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UPDATE 7-20-19 —  Taking a break today. My computer is overheating! Stay cool and LIP News will be back tomorrow!  —


     On this incredibly busy and sad Friday afternoon, District Attorney Craig Stedman has released a very long statement on the killing of Tony Torrellas on April 27th (click here). This site will address this at a later date.


UPDATED —  From an updated police press release including his mugshot (click here):

Suspect: James Sterbinsky M/56 500 blk. High St. Lancaster, PA 17603

      Charged with (2) Counts Criminal Homicide & (1) Count Criminal Attempt- Criminal Homicide. After consultation with 1st ADA Travis Anderson and ADA Christie Wilson Sterbinsky was arraigned on a Criminal Complaint filed by Det. Heather Halstead Sterbinsky was placed on record and held for arraignment. Bail was denied and Sterbinsky was committed to LCP. 

     This incident was not a random act of violence. The suspect is related to all (3) victims. The suspect was siblings with Christine Ross and Uncle to Autumn Ross and the surviving victim. We ask that members of the media please respect the privacy of the families as they deal with this tragic situation. 

 —  James Sterbinsky’s two victims are below. His sister, Christine Ross, 53 (left) and her daughter Autumn Ross, 20.    


      The below picture is from a Facebook page for “James Sterbinsky” and this is believed to be the man who stabbed two women to death last night.

— BREAKING NEWS —  James M. Sterbinsky, 56, was charged this morning before Magisterial District Judge Adam J. Witkonis with two counts of criminal homicide and two counts of criminal conspiracy engaging – criminal homicide (see below).






*   Horrific! Click here for the below police press release.

On Thursday July 18, 2019 at approximately 2238 hrs. Officers from Lancaster Bureau of Police, Platoon B, responded to the 500 blk. High St. for a report of a stabbing. 

While Officers were en-route they received information that there was a male walking on High St. and appeared to have a stab wound in the back. 

Additional information was provided that a suspect had left the scene on foot. The suspect was initially described as a bearded male, last seen wearing jeans and boots. Officers responding to the area did not locate the suspect. 

Upon arrival on High Street, Officers located a 33 year old male with a stab wound on his back. That victim directed Officers to a residence on the 500 blk. High St. because other people had been injured/stabbed inside the home. 

Officers made entry to the home and located (2) additional victims. A 53 year old female was found with multiple stab wounds inside the home. That victim appeared to be deceased as no signs of life could be located. A 20 year old female was found to have a stab wound in the torso. 

EMS was able to enter the scene and transported the 33 year old male and 20 year old female to the hospital for treatment. Despite life saving efforts by EMS and medical staff at Penn Medicine/ LGH, the 20 year old female victim died of her injuries at the hospital. The 33 year old male victim is in critical condition at the hospital. 

Officers at the scene were informed that (2) children that had been inside the home at the time of the incident had been able to flee to a neighbor’s home and that the neighbor was watching them. Those children were located and found to be unharmed. Officers worked to locate family members to watch over the children. 

While at the scene, Officers were able to obtain a name for the suspect. That suspect was later located by Officers near the intersection of S. Prince St. and W. Vine St. The suspect was taken into custody without incident and transported to the station. 

Officers and Investigators are still on-scene at High St. as they conduct additional follow up inquiries into this incident. 

The names of the victims and suspect are not being released until next of kin notifications have been completed. Additional information on the investigation will be provided through supplemental press releases. For members of the media, interviews by Lancaster Bureau of Police staff are not available at this time.

Fox-43 (Click here)


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       During the law enforcement press conference on July 2nd about the recent three unsolved murders, there was the below exchange between a woman reporter and District Attorney Craig Stedman (click here and this exchange beings at 17:44 into the video).
Reporter  —  I have a question. The Tony Torrellas case from April 27th – where does that investigation stand?
Stedman  —  We’re essentially wrapping up the investigation and we’re going to be meeting with the people involved – the family members I believe next week. So, we’ll have an update for you on that.
Reporter  —  Has anyone been charged?
Stedman  —  No. So we’ll have an update on that one coming forward. That’s not in the category of what we’re talking about here about failure to cooperate. That’s a separate case and we’ll put something out publicly soon.
      I know you’re probably tired of reading about this but it is extremely important! Where are the answers? A man shot Tony Torrellas multiple times and killed him over two-and-a-half-months ago. His family and friends and the public have a right and a need to know why his killer has not been charged. This is unbelievable. And Stedman wants to be a judge? He needs to withdraw now.


     Feds need to investigate Corrupt Craig Stedman – not pose with him!
This comment in.
     Isn’t that the truth!

