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— Working on a project this afternoon. LIP News will return tomorrow morning. —


     It looks like everything is back up and running as normal. The problem was with my webhost and not on my end and it happens very infrequently.


     Lancaster city employees are being called on to inspire public trust by hewing to unimpeachable standards of professional behavior.
     They are “to act individually and collectively to create a City government that is responsible, fair, honest and open.”
     The directives are spelled out in a new code of conduct, authorized by Mayor Danene Sorace as of Aug. 30.
From LNP’s article pictured left (click here).
     Speaking of social media, LNP finally went up with a story about Lancaster’s new Code of Conduct and Social Media Policies announced by the Mayor at Tuesday’s city council meeting. LNP reporter Tim Stuhldreher pulled out all the flowery and lofty language he could think of for this bizarre article.
     But the real and obvious question he doesn’t answer: Will Mayor Sorace follow her own Code of Conduct? Or will she and her family use city contracts for improper personal gains?



The front page, lead story in today’s LNP print edition.

     The definition of “news” from Dictionary.com:
     “newly received or noteworthy information, especially about recent or important events.”

      LNP went huge with this boring series two days ago online. Why would anyone pay for old, recycled news? What the hell are they doing?


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*    From the LNP story. Yes, and LNP kindly decided to share that video with their readers as well! Double yuck! Please, no more snakes!


     Have mercy! Three days after the copperheads were a lead story/video on Lancaster Online they decide to put in on the front page of their print edition! What genius thought this up? Yuck! LNP already has trouble giving their paper away!


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  • Actress Felicity Huffman has been sentenced to 14 days in prison. (CNN)


        Well, LNP did a long, boring story on Amish children and social media but have yet to mention the city’s new social media policy.
      I have highlighted two paragraphs from that policy published on this site yesterday and I will return to District Judge Bruce Roth tomorrow.
—   Be aware of your City of Lancaster association in online social networks. If you identify yourself as a City of Lancaster employee or have a public facing position for which your City of Lancaster association is known to the general public, make clear that all opinions or positions expressed are your own and not those of the City. In addition, ensure your profile and related content (even if it is of a personal and not an official nature) is consistent with how you wish to present yourself as a City of Lancaster professional, and is appropriate for the public trust associated with your position. Employees should have no expectation of privacy when using social media tools.
—  In a publicly accessible forum, do not discuss any department, agency or bureau related information that is not already considered public information. The discussion of sensitive, proprietary, or classified information is strictly prohibited. This rule applies even in circumstances where password or other privacy controls are implemented.

***  Wow!  You can’t even keep your word for 24 hours!

**   j. In the performance of their duties, discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, gender, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical condition, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, medical condition, and actual or perceived gender identity so as to reinforce the City of Lancaster’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and a work environment free of discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment.
      From the city’s new Code of Conduct printed here yesterday. What about discrimination on the basis of their haircut or eye color? The list is getting a little ridiculous. How about just don’t discriminate against anyone for any reason?

*    “Former Reader” – thank you for letting me know you won’t be reading or commenting here again. I hope you are telling the truth this time. You will not be missed.


     Lancaster Online goes huge with the Amish and social media this morning! Why? I don’t know – maybe so they can run pictures of the Amish – but social media has been a subject here for several days and I’ll come back to it later today.


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  A lot of reading today. The city’s new social media policy is below.




      The second new city policy for employees announced by Mayor Sorace at Tuesday’s city council meeting is a Code of Conduct. This is what she said:

     The second policy that I wanted to bring forward is one that I am particularly passionate about which is the Code of Conduct policy.
     This is the one that reflects the high ethical standards and accountability that I expect of all city employees at all times and in all situations. The Code of Conduct policy applies to all city employees and is best summarized by the following language:
     “In order to best serve the citizens and customers of the city of Lancaster, officers and employees of the city must act individually and collectively to create a city government that is responsible, fair, honest and open. City employees are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, honesty and conduct in all activities in order to inspire public confidence and trust in their government.”

