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    Posted on February 19th, 2017 Becky 19 comments

         Dawn White of ABC-27 interviewing the daughter of homicide victim Richard Walton today. His daughter arrived at the 627 Poplar Street home with her five children.

    poplar shooting12

         The two suspects charged in today’s double homicide: Joshua Proper from his Facebook page is immediately below and Juan Cristo-Munoz Jr. is below him:


    munoz         munoz1


          What a shocking, horrific crime! Kudos to the responding officers and the police for solving this so quickly and getting the information out to the public.
         One other crime note today – we are waiting for an update on the story that has caused outrage and LNP ran a headline about Snapchat comments from a boy talking about raping and killing a Manheim Township girl (click here).
         If it turns out that this was some creep from Russia who hacked the boy’s Snapchat account (really!), I would not be surprised. But LNP and the Manheim Township Police owe us an update and if it really was the boy in question, they need to inform the public what has been done about it.


    VICTIM #1

    Leroy Kinsey, a 61 year-old male
    Resident of 600 block Poplar Street, Lancaster City 

    VICTIM #2

    Richard Walton, a 62 year-old male
    Resident of 600 block Poplar Street, Lancaster City 

    (Click here for the updated police release)

    The suspects have been identified as:

    Juan Cristo-Munoz Jr., a 19 year-old male
    Resident of 600 block of Hebrank Street, Lancaster City 

    Joshua Michael Proper, an 18 year-old male
    Resident of 800 block of Fourth Street, Lancaster City

    **  11:15 am –  We are waiting for information from the police, mayor or DA’s office on the double homicide at 627 Poplar Street early this morning. Two men are dead.
         Is the public in danger? Do the police have suspects in custody and if so do they have all of the suspects in custody? Someone needs to address the public!

    *    There are reports the two victims were middle-aged men who may have been disabled.

    **** 9:58 am – There are still many police at the 627 Poplar Street house where two men were killed early this morning. Where are the detectives?

    poplar shooting9

    *** Mayor Gray was not at the scene this morning. Police Chief Sadler was not at the scene this morning. There was no one from the District Attorney’s office at the double homicide crime scene this morning.
         Again, it is believed both victims were stabbed to death. A neighbor reported that new people moved into the house about four months ago. He did not know anything else. The police press release is here.

    **   As of 8:06 am the two bodies are still in the house at 627 Poplar Street. One is directly inside the door.  It is believed the two men were stabbed to death.

    poplar shooting5

    **   The house at 627 Poplar Street appears to be a rental property owned by Robert and Rhoda Patterson.

    * The crime scene this morning.

    Poplar shooting2

    Poplar Shooting


         There has been a double homicide overnight in the 600 block of Poplar Street in the city. Two men are dead. Click here for the police press release and check back for this developing story.


    Posted on February 18th, 2017 Becky No comments

    **  The man said he called police, took his daughter’s cellphone and continued to send messages, pretending to be his daughter. He said he used his cellphone to take photos of the messages as evidence.
         Police arrived at his home within 10 minutes of his call Tuesday, and he gave them his daughter’s cellphone and the photos he took of the messages, the man said.
         The boy is someone his daughter knows of from school, but they were not friends, he said.
    From the LNP story.
         What kind of messages did the father send? How does he know it really was this boy? How does he know someone didn’t hack the boy’s account? There’s talk in the messages of the person hacking someone else’s account. Social media accounts are hacked everyday. And those messages do not read as though they were written by a grade-schooler!
         And the obvious – if they were real threats written by this boy the police and DA would have acted by now!

    *    The below comment was recently posted under the story on Lancaster Online. Exactly! Something is not adding up here and dad wants a lot of attention!snapchat4

    “I’D RATHER MEET?”Snappchat

    From the front page of today’s LNP print edition (click here for the story online).

         There is something very wrong with this story that has everyone outraged. There is something very wrong.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 17th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         I ran out of time today. The stories promised yesterday will come all next week. Posting over the weekend will be sporadic.
         The big story on LNP today is, “Man says Landis Run Intermediate student used Snapchat to threaten to kill, rape his daughter,” (click here). Yes, of course there is the expected outrage and correctly so if the facts are as they have been presented. But there is no outrage about all of the shootings in the city where humans, homes and vehicles are repeatedly hit with bullets.
          Have a safe and happy Friday!

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    Shots Fired7

    Click here to read the entire, long police press release about all the shots fired incidents. Where are Mayor Gray and Police Chief Sadler and the city council members?


    shooting 2-17

    **   It was a wild and scary night in Lancaster city early this morning. People who listen to the police scanner (such as the above Facebook page owner) report that there were three separate shots fired incidents called into 9-1-1. One apparently involved O’Halloran’s Irish Pub and Eatery at 764 High Street where shots were fired and also on Manor and Fourth Streets.
         Will any media report on this or will it end up as entries on the police log?



    Conrad6jeff conrad1*    Here comes attorney and Lancaster County Judge candidate (who was not recommended by the Lancaster Bar Association) Jeffrey Conrad into the mix. The above is from an article in this morning’s print edition of LNP titled, “Ongoing traffic citation case cleared for appeal,” (not currently online).
         This is directly related to the Friday Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision against District Attorney Craig Stedman and ruling in favor of District Judge Jayne Duncan. Conrad is representing Shawn Kerr who received the three traffic tickets that sparked this case. He has every right to appeal.
         I thought the “firestorm” was over, Conrad! Are you simply seeking attention? I will link to the story when it goes online.


    Hate groups

    (Click here)

         This has been on Lancaster Online for several days now. When I first saw this I figured LNP was the hate group in Lancaster County. Seriously!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 16th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


    Trump32       The Donald seriously and relentlessly went off on the media again today.
           LNP has been distorting facts to help their special interest – the Marriott Hotel/Convention Center – for years. They are the “dishonest” press that Trump is talking about – and they need to be removed immediately by the Associated Press and every journalism society and media organization they belong to.
         There will be very specific examples tomorrow – but LNP “opinion editor” Suzanne Cassidy, you just keep sitting there and retweeting all those negative Trump articles all day long the way you so love to do! You are the problem he’s talking about, Suzanne, and sadly LNP gives legitimacy to many of Trump’s claims and in so doing they are also harming and failing to inform and protect the citizens of Lancaster County.
         This is part of a comment posted on Lancaster Online under their recent disgusting and totally self-serving editorial, “Hotel excise tax hike would boost tourism here and wouldn’t affect local taxpayers,” (click here).
    – LNP’s disclaimer is not enough, they should never have gotten involved here but in doing so, they should skip this topic entirely on their editorial page. This is a totally unfair venue for them to have and another reason why a print monopoly entity such as LNP has NO BUSINESS being in that business.