      Did you see this blatant ad for LNP’s Marriott Hotel restaurants (click here)? And check out the photo of beverage director Frank Fontaine. Is he the classic embodiment of a Lancaster hipster? Will he be wearing a beard net? Yuck!
Please check back later today.


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— It’s been one more day of working on a major project. It will be coming – hopefully next week. Thank you for your patience and I will be back to regular news tomorrow. —


(Click here for the DA’s press release)
     They are going to make Lancaster County safer? Wonderful! Will they help with all the unsolved murders and help to get all the killers off the street?
     When will DA Craig Stedman release information on the killing of Tony Torrellas on April 27th. He has now had two-and-a-half-months to investigate and interview. When can a man shoot another man multiple times and walk away free? The public wants and needs to know DA Stedman.
Please check back later today.


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— It’s been another day of working on a major project. Please be patient. —


      Isn’t it strange that the LNP devotes paragraph upon paragraph to a Holmes, Ohio sex abuse case with tenuous ties to Ephrata while at the same time says little to nothing about the Smucker case and the sweetheart deal he’s currently enjoying?
This comment in yesterday.
     It is very strange. And I think it has to do with maintaining the Amish “image” and keeping tourists and others coming to Lancaster County and, of course, to LNP’s convention center/Marriott Hotel.
Please check back later today.


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*     The man was seen in the area in days prior, riding a bicycle going in and out of the woods – near the location he was found.
From the DA’s press release, “Police Seek ID of Man Found Dead Sunday in Clay Township Stream,” (click here).
     If he was seen, why aren’t they giving the public more information? His approximate height and weight, hair color, the clothes he was wearing, whether he has facial hair, etc. What is wrong with these “detectives?”

—  I am doing some research this afternoon (this will be juicy)! LIP News will be back tomorrow. —


     This is LNP’s lead story online this morning (click here). Is this a joke? Of course they can spray your dog! Do you live under a rock?
     Maybe editor Tom Murse should have his reporter call DA Stedman and ask him under what circumstances a man can shoot another man and not be charged. There has been a spate of these cases in Lancaster in the last two months beginning with Tony Torrellas, who was shot multiple times and killed on April 27th. Stedman promised an update on the case last week and it never came.
     Will LNP do their job and demand answers this week?
Please check back later today.


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     The below is one of the three or four comments I get a day from convicted stalker Steven Markle:

     You forwarded it to several offices? The convicted stalker forwarded it to several offices? Oh, I’m scared! Threat after ridiculous threat from you.
     I hope you’ll send today’s LNP editorial to those same several offices (pictured left and click here to read).
     You’ve become emboldened since the East Lampeter Township Police Department told me harassment is a summary offense and they couldn’t get a warrant for your computer(s). I think three or four comments a day with a total of over 2,500 qualifies as a misdemeanor which harassment can also be in PA. We’ll see.
     In the meantime, go back to your comic book superhero character (“he” actually looks like you!) and play your video games. Your jealousy is showing and has been for years!


      This comment in from barryinwinnipeg:
     The image of the week must be VP Pence with his ’empty suit’ tagalong buddy, Sen. Graham, not knowing where to look in the 90 seconds they were near the cages at the detention center. Please tell me how all this is possible in the land of my birth? Ah, well, let the ICE raids begin. If they are going after real criminals, why would Donnie give the bad guys a heads up and thereby put officers’ lives at needless risk? If they’re going after cooks instead of crooks, they have over a million to go, and good luck finding people to fill all those jobs. At least the raids in New Orleans were scratched because of the storm. This will be one interesting summer in the history of the USA.



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     District Attorney Craig Stedman was busy with the US Attorney today so there has been no update on the murder of Tony Torrellas on April 27th. I will follow-up next week.
     The Manor Township Police Department has a long post today on their Facebook page about two dogs they found. It begins above and ends per the below. You can read the entire post here. If the owners can’t pay the fees, how will they pay the fines? Oh, my.
     Have a safe and happy Friday.
     Update on our sweet and friendly pit bulls. The owner has been located and the pair have been identified as Bella and Lilly. The owner cannot pay the fees and costs to retrieve the dogs and refused to forfeit them so they could be adopted. We have no choice, by law we must turn them over to either a humane society or association for the prevention of cruelty to animals. So, they have been transported to the PSPCA in Lancaster.
      They have been great guests of the Police Department, but we are not setup for long term care of dogs. We have requested that the PSPCA have Bella and Lilly adopted out together, because they will have a very hard time if separated.
      There is an interested party that has already made contact to adopt them. In case that falls through, check with PSPCA in the middle of next week if you are interested in adopting them, contact the PSPCA at 717-917-6979. The owner of the dogs will be cited for several violations of the dog law and will face hefty fines.
      Thanks for all the comments, assistance, and compassion that was shown for these two wonderful animals.