Please check back later today.


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      John White of San Diego, California is suing the City of Lancaster and five police officers for monetary damages in excess of $150,000 in a lawsuit filed in Federal Court on September 9th.
     He is represented by Lancaster Attorney Kevin C. Allen of the law firm of Crystle-Allen Law, LLC. The “Factual Allegations” portion of the lawsuit is below.



      The second new policy covered by Mayor Sorace was a new “Code of Conduct” and she specifically mentioned officers during her report to council last night. That may be because the day before, on September 9th, the above federal law suit was filed.
     The factual allegations from the lawsuit and more information will follow shortly.


**   Part of Mayor Sorace’s Report of the Mayor to city council last night is below. I cannot find the new social media policy on the city’s website and will follow-up to print it in full.
     On the internal front – I wanted to just follow-up with council to let you know that we recently completed a conversation with each of our three labor unions relating to two new city policies.
     The first of these policies is a social media policy. This was developed because of the city’s use of various social media platforms which has become crucial to how we communicate with residents, businesses and visitors to the city. This policy provides rules and guidance for the creation and management and use of social media platforms by all city departments and employees. It also guides the personal use of non-city social media platforms by city employees.
     Personal use of social media by city employees is generally protected by the First Amendment, of course, and for many city employees by certain rights afforded to union members.
     That said, there are certain legal, ethical and common sense matters that have to be followed which are captured in this language for the policy and I am just going to read you one quick section:
     “The city of Lancaster recognizes that these types of tools can sometimes blur the line between professional and personal lives and interactions. Therefore, employees are reminded that as representatives of the city of Lancaster, their office and their department, the rules and guidelines of this policy must be taken into consideration when participating on social media platforms and particularly when identifying themselves as employees of the city of Lancaster or when the context might lead to that conclusion.
      By exercising discretion and common sense when applying social media for professional and personal purposes, employees will help assure that they do not inadvertently compromise applicable professional, legal or ethical standards.”
*    I would like to just say no, no and no to this LNP story/video! Why is this a lead story? I don’t want to see two copperheads mating! I don’t want to see two copperheads period! Are the LNP editors nuts? I’m afraid to go to their home page now! I am not a “reptile fan!”


     It was a joy filled city council meeting last night as Lancaster was named a Welcoming City; council recognized Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15), and the Neighborhood Leadership Academy celebrated their graduation (click here).
     There were also major financial decisions voted on and in the report of the Mayor she mentioned two new city policies for employees – a social media policy covering both business and personal use of social media platforms and a code of conduct for employees.
Please check back later today.


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     There is a city council meeting tonight at 7:30 pm. It should be live-streamed to the city’s YouTube channel (click here).
     There was a city council committee meeting held last Tuesday evening (normally they are held on the first Monday of the month but because of the holiday it was moved to Tuesday) and that was not live-streamed and it still has not been posted by the city. I will contact the city tomorrow to find out why and I apologize for the delay in following up on this.




**   Look at what is in today’s police log (click here). I can’t find a docket for Koch so I guess he will be mailed a summons.
      Remember when a woman duck taped her dog’s mouth and posted it on Facebook and the entire world and LNP went nuts (click here).



     Ashley Gaston is finally out of Lancaster County Prison! After spending the entire summer in LCP, President Judge Dennis Reinaker modified her bail on September 4, 2019 to $20,000 unsecured from $40,000 cash.
     Gaston is charged with kicking and stomping on a dog that she states tried to bite her son. There will be more to follow.




(Click here for the CBS-3 story.)

     There is absolutely nothing about Facebook or other social media that is “personal.”
See yesterday’s post and please check back later today.


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      The below email in today. The website is gorgeous and informative and sad (the link is in the email). Please find her killer.

Dear Becky:

Yesterday, was my sister, Juanita’s birthday. Another year with her unsolved case. I decided to create a website about her. And it will be continually update or revised. I would like to share it with you and thank you for your interest in her story. 
Ms. Guadalupe Vanderhorst Rodriguez



This anonymous comment in last night under “UNACCEPTABLE JUDICIAL BEHAVIOR” below on this site.