         Exactly! And by being in that business they are breaking every code of journalism ethics in this country!


    *    LNP has apparently replaced laid-off police reporter Ryan Robinson with Lindsey Blest. Blest graduated from Lancaster Bible College eight months ago. What a wealth of experience and knowledge she brings to the job! I did not think LNP could find anyone worse than Robinson – but you have to hand it to them – they have!
         In a bit of irony, Blest posted her six month anniversary at LNP on her Facebook page and there was this exchange (I wonder if Robinson would say the same thing today):


    & CITY COUNCIL?Shooting 2-154WGAL-TV (click here).

         I certainly hope the police are searching for yet another shooter on the loose! Isn’t that their job? Will we hear another word about this shooting?
         Remember this LNP article from January 31st – “21-year-old man suffers hand, arm injuries in 2nd shooting in 2 days in Lancaster,” (click here)? There has not been another word on those shootings.
         Where is LNP? Where are their crime and police reporters? Where are the mayor and the police chief and city council? Who is holding the Lancaster City Police accountable?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 15th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


    sorace-gray         Chief-Inspector

         Where is Mayor Gray? Where is Police Chief Sadler? Where is a comment from city councilwoman and mayoral candidate Danene Sorace (pictured with Gray above) who thinks everything in Lancaster is just great? Where is an update on today’s shooting from the police?



     **  Manuel Pagan makes the news again! Interesting that LNP left the below out of their “article” (click here for the release on the Lancaster Crime Watch page and here for the LNP article and here for the last time I wrote about Pagan on this site):
         The investigation revealed that Manuel Pagan Jr. met with the victim and her sister at a location on the 1100 blk. Elizabeth Ave.(Manheim Twp.) on 29 November 2016. Pagan was reportedly dating sister of the victim at the time of the offense. Pagan reportedly offered the victim with alcohol as well as prescription and illicit drugs. The victim declined the drugs. Pagan reportedly sexually propositioned the victim and she declined.
         The victim, her sister and Pagan later returned to Pagan’s residence on the 1st blk. E. Andrew St. During the course of the early morning hours of 29 November 2016, Pagan reportedly sexually assaulted and raped the victim. The victim was able to run from the residence after the assault. The victim later reported the incident to Manheim Twp. Police as the victim initially met the suspect on Elizabeth Ave. This location was called the “7th Ward Studios” as Pagan was a rapper with the stage name of “Real Zona”.

    *    The police towing the taxi involved in this morning’s shooting in the 700 block of Poplar Street.  The white van following the tow truck in the second photo reportedly has four Lancaster City Police Detectives in it.

    Shooting 2-151

    Shooting 2-153

    WGAL: MAN IS CRITICALShooting 2-15

    Click here for the Lancaster City Police Crime Watch post and here for WGAL-TV. WGAL is stating the man is in critical condition.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 14th, 2017 Becky 1 comment


          I want to finish up with this Supreme Court ruling so I can move on to other topics. For District Attorney Craig Stedman to state or infer in any way that he “won” is flat-out lying. The dockets and the outcome of the two hearings for the three traffic tickets will stay as District Judge Duncan wanted them. Stedman spent all this time and money and clearly lost this case in every sense of the word.
         As I have indicated before, and expressed to Duncan’s attorney Heidi Eakin on the phone yesterday, this does concern me. Montgomery Senior Judge Arthur Tilson, who ruled against Duncan in Common Pleas Court, said justice has to be “uniform.” I say the same thing when I say justice has to be “equal.”
         And I would ask Duncan again, who and for what reasons does she allow someone to have a second hearing after the case has already been adjudicated? What excuse is “good” enough? Should she have told Shawn Kerr to buy an alarm clock? What if he worked the first shift and slept through his hearing? Would he still have gotten a second or “new” hearing? How much does it cost the public to have two hearings?
         Kerr and anyone else have the opportunity to appeal the District Justice’s decision to the Common Pleas Court. That is what Duncan should have told him to do.
        The old saying, “You snooze, you lose” has never been more appropriate or literal.

    **   Looking to “ensure the accuracy of criminal records,” Stedman filed the petition on behalf of the Commonwealth after Shawn Kerr was given two hearings on the same three traffic citations.
         Kerr initially was found guilty in absentia of all three violations by District Judge Daniel Garrett on May 15, 2015. Garrett substituted for Duncan that day because she was at a funeral.
         The verdicts were never entered or recorded in the dockets; instead the case was marked as continued.
    From the LNP article linked to below.
         That is not correct. Jayne Duncan’s attorney Heidi Eakin tried to argue this to no avail. Senior District Judge Daniel Garrett wrote the date on each ticket, wrote “Found Guilty in Absentia” and signed his initials per the exhibit in the court case below.
         That was enough. Tickets that are e-filed do not have a line on the back for the Judge’s signature. The verdicts were entered.
         So throw that out the window. Then it comes down to Shawn Kerr who received the tickets and overslept while Judge Garrett was finding him guilty in absentia. Should oversleeping after working the third shift be enough to grant you a second hearing? To how many people and for what reasons would Judge Duncan offer a second hearing on the same tickets?


    *   It’s 9:21 am and LNP has already moved this story off their homepage online! The Supreme Court ruled on Friday and it took LNP until Monday evening to write a story – and in print they state Stedman claims victory. LNP is a sad joke!


    Stedman v duncan3From page A-3 of today’s LNP print edition and online titled, “Pa. Supreme Court denies petition filed by Lancaster County DA in verdict dispute,” (click here).
         For District Attorney and Superior Court Judge candidate Craig Stedman to try to claim a “victory” in this situation is patently absurd and a lie.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 13th, 2017 Becky 17 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***




         I spoke with District Judge Jayne Duncan’s attorney, Heidi Eakin by phone today at 2:45 pm. She said Judge Duncan is obviously very pleased with the court’s ruling. Eakin said she called District Attorney Craig Stedman two years ago and told him he was wrong to file the Writ of Mandamus and all of this has been at the taxpayer’s expense since.
         She also said that for the two years Judge Duncan has not been able to handle any criminal cases and they were reassigned to other judges outside Elizabethtown which caused hardships for those charged. It is unknown when she will handle criminal cases again as it is up to President Judge Dennis Reinaker.
         Eakin also explained that the “Per Curiam” on the docket means that every Justice on the Supreme Court hearing the case was in agreement with the decision. In light of that, Eakin said she believes it is unlikely that Stedman will appeal.
         Eakin reiterated her opinion and that of Duncan that the Mandamus was wrong and should never have been filed by DA Stedman and she stated the court’s decision obviously proves them correct.