*    LNP spoke with Gregory Dow in December. At that time he was living and Manheim. He said he was innocent, and that the villagers invented an elaborate scheme to kick out his family.
From today’s LNP story, “Lancaster County man federally indicted on sexual assault charges while running children’s home in Kenya,” (click here).
      Yes, you did, LNP reporter Lindsey Blest and my response was this: “LASCIVIOUS ACTS WITH A CHILD” and began with the below (click here for the full post on this site).



Posted by retired Lancaster Police Detective Chris DePatto on the Lancaster Bureau of Police Facebook page under their post about the July 4th shooting (click here for the press release).

     Apparently with all of these recent unsolved murders and law enforcement holding a press conference to blame the public, DePatto is serious and we’re waiting for someone to explain to the public how and why a man who shot another man in the torso is walking free.
     And every time I see DePatto’s name I think of the horrific, unsolved murder of 83-year-old Erma Kaylor. He was one of the first detectives at the scene and of course, he signed the Affidavit of Probable Cause and also asked that it be sealed for 60 days.
     As a reminder, click here for the full Affidavit of Probable Cause in her unsolved murder and please check back later today.


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     PennLive has an interesting feature, “These people were charged with crimes in central Pa. yesterday,” (click here).
     And one of those listed today is Santino Aviles. Can someone please explain to me how District Judge Mary Mongiovi Sponaugle set his bail at $50,000 unsecured? The bail situation in this county is outrageous and there will be much more tomorrow.
—  UPDATE —  According to his docket, David Smucker’s status conference scheduled for today was continued again until September 19th (see below).



     At approximately 2030 hrs. a male walked in to the lobby of the Lancaster Bureau of Police station and told the Desk Sergeant that he had been involved in the shooting that occurred on S. Franklin St. The male surrendered a firearm that he had been carrying on his person when he entered the station. The male, a 48 year old resident of Lancaster, was held at the station and later interviewed by Detectives. 
     The male that came in to the station was released shortly before midnight. This case is still under investigation and no charges have been filed as of the time of this press release.
From the police press release about a man shot in his torso on July 4th (click here).
     People are just shooting people in Lancaster, going to the police and telling them a story and being released! Did anyone know it was this easy to shoot someone and get away with it? At least they kept his gun this time. I wonder how many more he has at home?
     Along with Tony Torrellas, who was shot multiple times, we’ll await DA Stedman’s explanation on this shooting.

**   Lancaster County Judge David Ashworth approved the request that reduced Smucker’s bail to $500,000 unsecured and allowed him to be moved to Whispering Hope, a Cumberland County rehabilitation facility for Plain Sect men.
From the LNP article, “Caernarvon Township man charged with sexually assaulting 4 girls moved from prison to rehab facility due to health issues,” (click here).        

*     David Smucker, charged with 24 counts of felony abuse of children, was scheduled to have a status conference before President Judge Dennis Reinaker this morning at 9:00 am.


Tony Torrellas

From last week’s LNP article, “3 Lancaster city homicides unsolved because witnesses won’t cooperate, officials say,” (click here).      

     You have two days, Stedman. We’re waiting.
Please check back later today. 


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     The police have finally released a video of possible suspects in the Father’s Day murder of Anthony Marshall. If you recognize any of these individuals please contact the police immediately as indicated in the video.


*     What a slanted, ridiculous article by LNP “reporter” Tim Stuhldreher (click here). Please see the post immediately below this one for Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser’s opening remarks stating his officers find it easier to charge under the crimes code. A lot of numbers were thrown around in the question and answer period that followed and again, I hope to bring a transcript of that to you soon. But again, you can watch it for yourself (click here).



$3,000 BAIL

Angela Benedict

     A woman [Angela Benedict], under the influence of drugs, left her infant daughter alone in the woods of southern Lancaster County for more than three hours on Monday, according to Pennsylvania State Police.
     …Around 12:34 a.m., a firefighter heard a child crying and found the 17-month-old in 1 inch of water in a drainage ditch within 50 feet of a retention pond, according to police.
From the LNP article, “Mother charged with leaving her infant daughter alone in woods of southern Lancaster County,” (click here).
     Her bail is $3,000 cash. She endangered her baby’s life at least as much as Emmanuella Osei who gave birth on a toilet. Osei was denied bail because they claimed she was a flight risk when all they had to do was take her passport.
     And let’s no forget Ashley Gaston who is sitting in jail on $50,000 cash bail for kicking – okay – stomping on – a dog she claims bit her child.
     The racism in Lancaster County is astounding!
     On a lighter and more reasonable note, city council voted last night to allow Susan Hoover to use fiber-cement siding on the dormers of her gorgeous home at 204 E. King Street – going against the Historical Commission’s denial recommendation.
Please check back later today.