     You don’t understand the internet, do you? You are so wrong!
Please check back later today.


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     …But despite the similarities in each case, police have not linked the murders.
       “I am not aware of anything solid at this point to say that the two cases are related,” East Hempfield Township police Sgt. Matthew Pohle said in an email.
        City police Capt. Michael Winters agreed.
        “Of course we have compared notes, discussed the cases with each other and shared information,” he said.
        “We don’t know if they were killed by the same person,” he added, “and at this point there is no solid, notable evidence to say they were.”
        Linking the deaths is “pure speculation,” Winters said.
From the LNP article shown above (click here) and Sgt. Matthew Pohle is pictured above right.
      I have an idea for these two hard working but apparently brain dead detectives! Run a simple test and see if the DNA for both killers is a match! Don’t continue to compare notes – compare DNA! You can end the speculation immediately!


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   Do you see a resemblance? Please let me know in the comments. Thank you.





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  Contact Lancaster County DA Craig Stedman and Chester County DA Thomas Hogan and Facebook and get this page shut down for good!


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    Have a safe and happy First Friday. There were quite a few comments that came in today that did not get published. I will review them and post some tomorrow.
     On a lighter note (I think), when the below is a top national story by a top media outlet in this country, you just have to wonder how much longer this man can hold on…

**    It is these paragraphs from LNP’s article, “CRIZ grants approved for restaurant Blazin’ J’s, brewpub Our Town Brewery,” that got me looking at Blazin’ J’s (click here). I don’t care if she recused herself, this is unacceptable! The state attorney general needs to investigate all of these CRIZ grants!
       And when the subsequent LNP article below named her partners – I did what I normally do – I ran them through a four-point check. And while Jabron Taylor does not have any other drug arrests, civil forfeiture has been all over the news lately and there he was in 2006! And as mentioned below, he has had money problems including a landlord-tenant problem and several civil suits that are far more recent.
      The fact that council put Nicole Vasquez on the CRIZ board and then that board voted to give her $20,000 is unacceptable – and race doesn’t matter.
*    There are no other drug arrests on Jabron Taylor’s record (in fact, the 2005 arrest in the forfeiture petition is no longer on his docket). However, he has had money troubles over the years and in 2017 he had a public drunkenness arrest and apparently District Judge Bruce Roth wasn’t feeling the compassion that day because he sentenced him to six days in jail (see below)!



From the LNP story last week, “Blazin’ J’s chicken sandwich restaurant coming to downtown Lancaster,” (click here).

     Who would think Lancaster would get so excited about a chicken sandwich? And Blazin’ J’s got CRIZ money and Nicole Vasquez is on the CRIZ board. Isn’t that convenient? 
     I’ll come back to that, but it turns out her fiancée, Jabron Taylor, has some history of his own. In 2006, the DA’s office took $603 dollars and a Siemens Cellular Phone from him by civil forfeiture (see the “material facts” from the petition below and click here to read the entire petition).    
Please check back later today.


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**   What a huge disappointment! I find CBS-21 has the best video and sound for these livestreams (click here to watch a replay of the video).

  • Composites of Lindy Biechler’s killer (young and old).



    District Attorney Craig Stedman is having a press conference today at 2:30 pm at the Manor Township Police Department with updates on an unsolved murder.
     Lindy Sue Biechler was murdered on December 5, 1975 in Millersville when she was 19-years-old and had recently married. She was sexually assaulted and stabbed 11 times.
     LNP and other media outlets will be livestreaming the press conference. Will Stedman announce Biechler’s killer?
Click here for the 2018 LNP article, “Arrest in Mirack murder lifts hopes of resolution for Lindy Sue Biechler, killed 42 years ago in Manor Township,” and check back later today.


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From the LNP article linked to below and on the right from the home page of DA Stedman’s campaign website to be judge, “Stedman4Judge.com,” (click here).

