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    Posted on May 3rd, 2016 Becky 10 comments

          There’s not much that scares me on the internet – except when I see the below on my traffic report. Since about 11:00 am, a computer has been repeatedly – every two seconds – trying to land on my login. As of 3:55 pm, it had made 6,590 unsuccessful attempts because I blocked it.
         I am still looking into this…Hacker1


    Clark5** (Click here). Wow! That’s two down for the District Attorney’s office!


    *   Whoa! Click here!


                 Weis        Weis1
         The Manheim Township Police released photos of the female who robbed Weis Market (click here). They ask anyone with information to call 717-569-6401 ext 0. Persons wishing to remain anonymous can call the Crime Tipline at 717-569-2816.
         Now, what about the stabbing, the carjacking and the Turkey Hill robbery in the city last week? Where are those photos? Have the police made any arrests?
     Hambright - Trial1 From today’s print edition of the story, ” ‘No winners’: Gregorio Orrostieta found guilty of 3rd-degree murder in 2015 death of MU freshman Karlie Hall,” (click here).
         Could someone make Brett Hambright go away? Just go away!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on May 2nd, 2016 Becky 9 comments


           Rosaura Torres wrote a book about her ex-husband, Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler, titled “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge.” It is readily available to anyone. It has been on the market for over five years.
         And while she uses an “alias” for Sadler, she states on the first page inside the book (the edition I own):
        “My married name was Rosaura Torres-Sadler.”
         She makes it very clear in the book who her husband really is (click here for “HOW MANY POLICE CHIEFS?”) and she has stated many times in public the book is about her ex-husband, Keith Sadler. Any claims to the contrary at this point are ridiculous and moot.
         If Sadler had a problem with the book, he should have sued Rosaura. He did not.
         There is absolutely nothing stopping LNP or any media source from questioning Sadler about the book and its contents. You can not be sued for libel by asking Sadler: “Your ex-wife wrote a book stating you beat her. Is it true or not?”
         He does not have to be charged (Rosaura did file for a PFA against him but says she withdrew it to keep the electricity on in her house) or convicted. There is a book on the open market that states he was a wife-beater.
         So, Maria Coole, you can take your whole “libel” nonsense and throw it out the window.
          The following questions remain:
          1. Why did LNP back off this story when the book initially came out? I have emails between Rosaura and LNP reporter and columnist Jack Brubaker. My theories on that will come later and they aren’t pretty.
          2. How should the media handle this? Police Chief Sadler needs to be asked straight out if the allegations are true or not. His two options are as follows:

    —   If he denies it, give him a lie detector test. Period. Every applicant for the Lancaster City Police force is given a lie detector test before they are hired (click here):
         7. Candidate must consent to a polygraph examination prior to appointment to the Bureau.
           Rosaura has stated that she, his ex-wife of over 20 years, was never contacted by anyone in Lancaster prior to his being named the Chief. Obviously, he was not vetted properly. It’s very simple: Give him a lie detector test and do the background check with friends and neighbors of the couple the mayor and police in Lancaster should have done originally.

    —  On the off chance he says it is true, but he is a changed man – ask him if he took the appropriate anger management courses and had counseling regarding the problem. Be very specific about the actions he has taken to change his conduct.
         Even if he has taken the “appropriate” actions, should he be the police chief? No, not when domestic violence calls are the number one reason the police receive and respond to 911 calls in this country. No, he should not.
         His only option is to deny it and pass a lie detector test and a proper and very thorough background check. Case closed.
         There will be more tomorrow.

    **   But maybe, Maria, you could give your little speech on libel to LNP reporters Kara Newhouse and Susan Baldrige, who went after Manheim Township School Board President Bill Murry.

     *    Oh, my heavens! A former LNP staffer (of course) posted this under the LNP editorial, “Community support is vital in efforts against domestic violence,” (click here).
         I’ll do her a favor and tell her everything that she has wrong in this ridiculous, pathetic post! Unbelievable!



                Todd1                  Ryan Robinson2
                               Todd                                                Robinson

         LNP Police Reporters Ryan Robinson and Jennifer Todd: Last Wednesday a man was stabbed in the stomach in Lancaster city in broad daylight and on the same day a masked man with a handgun robbed the Turkey Hill at 460 S. Duke Street and on Thursday a man was carjacked as he was leaving his car when “a masked man dressed in black grabbed him, punched him in the head, knocked him down and took his keys.”
         Were you going to follow-up on any of these with the police? Turkey Hills have cameras and Lancaster is the most watched (with “Safety Coalition” cameras) city in America.
         Where is your follow-up, Ryan Robinson and Jennifer Todd?



         Barbara Hough Roda, you are the Executive Editor of LNP. Your job is to inform and protect the public and hold the police accountable. Why haven’t you done your job for years? Start holding the police, the mayor and city council accountable and protect the public or get the hell out!
         “Man stabbed in the stomach in Lancaster city,” is here.
         “Man carjacked, 2 convenience stores robbed over 2 days in Lancaster city, East Lampeter,” is here.
    Please check back later today.  