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     There is a  city council meeting tonight beginning at 7:30 pm. The agenda is here. The meeting will be livestreamed on the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
       There are some big money items and, of course, those dormers!



     Below is Lancaster Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser’s opening remarks regarding the update on the marijuana ordinance from last Monday’s city council committee meeting (you can watch it here and it begins at approximately 1:23:35 into the video).
     This was followed by a long question and answer period and I hope to bring that to you in the next several days. LNP has not reported on this important update at all.
—  Berkihiser – Thank you. So just to give you an update on the use of the marijuana ordinance by our patrol officers: Since January 2019, we have cited 29 individuals under the ordinance. To give you a little bit of a context with that, 58 individuals were actually charged under the crimes code with possession of a small amount of marijuana.
     So the use of the ordinance is about half of what’s been charged under the crimes code. To give you a little bit of a context on probably why some of the 58 individuals were charged under the crimes code versus the ordinance:
—  repeat offender
—  the individual’s demeanor at the time of the contact with the officer
—  arrested for other offenses such as outstanding warrants or other charges
—  force may have been used during the detention or arrest so the officers feel they are on better footing with the actual charges under the crimes code versus the city ordinance.
     We’re also – we’ve had officers complain about – if they charge multiple sections under the ordinance they actually have to write multiple citations. The way the MDJ [Magisterial District Judge] staff inputs that information into the AOPC’s [Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts] computer system it only accepts one subsection at a time so the officers have to hand write multiple citations if they are cited under multiple sections of the ordinance.
     We have been waiting for probably three to four years now for the AOPC to allow us to do printed citations for non-traffic citations. On traffic citations we use computers and printers in the cars now for traffic citations – we’re still waiting for that for non-traffic citations which will make our jobs a lot easier. So if an officer has multiple subsections under the ordinance it’s actually easier for them to charge under the crimes code because it’s all computerized and they can put the information into the computer system and print it out.
**   I need to move on to more serious topics so let me state this again as I posted before going on holiday break: Like any restaurant or bar or other business that opens in Lancaster, if Phil Lapp and his wife want to open a tour business – fine! But they need to do it on their own without help from the city – monetary or otherwise.
     If you google “tuktuk lancasteronline” there is article after article after article. The only thing I can figure is that LNP somehow thinks a tour business will benefit their convention center/Marriott Hotel business one way or another.
     Why did I bring up Branson? Because Phil Lapp rattled off a list of cities where he stated a tour business is successful and Branson was the last one he named.
     From the LNP article:
     While pricing, vehicle type and other details remain to be worked out, loKal envisions a circuit linking key attractions, such as the LancasterHistory campus, Penn Square and so on. There could be, say, 10 stops on an hourlong loop, Lapp said.
     Okay, that’s two attractions! Does Lancaster have a zoo, a lake, a theme park, etc.? How in the world do you compare Lancaster and Branson?
     Once again, put your own money up and start your business, Mr. Lapp – but don’t go looking for help from the city!



     Lancaster is one of the oldest inland cities in the United States of America.
From the City of Lancaster website under “History,” (click here).
*    The story to the left is now the lead story on Lancaster Online (click here). Can you say, “Tuk Tuk redux?” Unbelievable.
     Phil Lapp told the city council members at least three times last Monday night that Lancaster is the oldest inland city in America – as if people would jump up and do anything to go to the oldest inland city in America. But he can’t even get his facts correct according to Lancaster’s own website. This all borders on the absurd and that will be coming.
     How does Lancaster shape up compared to Branson, Missouri? Hmmm…. There’s a reason I ask that (click here for “Top Ten Attractions in Branson”).



     These two stories were running simultaneously on Lancaster Online yesterday. Where is the money coming from? Didn’t Mayor Sorace just declare a financial crisis? What happened to the RFP for a consultant to tell city officials how not to spend money?
Click here for the above LNP story on the left and here for the story on the right and please check back later today.


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      Once again, because of the layout of this site, one topic gets piled on top of another. I am working on a solution. Tomorrow I will be covering last Monday’s very important city council committee meeting and also LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher’s lack of coverage.
      In the post immediately below this one, I mentioned Susan Hoover’s house at 204 E. King Street and the Historic Commission. It is on the agenda again for tomorrow’s city council meeting (see below). She wants to use fiber-cement siding on her two dormers. They have denied her request. What is fiber-cement siding? Click here for the “This Old House” article shown below.



