listed as a defendant in six cases.
         Corll, who did not return several messages seeking comment, is a 15-year veteran of the force who has helped sponsor the city’s “Shop With a Cop” program, designed to familiarize children with the police force. He is a former president of the city police union.
         And on May 1, 2015 on this site there was “HOW MUCH HAS CORLL COST THE CITY” with three of those lawsuits (click here):
         Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll has an excessive force problem. A big problem that spans years. What is the City of Lancaster doing about Sgt. Ray Corll? Why is he still employed by the Lancaster Police Department?


    Posted on March 25th, 2017 Becky 8 comments

    —   The police press release on this morning’s incident is here.

    — 12:50 pm – LNP has just gone up with this: “One hospitalized after assault on West Vine Street early Saturday,” (click here). 
         I have been watching the Lancaster City Police’s Twitter and Facebook page for a press release regarding this morning’s incident(s), and as of 12:50 pm, there is nothing.
         They need to tell the public what happened and if there is a danger to the public! They need to do it now!

    — A Lancaster City fire truck was called in to hose down blood. It is currently sitting at W Strawberry and W. Vine Streets.

    Two ambulances with police escorts left the scene early this morning. I am told there is a Mary Kay convention at the Marriott! The last thing LNP wants to cover is this shooting (reportedly nine cars also hit) this morning.

    10:25 am:

    **** 10:18 am – West Strawberry, West Vine, Poplar and Freemont Streets are all blocked off by the police.

    ***  10:10 am:

    **  9:50 am – On the police scanner they just called for a fire truck to do a “wash down” of the 200 block of West Strawberry Street. They said it will need to cover several blocks.

    *    The multiple shots fired incident occurred at W. Strawberry and Freemont Streets this morning. WGAL is reporting one person was taken to the hospital in serious condition following an assault on W. Vine Street (click here).


          WGAL is reporting an assault/stabbing in the 200 block of W. Vine Street and there are reports of a serious shooting incident in the city this morning with at least one person possibly shot.

    Please check back for these developing stories.


    Posted on March 24th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         Right next to the LNP story online about Mario Crawley and his animal cruelty charges (click here) is this article about these poor, “live” pigs (click here)! Can you imagine? Being drug into a school assembly in a cage and having four humans kiss you in front of a bunch of yelling school students? Oh, the humanity!
         Where is the outcry? Where are the animal activists? Actually, they might show up so I will quickly move on.
         To the commenters on Lancaster Online who think city councilwoman and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace is a shoe-in – I disagree! This woman is so out of touch – in the first forum she complained that her daughter’s school does not have a program for gifted children (obviously she thinks her daughter should be in it) and in the second forum she said the biggest concern in the neighborhoods is speeding cars. Now, while that is always a concern, I’m not sure that’s the biggest problem in Lancaster’s neighborhoods!
         In fact, “Frank Lee” has written another gem of a poem that Sorace might want to read. Have a safe and happy Friday and thank you, Frank!

    Gray was mayor for the time
    Lancaster soared in crime
    Though he spun to news
    Frankly, it’s improved!
    But we all knew he was lyin’


    **  The “Neighbors United Lancaster” Facebook page has an excellent, full video tape of the March 22nd “Meet the Candidates” forum (click here).

    *    The DA’s press release regarding the status of their investigation into the police shooting death of 18-year-old Jose Rodriguez is here.


    (Click here)

         From the above “insider” story:
         Lancaster County district attorney’s office spokesman Brett Hambright said that it’s not a typical police-related shooting investigation.
         “Most police-related incidents are over very quickly, are confined to one small location and involve very few people,” he said in an email Thursday.
         “In this case, we have multiple encounters between Mr. Rodriguez and different police officers in multiple locations over a time period far longer than the typical police-related shooting,” Hambright said.
         This is the first that we have learned anything at all about the shooting death of Jose Rodriguez. What the hell is going on? Yes, we need answers now!

           And in a case where DA Spokesman Brett Hambright was caught flat-out lying, Mario Crawley is scheduled to plead guilty this morning before Senior Judge Joseph Madenspacher. He is charged with a misdemeanor and a summary count of cruelty to animals in the death of the puppy “Hennessey.”

          This was posted on the “Lancaster City Democratic Committee” Facebook page under a post with a link to the LNP article, “Rick Gray endorses Danene Sorace to succeed him as mayor of Lancaster,” (click here).
         Do not forget LNP is trying to anoint her as well! Yes, they want more of those special deals and money funnelled their way!
    Please check back later today. 


    Posted on March 23rd, 2017 Becky 9 comments


          I am in shock that Danene Sorace would simply lie like this and think so little of the public that she believes they will “buy” it. Apparently that is the main thing she learned from the Dickster – and despite his over forty years as a defense attorney – he’s not very good at it.
         And neither is Sorace. These are outrageous lies by a mayoral candidate!