     Is this an example of your applying “the law fairly and with equal justice for everyone,” DA Stedman? Not only that, the taxpayers are paying Detective Joanne Resh to spend her time cajoling Richard Ruoff to somehow find the money to pay 10 artists who were lucky enough to know to contact her? And you consider this “equal justice,” DA Stedman?

**   The below comment was posted on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the article:

*    What if one of these civil suits against Ruoff lands in Roth’s court? Obviously, at this point he has to recuse himself – but is that enough (see below)?
      And it is tragic about Ruoff’s wife – but maybe Roth could go to Lancaster County Prison and ask each inmate if they have a family member who has cancer – and if so – he can just drop their charges and release them from prison!



The lead, front page story in Sunday’s LNP print edition and a comment posted under it by District Judge Bruce Roth on Lancaster online (click here).

     District Judge Bruce Roth is sworn to uphold the law. Richard Ruoff owes $200,000 to artists and vendors and has been bouncing checks for years. Is there any circumstance that would make this comment by Judge Roth acceptable? Who the hell does he think he is?
Please check back later today.


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Have a great holiday! LIP News will resume daily publishing on Wednesday, September 4.


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—  Before this site goes on break I want to make a special mention and thank you to Sergeant Michael T. Piacentino – Public Information Officer for the Manheim Township Police Department. I gave them a hard time for not immediately identifying the man who urinated in the sink and on merchandise at the Starbucks in Target – and after they did name and charge him I didn’t mention it on this site (LNP and all the TV stations ran big with it). The CrimeWatch update is here.

*** In a negotiated plea deal on May 23, 2019, she pleaded guilty to two counts of simple assault and was sentenced to one year of probation as a result of the below (click here for the CrimeWatch entry). The other charges were nolle prossed. [Edited to add: I don’t know if it is one or two years of probation as she received one year for each count but her docket does not indicate if they are concurrent or consecutive.]

***   This is the way Kirchner explained the situation leading up to his hand gesture on a GoFundMe page he set up for the “victim” (click here).


**   While this story was mentioned in passing yesterday on this site, WGAL has video of the hand gesture Kirchner gave (click here). They also have a huge number of comments on their Facebook page under the article and most believe the court erred in their opinion. This story is also getting national attention.

*     I was talking to a lawyer several weeks ago. He said, “It doesn’t matter if the Judge sets it at $1.00, $50,000.00 or $200,000.00 – unsecured bail means you are not going to jail!”


The final sentence in the  LNP story, “New York man bought, picked up 2 cars from Manheim Auto Auction using account with negative balance: police,” (click here).

     No, LNP and reporter Ty Lohr. He is not in Lancaster County Prison – his bail is unsecured! You need to get your facts correct!


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     It has been quite a day. There are reports that some lowlife but connected cad is spreading STDs to women in the Lancaster County Courthouse. Oh, my! Never in my wildest dreams…
     This site will publish tomorrow and then go on Labor Day vacation until Wednesday, September 4 when daily publishing will resume.

**    However, I do not want any association with a website or any posters who engage in rumor-mongering and cyberbullying as I read here today and, had I known that is the purpose of your blog, I would have never participated in any way.
From her comment below.
     What a load of crap. She signed her name to another comment into this site in February of 2018 under the name “ThisTownSucks” and I probably should not have approved it (click here). I also told her on this site at one point that I would not allow every thread on this site to be hijacked by her dispute with her neighbor.

*    The below is the full comment that came into my site on August 24. I picked portions of it and responded in blue in the email shown below. Despite that, three of the comments under the “You Can’t Stop Crazy” post yesterday are from her and she sent three more which were not approved. I apologize and any further comments I recognize as hers (“OnTheBeachByNoon,” “PAisCorrupt,” etc. ) will not be published.