****  It is interesting that Hobie Crystle who is running for DA has the below up on his Facebook page about probation (the editorial is here). Good job! Why give Osei five years probation? What is the point? Why should taxpayers and Osei be on the hook for five years?

***  The DA’s press release on the sentencing is here and worth the read. DA spokesman Brett Hambright outdoes himself!

**   According to the woman who answered the phone in Judge Margaret Miller’s chambers, Emmanuella Osei was sentenced to 9 to 23 months in prison. That includes time served and she has been in prison since January 16th of this year. That means approximately another four months in jail. She was also sentenced to five years probation.
*     Meanwhile, Lancaster County detectives are having sex acts with women to bring prostitution charges (click here).  Everyone knew this was wrong from the beginning.  Why is LNP just catching on?
     These are the comments on Lancaster Online under the original LNP article, “Woman at New Holland health spa arrested for prostitution,” (click here). And why don’t they name the detective?


From the Lancaster County Court calendar for today.

    Emmanuella Osei is scheduled to be sentenced this morning before Judge Margaret Miller (click here for “LENIENCY FOR EMMANUELLA OSEI” on this site).
     This case is just one more reason why Craig Stedman should not be the District Attorney and most certainly not a judge! This case is based purely on sexism and racism.
Please check back later today.


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     This site is going on vacation immediately following this post so some things, like Police Chief Jarrad Berkihiser’s updates to city council last night on the Marijuana Ordinance and police body cameras will come next week (I hope to have an exact transcript of his remarks).
     Also the vast sums of money council is approving – $35 million for Lancaster Square, millions for the two new fire stations and millions for sewer repairs. Where is the money going to come from?
     Have a great July 4th and this site will resume daily publishing on Monday, July 8th. See you then!


     It could be a trolley, a Conestoga Wagon, a very modern vehicle or like the iconic English red buses, Phil Lapp told council last night about his “LoKal Enterprises.” The bottom line is they want a touring vehicle that does a loop in the city and people can “hop on and hop off” from April to October. It’s a repeat of the Tuk Tuk without the three wheeled vehicle!


     Why were they at city council? It wasn’t clear but what was clear was that Council President James Reichenbach is an idiot who needs to have his head examined. He opened his mouth about a public/private partnership and said the city is good at them. No, they aren’t, Mr. Reichenbach. Remember the over $5 million you threw away on MAW and LanCity Connect for absolutely nothing?

     If the city even thinks about helping these people in any way they need to be stopped immediately. If Phil Lapp thinks they can open and finance this touring business, fine, let them do it. But for the city to offer any “help” or partnership is absurd and a Tuk Tuk fiasco redux! Unbelievable!


     A discussion about the dormers on 204 E. King Street (the property on the left in the above google image) took over half-an-hour at last night’s city council committee meeting (click here for the video of the meeting). Apparently the Historical Commission does not like the product the owner wants to use to fix the dormers. The owner brought paperwork and handouts and implored the council to let her use the product she stated would last 30 years. Council did not vote on it last night.
     It was amazing. And all I could think about was how the Historical Commission and city council quickly voted for the approval of tearing down three buildings on East King Street very close to this house so LNP could build their Marriott Hotel expansion and yet they are worried to death about this woman’s dormers!


   A comment on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the article linked to immediately below.

***   And what if the police officers/detectives questioning the victims and witnesses more closely resembled those citizens? What if the police officers/detectives lived in those neighborhoods and understood the circumstances and the fear?
     Instead, the Lancaster Police Department has been hiring young white men who don’t live in the city over and over again! When will it end? When will the force reflect the citizens they are supposed to protect and serve?

**   Apparently this is what was said in a press conference no one could hear (click here).

*    LNP has no sound!



From ABC-27 (click here):


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*     If this “LoKal Experiences” has anything to do with the Tuk Tuk fiasco, I will lose it! Just letting you know!


    From the agenda for tonight’s city council committee meeting at 6:00 pm (click here for the full agenda). I can’t wait to find out what the “LoKal Experiences tour bus business” is – but on a serious note – there is an update on the Marijuana Ordinance and the police body camera program.

     MediaNews Group takes over the Reading Eagle today. Big changes are coming…

    Yes, vote for Hobie Crystle for District Attorney! This is from the Columbia Spy and he is one of the best photo journalists in the area (click here). Another photo from his weekly “About Town” is below and I will come back to Crystle after the holiday break:

     Yes, Ben Brewer of Lancaster was on the $100,000 Pyramid TV show last night (click here). As you can see, he’s a true Lancaster hipster! And host Michael Strahan even commented that he didn’t get dressed up for the show!  It was not one of Lancaster’s better moments. Oh, my!