    **   This is from former Mayor Art Morris’ website,, and directly contradicts what Sorace stated (click here):
          I believe the City could have and should have negotiated a better deal for the taxpayers. Not only are LNP and High getting property tax forgiveness until 2029, they are receiving $5.7 million in grant monies given out by RACL to be used for the construction of the  Marriott Tower addition. In return for the property tax forgiveness and the grant, PSP (LNP and High) is offering to share, beginning in 2020, part of the profits in excess of 12%. There is no guarantee that such profits will accrue to the City. A similar arrangement exists for the current Marriott and no profit sharing has yet occurred. The City should have held out for a guarantee on some of these funds rather than run the risk that the estimated profits will not occur.

    *     Below are the two questions regarding the Marriott and the CRIZ that were asked of the mayoral candidates last night. Danene Sorace’s answer is in bold below the questions. There are multiple problems with her answer and I believe part of it is purposely misleading and I will be going to former mayor Art Morris and publisher Robert Field for their take on this.
          The other candidates had excellent responses and those will come in the next few days as I find the time to transcribe them.

    —   Do you support giving special deals to businesses like the Marriott Hotel to support growth and job creation?
    —   What is CRIZ and why should Lancaster have to use it?


         The Marriott did not get a special deal. We were receiving $30,000 in property taxes from the three buildings on East King Street that will be replaced by the Marriott. We will receive – the city will receive $5.2 million at a minimum up to 8.2 million dollars over the next ten years and at that point there’s an option for the building to go back into public domain.
         As it relates to the CRIZ, I want to be clear that the CRIZ is not a grant program. This is an opportunity for sales tax and other state taxes that are typically sent to Harrisburg to stay in our community and be invested in our community.
         The city taxpayers are not on the hook for CRIZ supported financing. Those individual businesses are. And what we need to focus on is building a pipeline of businesses that are ready for CRIZ funding because CRIZ funding comes with a lot of responsibilities because you have to pay the money back.



          City councilwoman and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace gave her ending statement at last night’s mayoral forum and proudly stated Mayor Gray had just endorsed her as his replacement. The crowd was not impressed and she seemed surprised by that but then a lot of things took her by “surprise:”

          LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhlderher was there but I have yet to see his report and among his tweets there was nothing about the CRIZ and LNP’s Marriott. Maybe he has to consult with Robert Krasne and Barbara Hough Roda to discuss how to handle it before he writes his “article.”
         But the CRIZ and the Marriott did come up – and Sorace lied and Republican Cindy Stewart had strong words and I need to review what Kevin Ressler and Norman Bristol Colon said because the livestream was breaking up at that point.
    PennLive has an excellent article up and states this (click
          Topics for the forum included how to revitalize neighborhoods and reduce poverty, generating revenue with a heavy concentration of tax-exempt businesses and entities in the city, development deals with companies like Marriott, and crime prevention.
    The PennLive reporter does not go into detail about LNP’s Marriott but I will come back to that very important topic later today.


    Posted on March 22nd, 2017 Becky 9 comments


         This is an early afternoon update as I want to watch tonight’s livestream of the mayoral meeting.

          Mayoral Candidate Kevin Ressler posted this picture on his campaign Facebook page (click here to read his entire report and LIP News has cropped the photo). He rode along with Lancaster City Police Officer Gunnet last night and has this in part to say:
         …There are two Lancasters, and we talk about that in terms of statistical categories with regards to poverty, unequal distribution of opportunity and infrastructure investment, and under representation in positions of influence. But there is also a different two Lancasters, what you see in the light and what happens at night. The silence you hear from the present caretakers of our city is not the sound of solutions.
          Now that Mayor Gray has decided to speak publicly that Councilwoman Sorace will continue to do the same things, I hope he will also speak publicly about the needs this community has in what needs to be done differently. The recent crime wave of gun shootings shows no indication to be slowing down. Poverty increased again this year. The mayor remains silent on these issues.


         And then of course, there was today’s ridiculous LNP article that Ressler references that Mayor Gray endorses current city councilwoman and mayoral candidate Danene Sorance (click here).

          She posted the above on her campaign Facebook page. There’s a big surprise – not! I wonder if Gray called LNP or if LNP called Gray? No matter, the article is ridiculous and LNP wants her as mayor so she can continue to funnel money and favors their way.
         But what seriously needs to be investigated is that she voted to give LNP and their Marriott millions more in public money and give them a $10.3 million tax break by removing it from the tax-rolls right before she “met” with LNP and announced her candidacy. This must be investigated for obvious ethical and legal ramifications and there will be more on this in the days to come.



    (Click here)

         The event is sponsored by Neighbors United Lancaster. If you can not attend tonight, it will be livestreamed on candidate Kevin Ressler’s Facebook page (click here).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 21st, 2017 Becky 5 comments


         This excellent poem in from “Frank Lee” yesterday:

    Dick was the Mayor Gray
    of a city he let slip to decay
    “I frankly beg your pardon
    I put in lots of rain gardens”
    And that was all he could really say.

        Oh, that is good stuff, Frank! Thank you. Hmmm…. Dick’s response?