    *    One other quick note, the Supreme Court did not write an “opinion” as to why they ruled the way they did. I called the Supreme Court in Harrisburg shortly after 9:00 o’clock this morning and the woman who answered the phone looked it up and said there is no opinion paper; just the one sentence ruling per the court:

    Stedman v duncan2


    stedman19   DJ Duncan

         Please see Saturday’s and Sunday’s posts below regarding Lancaster County District Attorney and now Superior Court Judge Candidate Craig Stedman’s loss to District Justice Jayne Duncan in the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.
         The Lancaster Newspapers (LNP) just began publication of The Caucus in Harrisburg to be a “government watchdog” but doesn’t report on this huge loss for Stedman. What a sick joke and LNP is the definition of “fake news.”
          I am going to spend my morning alerting statewide news sources to this case because they rely on LNP to be a legitimate news outlet and to report on critical events in Lancaster County to determine if they should also cover them.
    Roda26     When a District Attorney running to be a Superior Court Judge losses a case in the PA Supreme Court, the public has a right and a need to know.
         The Lancaster Newspapers are a disgrace to journalism everywhere. I will also be updating the “BARB HOUGH RODA” tab above because as the LNP executive editor she has flat-out lied to the public about Stedman repeatedly over the years.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 12th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


    **   “She has a right to appeal, of course,” Stedman said, “but she is also a public servant, and as such must consider how the public benefits by continuing to argue for a position that has no merit in rule, statute or case law. No court is ever going to rule against uniformity and equality of justice.”
    From the LNP article, “Common Pleas judge rules against E-town Magisterial District Judge Duncan in traffic citation spat,” (click here). 
         Well, Stedman, the PA Supreme Court just did! So, what went wrong?

    *    A reminder of what this case was about (click here):



    Stedman11             Duncan30

          “Law enforcement’s concern remains focused on the substance and related statewide implications rather than the technicalities of which court should handle it.
         “Specifically, the prospect of allowing district judges to change verdicts up to 30 days afterwards is of extreme concern.”
    Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman quoted in the LNP article, “Verdict dispute with county DA goes to state Supreme Court,” (click here).
         As published here yesterday, on Friday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled against DA Stedman.
         A screenshot from the Supreme Court docket – 142 MM 2016 – is below (click here).
         Where is LNP on this huge story and huge loss for DA and now Superior Court Judge Candidate Craig Stedman? What are the statewide ramifications of this decision?

    Stedman v duncan2 Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 11th, 2017 Becky 7 comments

    *    District Attorney Craig Stedman filed a Writ of Mandamus against Elizabethtown District Judge Jayne Duncan on June 23, 2015 ordering her to change three dockets involving three traffic tickets. The case moved from Lancaster Common Pleas Court to the Superior Court and finally to the Supreme Court.
         The Pennsylvania Supreme Court denied Stedman’s Writ of Mandamus order on Friday.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    Duncan30   stedman19


         The Supreme Court on Friday ruled against Lancaster District Attorney Craig Stedman and for District Justice Jayne Duncan (click here).
    Please check back for this developing story.

    Stedman v duncan1


    Posted on February 10th, 2017 Becky 7 comments


         Some Friday thoughts:
         We understand that for elected officials, approving tax increases is about as appealing as eating bad shoofly pie (we jest — there’s no such thing as bad shoofly pie).
    From today’s LNP editorial linked to this morning
         Oh, I’ve had bad shoofly pie! Trust me! That is just so pathetically stupid! But the good news is that there are excellent, thoughtful comments under the editorial that are worth the read.
         This has been LNP’s lead story online this afternoon. OMG! Give the eagle – or eagles – caught in a trap a rest already!


         And while this is the fourth LNP story about the eagle, they have this disgusting article with a horrendous photo of P.J. Reilly smirking with a boar he is apparently very pleased that he killed (click here). Why would LNP allow this ridiculous man to write this disgusting piece. Go to Reilly’s Facebook page and you can see large, dead animals he’s killed everywhere! My, what a manly man – not!

    Ressler4      If you are looking for something to do tonight, Mayoral candidate Kevin Ressler is having an event (click here) – and I don’t believe there will be any dead animals there! 

    Jose12     Finally, I will keep you informed if this materializes and goes public (I am withholding the name of the Facebook page owner) and there will be more on this tomorrow.
    Have a great and safe Friday!


    deli robber
     *    The below is from the Lancaster City Crime Watch page (click here). Suddenly we are seeing good photos from businesses in the city! What about the 169 “Safety Coalition” cameras? LNP paid for those cameras for their Marriott Hotel/convention center! Where are pictures from those cameras, LNP? Who is running that organization since Wes Farmer retired?


          On Wednesday 08 February 2017 at 1854 hrs. Officer Conard and Officer Blanchflower responded to Smiley’s Deli at 402 N. Duke St. for a report of a Robbery that had just occurred. 
         Officers were told that an unknown B/M dressed in a gray zip-up hooded sweatshirt had entered the store. The suspect was described as being approximately 6’02” in height with a large build. 
         The suspect reportedly reached over the service counter and reached into a tip jar. The suspect removed a quantity of cash from the jar. When confronted by an employee about the theft the suspect pulled back his arm and made a fist in a threat to strike the employee. The suspect then fled the store on foot. 
         Anyone with information on this Robbery or the identity of the suspect is asked to contact the Lancaster City Police at  717-735-3301 or Lancaster Crime Stoppers at (800) 322-1913, or you can anonymously Text a Tip to Crime Stoppers by using your cell phone. Text LANCS plus your message to 847411. Callers may remain anonymous and do not have to give their names.
         Anonymous tips can also be submitted through this Crime Watch page.


    LNP - liars

    From today’s LNP editorial titled in print, “A small price to pay” and online, “Hotel excise tax hike would boost tourism here and wouldn’t affect local taxpayers,” (click here).
         What a hoot! These people just lie and lie and lie! Why haven’t you published your journalism code of ethics, LNP?
    Click here for to read all about LNP’s Marriott Hotel and “expansion” and please check back later today.


    Posted on February 9th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


         Interesting – a judge has recused himself in the case of George Rosado, the 17-year-old who shot and killed 15-year-old Ibram Hanna with a stolen gun in Mountville last summer. A screenshot from his docket is below and tomorrow an update on my Right to Know request with District Attorney Craig Stedman for Rosado’s mugshot!


    rickspin   foltz pretzels
    (Click here)
    *    I’m waiting for Mayor Dick to say, “Tell me Foltz’s Pretzels would be here today if the convention center wasn’t there!”