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On the left, LNP’s lead story online, “New features at Penn Square Marriott go beyond 110-room expansion,” (click here) and on the right from today’s LNP editorial, “On what LNP needs to survive in this tough newspaper climate, and that fracas in the state Senate,” (click here).

     What a newspaper should not do, CFO Robert Krasne, is rip-off and lie to their readers! Unbelievable!


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*    It must be repeat Saturday at LNP. Now their lead story online is the below article on the left. They already ran this in May! If they are going to run repeats – they need to let the public know! Have they run out of things to write about?



    LNP, you need to state that your lead story online this morning is a word-for-word re-run of a story you ran in May! Putting a different headline on it does not make it “new!” Disgraceful and deceptive journalism.


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     When I was tagged about the new Harrisburg Independent Press Facebook page and Kickstarter fund yesterday, I was hoping they were bringing it back. No, it will be an archive site.
     And while I hope they reach their monetary goal, I won’t be donating because all my time, effort and money will go into this site. We still need “alternative news.”
     Having said that – this site is going to take a fairly long July 4th holiday break. Publishing will be sporadic through this Tuesday morning and then LIP News will go on break until the following Monday, July 8th and will be back fresh and rested and ready for another 14 years!



     They were HIP and we were LIP. The Harrisburg Independent Press was published from 1971 to 1980. They have a Kickstarter campaign to set up a website to archive the paper (click here and see below).
     I’ve stated before that I believe the Franklin & Marshall Library has a full archive of LIP. And through this site, it lives on! Yeah!
Thank you for reading LIP News and please check back later today.


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—  Taking a break this afternoon. LIP News will return tomorrow.  —


     A message sent to a friend about the Father’s Day murder of Anthony Marshall.

     So the Lancaster Police went to neighbors where Anthony Marshall was shot and said the Kunzler cameras did not work. It never hurts to have more video but the Kunzler cameras did work. Do you realize that the police have not released a description much less a video of the killer to the public?
     What exactly are these detectives doing? If the victim had been a white school teacher would we have more information? Would the murder be solved? Who holds the police accountable in Lancaster?
Please check back later today.


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     I am going to switch up this afternoon because I want to give people time to write Judge Margaret C. Miller.
     Emmanuella Osei is scheduled to be sentenced on Monday, July 8th in courtroom #4 at 9:00 am for endangering the welfare of her child by Judge Miller. She has been in Lancaster County Prison since January 14th with bail denied.
     I previously published a portion of a Letter to the Editor of LNP regarding this case and it is below. Please read the entire excellent letter here.
     Please write to Judge Margaret Miller and tell her Osei has served more than enough time in jail. I cannot begin to imagine what this woman has been through.

Judge Margaret C. Miller
50 N. Duke St., #4
Lancaster, PA  17602

*   Wow! The LNP editorial board goes after President Judge Dennis Reinaker big time in today’s editorial and they toss in DA Craig Stedman for good measure (click here)!
     So why don’t they hold Stedman and the Lancaster Police accountable for all the unsolved murders and crimes?



      The Lancaster Police Department is looking for recruits and they put out a video featuring Officer Carlos Luciano Jr. (click here). DA Stedman tweeted the below regarding the three items Luciano gives as reasons for being a police officer. It would seem something is missing. Hmmm… 

Please check back later today.


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     City council meets tonight at 7:30 pm. The meeting should be livestreamed to the city’s YouTube channel (click here). Will anyone bring up the violence in the city in the last two months?


*    DA spokesman Brett Hambright was busy, busy writing this bizarre piece about new First Assistant District Attorney Travis Anderson (click here). Hambright goes over the top with this publicity piece and remember his salary is being paid by you!
     I do like the below quote from Anderson in the piece. Yes, Your job is to see that justice is done! So instead of writing this nonsense maybe Hambright could put out a press release on the murder of Tony Torrellas and why his shooter has not been charged! Oh, and an update on all of these recent unsolved murders as well! Justice is your job. Do it!




      Tony Torrellas was shot multiple times and killed on April 27th at the home of the mother of his child. The shooter stayed on the scene and was interviewed by police and released. It is unknown if Torrellas was armed with any type of weapon.
   The above quotes from DA spokesman Brett Hambright were published by LNP two days later on April 29th. There has not been a word since.
     When will DA Stedman announce the results of their investigation? Under what circumstances can a man shoot another man multiple times and not be charged? Was it self-defense? Was Torrellas armed?
     The public deserves and needs answers. His family and friends deserve and need answers. The fact that LNP has not followed-up on this case is disgraceful. Who holds the police and DA accountable in Lancaster County?
Please check back later today.