       “YOU NEED TO

         LNP Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy tweeting at last night’s forum on “Trust, Transparency and the News.”
         I don’t file Right to Know requests every day. I try to wait for something I feel is particularly significant and important. One; because it’s not an easy process and two, I don’t want to “anger” public officials with a flurry of nonsense Right to Know requests.
         But this weekend I spent several hours gathering all the paperwork and the names involved in my original Right To Know request for the mugshot of George Rosado and fired off my appeal.
         It was denied by the District Attorney’s office again – but I was initially confused by their email I received this morning and I contacted the PA Office of Open Records. After a man kindly listened and explained where it stood, he said, “At this point, you need to hire an attorney.”
         There will be more later but I guess District Attorney Craig Stedman really, really does not want the public to know what he is doing!
    **   The lawsuit brought by State Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument against Sheriff Mark Reese has been transferred by President Judge Dennis Reinaker to Senior Judge John D. Kuhn of Adams County for “management and disposition.”

    *    Robert M. Krasne, chairman and publisher of the LNP Media Group, concluded the evening by reminding the audience that democracy “is not a spectator sport.”
    From the LNP story by Tom Knapp, “Local media representatives, scholars discuss trust, transparency and ‘fake news’ at Elizabethtown panel,” (click here).
           Well, isn’t that an original thought – not! President Obama, Bernie Sanders and countless other have used that line! Not impressive, Mr. Krasne!


    Paula Knudsen of The Caucus and Tom Murse of LNP and The Caucus at last night’s forum at Elizabethtown College on “Trust, Transparency and The News.”

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 20th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


         Robert E. Field of went on a tear on March 3rd about “generational changes in values” and was all over the place but ends with the published piece below (click here).
         And he says this:
         Who criticizes this other than NewsLanc?  No one.
         I do, Robert! I do! And I know people get tired of it but it is so critical that the public be made aware! And we sure as heck know LNP is not going to tell us!
          Oh, and for the fighters at the Park City Diner – arrest them and charge them and make it stick. Teach this generation that that kind of behavior is more than totally unacceptable it is criminal and there are severe consequences to it (click here for LNP’s, “Park City Diner manager frustrated by ‘rowdy’ patrons after brutal fight caught on video”).
         Enjoy this first day of Spring and please check back tomorrow. 



         The importance of a free and independent press is enshrined in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Now, the nation is engaged in an intense debate about trust and transparency in news organizations. Join WITF, LNP and Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association at Elizabethtown College, Monday March 20th at 7pm for “Trust, Transparency and The News,” an in-depth discussion about how we got here and where we’re headed.
    From the WITF RSVP page for tonight’s forum (click here).
         If anyone is going tonight, please make sure to ask Tom Murse (LNP and The Caucus) and Paula Knudsen (The Caucus) for the Journalism Code of Ethics they follow. Ask them about being an “independent press!”
         This comment came in last night:
         If LNP is seriously concerned about “Trust, Transparency and the News,” they would thoroughly investigate and report the financials of the ConCenter/Marriott so that their readership would realize just how much PSP/LNP/High is profiting off the backs of Lancaster County taxpayers.
         Former Mayor Art Morris says it is this much on his website about the Marriott/convention center (click here):

          Have Tom Murse and Paula Knudsen explain that! Hold LNP and The Caucus accountable now! Ask to see their Journalism Code of Ethics tonight!
    Please check back later today!


    Posted on March 19th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


         Newspaper doesn’t question Mayor Dick because he’s the lapdog of Con Center interests and the LNP has money invested in the Con.
         Newspaper doesn’t question the police chief because that’s what a real newspaper would do.
         The police force is reflecting the KIND of community the Dickster want’s Lancaster to be. Not the Lancaster that is.
    This excellent  comment in this afternoon under yesterday’s post.
         I wonder how Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy would explain this? I have had this posted below the RSVP page on WITF for the “Trust, Transparency and The News” forum including LNP at Elizabethtown College Monday night for several days (click here):
          I will have some more questions tomorrow.
         And something very recent LNP didn’t tell you about – the marriage of State Senator Scott Martin to Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Green. Sigh! Looks like they missed the big storm!
         This was in today’s Sunday Magazine under “My Picks” and I’m confused! Does he mean frozen blueberries? What the heck?
         And finally, yesterday we learned only the coroner can serve the sheriff. Who knew? I guess if the coroner has to serve the sheriff it means the sheriff is a goner? Oh, my!


    (click here)

         Oh, joy! LNP Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy gets on her high horse again!
         If LNP and The Caucus want to “prove” they are “legitimate,” they can provide the public with the Journalism Code of Ethics they follow at the forum! Simple, right?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 18th, 2017 Becky 12 comments


           Yes, three new Lancaster City Police Officers were sworn in yesterday (click here and see the photo below). Look: There are two women! Wow. 
            And the beat goes on. This has been going on for years! Why isn’t anyone questioning Police Chief Sadler and Mayor Gray? Where are the city council members? Where is SACA and the NAACP? Why doesn’t the Lancaster City Police Department reflect the citizenry they police?
          This is ridiculous and sickening. There will be more next week.