    Posted on May 1st, 2016 Becky 4 comments


    Police ChiefPosted under today’s LNP story, “Hundreds march in city for 2nd annual Walk 4 Life domestic violence event,” (click here).

    rosa     I asked Chris Pabst, former reporter for CBS-21 and now the author of “Capital Murder” (click here), in person several years ago what they were saying at the Lancaster City police station about Rosaura Torres Sadler’s book about  Police Chief Keith Sadler, “Abuse Hidden Behind the Badge.” 
         “Revenge,” he said. “She wants money.” “A woman scorned…” The usual things you’d expect to hear.
         I will not let this go. I fully expect this to be on Dr. Phil one day. It is that shocking and disgusting. The problem with domestic violence is overwhelming in this country. Women lose their lives daily.
         I am still as shocked everyday as I was on that Sunday, July 29, 2012, when I was surfing the internet and by absolute chance found Rosaura and her book. I still remember calling her number that day and asking her if she is the ex-wife of Lancaster Police Chief Keith Sadler. Following a simple, “Yes,” I was physically shaking and told a friend that Sadler would have to resign immediately.
         So, what happened? Why, almost four years later, is he still the Chief of Police in Lancaster?
         That is because of LNP and their sheer greed for money over absolutely everything else.
    To Be Continued…


    Proms      This just went up on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page! I guess this is the real reason LNP is so excited about prom season! I wonder how that’s working out for them?
    Please check back later today for some serious news.


    Posted on April 30th, 2016 Becky 6 comments


    dogs & horse1     
         These are two of LNP’s top stories online today.
         Meanwhile, two men are fighting for their lives in the Lancaster County Courthouse and these items happened last week –  “Man stabbed in the stomach in Lancaster city,” (click here) and “Man carjacked, 2 convenience stores robbed over 2 days in Lancaster city, East Lampeter,” (click here).
         And from the horse story there is this (click here):
         A reward of $10,000 was offered for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for at least 125 paint ball hits to the small mare.
         On May 16, 2012, 83-year-old Erma Kaylor was brutally knifed to death in her home and the reward offered for information on her killer was and has always been $1,000.
         LNP has not done an update on the stabbing, the car jacking or the two robberies, but they run a story about 10 Korean dogs “saved” and flown to the United States (click here). They eat dogs in Korea. That is just a fact – the same way we eat cows, pigs, chickens and rabbits, etc. 
         And there is a march against domestic violence in Lancaster today but the Lancaster Newspapers have never told the public that Police Chief Keith Sadler is the subject of a book by his ex-wife that states he beat her for years. Maybe if she said he beat their dog, LNP would care!
         Tom Murse, the “content editor” of LNP and a member of their “editorial board” has the unmitigated gall to have the Manheim Township School Board members as his Twitter profile picture:
    Murse Twitter       You are a total hypocrite and a liar, Murse, like the rest of the “editorial board” at LNP!   

  • * GET OUT!

    Posted on April 29th, 2016 Becky 3 comments

    * Daily Mail “by the numbers” (click here).


    Insider We thank you for your ongoing trust in LNP.

    The final sentence in LNP’s, “New LancasterOnline section offers exclusive coverage of important stories,” (click here).
         The trust is totally, absolutely gone! LNP isn’t a news organization. That is a cover. They are actually a racist, elitist, greedy business that controls Lancaster. Publisher Robert Krasne, Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy are liars.
         LNP needs to be put out of business and a legitimate news organization needs to come in and take their place. Now!

  • *** – ** – * IS MAYOR GRAY…

    Posted on April 28th, 2016 Becky 11 comments
    Abuse Hidden Behind The Badge***  There is a walk this Saturday in Lancaster for Melissa Cowan and all victims of domestic violence. The poster is below and the LNP story, “Nicki Minaj’s mother to visit Lancaster Saturday for domestic violence event” is here.
         I contacted one of the organizers and they were unaware that Rosauara Torres Sadler, the ex-wife of Lancaster City Police Chief Keith Sadler, has written a book stating he beat her for years. There will be much more on this to follow.
    **   This is simply unbelievable! Under the LNP story, “Man stabbed in the stomach in Lancaster city,” (click here) there is the comment posted below in full. It is small, so I have re-typed the beginning and the italics are mine:
    Actually, the mayor was at a neighborhood meeting in the northeast of the city last night. He didn’t speak about this specific incident, but did comment on violent crime. He pointed out something that is pretty clear if you follow these stories over time:
    1. Most victims know their attackers. Domestic violence or arguments are usually the cause.
         And yet the Mayor hired and maintains an incompetent and rude police chief whose ex-wife has written a book stating that he beat her for years. This is truly unbelievable! Mayor Gray is absolute scum!
    Mayor Gray10
    *  The below comment came into this site under the story, “21 UNSOLVED MURDERS” (click here) and they are correct! Something has to be done and done now!
    I’ve been a reader of your blog for years, and agree 99% of what you write. I live in the county, but not the city of Lancaster. For a year or more, I’ve been trying to figure out why the prominent citizens of the city, White, Black & Hispanic, have not got together and brought in the F.B.I.? They are around, and do their job; just ask the people in the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area.
    Maybe they can clean up the “Rats Nest” at city hall.
    You know what they say, “For every rat you see, there are ten more that you don’t!”