     Becky, Please remove my report from yesterday, my name and all other identifiable references to me from your site.
     I reported on my observations regarding the RTK issue in good faith because I believe the public has a right/need to know.
      However, I do not want any association with a website or any posters who engage in rumor-mongering and cyberbullying as I read here today and, had I known that is the purpose of your blog, I would have never participated in any way.
     Similarly, I do not want the solid journalistic reputation I have earned over three decades of hard work sullied by association.
     I am mortified by some of these baseless comments I have read and personally embarrassed to be associated with it in any way.
     I stand behind everything I wrote and put my name to. I always have and always will.
     However, I did so in good faith and with the best of intentions, never imagining the discourse would devolve into such a despicable example of cyber-bullying of a person who, to my knowledge, has absolutely nothing to do with the subject I was addressing.
  I have played no role in the subsequent discussion and I wish to completely disassociate myself from your website.
     I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but I do expect your immediate attention to this very serious matter.

Elaine Keno



     In absolute frustration and after months, actually years, of interactions with this person, I sent her the above email response to a comment she sent into this site just two days ago. And then the article to the left went up and I said I recognize that name and that situation sounds familiar (click here).
     Yup, Stephen Kirchner and the woman from above.

Please check back later today.


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     The ending paragraphs to the LNP story, “DA’s office, LNP face off at hearing on Right-to-Know request for drug forfeiture records,” are below (click here for the full article).
      This simply amazes me. We are talking thousands and thousands of dollars in any given year. Yes, they need to share those records! “Burkhart” refers to Detective John Burkhart, the county detective in charge of the drug task force. 
     There will be more tomorrow and then this site will go on Labor Day vacation.

**   Oh, and Mr. Herman, “standards are not being lowered.” The test is the same.
     From an LNP article regarding the testing there is this for Lancaster City residents (click here):
     The department [Lancaster Police Department], the Lancaster NAACP, the School District of Lancaster and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology are partnering to offer a free course to prepare candidates for the written police exam.

*    Just a reminder that with vigilance, sometimes you can stop crazy (click here).


From a Letter to the Editor of LNP today (click here).

     It is so wonderful this man is no longer a police officer and it is very hard to believe he actually was one. He’s a regular letter writer and I posted one of his racist and totally out-of-touch letters before and it is below (click here for the original):

Please check back later today.


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     The other charge Steven Lavender was charged with and it is not mentioned in the Petition For Forfeiture is the following misdemeanor:
35 § 780-113 §§ A16 – Int Poss Contr Subst By Per Not Reg
     According to lawyers, this charge does not involve the intent to sell (click here):
     No, it is not intent to sell. That is 35 § 780-113(a)(30) [That is the charge Lavender was found not guilty of by a jury]. 35 § 780-113(a)(16) means unlawful possession of a controlled substance by a person not registered under the act to possess it unless obtained with a valid prescription.
     We don’t know what substance he had or how much but he was found guilty by a jury of this charge. If it does not involve sales, can the District Attorney take his $2,905?
     I honestly don’t know – but it is very clear the petition is just wrong and the fact they state they are taking his money because he was found guilty of driving with a suspended license and another summary driving violation is simply ludicrous. And on the same day the invalid petition was filed, Judge Christopher Hackman issued an order giving Lavender 30 days to respond or they were taking – and did take – his $2,905 in cash. 

**   According to his docket, Steven Lavender was charged with four offenses – including one not mentioned in the Petition For Forfeiture (see below).
       During a jury trial, he was found not guilty of the felony offense – Manufacture, Delivery, or Possession With Intent to Manufacture or Deliver. So what was left and how can they take $2,905 of his money under drug civil forfeiture?

*    So, the District Attorney’s Office can take $2,905 of your money under drug civil forfeiture because you are found guilty of driving while your license is suspended? See a portion of a Petition For Forfeiture below and click here to read the entire Petition. There’s actually more to this but not much. How could a judge approve this?



      This email in:
      I would like to remain Anonymous however you may be interested to know or should maybe look into the financial state of the sheriffs office having their credit cards maxed out. Kind of fits since he’s claimed a bankruptcy himself. So much for being a conservative republican.
Please check back later today.