         Posted on Lancaster Online today.

    **   Um, LNP, Jose Duque, who is pictured, turned himself in to the police! He is in Lancaster County Prison with bail denied. Does anyone in the LNP office remember your article from three days ago, “Suspect in shooting death of 19-year-old Lancaster boxer surrenders to police,” (click here)?
          I know it’s Saturday but someone should be awake in that office. Or, as a friend is fond of saying, you should return your paycheck because you are not doing your job!

    *    When the same law firm, Kleinbard LLC, filed a lawsuit on behalf of William Murry against LNP Media Group, Inc., the Affidavit of Service was “signed” by none other than Sheriff Reese (click here for “SAME LAW FIRM” on this site)! What a mess!


         The Affidavit of Service from the lawsuit brought by State Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument against Sheriff Mark Reese states it was hand delivered to Reese by the County Coroner, Stephen Diamantoni. Oh, my!
         (I did not black-out the address – it appears that way in the documents on the Prothonotary’s website)


    Posted on March 17th, 2017 Becky 3 comments



        I have posted the below previously, but I really would like the questions answered by city councilwoman and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace. As I noted before, I posted these on her mayoral Facebook page several weeks ago and they were deleted literally within minutes. Deleting them is not answering them! You can also now add to this list why, as finance chairperson, she is advocating “loaning” $3 million dollars to MAW Communications for LancCity Connect.
         Oh, and happy day, she mentioned the “land bank” in the forum last night! Remember when a million dollars floated down from the sky (actually a heavy-handed shakedown of the developers of the Shoppes at Belmont) and Mayor Gray immediately announced the formation of a “land bank!” There will be more on the land bank on this site shortly, but Sorace thinks it’s just great! I’m surprised she and Mayor Gray didn’t just walk the $1 million over to the LNP offices and hand it to them!




    From left to right: Colon, Dastra, Ressler, Sorace and Stewart.

          Mayoral candidate Kevin Ressler stated District Attorney Craig Stedman is “dragging his feet” on his investigation into the city police shooting death of 18-year-old Jose Rodriguez at the Mayoral Forum last night. He also had many other honest and excellent recommendations for the city.
          Republican candidate Cindy Stewart was a pleasant surprise and Independent candidate Tony Dastra was a 20-year-old delight! Danene Sorace, Mayor Gray’s clone and LNP’s darling, was awful and Normal Bristol Colon was strange.
         LNP has made their report on the forum an “insider” story, but once again you can go to Ressler’s Facebook page and watch the entire forum (click here).
         And speaking of DA Stedman, I need to file my official appeal today for the mugshot of George Rosado, who is charged with shooting and killing Ibram Hanna with a stolen gun in Mountville last summer. If you remember, the DA’s office closed that “investigation” in under 11 hours – but they are still “investigating” Rodriguez’s death almost two months later. “Dragging his feet” is an understatement!
         This is unacceptable! When will the press and the public demand answers from Stedman? When is LNP going to hold this man accountable?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 16th, 2017 Becky 8 comments


             There will be much more on retired Philadelphia Police Officer Sterling Staton and his case very soon on this site. This is very important and I need to review my notes and conversations to write something clear, understandable and worthy.

         A fifth candidate has just been added late this afternoon to tonight’s Mayoral Forum – Tony Dastra running as an Independent (click here).
         And I am not trying to show favoritism here, but Ressler is the only candidate I’m aware of that will be livestreaming tonight’s mayoral forum that begins at 6:00 pm. So, if you want to see it, I suggest you visit his Facebook page (click here)!



    *   Now retired Philadelphia Police Officer Sterling Staton and his attorney, Brian McLaughlin, were both on the highway to Lancaster this morning in separate vehicles for Staton’s summary appeal of a disorderly conduct conviction. It was scheduled today for 1:30 pm when McLaughlin received a phone call from the Lancaster District Attorney’s Office in his car saying they did not oppose the appeal.
         In a word – that means Staton won.
         I was also on my way to Lancaster and turned around as well after receiving a call. There will be more later today. 


         This morning, I checked the Facebook pages of all of the current candidates for mayor and this is the ranking according to the number of “likes” on their pages as of 7:15 am this morning: 

    —  Norman Bristol Colon (D) (click here) – 1,038

    —  Kevin Ressler (D) (click here) – 935

    —  Danene Sorace (D) (click here) – 686

    —  Cindy Stewart (R) (click here) – 78 

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 15th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         There is a mayoral forum tomorrow night from 6 to 9 pm at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, 750 E. King Street (click here). It is free and open to the public and all four announced candidates are scheduled to be there. Multiple questions about the $3 million dollar loan to MAW Communications for the LancCity Connect project should be asked – especially of current city councilwoman Danene Sorace.


          City Council did not vote on the two bills. First readings were done of the bills, beginning consideration. A vote is expected at the next Council meeting on March 28.
    This email response in today from City Hall Clerk Bernard Harris involving the two bills each concerning $1.5 million and MAW Communications for LancCity Connect.