    “Sources: Former Pa. Treasurer McCord wore body wire while in office,” the Philadelphia Inquirer, (click here).
         The Philadelphia Inquirer article linked to above got me thinking and I realized something basic I should have figured out a long time ago. What Mayor J. Richard Gray and his administration are doing is illegal. 
         Mayor J. Richard Gray bragged openly that he wrote the CRIZ legislation for and with Senator Lloyd Smucker (there will be more on Smucker at a later date).
         It was written specifically for the Lancaster Newspapers (LNP) and their partner, High Industries, to get $30 million more of the public’s money for their Marriott Hotel “expansion.”
         In return, LNP promised Mayor Gray nothing but good press – as many terms in office as he wants – and they promised him that they will never mention that his police chief is the subject of a book by his ex-wife saying he beat her for years. No, LNP will say nothing bad about the Mayor or his police department or crime and they will do everything in their immense power to keep him in office.  
        Remember in the last Mayoral debate, challenger Charlie Smithgall said he would forgo the mayor’s salary? And Gray said he couldn’t do that – he needed the money.
         Has Gray crossed the line into illegal activity and influence? At what point has he voided the public trust and used his power and influence to stay in office by trying to pay his biggest backer $30 million dollars in public money?
        This whole collaboration between Mayor Gray and his administration and LNP needs to be investigated immediately!
         Will we see Mayor Gray indicted? Will Mayor Gray go to jail? 

    Posted on April 27th, 2016 Becky 4 comments

    *** Taking a break this afternoon. Posting will be sporadic for the next two days. Thank you for your patience.

    **   LNP moved their story, “Scott Martin wins GOP state Senate nomination over Ethan Demme, Neal Rice,” off the home page of their website in about an hour this morning (click here)! Talk about fast! Maybe it’s because of this dead-on comment under it:


     *    Yesterday, I pointed out the glaring error in Dan Nephin’s article, “Lancaster city creates ‘adopt a block’ cleanup program,” (click here).
         LNP doesn’t even have enough respect for their readers or pride in good journalism to fix it! A screenshot taken this morning at 9:30 am shows it still makes absolutely no sense!






         Within about an hour of this article going up on Lancaster Online – “Donations sought for Lancaster city mural honoring Martin Luther King Jr.” – Robert Krasne, Chairman of the Board and Publisher of LNP, and his wife, Hale, made a $300 donation on the GoFundMe page (click here).
         Isn’t that special? Do you know what Krasne could do in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.? His company could hire some minorities, that’s what Krasne could do! The blatant racism at LNP is simply shocking. Why does Lancaster County allow this illegal, racist company to continue?

    Trash Can
         And a reader was so inspired by LNP reporter Dan Nephin’s litter pick-up story on this site yesterday (see immediately below), they went and took a picture of a city trash can that’s not in the magazine section of Lancaster (thank you)!
         It looks like the city needs to empty that can stat!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 25th, 2016 Becky 7 comments


          The authors note that “conviction rates for black and white defendants are similar when there is at least some representation of blacks in the jury pool, but in the absence of such representation, black defendants are substantially more likely to be convicted…. Black defendants are clearly disadvantaged relative to their white counterparts when the proportion of blacks in the jury pool is so small.”
    From the Journalist’s Resource website, “Impact of jury race and selection on verdicts in criminal trials,” (click here). The statistics in this article are shocking.
         The Lancaster Newspapers, and their two reporters, Tom Knapp and Daniel Nephin, did not disclose the race or ethnicity of the jury pool or the selected jurors in two possible first-degree homicide trials going on in the Lancaster County Courthouse in the last two weeks.
         In each case, the reporters only broke the jurors down by gender. This is simply absolutely reprehensible journalism. There is no reasonable explanation for this, except that the Lancaster Newspapers are purposefully and intentionally covering-up discrimination and inequality in Lancaster County yet again.
         Do a google search on race and juries and see what comes up! This is unbelievable and I will come back to this tomorrow. But I also wanted to look at Nephin’s coverage of Lamar Clark’s jury selection (click here).
        Clark’s defense attorney, Randall Miller, worked in the Lancaster County DA’s office up until a year ago. He prosecuted some major cases.  Many people will recognize his name. Nephin doesn’t even bother to mention that.
         Nephin doesn’t mention Miller’s law firm. He doesn’t state that President Judge Dennis Reinaker oversaw the jury selection because Judge James Cullen, assigned to the case, was tied up with another civil trial.
         The only thing Nephin seems to have learned over the course of two plus hours is that Miller is going to use a self-defense claim for Clark.
         Nephin is obviously a rocket scientist.
         The public has a right and need to know some background information in all of this – and Nephin, whether he’s just lazy, stupid or didn’t do his homework – has absolutely no defense for this type of sloppy, despicable “journalism!” None whatsoever!
         And neither Knapp or Nephin have any defense for not naming the race and ethnicity of the jury pool and the selected jurors.


         As noted this morning, LNP reporter Dan Nephin picked up a piece of litter in the city and he’s damn proud of it!
    Nephin - litter
          And Charlotte loved it (at least it wasn’t during business hours) and Dan liked that she liked it:

    Nephin - litter1
         But she should have read the article a little more carefully before giving Dan such praise – because there are these two sentences and the second one makes absolutely no sense at all (click here):
         Charlotte Katzenmoyer, the city’s public works director, said the city can’t solve the litter problem.
          Despite trash receptacles being placed around the city, she said picks up litter near them when she sees it.

         Do you think the Associated Press misses Dan? What the hell was he trying to say? Are there any editors at LNP?




    (click here) 

         Why? Oh, why? And with crazy Kara Newhouse no less? Oh, this is too much!
        It’s not working LNP! It’s not working!