    DA Stedman3

    (Click here)

         Stedman is clearly unfit to serve as District Attorney, let alone as a judge in any court in the land.
         His bias and preferential treatment of his Republican colleagues (Cutler’s family member who executed a baby) and the police (the city cop who escalated a minor offense into the execution of a homeless man).
         His failure to seek justice for the victims of crimes when his buddies are involved (the above plus the victims of the cop’s kid who committed the home invasion); his complete failure to effectively manage the Peyton place that is the Lancaster District Attorneys office; and his inability to provide any meaningful assistance in solving the unsolved murders in Lancaster city.
    This comment into this site several days ago.
         And right under the LNP article on Stedman in today’s print edition there is this (click here for the story online):

    Jeffrey Conradjeff conrad1      Conrad was “not recommended” by the Lancaster Bar Association (click here for the “insider” story, “Lancaster Bar Association releases ratings of 5 candidates for potential judiciary seat”)! He was involved in two of the outrageous cases mentioned in the above comment about Stedman – Cutler’s brother-in-law and the cop’s kid and his friend.
         Absolutely not! He was “not recommended” by his own peers! How can this man even be considered for a judge?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 8th, 2017 Becky 4 comments

    *    Amber L. Green (the middle initial is the same as the County Treasurer’s) bought a house – a log cabin – in Pequea in September of last year.

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


    Martin & Green1

    (Click here) 

         Could this be the newly elected State Senator Scott Martin and the Lancaster County Treasurer Amber Green? What are the odds? They both divorced within a month of each other last year! As noted on this site several times, there have been rumors for quite some time now. What are the odds it is really them? Pretty damn good if you ask me! (And thank you to the emailer!)

    Martin7             Green


    **   LNP has Millersville University meteorologist Eric Horst in a live chat at 12:30 pm today on the snow (click here). And Home Depot is ready!
    snowblowers *

    *    Look at this! Good pictures of two alleged bicycle thieves from today’s police log (click here)! If you recognize them please call the Lancaster Police – (717) 735-3300.




    YES OR NO?


    (Click here)

          Is Lancaster a “sanctuary” city or not? The “Mayor’s Statement on Immigration Enforcement” is here.
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 7th, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         This comment in today:
         Let me guess. Kevin Ressler isn’t in the back pocket of Dale High. Dale must have yanked on the Dickster’s leash and told him to make sure “that hippie” doesn’t get elected.
          Exactly! And let’s not forget about LNP’s Robert Krasne pulling on the Dickster’s leash as well! And city council woman and now mayoral candidate Danene Sorace would have to explain to the public why she led the vote to give High and LNP millions more of the public’s money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott Extension when she couldn’t find any money to save the children!
           I was going to mention that tomorrow would be a busy day as I was going to be spending the better part of it trying to read and understand DA Stedman’s 10 page response to my appeal in my Right to Know request for George Rosado’s mugshot. But, lo and behold, this email came in at 3:04 pm today.
          As a commenter into this site noted: Maybe the DA’s attempt to baffle with bullshit will fail! Oh, my!


    Dear Attorney Riley, 

    Thank you for the District Attorney’s Office’s submission in this matter.   

    In the Office’s position statement, it is asserted that the request records are materials which are part of a pending criminal investigation. However, the factual assertions made in the position statement are not supported with sworn evidence by a person with actual knowledge.   

    Please be reminded that all statement of facts must be supported by a sworn affidavit, signed under the penalty of perjury or signed subject to the penalties of 18 Pa.C.S. §4904, to be accepted as evidence before the OOR.  

    We require the Office’s supplemental submission on or before Friday, February 10 , 2017.  Electronic submissions may be made on the due date until 11:59:59 p.m.

    Thank you for your cooperation in this process. 

    Very truly yours,

    Kelly Isenberg


    **    If the city required landlords to take on the job, they’d pass on the cost, exacerbating the city’s affordable-housing problem, Gray said. Similarly, requiring low-income homeowners to do it could wipe out their equity, he said.
         “The state should take on the responsibility,” Gray said.
         City Council plans to introduce the resolution at its Dec. 13 meeting. It exhorts Gov. Tom Wolf to “adopt lead poisoning prevention as a priority.”   
    From the December 7th LNP article also by Tim Stuhldreher, “Lancaster city officials say state action is needed to help keep children safe from lead poisoning,” (click here).

    *    Click here for LNP’s December 9th editorial, “Home alone: Lancaster cannot mitigate lead in aging homes by itself.”


    Brogan4From today’s LNP front page print edition and the online “insider” article, “Proposal could make all Lancaster city rentals lead-safe or lead-free over four years,” (click here).

         Remember two months ago when lead was such a huge problem and so expensive that Mayor Gray and the city council members threw up their hands and said the state has to fix it.

    Kevin Ressler

    Kevin Ressler

        Lo and behold, mayoral candidate Kevin Ressler stated he would fix the lead problem and suddenly the mayor and city council have a plan! And look at these people – Pat Brogan – and others – desperately trying to keep their jobs when a new mayor is elected.
          And LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher doesn’t mention a word about that or the LNP editorial asking for the state’s help. Tomorrow, I predict an LNP editorial praising Mayor Gray and city council for saving the children!
         Actually, you can thank Kevin Ressler!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 6th, 2017 Becky No comments


         According to newspaper records, the July 2009 fire started at 4:45 a.m., trapping a mother and her 17-month-old daughter, who lived in a second-floor apartment above a day care center on the first floor.
         Nixabel Aguilar, 28, dropped her toddler 12 feet from a porch roof onto a blanket held by two neighbors who lived in a basement apartment. Police then helped Aguilar make her way to safety.
    From the December 16, 2010 LNP article, “Victim of fatal fire lost another property to arson last year,” (click here).
         And the neighbors who caught the toddler are sure they know exactly who set that fire trying to kill Nixabel Aguilar. And then Lancaster City Police Captain of Detectives, Kent Switzer, did not care and did not lift a finger to solve the arson and never solved the second horrific arson that killed Olga Sanchez-Reyes.


    *    Daniel Hollman’s unsolved murder was featured in this April 2011 LNP article, “GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER,” (click here).



         There is a link in the article to a slideshow of the 29 victims that no longer works. The article states that three-quarters of the then 29 open cases – and all are still unsolved – are in Lancaster City. When the slideshow was available, under every single one of the unsolved murders in the city it said if you have any information, contact Lancaster Captain of Detectives Kent Switzer. Every single one.
          I contacted Switzer with a tip on an unsolved murder and he ignored it. The Lancaster City Police have ignored it to this day.
         And Switzer retired from the Lancaster Police Department and was immediately hired by District Attorney Craig Stedman as the Chief of his Lancaster County Detectives.
          Does that make any sense to you? Why would DA Stedman reward blatant incompetence?