     **  Many media outlets are saying this officer was fired in their headlines (click here for the LNP story). The last sentence in LNP’s article states:
         Howell is on unpaid administrative leave, according to YDR.
         That’s different than “fired,” but at least he is not being paid. Not true of Lancaster City Police Sgt. Ray Corll who is due to go on trial March 27th for perjury and other charges. Corll has been paid all this time but LNP doesn’t write about that.
         They repeatedly write and editorialize about Sheriff Mark Reese (who has not been “found guilty”) and how much he is receiving while on a “leave of absence” but not a word about Corll. Remember that Corll has already cost the city hundreds of thousands of dollars in successful lawsuits against him and the Lancaster City Police Department because of his actions!
         If York can put Howell on unpaid administrative leave, why can’t Lancaster city do the same with Corll?

    *    … A while back we had a 20 percent increase. I’m a disabled senior, I have trouble paying the bill now, and I am afraid to drink the water. I hope city council will have the foresight to turn down this proposal for LanCity Connect or use private financing to pay for it.
    From a Letter to the Editor in today’s LNP print edition (not currently online).
         They also ask:
         How do they refinance money not received yet?
         An excellent question! Because they are crooks!


         Have you seen or heard any results on the city council vote last night regarding the MAW “loan” ?  I can’t find a peep.
    This email in this morning.
         No, I haven’t seen a word but I will call City Hall later today!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 14th, 2017 Becky 10 comments

    *   Click here to read the requirements for a Small Business Administration loan (and click over to the left to also read, “Earnings Requirements,” “Working Capital,” “Collateral” and “Resource Management”).



         This is a sign of bad things to come. The city giving operating Capital to a company that bid for a job is ridiculous. That’s equivalent to booking a cabin on the Titanic after it sunk. But Lancaster doesn’t care cuz they’re playing with other people’s money.
    A comment posted on Lancaster Online under the LNP story, “Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why,” (click here).
         Yes, this is such a horrific idea that each city council member and Mayor Gray and Patrick Hopkins should be required to put up all of their personal assets as collateral against this loan if MAW defaults. Yes, I mean their houses and their cars and everything else they own and everything in their bank accounts. Period. They have no right to play with the taxpayer’s money this way!
         I am republishing “LANCASTER CITY WANTS TO BECOME A BANK”) below and there will be more tomorrow (click here for the original).
    *    From the city council agenda for tonight (click here):


          Danene Sorace, the Finance Committee Chair of city council and mayoral candidate.
         This is the woman who led the charge to give LNP and High Industries millions of the public’s money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Expansion. Now she wants to give a company that owns a building assessed at $89,100 $3 million more of your dollars!
         This woman needs to drop out of the mayor’s race now and provide Lancaster citizens will a full accounting of her relationship with racist LNP and why she is putting the city in incredible debt for years and years and years while denying children an education!
         At the bottom of the Snow Emergency alert on the city website, the very last item after stating everything else is cancelled for today, there is this (click here):
          Why would they hold the meeting when no one can attend? Are they trying to sneak something through? Are they trying to “secretly” give MAW Communications $3 million dollars? 
    Click here for the LIP News Special Report, “MAW IS TAKING LANCASTER TO THE BANK” and please check back later today.


    Posted on March 13th, 2017 Becky 2 comments

    **   The tow trucks are lined up on Water Street at 8:15 pm tonight and the snow has begun!

    **   The line to get into the Water Street garage in Lancaster at 6:30 pm tonight.

    *    Lancaster City just issued the alert and it begins at 6:00 pm tonight (click here).


    From the “People of Lancaster” Facebook page.

         Yikes! It looks like snow and a lot of it is really coming. Lancaster Online tweeted that a snow emergency has been declared in the city and all vehicles have to be removed from snow emergency routes by 8:00 pm. I did not see an alert on the city website and that is really poor management by Mayor Gray and his staff.

         Thursday was to be a busy day. Philadelphia Police Officer Sterling Staton (now retired after over 25 years) was finally to have his appeal on the disorderly conduct charge he received in the city (click here for “A BLACK PHILADELPHIA COP…”). We will see if the courthouse is open.

         And Thursday night there was a scheduled Mayoral Debate with all the candidates who have announced they are running so far (click here). I will check with the NAACP to see if this will have to be rescheduled and let you know.


    *   Photos of 620 Marietta Avenue taken this morning – click here for LNP’s, “2 men found dead in separate units on same floor of Lancaster apartment building.”
         County property records show the building is owned by Blue Rock Real Estate LLC in Lititz and it is an eight family residential building.


         Madison understood that a free press was vital to the integrity of the new republic. He knew it would serve as a check on power and that one of its fundamental responsibilities would be to shine light on the machinations of government.

    Suzanne Cassidy
    LNP Opinion Editor

    From today’s LNP editorial, “Sunshine Week reminds of the importance of a free press and government transparency,” (click here).