    —  This is also for LNP’s Sports Editor Chris Otto: Just don’t do it! Just never, ever do this again! This is awful (click here).



         This is for LNP’s Sports Editor Chris Otto and their Social Media Editor, Andrea Gillhoolley: I don’t read sports but when you see a tease this good on Facebook you just have to read the article! And guess what? The article is even better than the tease (click here). That is some good writing!
          Trade the bum!!! Fly, Eagles, fly!


    ***    This post got a little lost on this site Sunday morning – but it was received in an email about a Lancaster County political candidate and it still has me chuckling! Hmmm… does “Ethan Demme” fit those x’s?
         I know that xxxxx xxxxx is a religious nut, not that you can’t throw a dead chicken in this County and hit 4 of those.

    ** Only, only in Lancaster County! OMG! “No Bull Manure!”

    * Coming later today – Dan Nephin picks up a piece of litter! It’s true! It’s really, really true!


    Clark3        No! Is there a worse “reporter” at LNP? Hmmm… it’s close! But…but…but Mayor Gray and everyone in City Hall loves him! Imagine that?
          The article he finally completed on the Lamar Clark jury selection is here.

         Please check back later today because I am going to have some fun (because it’s my site and I can!) and some very serious stuff as well.


    Posted on April 25th, 2016 Becky 3 comments



         Defense Attorney Randall Miller (pictured above) said by phone this afternoon that the trial of Lamar Clark is not scheduled to resume until tomorrow at 1:30 pm. The jury was chosen before President Judge Dennis Reinaker this morning because Judge James Cullen, who is assigned to the case, is still involved in a Medical Malpractice case. The trial cannot go any further until Judge Cullen is available, Miller said.
        Miller said the T W Ponessa listing on the docket is incorrect. He has two offices but his defense work is done out of the Chan, Cheuvront & Associates firm linked to in the update immediately below and located at 8 North Queen Street.
        A Hispanic female is on the jury and an African American male is one of the two alternate jurors. There are six female and six male jury members and the two alternates are both male. The selection of the jury took slightly over two hours this morning and now everything is on hold until Judge Cullen is available, hopefully by tomorrow afternoon.

    *    This is a screenshot taken about 2:00 pm today of Lamar Clark’s docket showing his attorney, Randall L. Miller, as a representative/employee of T W Ponessa & Associates.
         Miller is also listed as an attorney with Chan, Cheuvront & Associates (click here).



    Clark1 (Click here.)



         The trial of Lamar Clark is scheduled to begin this morning. Will LNP tell us about the jury?
         Clark is represented by former prosecutor Randall L. Miller and Clark’s court docket interestingly lists his firm as T W Ponessa & Associates. My understanding was that he works for a private legal firm.
         It came to light that Miller, who prosecuted Joy O’Shea Woomer in 2010, worked part-time as the legal consultant for T W Ponessa and that was viewed as a conflict of interest by many as Woomer’s daughter received counseling there and they do a huge business with the Lancaster Courts.
         Miller left the DA’s office last year (click here).
    Please check back later today.

  • **** – *** – ** – * WHAT ARE THE ODDS? – 2

    Posted on April 24th, 2016 Becky 3 comments

    —- Editor’s Note: The date of the LNP Editorial below has been corrected to read September 28, 2014.

    **** From the “STEFON LANDING TRIAL” (click here).

    Stedman & Reese

    ***   The below sentences are from the LNP editorial on September 28, 2014, “We must confront the issue of race in Lancaster,” (click here).
         This was right after LNP was nationally embarrassed by running a horrendously racist cartoon. What has LNP done to “confront the issue of race in Lancaster” since? Not one damn thing! Liars! Racism in Lancaster County begins at LNP!
         DA Stedman caused a stir at the NAACP forum when he opened with a declaration that there is no systematic racial discrimination in Lancaster County.
         But there are no African-American or Latino judges in the Lancaster County Courthouse.
         As one audience member at the NAACP forum pointed out, officials — even the bailiffs — at the Lancaster County Courthouse are overwhelmingly white.

    **    From 34 years ago – The Philadelphia Tribune, “Lancaster, Pa: A small town in America’s racist past,” (click here). 

         Three white men tried to lynch Robert Henderson on May 1.  The police are not concerned.  The newspapers are not concerned.  The city is not concerned.
       It’s not difficult to explain. Lancaster is a city with a population of 57,000. The Black population is 9,500. The Hispanic is 10,500. Together they average about 22 percent of the population.
       The police force has 118 sworn officers; three are Black, two Hispanic. That’s four percent minority.
       There are two daily and one Sunday paper in Lancaster. They all have editorial staffs of between 20 and 25 employees. There is not a single minority on those staffs.
       There are no elected minority officials. There is one Black and one Hispanic on the Lancaster Fire Company. There are only two Blacks who work in professional capacities for the city.
       The Lancaster City School District is 40 percent minority. About five percent of the teachers are minority.
       Juries are notoriously white here. Ruth Cooper was called for jury duty several years ago. She was the only minority in a pool of 100.

    *    U.S. Census Figures for Lancaster County – click here.


           The below is reprinted from October 20, 2015 on this site. How is this possible? Is someone at the Courthouse just flat-out lying? This is absolutely basic to justice in Lancaster County!
         I did speak to Kimberly Bathgate at the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts in Harrisburg on Friday and that will come later today.
        The LNP article referenced below, “Trial of Stefon Landing in Devonte Gantt homicide begins,” is here. The Jury Selection Process referenced below is on the county website – click here.