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     Kristy Aurand, the Chief Development Officer for the Community Action Partnership, said in a phone call late this afternoon that a donor came forward over the weekend and Dolores Bruno and Dennis Weaver – and another family of five – can stay at the hotel until Friday at noon.
     She said a hotel is not a long-term sustainable option and they hope to have a temporary, but longer term solution by the end of this week. She did say that there has been an outpouring of donations from the community and thanked everyone who has donated and noted that if absolutely necessary, they could pay for the hotel on a longer basis.
     She said the city is waiting on engineering reports on the seven properties on N. Plum Street that were condemned to see what their options are.

*     I sent Kristy Aurand, the Chief Development Officer for the Community Action Partnership, an email at 11:45 am today asking for the status of Dolores Bruno and Dennis Weaver. However, these two should not have to rely on donations from the public. They need a home.


From today’s LNP editorial, “North Plum situation highlights need for safe and affordable housing,” (click here).
      If Mayor Sorace states they will all have a place to stay, then why was there this incredibly sad and horrific article last week (click here):
       And from that article there is this:
     But come Tuesday morning, the pair will again confront the uncertainties that come with homelessness.
     That is this Tuesday morning – tomorrow. Where will these people be staying? Will LNP follow-up? Where is Mayor Sorace? These people need a home!
     This email came in along with a link to the above article (thank you):
     This is total bullshit!!!  If this damn city has millions to flush down the toilet on an internet con they can damn well find the money to house people that THEY, the city, threw out of their homes.  And the city should just repair these houses at their expense, yes, my tax dollars.  This situation is horrendous!!!
Please check back later today.


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*    Amazing. I told Jose this morning that something has to be done about the courthouse. And today there’s an article by LNP’s upcoming star reporter Carter Walker on the bailiffs (click here)!
     I have used this quote from the September 2014 LNP editorial several times and I’ll use it again today (click here):
      As one audience member at the NAACP forum pointed out, officials — even the bailiffs — at the Lancaster County Courthouse are overwhelmingly white. 
     According to the article they need bailiffs and it’s well past time that they diversify the bailiffs! Let’s see if that happens in that all white courthouse. Maybe Carter Walker will do a follow-up?


    From Jose Rivera’s Facebook page (used with permission).

Queen Street is close near binns Park and you have to pay to go in because it's beer fest how about the non-drinkers they have to pay for this,it's ridiculous they won't let us do this in none of our events or Festival. You do not have to pay entrance fee for the Latin American culture center we let you come in for free

Posted by Jose Rivera on Saturday, August 24, 2019


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*    Judge Leonard Brown made a very important order on Friday: Coroner Diamantoni must file all of his documents, autopsies and reports with the Prothonotary’s Office (see below).
     When they get them, LNP should begin with Lydia Colon-Torres (pictured above and click here for one of the many articles on this site). There will be more on this very sad, unsolved case coming.



From the LNP article, “DA’s office, LNP face off at hearing on Right-to-Know request for drug forfeiture records,” (click here).

     Oh, isn’t that great and convenient? Hambright and Andracchio are in a relationship!
Please check back later today.


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     Part of a comment in today from Elaine Keno who attended today’s court hearing is below (thank you!). Please see the comments for her full report.

       If I were still a radio reporter, and had to do a liveshot at noon, my “lead” would be that “Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman claims he has NO records for seizures of CASH from civil forfeiture procedures by his office, or records of how much cash has been collected over the years since he has overseen the CF fund, which monies must then be used to fund the county’ Drug Enforcement Task Force. Under cross-examination by counsel for LNP Media, which first sought the records thru a right-to-know request…and Lancaster County Commissioners, who later joined in the legal battle, Stedman appeared to agree that he could turn over everything sought in this legal action regarding records for tangible assets sold, for example, at auction. However, when asked about the different procedure necessitated by the handling of actual money, Stedman claimed the amounts seized would have to be identified by each individual police department in the county and that it would be, virtually impossible for him to reconstruct how – in his example – $50.00 seized by a municipal department was then re-spent (through his office) to, perhaps, be used in a “drug buy”. On a folo-up question, Stedman conceded that his office handles the civil forfeitures to have the local police agencies hand over their collection of illicit money to his office, so an accounting of how much money was collected could be gleaned from those court records. But pressed for an answer on an accounting of how much – and how – the, potentially millions of dollars in seizure money went OUT of his office, Stedman professed not to know, and that he doesn’t know because there is, essentially, no records of that. When asked if his office has a safe, Stedman said he ” didn’t know”, but that he “would hope so”.