         Is this a joke? This is a sick joke! The LNP Editorial Board truly are some of the most dishonest people in the state. Just read this site for the last week to see all the things they have purposely and intently failed to tell the public.
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on March 11th, 2017 Becky 20 comments


         From the 51st chapter of’s Convention Center series, “Betrayals of Public Trust” under “Excesses and abuses by Public Officials,” (click here).
         Money and greed are why LNP “protects” and outright lies on behalf of Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman and his office, State Senator Scott Martin, U.S. Representative  Lloyd Smucker, State Representative Mike Sturla, the Lancaster County Judges, Mayor Rick Gray and his administration, Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler, the Lancaster City Council members and others.


    UPDATED 3-12-17

         Whoa! As expected, Deborah Larsen has totally changed her Facebook page but it certainly looks like she’s still in a fighting mood! Yikes!

         And State Senator Scott Martin and County Treasurer Amber Green did indeed marry on Friday. When will LNP tell the public?


         Why is First Assistant District Attorney Christopher Larsen’s wife so upset? What is going on in District Attorney Craig Stedman’s office?


    Deborah Larsen’s post on Facebook             ADA Christopher Larsen


    Posted on March 10th, 2017 Becky 17 comments


    (Click here for the full article on, part of their Convention Center series).


         This is why LNP is not covering State Senator Scott Martin’s wedding today to County Treasurer Amber Green. You never know when LNP will need another favor from Martin or Green (will she take Martin’s last name?). How would it look if it got out to the public that Martin, who ran his campaign based on “traditional family values,” is on his third marriage and secretly hid a divorce and remarriage from the public?

           As I have repeated over and over on this site: LNP breaks every code of journalism ethics in this country and gives validity to Trump’s negative claims about the press.


         LNP CEO Robert Krasne, Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda, Content Editor and Editor of The Caucus, Tom Murse and Opinion Editor


    Suzanne Cassidy and many others at LNP are greedy, dishonest and lying disgraces to journalism.

         This is why they never question the powerful, elite and white in Lancaster County and that includes DA Craig Stedman, all of the


    Lancaster County Judges, Mayor Gray, Police Chief Keith Sadler and all of the Lancaster city council members.                

         They don’t give a damn about the citizens of Lancaster County or journalism. They are nothing more than a dishonest business. They need to be run out of town!
    Have a great Friday and there will be more tomorrow.
    *    The weather is on Scott Martin’s mind! This screenshot of his Facebook page was taken at 11:30 am.


    Posted on State Senator Scott Martin’s Facebook page yesterday under a link to the ridiculous LNP article, “Lancaster County ranked happiest, healthiest place in Pennsylvania and No. 28 in US,” (click here).

         Scott Martin’s must be happy today! It’s the big day! He and County Treasurer Amber Green are getting married! But they don’t have a marriage license in Lancaster County. Hmmm…
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 9th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


    [Editor’s Note: This is a special report. There was also a post this morning with numerous items so please also see immediately below.]

         Based on conservative extrapolations of rollouts elsewhere, MAW is projecting an initial customer base of 4,000, followed by 2 percent annual growth, Hopkins said [Patrick Hopkins, the city’s Director of Administrative Services].
    From today’s LNP article, “Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why,” (click here).
         Is that the most contrived sentence you have ever read? Where else has MAW “rolled out?” They created one hot spot downtown in the city of Reading! That’s it! Supposedly they have “institutional clients” and cellular companies using them but we have no idea who they are!
          Also from the article:
         Lancaster also would have liens on MAW’s other assets and LanCity Connect revenues and potentially could recover other MAW revenues in the event the company folded while still owing the city money.
         Isn’t that great! Lancaster city could own their building at 419 Washington Street if they default on the $1.5 million dollar loan! The County of Berks has it assessed at $89,100 (click here and also see the screenshot below). What other assets does this company have? Do they own their own trucks?
         And I don’t know how accurate the site Buzzfile is but according to them (click here and also see the screenshot below):
         Maw Communications is estimated to generate $475,000 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 3 people at this single location.
         How could their revenue be that low if they are working for all these world-wide cellular companies (click here for the description of the company on Lancaster’s website)? And this information may well have changed since Lancaster City has already paid them over $1.5 million! And there is no mention of “cellular” here!
         Who has reviewed their financials? Is this a joke? $475,000 in revenue prior to Lancaster City hiring them? Every city council member and every citizen of Lancaster should demand to see their financial statements for the last 10 years! What would a “real” bank want to see to give this company a $1.5 million dollar loan? Would any bank in this country give this company a $1.5 million dollar loan?
         And instead of telling this company to go to a bank and get a loan the city wants to loan them $1.5 million dollars at 7% interest for 13 years!
         And if they default – we have that building valued at $89,100!  Yippee! MAW is taking Lancaster to the bank!


  • **** – *** – ** – * WILL LNP INFORM THE PUBLIC?

    Posted on March 9th, 2017 Becky 3 comments
    *** Everyone commenting under the LNP story, “Official: It’s not risky for city to put up money for LanCity Connect broadband, and here’s why,” calm down (click here)! If MAW defaults on their $1.5 million dollar city loan, the city can take their Reading property assessed at $89,100!
         Did that calm you down? Oh, there’s more coming…(and resign, LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher!)