     Posted under the LNP story, “DA urges those who witnessed fatal Lancaster city police shooting of 18-year-old to come forward,” (click here).
         Her brother would be Daniel V. Hollman, killed on October 17th, 2006 and number two on my list of the 21 unsolved murders under Mayor Gray (click here).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on February 4th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


    Roda Daughter

          LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda knew G. Scott Davis was Representative Bryan Cutler’s step brother-in-law and getting incredibly preferential treatment by DA Stedman. So did then LNP court reporter Brett Hambright. He told a friend I was right about that.
         Yes, I’m right about that. There’s no question! Look it up for yourselves. And Roda flat-out lied to the public and so did Hambright. And that’s why District Attorney Craig Stedman hired Hambright as his spokesman! Because he’s ready and willing to lie.
         What you gonna do when this goes public, Barb? What you gonna do? Stedman is running to be a Superior Court Judge. Oh, it will come out! How are you going to explain this, Roda? You are an absolute disgrace to journalism and humanity.
         Click here for, “DA STEDMAN OBSTRUCTS JUSTICE,” and check back later today.

  • ** – * JUDGE NOT?

    Posted on February 4th, 2017 Becky 9 comments

    **   District Attorney Craig Stedman was endorsed by the GOP today to be a candidate for Superior Court Judge.

    *    Will District Attorney Craig Stedman get the GOP endorsement to run for Superior Court Judge today?


    Judge Wright1 (2)                   Pushups

         From today’s print edition and “insider” story online, “Judge uses pushups in Lancaster County Veterans Court to build camaraderie, remember fallen soldiers,” (click here).
         Really? Hmmm…


    Posted on February 3rd, 2017 Becky 5 comments



    (Click here)

         Why does LNP have their court and crime reporter, Jonas Fortune, rewriting a article? Isn’t there enough crime in Lancaster for you? Do you think the public will be shocked and it will be clickbait? I doubt it – unfortunately there are worse things going on.



         A man was shot in broad daylight in Lancaster three days ago! Have the police identified the owners of the two vehicles that were involved? Was the shooting caught by the Lancaster Safety Coalition cameras? It should have been! Will it be released to the public? When are the Lancaster Police going to make arrests?
         Who is now directing the Lancaster Safety Coalition and are they permanent or are they looking for a new director? The former director, Wes Farmer, states he has retired. Don’t you think it’s important for the public to know who is watching them and what their credentials are – especially since the public pays for at least half of their operation?
          There were two arsons less than two months ago. Have you followed-up with the police? Are they making head-way with their investigations?
          Oh, and how about those 21 unsolved murders in the city under Mayor Gray? Are the police any closer to solving any of them? That’s 21 killers roaming the streets!
          Isn’t there anything going on in the Lancaster County Courthouse? Or are you just going to wait for the DA’s spokesman to spoon-feed it to you?
         I will have more on the District Attorney’s press release tomorrow. I’m amazed he had time to issue it after spending so much time writing  10 pages to argue against my appeal in my Right-to-Know request for the mugshot of George Rosado! The DA’s office managed to solve and essentially close that deadly shooting with a stolen gun in under 11 hours. And yet this investigation is taking weeks! Hmmm…    


    *    Please take special note of this from the DA’s update:
         Also, in the process of our reviewing video surveillance footage of this incident, it has become clear that several other individuals were in the immediate vicinity of this shooting incident when it took place. We are asking those individuals to contact the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office at 717-390-7771 and ask for a detective.


          The DA’s office just issued the below update on the police involved deadly shooting of Jose Rodriguez (click here):
         Here is an update on the Jan. 24, police-involved shooting incident, which is under review by Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman and Chief County Detective Kent Switzer.
         Jose E. Rodriguez, 18, died in the incident which happened in southeastern Lancaster city.
         District Attorney Stedman, who will make final determination on the police action, is still awaiting all reports, evidence, video footage, and other information pertinent to the case, but has reviewed what has been submitted to date.
         In addition, we will await the results of laboratory/forensic testing of ballistic evidence and other evidence gathered from the incident and are in the process of attempting to enhance some of the video evidence, all of which will take some time. 
         At the time of District Attorney Stedman’s determination, we anticipate a thorough release of details about the incident, to include video footage. Releasing that information at this point would be detrimental to the investigation.
         To note, our office has been in contact with Mr. Rodriguez’s immediate family. Specifically, contact was made with Mr. Rodriguez’s next of kin the day of the incident and there have been multiple conversations since that time.
         We will not publicly disclose our determination and findings prior to communicating with Mr. Rodriguez’s immediate family, as per standard procedure.
         Also, in the process of our reviewing video surveillance footage of this incident, it has become clear that several other individuals were in the immediate vicinity of this shooting incident when it took place. We are asking those individuals to contact the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office at 717-390-7771 and ask for a detective.
          This office is committed to a comprehensive review of all the facts before making any conclusions. We are equally committed to publically disclosing those facts as soon as possible after the investigation is complete.


    *** BREAKING NEWS ***


         Wes Farmer just posted on the Lancaster’s Chestnut Hill Neighbors Facebook page that he is no longer the director of the Lancaster Safety Coalition! So who is heading the operation now?



    Lancaster Safety Coalition1

    Jose10   King School

        Jose Rodriguez        King Elementary the morning of the shooting.
         Hillrise Apartments, 455 Rockland Street, has 28 surveillance cameras on its property, property manager John Suarez said Wednesday.
         Police asked for and retrieved footage from his cameras around 6 a.m. Tuesday, he said. Suarez said he didn’t witness the shooting.
         Lancaster Safety Coalition has several cameras in the area of the shooting. Dave Greiner, the coalition’s director of monitoring and evidence, declined to say Wednesday if any footage had been given to authorities.
    From the January 25th LNP article, “Coroner: 18-year-old shot by Lancaster city police died of multiple gunshot wounds; death ruled homicide,” (click here).
         At least half of the funding for the Lancaster Safety Coalition comes from the public. Who the hell are these people and why won’t they answer any questions? The public has a right to know!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on February 1st, 2017 Becky 6 comments


         I wrote the below planning to post it in the early afternoon. Personal priorities came first and late this afternoon I received a 10 page – you read that correctly – 10 page emailed response from the DA’s office to my appeal for the mugshot of George Rosado.
         Oh, District Attorney Craig Stedman, if you run for Superior Court Judge a lot of your dirty secrets that LNP so nicely keeps for you will become public information!
         I want to briefly mention George Rosado and his docket (and mugshot) which I published yesterday in between two other, unrelated posts.
         George Rosado is the 17-year-old who shot and killed 15-year-old Ibram Hanna with a gun he stole in Mountville last year. Judge Workman recently ruled that he should be tried as an adult and not as a juvenile as the DA’s office wanted following a less than 11 hour investigation.
         I called the day following the Judge’s decision requesting his docket number now that he was being tried as an adult. Rhonda in the clerk of courts office gave me a docket number that did not work while I was on the phone with her and she said give it and day or two and it would show up.
         It never did, so yesterday I finally called back and spoke to Rhonda again. And I was persistent. I said you still cannot pull up his docket by name or number and who should I speak to about this? She briefly put me on hold and came back and said they had just “updated” it and it should be available in about half an hour.
         It did then become available. So, I don’t blame Rhonda but it took my phone call and my persistence to get someone to push a button and put his docket on the internet and make it public.
         I told the story to a friend and we were both incredulous! Imagine everything else they “hide” in Lancaster County! And imagine with LNP never, ever questioning them how often they get away with this!
         Regarding his mugshot, I previously published the DA’s absurd, two page letter declining my request (click here). I have appealed. There will be more on that at a later date.