    Change 2Change 2-1



    Posted on April 23rd, 2016 Becky No comments


         I received this in an email last evening. I’ve deleted the political candidate’s name, but this has had me chuckling for hours. Thank you! I needed that!
          I know that xxxxx xxxxx is a religious nut, not that you can’t throw a dead chicken in this County and hit 4 of those.
    Please check back later today!

    Posted on April 23rd, 2016 Becky No comments

    *    Okay. That’s five comments. They will not be posted. Take your racist butt somewhere else!


          A note to whoever is sending in all the Ashley Curry comments – they are not going to be posted at this time. I agree this is going to be a very interesting case – but I haven’t had time to review it and this site is not going to be a sounding board for Curry.
         Curry is charged with Aggravated Assault, Ethnic Intimidation and Simple Assault for shooting a woman in the Musser’s parking lot in Columbia on February 3, 2015. I previously wrote about this case when her then defense attorney, Michael Marinaro, was removed the morning her trial was scheduled to begin in February and that is reprinted below (click here for the original).
         Curry’s docket now indicates a trial date of July 18, 2016 before Judge James P. Cullen and her attorney is now listed as noted private attorney Samuel Stretton of Chester County.
         There will be more on this case at a later date. I posted one comment about the case yesterday. I will not post the four I have received since.



    Posted on April 22nd, 2016 Becky 7 comments


         The following Right-To-Know request was emailed into the Lancaster County Courthouse today:
         Please provide all the lists and names used to arrive at the jury pool for the homicide trial of Gregorio Orrostieta which began Monday, April 18, 2016 in the Lancaster County Courthouse before Judge Donald Totaro.
         I also received a return call from Kimberly Bathgate of the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts in Harrisburg regarding Lancaster County jury selection and that will come tomorrow along with much more.


    Knapp - Jury
    From Page-8 of today’s LNP print edition (click here for the online story).
         Tom Knapp, a LNP reporter for 33 years, doesn’t think it’s important to tell the public the racial/ethnic breakdown of the jury. These are facts that are basic to any reporter covering a trial in this country.
         Why doesn’t he tell the public? Because the jury is all white and LNP and the Steinman family like it that way – and they have for years.
         Publisher Robert Krasne, Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Opinion Editor Suzanne Cassidy need to take their hypocritical, lying, racist butts and get out of Lancaster – now!
    Please see the story immediately below and check back later today.

    Posted on April 21st, 2016 Becky 7 comments


           On June 22, 2015, I wrote the below article, “CHANGE DID COME!” (click here for the original). The link in the screen shot is to the article, “IT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL!” (click here).
         I am wondering if Lancaster County really made the change? I called the Lancaster Court Administrator’s Office this afternoon and I also left a voice message with the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts in Harrisburg. 
          There will be much, much more on this tomorrow! 

    Change did come


          Members of The 12-person jury and two alternates are all white. Three of the jurors are women and most appear to be middle-aged or older.
    Wesley Robinson,, “Boyfriend ‘deliberately’ killed Millersville student: prosecutor,” (click here).
         I knew it! How is this possible? How?


    Posted on April 20th, 2016 Becky 4 comments


    Simple Assault
        Well this 11th grader did allegedly actually punch another 11th grader in the face in school and she has been charged with simple assault the New Holland Police reported today (click here).   
         The aggravated assault charge against Jimmie Brock was ridiculous and dropped at the District Justice level as it should have been. Should he be charged with simple assault since he didn’t touch the teacher? Probably not. Certainly disorderly conduct and terroristic threats are enough.
         Was his behavior terrible? Yes. Have I seen similar at Little League baseball games? Yes. I’m not condoning his behavior by any means but was it criminal? I’m just glad he has a good defense attorney in Michael Marinaro and we will see what happens with the charges.

    soup (Click here.)

         This is scary and LNP should move this story up so people can see it and be warned. It’s a shame we have to be this cautious but I would not buy soup without a label! 



    *     Speaking of Manheim Township Schools, there is this article today – “6 Lancaster County high schools among U.S. News’ best of 2016,” (click here). Yes, Manheim Township earned a “silver.”
         But this article is not written by reporters Kara Newhouse or Susan Baldrige! No, they had Tim Stuhldreher write this one!
         Newhouse is out of control and behaving badly and LNP better keep their eye on her (as if they care)!


         Directly below the video of the Manheim Township father yesterday (“WATCH: Video surfaces showing confrontation between parent and Manheim Township school employee” – click here) on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page was the below story (click here).
         So, what charges should Jimmie Brock face?
    Please check back later today.Gymnast


    Posted on April 19th, 2016 Becky 15 comments


          LNP reporter Dan Nephin must be too tired after running in the Boston Marathon yesterday to kiss Mayor Gray’s butt. So instead, they got – you guessed it – Tom Knapp to do it (click here for, “Lancaster ranks 4th in survey of cities best suited for walking”).
         Knapp quotes Mayor Gray as follows:
         “For 43 years I’ve walked to work, for 43 years I’ve walked home, and for 43 years I’ve met my wife for lunch on a daily basis,” he said.
         And for 43 years he has lived less than four blocks from his jobs! Lucky him! LNP never asks Mayor Gray about crime in the city!
         And I have a lot to say about this – “WATCH: Video surfaces showing confrontation between parent and Manheim Township school employee” (click here) – and the original charge of aggravated assault and that will come tomorrow.