     ***  On September 25th I posted this (click here for the original):
    —   I am told that the Lancaster City Police were doing a prostitution sting last night so be prepared for pictures of “Johns” to be splashed all over the news in the next few days.
         And sure enough – click here!

    **  The article is now online with the title, “East Lampeter Township residents told not to file local taxes over rift with tax collector,” (click here).

    *   LNP has the below shocking story on the front page of the print edition this morning (it is not currently online). And there is not one mention of County Treasurer Amber Green in this article, but according to the county website (click here):
         A fundamental duty is the receipt of county taxes. The real estate tax is the main source of revenue for county government. The county treasurer is responsible for collecting taxes on approximately 106,000 of the 189,000 taxable properties in Lancaster County.
         So why isn’t Green mentioned in the LNP article?


         State Senator Scott Martin eating crabs on Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Green’s (Augustowski) cover photo on her Facebook page.

         Is LNP going to inform their readers that newly elected State Senator Scott Martin and Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Green are getting married tomorrow? Is it newsworthy?  
         Does Sam Janesch, LNP’s political reporter and a one year graduate of Penn State, think it is newsworthy? Would his journalism professors tell him this is something the public has a right and a need to know?
         Does LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda, who states on her Twitter account, “LNP executive editor and mom excited about great journalism, American history, politics, interesting people, Lancaster County, @Cubs,” think it is newsworthy? Does the public have a right and a need to know?
         And LNP just started The Caucus, supposedly a watchdog publication covering Harrisburg and the Senator’s and Representative’s actions. Do those reporters think a State Senator marrying the Lancaster County Treasurer is newsworthy?
         Will LNP inform the public that their State Senator, Scott Martin, is marrying their Lancaster County Treasurer, Amber Green, tomorrow?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on March 8th, 2017 Becky 6 comments

    **   Another power outage. Sigh. LIP News will be back tomorrow.

    *     In print they say “at least 42” and online they say 41. Pathetic! There are so many unsolved murders LNP doesn’t even know how many there are!




    JusticeThe huge front page headline in today’s LNP print edition. Click here for the online story, “Unsolved murders get another look; Lancaster County district attorney calls grand jury to aid in investigations,” and here for “Here’s a list of 41 unsolved homicides in Lancaster County since 1992.”

          What an absolute disgrace. The only reason Stedman is doing this huge waste of taxpayer’s money is he is trying to look good in his campaign to be a Superior Court Judge. But you don’t see LNP mentioning that, do you?
         And for LNP to sit by as unsolved murder after unsolved murder piled up and not question the DA or the police is just unconscionable.
         From the article:
         District Attorney Craig Stedman, in an interview, described the use of an investigative grand jury as the “last arrow in the quiver.”
         How many days did it take Stedman to think up that “clever” line? Stedman is not a straight arrow! He is not fit to be the DA let alone a Superior Court Judge!
         What an absolute disgrace.
    There will be much more later today.


    Posted on March 7th, 2017 Becky 12 comments

    IT’S NOT CHEAP – 2

            It’s a matter of resources, he said [District Attorney Craig Stedman] — grand juries, while not costly in terms of funding, are a big drain on resources.
           However, he said, as a temporary body “the potential benefits far outweigh the minimal costs.”
    From the revised LNP story on Stedman and the grand jury by Tom Knapp, “Unsolved murders get another look; Lancaster County district attorney calls grand jury to aid in investigations,” (click here).
         Apparently LNP thought this was important enough that they revised their original “staff” rewrite of the DA’s press release and had Knapp actually contact the DA and get lots of “good” quotes.
         Does anyone at LNP ever question these public officials? Why do they allow them to lie this way? The costs are not “minimal!” Click here for “IT’S NOT CHEAP!” on this site from March of 2011 when Stedman convened his first grand jury!
         There is so much else wrong with this article that it is stunning and I will come back to that tomorrow. The electricity is out at my house so this afternoon’s update has to be brief.



    Grand Jury

     (Click here)


    *     This email in today:
           LOL, he wants the judgeship BAD
           and there was a link to the LNP article, “DA announces grand jury for unsolved homicides and major crimes in Lancaster County,” (click here for LNP’s rewrite of the above press release).
           Yes, District Attorney Craig Stedman wants the Superior Court Judgeship bad! Suddenly he’s concerned about all the unsolved murders and crimes! Today I revised the above “UNSOLVED MURDERS” tab to reflect the recent arrest and charges in the 2015 murder of Rahdir Jahi Maxton. That leaves 20 unsolved murders in the city alone under Stedman and Mayor Gray.
            I have a lot to say about this – especially why wasn’t the pubic informed of this days ago – it is very expensive – and it will come over the next few days!