     **   Township resident Anna Rodriguez said there’s only so much taxpayers can take on.
    From today’s LNP story by none other than Susan Baldrige, “Renovation plans, probable costs made public tonight for Manheim Township Middle School,” (click here).
    susan baldrige     Well, isn’t that special? Baldrige (pictured left) is worried about the taxpayers! Then why did her husband illegally vote to give her employer, LNP, and High Industries millions of the public’s money for their for-profit, off the tax-rolls Marriott expansion? Why don’t you answer that question, Baldrige? Did LNP give you a copy of their code of ethics when they hired you?


    Marriott16(Click here)

     *   LNP’s partner in the Marriott expansion just spent $7.7 million! But LNP and High Industries need the public’s money for their for-profit, off the tax roles Marriott!



         Maybe LNP’s Executive Editor, Barbara Hough Roda, could have The Caucus reporters do some relentless, independent investigative reporting” on why city council approved it and why council member and now mayoral candidate Danene Sorace led the charge to approve it! Did she make a deal with LNP?
         Maybe Roda could have them investigate LNP’s own “investigative reporter,” Susan Baldrige, whose husband, Thomas Baldrige, illegally voted as a member of the CRIZ board to give LNP and High the millions in public money.
         Oh, and maybe Roda will publish LNP’s code of journalism ethics!


         I will explain this slowly – so please be patient. Yesterday afternoon I had my site up and was typing away for my afternoon post. It was a difficult day. The Lancaster Police were caught straight-up lying and LNP did what they always do – they ignored it.
         And suddenly I see someone trying to “Log-in” to my site. And I have an extremely sick serial stalker (see the Cheryl & Steve Markle tab above and there will be more on them coming shortly) who repeatedly try to break in and take this site down.
         And this person was trying to access my password and I was busy typing and didn’t know they sent me a message on Facebook messenger.
          And then they entered a name and email address I recognized as I was typing and thinking they were trying to break into my site. And so I went over to messenger and sent my own message saying I was going to call the police.
         Oh, my! It turns out they were only trying to send in a comment! They didn’t know how and thought they had to “Log-in” over to the right on this site (that is only for me and I don’t actually “need” it). And then they asked me why I would have a “Log-in” on my site and I don’t have an answer except most WordPress sites have it and I don’t know how to get rid of it (I’m a writer – not a website designer)! And I don’t know that much about sending in comments because I’m on my site as the administrator so what I see is different than what you see.
         So, we got off to a terrible start and I apologize. To send a comment into this site (and you can’t on a post that is over 14 days old), you click on the (small) “comments” tab under the individual post and you can easily send in a comment. You don’t have to put in a name (it will show up as “anonymous”) and you don’t have to put in an email address or obviously a “website” URL. I had to sign out of my site to double check all of this.
         Anyway, this person and I got off to a terrible start on what turned out to be an innocent attempt to send in a comment and I apologize again. Hopefully we can develop a dialogue and put this behind us!  🙂


    Posted on February 1st, 2017 Becky 2 comments
    *    The attempted “log-in”/hack was a mistake and the person was trying to send a comment. I apologize. I will explain further tomorrow.


    Roda Daughter               Mike Winters

         LNP did what they do best today – they moved the shooting story off the front page of their website. Now they will ignore it. They will not question the police. They have never questioned the police. The police in Lancaster have absolutely free reign and can do whatever they want – and solving crimes and murders is obviously not what they want to do.
         I have to keep this short today or my blood pressure will go off the charts. Detective Michael Winters is caught straight-up in a huge lie and LNP ignores it. There are thugs with guns running around Lancaster shooting in broad daylight and LNP doesn’t care. They don’t lift one finger to protect their readers the same way the Lancaster City Police don’t lift a finger to solve any crimes.
         This has been going on for years and the corruption in that police department is astonishing. And all of the editors and reporters are to blame – but particularly LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda. She brags about being at LNP over 30 years. She had the unmitigated gall to say this in a column she wrote on Sunday, January 22 (click here):
         A woman distressed about lack of state government oversight had questions about The Caucus, LNP Media Group’s new weekly watchdog publication. She likes its mission: “Making Pennsylvania better by casting light on government waste and fraud through relentless, independent investigative reporting.”
        Roda is a liar and a woman with no soul or conscience. This is simply unbelievable!
         This is part of a comment in today:
         Keystone Kops can’t or don’t bother solving crimes
         They don’t bother to solve crimes and only solve the ones that they “want to.” And that’s the truth.
          I will come back to this shooting tomorrow. Right now a candidate for  Lancaster City Council is trying to hack into my site and I need to find out why!
     **   LNP is running this photo from the Lancaster Police Instagram account (click here) with their story – and to the far right is the red Monte Carlo with police around it!

    Shooting 1-31-6

    *    We have zero info on the Rosado case [the 17-year-old who shot and killed Ibram Hanna in Mountville]. The DA refuses to put up the documents on the official website. Even Sturling’s kid wasn’t exempt from that. Does the newspaper ask why? Nope. No mugshot and no docket. No way to find out when a hearing is scheduled so when a plea is reached -and it will be reached to avoid a trial and the whole truth coming out.
    This is part of a comment into this site several days ago.
         A quick note today – I called the clerk of courts office this morning and again spoke to Rhonda saying the docket was still not available. She stated they “updated” it and it should now be available. It is. His docket number is CP-36-CR-0000089-2017. The docket states his bail is 10% of $100,000 as reported on this site. Both LNP and PennLive simply stated his bail is $100,000. There is a huge difference between the two!


    Shooting 1-319

    (Click here)

         There is not one mention in this article of a white Ford Fusion or a red Monte Carlo! I ran pictures of both vehicles yesterday from the crime scene and they are also immediately below.
         I realize that LNP was asleep at the wheel when this was going on – but I was listening to the scanner and it was stated that the occupants of the Monte Carlo shot at the Ford Fusion and then either two or three males exited the Monte Carlo. In fact it was reported that one of the men was running towards the Turkey Hill which means they ran directly under a “Safety Coalition” surveillance camera (also pictured in yesterday’s post).