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     “Absolutely!” That is the answer I received when a close associate of the Marshall family was asked if someone could identify Anthony Marshall’s killer from the video.
     There is a much longer and better video they have viewed than what appears on this site with many more images of the killer. So why haven’t the police released his photo and a description, including what he was wearing, to the public?
     The family was reportedly told by the police that the video is not clear enough. Many people have stated the video is clear and the killer is identifiable.
     Demand answers from the police. Demand answers from the mayor and the city council members. Demand that they view the video. Demand that they let the public decide. Demand that the video be released to the public to see if he can be identified. There is a council meeting tomorrow at 7:30 pm.
     It is unthinkable and unconscionable to leave a killer on the street for over a week both for the public’s safety and for the family and friends of the victim.
     No one – let me repeat – no one holds the Lancaster City Police accountable. That must change.
     There will be more tomorrow.


* Anthony Marshall’s killer running down the street after the shooting.


     The below Facebook post currently has 138 shares. Is there racism in Lancaster County? Oh, you better believe it.
     Speaking of racism, this site will come back to the Father’s Day murder of Anthony Marshall this afternoon.


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—   The cameras owned by Kunzler & Company on their building captured the murder of Anthony Marshall on Father’s Day. An employee of Kunzler showed the video to several co-workers who recorded it on their cell phones. The video is reportedly extremely clear.


     There is a video of Anthony Marshall being shot and killed at a party on Father’s Day exactly one week ago today. The Lancaster Police have left a killer on the street for a week with no warning to the public. After over 14 years of stating on this site that the Lancaster police don’t lift a finger to solve some of these murders – they just got caught red handed.



    The Must See Pics & Vids Facebook posted the below at about 5:00 pm today. Before that is a blurry screenshot of Anthony Marshall’s killer. What have the Lancaster City Police been doing for six days?


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*    Why is LNP running this article as a new article (click here)? This is over three months old! Look at the comments under it – one is below – they are from 14 weeks ago. Get it together, LNP, and let the public know this is a re-run!



Bradley Rohrbaugh

— CORRECTION 6-22-19 at 2:55 pm: He has one DUI conviction in York County that occurred on 2-24-12. The earlier DUI previously mentioned is a different Bradley Rohrbaugh.

[Editor’s note: I am running this email I received several weeks ago and I apologize for the delay in running it and thank you. You are correct, their is no docket entry for former West Hempfield Police Officer Bradley Rohrbaugh for filing a false police report. That would be a very fast ARD and how could he get an ARD with a prior DUI? And yes, he had a DUI in York County so I don’t know how he kept his job. Click here for the LNP article, “West Hempfield Township police officer ‘let go’ while under investigation by other department.” I am not publishing your second paragraph today because I am still researching that individual. Thank you again.]


I discovered your LIP website after I heard of an officer that worked for West Hempfield Township applied for York County Prison. It was then discovered this officer was terminated from his employment and was removed from the class because he was on probation through Lancaster County. After searching his name I came across your website. I am writing to you because it is evidently clear after I searched his criminal record under pa public web dockets that his case cannot be located which would lead me to believe he was given ARD to expunge this filing of a false police report. The issue with this is….it prevents anyone Mr Rohrbaugh has arrested prior with a fair chance to appeal their case after Officer Rohrbaugh was found guilty of filing false police reports. I believe this is a clear and concise way for the county to protect themselves as well as the officer. I believe every person Mr Rohrbaugh gave testimony on and has charged with crimes during his course of duty should be reviewed by the DA and the people he has arrested prior be notified of this. Upon further research I found he had 2 prior DUI’s; his 2nd offense being in York County. I see his record shows 9 years of employment. How did he work as a police officer with a mandatory year driving privilege being revoked?
     I just wanted to make this known as I feel after reviewing your website, your a person who clearly will fight for what is right, and I appreciate and respect that.
     If there is any way I can help you further expose corruption please don’t hesitate to ask. There is much more info to share, I thought I’d start with this first.


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     There is no explanation for this in a city that is over 50 percent minority and the police force is already in desperate need of diversification. Where are the city council members? Where is the NAACP and the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission? Where is LNP and WGAL? Who is going to demand answers?
     There will be much more on this to come.

***   The security guy at Kunzlers should get a raise. The name he gave me was John Younk. Turns out he’s the chief financial officer. That didn’t work!

**   From the Google Street view of Kunzlers at 652 Manor Street. The insert is a close-up of the camera that is in the upper left of the large screenshot.