Back in the day, I would have had a sound bite in there, but this was not a break. I left because I had heard enough.

Ron Harper was there and if you were, too, I’d love to hear other observers takes. It sounded like one of those old Hogan’s Heroes defenses to me.

FWIW, I have covered, literally, hundreds of these kinds of trials.

Elaine Keno
(ret. Broadcast Journalist)


**   Please see the comments for a report from someone who attended today’s court hearing.

*    There is a hearing this morning at 10:00 am in Courtroom #2 of the Lancaster County Courthouse on DA Craig Stedman’s civil forfeiture records. The Judge’s order is below.




    Today’s LNP article (click here) and an excellent comment posted under it on Lancaster Online.

     The arrogance and stupidity of this city administration (and the prior) is simply astounding.
Please check back later today.


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—   District Attorney Craig Stedman’s response to the Board of Commissioner’s “Media Alert” is here. What an absolute load of nonsense and lies!



     Manheim Township police say they’ve identified the man who urinated into a sink and on merchandise Saturday night at the Starbucks inside Target.
     While the man has been identified, he had not been charged as of Tuesday evening and police couldn’t say when charges would be filed. 
From the LNP article pictured left (click here).
*    This is just a reminder that the police still have not named this man. They asked for the public’s help. The story obviously received a lot of attention. The public helped the police identify the man and now the police are not naming him!
     Who is he? Is he someone “important” or “connected?” Ask the Manheim Township Police Department to name this man now!



     In America no one is supposed to be above the law. Craig Stedman is sworn to enforce the law. Unfortunately, it appears he believes he is the law. That is beyond troubling in any elected official, but especially in a District Attorney.
The final paragraph in the Commissioner’s “Media Alert” below.
      And yet Craig Stedman wants to be a judge? Unbelievable! How did we get to this point?
Please check back later today.


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—  Doing some research this afternoon.  —

**   This story has been up on LNP’s Facebook page for two hours now (it switched just after I took the below screenshot) and there is one “like” and still not a single comment. Are people scared or what? You can comment here anonymously.


*     Why should the Sheriff’s Office be set up under a paramilitary structure? What do the judges think of that? What do the County Commissioners think of that? What does the public think of that?

From the LNP article linked to below.

From Wikipedia.



     Click here for today’s LNP article above and click here for the original of the below on this site.
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     I hope the paintballers enjoyed themselves. I don’t believe they will be enjoying the consequences. Great job LCPD.
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     I would say, “good job LCPD.” I simply don’t understand why they don’t immediately release information/camera images that might protect the public and help them solve these crimes earlier and before there are more incidents.
And yes, the consequences need to be severe as one victim was struck in his eye and requires surgery according to the police press release.

*   Arrests made in paintball incidents (click here for the police press release).


     “a silver or gray sport utility vehicle”
From the above LNP story this morning (click here).

      That’s all they have? They don’t have a make or a photograph they can release or a license plate number for this vehicle? With all the victims and witnesses and Safety Coalition cameras the police can’t do any better than a “silver or gray sport utility vehicle?”
     The LNP article lists seven incidents and you are telling me not a single coalition camera captured this vehicle? Demand answers! Why aren’t these police held accountable?
     Do you want to be hit by a paintball? Do you want your house or car hit with a paintball? Why haven’t the police made an arrest or at the very least provided the public with a detailed description or photograph of this vehicle? Do you think they will strike again?
     Imagine if a Marriott Hotel guest were hit by a paintball. Do you think the police could solve it then?
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