    Mike Winters     Where is that information in your story, “reporter” Lindsey Blest? Where is that information, Detective Lt. Mike Winters? The police towed the Fusion according to the scanner.
         Who owns both vehicles and why isn’t there a mention of them in LNP’s story? LNP’s coverage of the Lancaster Police is a disgusting joke and Winters needs to provide an explanation – now!
    Please check back later today.

    Shooting 1-31-3  Shooting 1-31-5


    Posted on January 31st, 2017 Becky 3 comments


         I will come back to both stories in this post tomorrow. But something else came up late this afternoon and it is this very disturbing post on the New Holland Police Department Crime Watch page. I do believe that humans come before animals but horrific is horrific and why hasn’t any local news media investigated the New Holland Sales Stables? Why were all the pigs dead? It’s not a slaughterhouse. A screenshot of the post is below but it is difficult to read so it is reproduced directly below (click here for the post on the NHPD Crime Watch page).
         On January 31, 2017 NHPD filed a summary charge of Cruelty to Animals against John King, age 53 of Ronks PA stemming from an incident at the New Holland Sales Stables, 101 W Fulton St New Holland Borough on January 16, 2017.
         King is an employee of New Holland Sales Stables.  On January 16, 2017 while working, King failed to obtain veterinarian care for a pig that had been left with numerous deceased pigs.  The pig which was alive was observed by a witness who contacted NHPD.  NHPD observed the pig was in distress and made arrangements for the pig to be euthanized.
         King admitted he was aware the pig was alive and failed to get proper care.  New Holland Sales Stables assisted NHPD with the investigation.
         King is presumed innocent.

    Shooting 1-317

    *** 12:51 pm – The red Monte Carlo is still on the scene and being examined by police. According to the police scanner, an occupant of the Monte Carlo shot at a white Ford Fusion and then three Hispanic males in their early 20’s fled the Monte Carlo on foot.

    Shooting 1-316

    Lancaster City Police:

    600 blk. N. Plum St. is closed to all vehicle traffic. A crime scene has been established after a shooting occurred at approximately 1100 hrs. today. 1 victim (adult male) was taken to a local hospital for treatment of a GSW to upper extremity (arm/hand). Suspects only described as (2) unknown males, at least one of them armed with a handgun. More details will follow later.

    12:30 pm – Lancaster City Police Twitter:

    shooting 1-315

    12:01 pm – WGAL-TV is on scene!


    11:54 am – The scene at New & Plum Streets is below. Hand Avenue where the shooting took place is 50 feet away and there is a Safety Coalition camera on the pole in the picture.

    shooting 1-313

    According to the police scanner – this is what was reported – people in a red Monte Carlo shot at a white Ford Fusion (pictured below). Three Hispanic males in their 20’s fled the Monte Carlo. It is believed that at least one person was injured.

    Shooting 1-312

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***

    11:14 am – There has been a shooting at Hand Avenue and Plum Streets.

    Shooting 1-311

    **   Two more items:
    —   Lok N. Dhungana was employed by Franklin & Marshall College as a Custodial Specialist (click here).
    —  David Kelley Paules apparently received a mathematics award from Millersville University in 2012 (click here).

    *    There is something else unusual about these two cases. According to their court dockets:
    —   Lok N. Dhungana is represented by Attorney Edward George Pfursich IV of the law firm of Cody & Pfursich.
    —  David Kelley Paules is represented by Atttorney Douglas H. Cody of the law firm of Cody & Pfursich.


         Two crime stories went up on the Lancaster Online website yesterday afternoon. Both were written by long-time LNP police reporter Jennifer Todd. 
         They are:
    — “East Hempfield Township man behind bars on $200,000 bail after alleged sex assault,” (click here).
    — “Millersville man facing child porn charges,” (click here).

           One of the men is charged with the following:
           — One Felony 2 Count
           — One Misdemeanor 1 Count
           — One Misdemeanor 2 Count
          The other man is charged with the following:
           — Three Felony 2 Counts
           — Four Felony 3 Counts

         One of the men’s bail is set at $200,000 CASH bail. The other man’s bail is set at $150,000 UNSECURED bail.
          Do you know which is which?
          Would it help if I added race into the mix? One is listed as “Asian” on his docket and one is listed as “White.”
         Still confused? How about if we add their names: One is named Lok N. Dhungana and the other, David Kelley Paules.
         Now can you match the bail amounts to the charges and the man?
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 30th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


         Officer Phil Bernot and Off. Jon Caple spent multiple hours in the investigation conducting follow-ups, interviews, consultation with the District Attorney’s office and more. As a result of their exhaustive efforts (4) suspects had been arrested and face a long list of criminal charges. This investigation highlights the importance of cooperation between the residents of Lancaster City and the Officers assigned to the Patrol Sectors. A job well done by everyone involved. Special Thanks to Officers Bernot and J. Caple for their tenacity and willingness to connect the dots and disrupt the sale of illicit drugs in that area of the city.
    From the Lancaster City Police Crime Watch page, “Drugs, Weapons, Criminal Conspiracy and Corrupt Organizations From November 2016,” (click here).

    J. Caple

    J. Caple

         This is one of the longer press releases I’ve seen from the Lancaster City Police and to be truthful – it sounds like fairly standard police work to me! The last paragraph full of praise for Officers Bernot and J. Caple has me a bit curious and suspicious.
         I know that my recent piece on Officer Jonathan Caple caused a bit of a stir – in fact I was contacted by two involved parties! I wonder if that has anything to do with all this praise being heaped upon him? Hmmm…
         Click here for the original “SHOW HIM THE MONEY!” and there will be more on Caple at a later date!



    Missing person***

    Missing person1

         Did you see this play out on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the LNP story, “Police search New Providence property for information, evidence in missing man case,” (click here)?
         Numerous family members and friends were posting pictures of Justin Myers and saying they were all over the internet and LNP refused to run them until the police provided an “official photo!”
         Does anyone in that newsroom know what they are doing? This is a missing persons case! You verify they are family members and you run their photos!
         Someone finally woke up because later LNP reporter Ad Crable used a family photo instead of the police’s awful “official photo” in his story, “Relatives angry as southern Lancaster County yard dug up in search for missing man,” (click here).
         What a bizarre, strange and sad situation and hopefully there will be a happy outcome. But for LNP to fail to run a picture of a missing person without the police “okaying” it is up there with the most reprehensible examples of journalism I have seen from this “news organization.”
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 28th, 2017 Becky 2 comments


    Police3     This is posted on the “City of Lancaster, PA Government” Facebook page under the “Mayor’s Statement on Immigration Enforcement,” (click here and I cannot link directly to the post but it is very recent and close to the top of the page).
         Does anyone take these posts seriously? Does the city try to contact her to find out her concerns? Does LNP contact her for her concerns or do they ignore it as they do with anything negative concerning the police and DA’s office?
         One of the most blatant recent examples of this is this post under the June 2015 LNP article, ” ‘He said he wasn’t going to surrender, and he didn’t’: DA says officer in fatal shooting acted appropriately,” (click here):

         What newspaper in this country would ignore that comment? What newspaper in this country would not follow-up with her? I did and she stated Gomez did not fire his gun through his backpack as the DA repeatedly stated. That is a huge discrepancy and a huge lie by the DA if, in fact, she is correct!
         I realize that there are crazy people and liars and people who make things up on social media. But there are also responsible adults who post what turns out to be the truth. How could LNP ignore that and not look into it?
         We still don’t know which officer shot Anthony Gomez, Jr. dead and that is not acceptable. And now we have the police involved shooting death of 18-year-old Jose Rodriguez and we are now awaiting the results of an investigation led by Kent Switzer of the DA’s office who retired in January 2016 after 30 years with the force he is charged with investigating.