    *Delia    “Delia leads local finishers at Boston Marathon,” (click here).
          LNP “covered” the Boston Marathon because LNP reporter Dan Nephin ran it.
         Okay then, but could you at least tell us who “Delia” is? He’s Benjamin Delia, the Head Swim Coach & Assistant Aquatics Director at Franklin & Marshall College (click here).
         What is wrong with these LNP “reporters?”


    Rogue  (Click here)

         A pair of western Lancaster County longhorns went walkabout on Monday, raising fears of modern-day cattle rustlers before the big beeves were found.
    The opening sentence to the above “story.”
         On the day the Pulitzer Prizes were announced, LNP inexplicably put this piece of crap on the homepage of their website.
         There are no words for this level of stupidity and bullshit! None!
    Please check back later today!


    Posted on April 18th, 2016 Becky 7 comments


         The Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism were announced at 3:00 pm today (click here).
         I wonder if any of the thieves and liars at LNP will wince a bit?


           The alternative to Lloyd Smucker and Chet Beiler in the 16th Congressional District is Democrat Christina Hartman (click here for her Facebook page). She is having a Town Hall Meeting tomorrow in Lancaster:
    Hartman      Please see yesterday’s posts immediately below on this site. How low can LNP go? Really, really, really low!
    Please check back later today.

  • *** – ** – * DON’T GET SMUCKED!

    Posted on April 17th, 2016 Becky 4 comments
         A side note today:
         Gannett, the largest newspaper company in the United States, completed its purchase of Treasure Coast Newspapers and this month.
    (Click here.)
    smart remarks2     This Florida newspaper is where long time LNP reporter and columnist Gil Smart went in November of last year. Did he know about the sale prior to making the move? Will this have an impact on his job? You never know what’s coming down the pike! 
          His family remains in Lancaster as they try to sell their pricey home!
    *** Wow! Beverly (Peggy) Steinman, owner of LNP; Dale High, partner with LNP in PSP Partners (owners of the Marriott Hotel) and Robert Krasne, publisher of LNP.
    **   From the “Friends of Chet Beiler” Facebook page (click here). The link takes you to the website linked to immediately below. Fix the site, guys!
     *    Oh, this is great! This is the first and only comment currently under the Sunday News “editorial.” However, the link takes you to this site but it doesn’t seem to be working – I can’t scroll down! I want to read more about Robert Krasne, the publisher of LNP! Bad, bad, bad man!


         The Sunday News came out today and endorsed the Smuck (click here). Of course they did! He wrote the CRIZ for them! If someone tried to give you $30 million you’d endorse them too!
         Ron Harper is up to his old tricks with his website “TheSmuck” (click here).
         What’s a person to do? Vote Democratic, of course!
    Please check back later today.

    Posted on April 15th, 2016 Becky 13 comments


         “This is going to be an election about values – and I’m going to be out there listening to all citizens, Republicans, Democrats and Independents, about values that are most important to them and most important to the preservation and enhancement of our community as a tolerant, accepting and inclusive place to live.”

    From Greg Paulson’s website (click here). Paulson is the Democratic candidate for the State Senate seat.
          I have no idea who sent me the information that Scott Martin filed for a second divorce from his wife Heather in March. And I don’t care because it’s true and the information is available to anyone (you just have to know to look)!
         NewsLanc has indicated there may be a move to oust Martin because he stood up to LNP about their convention center/hotel. I was extremely surprised when Neal Rice seemingly came out of nowhere and surpassed Martin early on. And I do respect Martin for standing up to LNP and this is how they deal with anyone who doesn’t do as they please.
         But NewsLanc is all over the place. As I’ve written before many times, one day they will state LNP has returned to journalistic integrity and the next day they will call for LNP to be run out of town. I do value them as another voice in Lancaster and for their convention center/hotel series.
        That said, I’ve never thought much of Martin. I attended several prison board meetings several years ago and was not impressed. And anyone who expresses a “strong pro-life voice” to the extent that he does is off my radar as a candidate. Period.
         And his website and Facebook page are full of talk about “Lancaster County values” and belief “in traditional families and marriage.” Why he chose to keep his first divorce and remarriage a secret from the public is a concern.
         Rumors have long followed Martin and I will not go into detail but I heard one directly from a prison employee a year ago about his inappropriate behavior. And the word is that he is currently dating a rather well known woman in Lancaster.
         I think values and integrity are important in political candidates. I think the public has a reason and right to know.
         And I like Greg Paulson’s values a whole lot more than Martins’ or any of the other Republicans who are running.    

    Hart Stopper

    ** Coming later today – more on Senate Candidate Scott Martin.      

         “As you know, Mr. Hart has suggested the press follow him to disprove the allegations on womanizing,” Herald Executive Editor Heath Meriwether replied in a statement. “We observed Hart’s town house for more than 24 hours from a respectable distance and we conducted ourselves in a professional manner throughout. We never engaged in the practices suggested by Mr. Dixon. The womanizing issue has become a major one in Hart’s campaign because it raises questions concerning the candidate’s judgment and integrity. That’s why we reported on this story.”
    From The Washington Post, May 4, 1987 (click here).