         Why won’t Reese do everyone a favor and simply step aside? Without hearing from Reese directly, we can only speculate that, perhaps, he believes there’s more honor in fighting than surrender. In this case, he’s wrong.
    From today’s LNP editorial, “Place the blame for the drama surrounding Lancaster County Sheriff Mark Reese where it belongs,” (click here).
         Yes, another editorial about Reese from LNP! LNP thinks he should do “everyone a favor and simply step aside.” What a hoot! I think it’s very, very doubtful that Reese can be “shamed” into resigning as sheriff. How many editorials by LNP does this make so far? And this one is just particularly childish and whining!
          And there is another twist to the lawsuit against Reese that LNP is not telling you about. This Saturday I sent the following email to the three attorney’s at Kleinbard LLC, the law firm suing both Reese and also LNP on behalf of Manheim Township School Board member William Murry:
         You have filed separate suits on behalf of William Murry and Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument. Sheriff Reese is on a “leave of absence” and yet he signed the “Sheriff’s Return of Service” on your lawsuit on behalf of Murry against LNP Media Group et al.
         Could you explain how this is possible?
         Thank you,
    Becky Holzinger
          There is far more drama than LNP is telling the public. The Sheriff’s Office has been using Reese’s electronic signature as sheriff on legal documents. How in the world has that been allowed to continue? Who is responsible for this? Has Reese really “vacated” his office?
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on March 6th, 2017 Becky 4 comments
    *    The Lebanon Daily News has this article online, “Buffet where kids were hurt had failed 8 inspections,” (click here).
         They state:
         The two children remain in the hospital in fair condition, an official at Hershey Medical Center said Monday morning. Sunday morning, had reported they were in “critical but stable” condition after a night in intensive care.
         As this article states and LNP reported this morning the hospital said “fair” condition. Snyder should have done her homework!



    (Click here)
         LNP’s Irene Snyder begins her video piece after the usual introduction with, “Two children are in critical condition after drinking a caustic substance.”
         No, they aren’t critical, Irene! Your own paper was stating online early this morning that the two children were in “fair” condition, well before this video was made and put online. There is no excuse for this sloppiness that scares people on what LNP has made the major story in Lancaster County for the last three days!
         The East Lampeter Township police state the children are in serious but stable condition (click here for their press release). They also state:
         East Lampeter Twp Police are actively investigating the incident to determine the cause in conjunction with the Lancaster Co. District Attorney’s Office, PA Dept. Agriculture, and the US Food and Drug Administration.
         That’s a lot of investigators but the more the better to get this resolved quickly. Yes, the investigation must be thorough and all questions answered, but the parents and the public need answers just as soon as possible. Not to mention that the Star Buffet, the grocery store where the apple juice was purchased and the manufacturer of the apple juice all need fast answers as well!
         The reporting on this by LNP has been sensationalized, hurried and sloppy. There is no excuse for the kind of error and sensationalism used by Irene Snyder today.  

    Posted on March 5th, 2017 Becky 12 comments

    *    And this was posted on their Facebook page under the article as comments there also just disappeared:

    Star Buffet2


     UPDATED – 3-6-17 –  LNP has taken down every “negative” comment under their article, “Children who drank caustic substance in critical but stable condition after night in intensive care,” (click here).
        Every single comment that questioned anything about the story at all. In fact, the very first comment posted right after the article went online early yesterday afternoon was “This is very suspicious.” LNP took it down. What is going on? That is ridiculous!
        CBS-21 states the East Lampeter Township Police will be releasing more information today.
    Please check back later for this and much more.

    *    A very recent post by the father. I don’t know who told him “methanol” and I’m not sure how Star Buffet could have had his post and page taken down.

    star buffet1


         I am totally changing topics this afternoon but one of Lancaster Online’s lead stories caught my attention and something doesn’t sit right with me – the update today is, “Children who drank caustic substance in critical but stable condition after night in intensive care,” (click here).
         The children were with their mother – but the dad, Richard M. Zaragoza, has a history:
    —  Click here for “Man pleads guilty to robbing pair outside restaurant.”
    —  Click here for “Testimony in Wilberto Melendez homicide trial focuses on number of shots fired during 2014 fatal shooting.”
         It seems to me LNP put this story up in a hurry because it was big on social media and drawing outrage and sympathy and LNP squarely laid the blame on the Star Buffet & Grill Restaurant. We will see if that pans out or if LNP is looking at another lawsuit.


    sheriff6           Haverstick2

                   From today’s Sunday News                 Matthew Haverstick

         Matthew Haverstick of the law firm Kleinbard LLC was born and raised in Lancaster County. His brother, Fritz Haverstick, works in District Attorney Craig Stedman’s office.
         Kleinbard LLC represents both William Murry in his lawsuit against LNP Media Group, Inc. and Senators Scott Martin and Ryan Aument in their lawsuit against Sheriff Mark Reese.
         The problem: The sheriff’s office has continued to use Reese’s signature on legal documents, including on the  “Sheriff’s Return of Service” on their lawsuit to LNP and their reporters.  
         Has the sheriff vacated his office?
    Please also see yesterday’s post immediately below and check back later today.