    [Editor’s note: LIP News will not publish tomorrow but will be back Monday morning.]


    Posted on January 27th, 2017 Becky 10 comments

    – Shouldn’t LNP be anxious and proud to publish their Code of Ethics? –



         The below excellent comment came in this morning under yesterday’s post. The Lancaster Newspapers wouldn’t know how to investigate their own socks! They haven’t done it in forty years which is why Lancaster County has one of the most corrupt and racist police forces and DA’s offices in the state of Pennsylvania.
         I will be contacting all the members of the PA News Media Association and as many of the PA legislators and true media outlets as I can to tell them what a greedy, racist, and unethical business LNP is! And that’s all they are. They are not the press – they are nothing more than a totally corrupt business and have been for years.
         And Ralph Martin, their new Executive Vice President, has not sent me LNP’s Journalism Code of Ethics so I will send him a second request! My original letter is below the comment in this post. Shouldn’t he and LNP be anxious and proud to have it published?
         For the Record: I have also never seen a news outlet post a list of unanswered questions to a major breaking story of huge public interest and feed them to the public, as if THAT is the news. It is, actually, the height of laziness. And to just wait for the answers to come from the next press release or news conference?
         I speak with authority when I say that is SCARY that that is how the only game in town operates. That is not a Free press operating to serve the best interests of the constituency but, rather, an arm of the very authority it is there to question. We call that article “filler”. Obviously, then, the answers to those questions will be a regurgitation of what the authorities put out. In fact, like bad lawyering, the press has given its “opposition”, an opportunity to “defend itself, fill in any gaps, etc. No element of surprise, there.
         The proper way for the news media to proceed would be to try and ascertain answers for itself (the public), and present ITS answers to the opposition (defense), and then see where information matches up, or differs. Police do not need help from the press to botch … or …correctly conduct …an investigation.
         The two entities should be distinct and separate. See, this is why I don’t usually read this rag. How much time have I now wasted giving my opinion that no one cares about? Sorry. It is time I could have spent getting my house ready to gtf out of this crime infested shithole.

    Ethics Code


    Caucus   (Click here) 

    *    The Caucus is an absolute fraud and an attempt by LNP owner Peggy Steinman to throw her huge pocketbook of money at legislators to get what she wants! LNP is a disgrace to journalism everywhere and they define Trump’s use of the word “dishonest” when it comes to the press!


    Cassidy                              Roda21

        Suzanne Cassidy                            Barbara Hough Roda
       LNP Opinion Editor                         LNP Executive Editor

    Domestic Violence4

    Today’s LNP editorial (click here).



    The book by Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler’s ex-wife stating he beat her for years, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge,” (click here).

         LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Opinion Editor Suzanne Casssidy are disgusting, lying hypocrites who need to resign today! They are an absolute disgrace to women and journalism. Disgusting!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on January 26th, 2017 Becky 9 comments


         The Lancaster Newspapers have yet to run a picture of Jose Rodrigues, the victim of the Tuesday morning shooting by police. They also have not mentioned that his family has established a crowd funding page for his funeral (see below in this post).
         What has LNP done? This (click here to read the article):
         Of course these are questions that have to be answered and there are lots and lots more questions as well. Is LNP going to do anything else or are they just going to sit and wait for the DA’s report?
         These comments are posted directly under the above story on Lancaster Online (“Preston Harper” was previously known as “Ron Harper, Jr.”):
         These are all good points and the DA needs to investigate and report to the public on a very timely basis. There is so little known about this police shooting that took the life of an 18-year-old. And why isn’t LNP investigating?
         If anyone has any information regarding this they would like to share, please contact this site (see the “CONTACT” tab above) and if you want anonymity that will be guaranteed.
    *    The question is: How can Diane Enck Gamber post her nasty, snarky, racist (yes, she has two bi-racial daughters), know-it-all comments constantly on Lancaster Online if she is lying on her side with a pillow between her knees in constant pain? And she doesn’t believe Rosaura Torres-Sadler’s book claiming abuse by Police Chief Sadler but states she suffers from PTSD from long ago domestic violence against herself and she thinks she should get disability compensation from the government as a result?
         She posted this to the “Christians Helping Christians” Facebook page on January 19th:
    diane Gamber1



    Hall3(Click here)

         I wonder if any domestic violence victims or their families will sue Mayor Gray, the city council members and the Lancaster Police for hiring and maintaining a police chief whose ex-wife has written a book stating he beat her for years? Does it establish a culture that implicitly condones violence and does it lead to violence and crimes by officers being downplayed or ignored? Or maybe they will sue LNP for failing to tell the public the truth for years and years.
        The statement of Jose Rodriguez’s family on his death by the Lancaster Police on the fund raising site “You Caring” is below (click here).
    Please check back later today.

    Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez



    Posted on January 25th, 2017 Becky 4 comments


    Click here.


    Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez




     *    Kent Switzer retired from the Lancaster City Police Department in January of 2016 after 30 years and was immediately hired by District Attorney Craig Stedman to be his chief of detectives. The problems: Switzer is a really lousy detective and in leading the investigation into the police shooting death of Jose Efrain Rodriguez he is “investigating” some of his former co-workers for years.
         I was so astonished when I saw this man’s picture knowing that he had retired from the police force that I published the below in May of 2016 (the original is here and the link to his retirement page in the screenshot is here).




     *     “What I can say is, that the most important thing for us and for the families of the officers involved is that the officers weren’t hurt,” Sadler [Police Chief Keith Sadler] said.
    From today’s story.
         Yes, it is wonderful that no police officers were hurt but could Sadler also offer condolences to the family of the teenager they killed?



    Jose1The headline in today’s print edition of LNP (click here).

         There are so many questions regarding the police shooting death of 18-year-old Jose Efrain Rodriguez very early Tuesday morning – and we must have every single one of them answered.
    Please check back later today.