    * This is the currently the first comment on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under the article. Newhouse also failed to include this information from her tweets last night:



    Newhouse2                              Baldrige2

               Newhouse                                            Baldrige

         The district also “received confirmation from a victim and several witnesses that Mr. Nodecker, in a public place, forced the head of a woman (not an employee of district) into his crotch area as she leaned over to retrieve her purse from the floor,” Petersen said.
    From today’s LNP article by Kara Newhouse, “School board accuses former superintendent of misconduct; Nodecker calls statement a ‘desperate’ move,” (click here).
         LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Road and her reporters, Kara Newhouse and Susan Baldrige, have just made absolute fools of themselves and the public with their Manheim Township School Board coverage.
         They should be fired! This is simply unbelievable!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 14th, 2016 Becky 23 comments

    *** BREAKING NEWS ***



         State Senate candidate Scott F. Martin just filed for a divorce from Heather D. Martin – for the second time!
        Heather filed for divorce on February 16, 2005 and it was granted on June 10, 2005. According to county marriage records, they did not remarry in Lancaster County. But they remarried somewhere on September 29, 2006 because Martin is now filing for a second divorce!
        Please stay tuned as this story develops – and thank you to the anonymous tipster.
          Click here for the December 20, 2015 article, “DID HE AND HEATHER DIVORCE?”



    Stedman11      I’m watching the “Today” show this morning for Detective Christopher Jones and DA Craig Stedman (click here for, “Lancaster Co. prosecutor, detective to be on TV to talk about ‘rape’ foiled by fitness tracker”).
         I’m waiting for the day when Stedman is grilled on camera about the “Safety Coalition” cameras and the 21 unsolved murders in Lancaster!
    Please check back later today!


    Posted on April 13th, 2016 Becky 7 comments


         This exchange is on Lancaster Online’s Facebook page under today’s article, “Former Manheim Township Superintendent John Nodecker: I was forced to quit,” (click here).
          Susan Cassel Baldrige who comments, is of course, the LNP reporter who wrote the story.
         This has gone from overkill to preposterous! I will come back to the cameras tomorrow.


    *     I don’t believe that the cameras are being placed here for our safety. They are being placed here for people who don’t live in this community. This community brings a lot of tourism money each and every year and I can guarantee you the reason why those cameras are here is to make some people who live outside this city, who live outside this county, make them feel safe so they can come and invest their dollars here.
        A man in the Republic Media tape on the cameras immediately below on this site.
         He nailed it! The Steinmans and LNP wanted the cameras for their convention center/hotel. That’s the only reason! To make tourists and convention center attendees feel safe.
        Meanwhile, there are twenty-one unsolved murders and countless unsolved shootings, robberies and burglaries and no video from the “safety” cameras for eight years!
         Resign, Roda!


    Barbara Hough Roda                           Gray5

              If I could, in response, the reason we have the cameras is because of the generosity of the Steinman Foundation. They provided a lot of the funds to originally get the cameras in.
    Mayor J. Richard Gray in the LNP transcript and video of a debate with Charlie Smithgall in October of 2013, (click here).
         LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda needs to resign and she needs to do it today!
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 12th, 2016 Becky 4 comments


           I am posting this video again this morning. Click here for LNP’s “Watch: Does video show killer who slashed elderly city woman’s throat in brutal 2012 murder?”
         On May 17, 2012, LNP police reporter Ryan Robinson wrote the following in a story headlined, “Chief says police will find killer of 83-year-old woman,” (click here):
          No arrests have been made in the killing of an 83-year-old woman, whose body was found Wednesday in her city apartment.

         City police Chief Keith Sadler said residents have a right to feel uneasy that a person who would commit such an “evil” act is free.
         “I don’t think anyone should feel comfortable knowing there is someone who could do that,” Sadler said Thursday. “Somebody who would do this is a coward, to do something like this to an elderly person who can’t defend herself.”
         There are 21 unsolved murders in the last ten years in Lancaster City under Mayor J. Richard Gray and District Attorney Craig Stedman. Beginning with #6, Samuel E. Bair, Keith Sadler has been the Chief of Police.

     1. Keenan W. Dudley – 3-10-2006
    2. Daniel V. Hollman – 10-17-2006
    3. Baby Mary Anne – 9-27-2007
    4. Juan Lopez – 12-5-2007
    5. Juan Marquez – 3-16-2008
    6. Samuel E. Bair – 8-26-2008
    7. Hector Ortiz Fuentes – 8-11-2009
    8. Sandy Reyes-Mateo – 11-21-2009
    9. Michael B. Evans – 12-19-2009
    10. Timothy J. Frei – 11-1-2010
    11. Olga Sanchez-Reyes – 12-6-2010
    12. Spencer Houston – 5-19-2011
    13. Brandon Lamar Seals – 7-13-2011
    14. Erma Kaylor – 5-16-2012
    15. Allan Wayne Hess – 1-7-2013
    16. Titus Eugene Gant – 6-12-2013
    17. Julio Garcia Camacho – 6-13-15
    *18. Luis “Yampi” Santiago – 9-5-15
    19. Edward Cameron – 9-7-15
    20. Rahdir Jahi Maxton – 9-12-15
    21. Omaly Flores-Sandoval – 2-6-16

    * Suspect charged but not captured.