*     The woman who answered the phone at Kunzlers at approximately 12:30 pm today responded “I believe they were” when asked if the police had come to get video from their cameras involving Sunday’s murder. She then transferred me to security and the man there said he is not in a position to answer the question. When pressed, he gave me the name of a person to speak to.


     The below message was sent to a friend from a Kunzler employee about the murder of Anthony Marshall on Father’s Day. While this cannot be absolutely verified, Kunzler & Company does have surveillance cameras around their building and they are reportedly excellent.
     Where is an update on this murder? What are the detectives doing? Demand answers!

Please check back later today and also note that District Attorney Craig Stedman did not use his tax-payer funded 2016 Toyota Highlander to show up at any of the recent murder scenes.


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* Click here for the police press release on the arrest of Jose Rivera’s attacker. Good job, Detective Richard Mendez!


     Jose Rivera reports that the detective on his case stated to him that the person who committed the violence against him is under arrest. He is a 16-year-old juvenile.


Posted on Lancaster Online under the article, “Lancaster city staff, McCaskey student to plan anti-violence event for youth after recent homicides,” (click here).

*    Thank you. I was thinking exactly the same. And I have never read such a ridiculous article in my life. LNP reporter Lindsey Blest could you call the police and ask them why these homicides have not been solved? What are the detectives doing? Why do we pay detectives who can’t solve crimes?


(Click here for the GoFundMe page for Anthony Marshall)
        There will be a candlelight vigil for Anthony Marshall this evening at 6 pm on Laurel and Manor Streets.
       Marshall was shot and killed on Father’s Day and his son was wounded.
       No one has been arrested for his murder despite numerous witnesses and Kunzler & Company having multiple surveillance cameras that cover the area where he was killed.
      And in a shocking twist, Anthony Marshall is the grandson of Carrie Marshall, whose horrific December 7, 1987 murder has never been solved.
Click here for the above LNP article on Carrie Marshall and please check back later today.


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     Community activist and neighborhood leader Jose Rivera is healing after he was sucker punched at a Father’s Day bar-b-que in Crystal Park on Sunday (the above photo was taken this morning).
     Lancaster City Detective Richard Mendez met with him today. The police still have not checked for footage from the Safety Coalition camera in the park. Rivera said the detective would be back to him either later today or tomorrow. Rivera said the park was packed and there were numerous witnesses although he was attacked from behind and he did not see his attacker.
     Rivera said the attack is not going to keep him from his neighborhood work and he said he has an obligation to watch the park as his grandkids and the neighborhood kids play there. He said he will not retreat.
     He also said he has a message for Chief of Police Jarrad Berkihiser: After he was attacked and bleeding Sunday it took two phone calls to 911 and two hours for a policeman to arrive. Rivera said the policeman who finally came had been on the other side of the park.
     He said they need a much greater police presence in his neighborhood. He said council members Janet Diaz and James Reichenbach reached out to him as did the mayor’s chief-of-staff Jess King and Milzy Carrasco who manages the Office of Neighborhood Engagement.
     This story will be updated tomorrow.


*   Posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the LNP article, “Lancaster neighborhood leader attacked while at park Sunday; police investigate,” (click here).        
     Maybe the mayor could begin by asking the police why there have been no arrests! Why are there cameras if they aren’t used?



     Obviously he didn’t report it immediately or before the first story/video ran in LNP or he would have mentioned when questioned for that story. Duh.
Posted on Lancaster Online under today’s LNP article pictured left (click here).
      Exactly! And it doesn’t take a genius or a judge to figure that out. From the first LNP story with the video there is this (click here):
     “I neither expect nor deserve any special treatment and made no such request on this occasion,” Reinaker said.
     Reinaker is stating he did nothing wrong. Why would he self-report?
     And there is also this:
     Asked to clarify what he meant when he instructed the officer to check his registration, Reinaker said he knew the officer would be checking and wanted to get on his way as soon as possible.
     “If my intent was to tell him who I was, I could certainly have done so,” Reinaker said.
     It doesn’t take a genius or a judge to know that’s a lie. Telling him to run his registration is the same as stating his name and saying you better let me go, mister! And again, he’s saying he did nothing wrong so why would he have self-reported?
      Reinaker’s last ditch effort to save himself following the video and the public’s outrage is to state he “self-reported.” Too late, Reinaker!
      Once again, please file a complaint with the Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania (click here). The more the better.
     The entitlement and arrogance displayed by Reinaker in the video are outrageous and this is a clear example of wealth, power and privilege – and especially white privilege. And this is unacceptable in a judge.
Please file a complaint and check back later today.