    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 11th, 2016 Becky 10 comments


    Martin7         Scott has also been a leader in our community on the conservative issues that we care about. He has always been a strong pro-life voice, supports the 2nd Amendment rights of citizens, and believes in traditional families and marriage.
    From Scott Martin’s website for State Senate (click here).
         Martin is debating Ethan Demme and Neal Rice tonight at seven (click here) with LNP Executive Editor Barbara Hough Roda and Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry president Tom Baldrige as moderators (there’s a story there too but that will have to wait for another day).
         I know some of you think this is trivial – but I want to know if Martin is married and living with his wife. She has not been mentioned for months now on his website or his Facebook page.
         Certainly anyone can understand his marriage not working; but what bothers me is he will not address the issue and the public has a right to know. He wants to be a State Senator – and if he can’t be honest and open about this and yet spout on about his beliefs in “traditional families and marriage,” then he is a hypocrite and a liar and no one should vote for him.
         Click here for “DID HE AND HEATHER DIVORCE?” and here for “HAS HE BEEN LYING FOR YEARS?”
         There is not enough time in the day. I will come back to the rest of today’s topics tomorrow.


    * Well, that didn’t take Robinson long! No, a white suburban woman will not go to jail for stealing $8,400 from kids! Yes, white women can steal in Lancaster County! Click here for, “Former Warwick elementary school PTO president stole $8,400, faces 4 years probation.” What an absolute disgrace and how could she have paid all the money back? If anyone knows, please contact this site.


    Haas (Click here)

         LNP Police Reporter Ryan Robinson was busy early this morning writing his “most-read” crime stories of last week. But when he wrote about Bernae Marie Haas stealing $8,400 from a Warwick Parent Teacher Organization last week he said this (click here):
         Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Friday before Lancaster County Judge Howard Knisely.
          But his article today does not even include her sentence for her two, third degree felony charges! Can you even imagine being a “reporter” and doing this?
         And yes, her court docket and the court calendar both state she was to be sentenced Friday but her docket has not been updated.
         So I will call the court today to find out if she was sentenced on Friday and what sentence she received. 
         Did a suburban white woman receive jail time in Lancaster County for stealing $8,400 from kids? We’ll find out!
         And this also leads back to LNP having no one covering the courthouse and running an ad on their website since February 10th for a “court/police reporter” (click here). There will be more on this coming.

    Mike Gross

    Mike Gross

         On a lighter note (I think), I actually read an LNP sports story yesterday. It was probably the first time in three years. I know nothing about the LNP sports department except, of course, that they are all white.
         But after watching the Masters Green Jacket ceremony while waiting for “60 Minutes,” I actually read “Commentary: This Masters is memorable for the meltdown,” by Mike Gross (click here).
         Have mercy! I think Gross had a meltdown. Never, ever have I read such nonsense in my life! He begins by nastily insulting the winner, apparently just because he is British:
         The guy standing there Sunday at Augusta was Danny Willett, who yanks the club straight up going back and looks and sounds like he should be in the cheap seats at Wembley, quaffing the odd pint or seven with his mates and yelling for Man U.
       Maybe Gross had seven pints before he wrote this? What the hell? Willett was nervous but polite getting his jacket; it was his wife’s birthday and she had given birth to their first child 10 days before! Why would Gross take such cheap, vile shots at this man?
         And Gross ends with this pathetic cliche:
         But this is golf, the hardest game there is. If you want the trophies and the money and the history, you’ve got to take the scar tissue.
          Please! Golf hardly qualifies as a physical sport! There is no running involved! Ping pong is a tougher game!
         Yes, I’d say Gross had about seven pints in the cheap seats before his meltdown and it will be a very long time until I read another LNP sports article. I have scar tissue of the brain from reading that!


    Posted on April 10th, 2016 Becky 6 comments

     *    Switching gears  because the Boston Globe did something remarkable yesterday. Click here to read their full editorial:

    Boston Globe1Boston Globe2


          BTW, I’m looking at all those openings at the LNP and KNOWING that there are so many reporters looking for work and they haven’t filled them yet?
         Either they have no intention to and just have the ads up to satisfy someone or they are purposely not advertising on websites where they would actually get real reporters to enter real resumes and ergo wouldn’t have control over the applicant pool.
    This comment in several days ago under, “WHAT DOES IT TAKE…” (click here).
         Yes, they are absolutely controlling the applicant pool – hoping to avoid discrimination lawsuits.
         An appeal was faxed into the Harrisburg Office of Open Records on Friday regarding LNP and the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission (see below on this site).
    Please check back later today.


    Posted on April 8th, 2016 Becky 6 comments

    *    According to his court docket, Lancaster Police Sgt. Ray Corll had his preliminary hearing this afternoon. The most serious charge, Felony Perjury, was “dismissed.” The remaining three charges were held over for Common Pleas Court.





         Yesterday I received a response from Patrick Hopkins, Business Administrator for the City of Lancaster, regarding my March 29th Right-to-Know request to the city as follows:    

        Please provide a copy of all complaints, correspondence, emails and any external or internal written correspondence received or noted by the Lancaster City Human Relations Commission regarding discrimination in hiring based on race, ethnicity, gender or religion by LNP Media Group (formerly known as the Lancaster Newspapers) for the last five years.

          Hopkins responded on April 5th with the following:
         After a reasonable search I have determined that the above-referenced requested records do not exist within my custody, possession or control. Please be advised that this correspondence will serve to close this record with our office as permitted by law.
         Well, isn’t that clever? No, it’s not! I will appeal!
    Please check back later today.